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Times you've liked a girl but then found...
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>have crush on girl in class
>slightly chubby and weeb
>internet stalk her one day
>find tumblr link
>m-maybe it's won't be so bad
>literally die cis scum and fuck meat eaters
>i've only dated guys but the bi community won't accept me because they think i'm a straightfag
Include the link. We need to see what she's like for ourselves.
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>damn this girl is gorgeous
>she turns her head
>massive ear gauge
>suddenly feel actually physically sick like when you see a really nasty gore image of someones fingernail torn off or some gross injury like that because that's literally what it is
>Have crush on blonde qt in HS
>Start flirting with her
>This continues for about a month
>Sitting in class one day and have a revelation
>The girl I've been flirting with is 100% normie
>Like modern normie music, is on her phone all the time, texts more than two people a day, most of the apps on here phone are social media, doesn't do any drugs because "It's illegal" and "Drugs are bad for you ewww" but she drinks alcohol, cakes on makeup, and wants to get a degree in FUCKING COSMETOLOGY
>Quit talking to her or associating myself with her in every way
>A couple days later she asks me for help on some extremely simple chemistry assignment
>"I'm sure you're smart enough to figure it out, figure it out yourself"
>We never talk anymore
> 10/10 supermodel with 32G tits
> find out she's kissed people before

Better of without
File: 1453981387742.gif (885 KB, 480x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>implying a majority of these threads aren't b8
This girl I'm pursuing is a libtard, browses tumblr, abhors Trump, and parrots shit like "Islamophobia" but honestly, I don't give a fuck.
Anon I feel you! You'd never guess it but this girl has the biggest ear guages of anyone I've seen. I don't know why she did it to her self. She was literally perf without them.
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>crush on blonde girl
>she's a weed smoking, alchohol drinking hippie
>have crush on girl in class
>we talk and kinda hit it off
>she mentions she uses twitter
>i check out her account later
>unironic minion memes

Alcohol is literally the least hippie activity
>implying i would lie on the internet like that
the only problem is some white knight fag from here messaging her but i don't really care
thought of her pooping
>be friends with 6/10 girl for a couple years
>finally get stationed within driving distance after joining the military
>she wants to meet up
>I come over at like 11 at night
>we drove to some rural spot a few miles away from her aunts/uncles where she stays
>she tells me about how she's suicidal and depressed
>I don't really have anything to say
>she blows me twice
>I leave
>she keeps trying to text me and I barely reply cus I feel weird about it
>about once a week she calls me from a private number trying to catch me off gaurd
Did she expect me to want to date her just cus she sucked me off?
That fucking handle. I would have run at the first site of that.
>have crush on girl from class
>check her twitter
>she's anti-gun
I`ve dated "Democrats" before and realized they'll drop their shitty ideology if you have a big dick which is probably why they are such huge whiteknights for dat BBC
>have crush on girl
>stalk all social media and jerk off to her pics almost daily
>she shows the slightest hint of interest in me
>immediate disgust and no interest in her whatsoever anymore

It's like that feeling right after you cum, the immediate disinterest. Fucked for good I know.
Atleast I'm cucking myself
>qt girl, almost completely black hair and taller than I am
>find out she likes fnaf
>find out she has meme depression and once tried to choke herself
>tries to be an artist and is stuck up yet shit
>sounds autistic
She was into me but I noped the fuck out of that shit
>Talking with a girl and her sister at a resturant
>Fucking cute
>Tight body
>Bubbly personality
>She tells me a story about some dude
>The guy was a beta orbiter and gave her a gold necklace for her birthday
>She took it
>She didn't give it back
>She and her sister where laughing about this poor sap
>I laughed too
>But fuck this bitch she doesn't appreciate things, the guy worked for that shit on his Moe's paycheck
>I'm not a chump
>Turned me off
>that belly


>Asian qt
>Snob though, rich background
>Start talking, seems alright
>Find out she shit on a road
>She went on a protest against fracking and shit on the fucking road.
>I overheard her tell her friend that I liked her.
>She shat on a road
>She tells me that she knows I still like her
>Try to ignore her for the rest of the week.
>always look at crush during class to see if she looks at me
>shown some interest before
>talking to some redditor tier faggot orbiter who constantly tries to talk to her
>hear them talking about RPGs
>tfw you could talk all day about RPGs to her and never grow tired
>suddenly asks the orbiter about undertale
>orbiter says "Umm, no. But I have heard about it."
Makes sense. She always talks about her cats and how she loves animals.
I liked a chick once but then she told me she only watched Sword Art Online, only played CoD, and was rolling a blunt at the same time. Maybe it's shallow but I ain't touching that.

