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Benefits of Being NEET
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kool pepe.png
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I take a 15 minute walk to the park, find a quiet spot and read for 6 hours every day.

How are you guys taking advantage of your NEET privilege?
not like you can afford to to much else
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I spend all day on the internet to block out the suicidal thoughts.
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I go out and perform DEVILISH activities like keying normie cars and shitting in public.
This guy knows it.

>post gore in /soc/ threads for a few hours
>forget I'm even alive
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>tfw I live in a crowded city
>tfw no car
>tfw if I leave the apartment and try to walk to the nearest bus stop, or even just stand around my building for a minute, I'll probably get jumped by Jose
>tfw going on 3 weeks without leaving my building
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mummy gives me an allowance of 300 a month, but I never spend much of it. This really is the best choice, but then, I live right near God's country
Yup. I've got it so that my mind barely produces any thoughts at all.
Are you homeless?
I've been trying to find secluded areas to go during the day to read/write/draw because I'm pretty sure my neighbors think its weird that I can afford an apartment while doing nothing
No, I'm a 20-year-old basement dweller.
And how would that change their perception?
hi there I am a wagecuck working at a casino, you all seem to enjoy your NEET life and I wish you best of luck to it. Sometimes I get a bit jealous that you have so much free time. But before you say I am butthurt dont you ever desire luxury and material pleasure. It is the tradeoff you have chosen. Like wouldn't you like a 3K gaming PC, or a own place to live in.

Are you a richneet?

Are you honest or are you just a may may?
Pls dont do that to my crappy toyota camry...
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I lived in the woods for 2 months. Had a tent and all that shit, so not that legit desu. I tried to hunt but sucked and had to go back when my supply of vitamins and energy bars ran out. Got some reading done, though. Might do it again.
After years of being a NEET and now working, I have finally seen the truth - NEETs really are superior.
Because they really are free.

Now wageslaves will go "well but you have no money to do anything", but they're missing the point. Money will always be a limiting factor, whether or not you work only moves that limit, it doesn't remove it. So no advantage for the working here.
But what really matters (and something I myself as a NEET sadly did not fully appreciate and only now long for, when it's gone) is the freedom of obligations and responsibilities. The ultimate peace of mind. You never have thoughts like "oh well I better do/don't do this so I'm prepared for work" or "oh man in only X hours/days/etc I'm back at work" or any other intrusive thoughts. I don't think you can appreciate this until you fully experienced both sides of this.
Being a shop owner is great.
I can be here whole day in the pc, sometimes people comes in and ]I dispatch them (that also helped with my hemorroids) and I also make some money in the process, without really putting much effort on it.
Also since I don't really need the money to sustain myself, I can close down some days without much worries.
why don't you quit then fampai?
At first I was forced to do it, now I'm trapped in a net of commitment and responsibilities.

Also I'm a greedy jew and while work sucks and I want to kill myself, it's too good value. It's good pay for comparatively very little work.
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>implying those are obstacles
>see pic related
It's hard to break habit.
>Work for the Department for Work and Pensions
>Have to contact NEETs to arrange appointments
>If the NEET doesn't answer the phone after two attempts we send an email
>If they don't have an email we send a letter
> Letter is a basic template in Word, fill it out and upload it onto our repository system
>If NEETs don't attend their appointment they don't get welfare
>Nobody told me I had to print the letter and it's sent from our office
>NEETs have no idea when their appointment was scheduled
>Can't say that they didn't get a letter because there's a copy of it in the repository
>I've been working there 9 months
>Still not printing letters
>scumbag leaves his kids and wife
I'm glad that loser is going to get what's coming to him.
Commit suicide in a horrible manner.
What exactly did you try to hunt? Sami fucks always let their reindeer roam free where I live. I bet they would be easy to hunt.
When I was NEET I truly wasted my time (or made the most of it before coming a wagecuck who knows?)

>Go to bed at 10AM
>Awaken at 7PM or so
>Play Runescape until 9AM
>Sometimes bot on Runescape and play CoD or FIFA
>Drink nothing but Coke/Energy Drinks
>Eat bags of chips every day
>Eat anything that can be cooked in a Microwave, Delivered or heated up in an Oven, not much else
>Shower every 4-5 days
>Put on a bunch of weight
>Ruin my teeth with Sugary drinks and food
>Lose all my friends

That was when I was 17, I'm now 22 and things are back to how they should be
>Working full time
>Just moved into an apartment with my gf
>Never drink sugary drinks
>Still enjoy some bad foods but for the most part eat healthier
>Lost all the weight I gained
>Have a small circle of friends again
>Very Hygenic
>Just got back from a holiday to another country with said gf
>Saving for the next one

Must say I prefer this way, there's still hope for you guys.
really all that were around
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What kind of job?

I have been muted
Just a cashier at a pretty big country

I don't live in the USA/UK/Canada though so the pay is pretty good tbqh
at a pretty big company*
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anon in that pic sounds like a prick. if you have kids you automatically lose your choice to be NEET. custody laws be damned, that guy is a piece of shit. wait til the youngest is 18 at least faggot. And don't even get divorced. children thrive best in trad households, no matter what feminism or the butt sex marriage agenda tries to push.
what's with these normie opinions?
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>now to clarify all of this, you should be dumbfuck to not understand by now that those threads are nothing but trolling, newfags get the fuck out of r9k. you are the fucking reason these threads continue! are you that stupid? or is this thread just trolls trolling trolls?

wrote in greentext to grab your autistic attention!
This has been my life for the past month
And you know what? I enjoyed it
And I only enjoyed it because this is not normal for me
I'm usually busy every morning taking some class and in the afternoon I study or practice and at night I clean, I cook every meal and even tho I try to make them quick it takes 45 minutes at least to cook, est and clean everything
All this as a neet
Are you perhaps a little bit upset wizzard kun?
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>taking a year-long break from college since I have no friends and fucked up all my classes
>probably won't be going back to school even when the year is upthe tbqh
>want to make the most of my newfound NEETdom
How do I do it, lads? I've wasted the first week sleeping and masturbating.
someone didn't have a dad. Bastardcucks btfo
>I don't like it so it must be trolls!
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lol his kids will be robots
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