They told that story of someone like you exactly to put you off without saying it to your
>mfw autistic faggot i know only likes sword art online and attack on titan
He talks about anime all the fucking time but he's a pleb desu, he's like an amateur weeb.

>32G tits
>not the part that puts you off

oversized boobs are gross
>nose ring
>ear gauges
>disproportionate hips

Too much oestrogen in your water supply there
File: Poo in Loo.png (408 KB, 1264x1364) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Poo in Loo.png
408 KB, 1264x1364
Who /pooinloo/ here?
What do you think this is a TV show?

She did want to date I told her no.
What is a "meme depression"?
File: 1448557680079.jpg (129 KB, 668x712) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>my oneitis looks like a decent girl
>she is a blue pilled tumblrina
>somehow manages to stay attractive
>constantly talks to me about vidya and anime
>tfw your a red pilled /pol/lack robot
I can red pill her somehow r-right?
Attention whoring, basically the "so sad!!!1!!11" type of stuff. She'd be okay if she had grown out of that stupid phase we all get
File: 0_0_0_0.gif (1 MB, 200x163) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Friend mentions to me he found a girl I could gf, says we have a bunch in common
>We do; we play the same games, have the same hobbies, etc
>She's even shorter than me by a decent amount (I'm 5'9" and she's like 4 something)
>Find out later she's my friend's sister
>Has a kid
>Her exes are niggers
>Noped the fuck out

I will NOT be her beta provider, even if we can be gaming buddies.
Potentially but it would take forever and would probably be a Pyrrhic victory at best considering a red pill woman will still take advantage of the blue pill systems to fuck you over with if the mood strikes her.
File: 1453635881341.jpg (18 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 480x360
>have crush on girl in class
>skinny and white
>internet stalk her one day
>find tumblr link
>m-maybe it's won't be so bad
>literally qtpi awkward aspergirl who hates sjw shit
>i've never dated anyone before
>too autistic to make a move
File: 1393296525534.jpg (63 KB, 607x644) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63 KB, 607x644
>tfw you text 'had a great night last night!' and get nothing in response

I feel ya. This chick was one of those as well. Always said she was really into anime but only watched Toonami shit.

>Be a salesperson to retail stores
>Go to one of my clients stores
>One of the assistant manager s is a cute blonde
>Avoid her cause I'm autistic
>She often goes out of her way to talk to me
>Get courage to ask her out
>Date goes well but no chemistry
>Two weeks later, she quits
>Ask o e of her coworkers
>She went to jail for stabbing another girl
Oh fug, that's bad. The one I know also loves Minecraft, FNAF and Deadpool, he's a fucking normalfag but loves anime. I'm slowly introducing him to Mirai Nikki and The World God Only Knows but I don't think he'll get any better

You really don't find red-pilled girls annoying? You constantly have to hear about her bitching about other women, asking you about what you think of them, constantly looking for reassurance that you don't like them either, but doing the same exact shit that other girls do because duh they're still girls. They tend to be the most paranoid and possessive too because they know all women are whores and assume they're always trying to slide into your texts or steam messages.
i like how you think weeb and pleb are opposite
I know someone like this. I'm way autistic and he's the only one who bothers talking to me, so I put up with it. But errytime
>sword art online
>some generic fanservicefest moeshit
>league of legends
>sword art online
>"can you fix my laptop?"
>sword art online
They're not opposite, plebs can be weebs. He's actually worse than the pro expert obscure weeb because he's still a weeb but at the same time with pleb taste.
I have an orbiter too but he's legit weeb, grown beyond the other guy. He's as obsessed as the other one but at least he knows what the fuck he's talking about.
Oh, I forgot, the other guy loves Tokyo Ghoul and is gonna cosplay Kaneki Ken for Halloween
File: 1453331422772.png (464 KB, 536x610) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>sperg the fuck out and actively behave in an antisocial way
it's cause your personality fucking sucks
>thinks he's describing a red pill woman
>really described a crazy, washed up blue pilled woman
I also know some normies who like anime but have pleb taste
>tfw have to pretend to be pleb to fit in
>tfw they prefer dubs
>tfw people ask for recs and have to say shit like SAO so I don't reveal my powerlevel
It happens so many times it makes me sad
>like girl in hs
>she has long hair really pretty
>gets it cut really short
>she no longer looks attractive to me
> I weep silently
>she smokes
>she does drugs
>she speaks about an ex
>she speaks about some crush
>she has a large tatoo
>she has visible piercings

Those are about 90% of women right there and are dealbreakers for me.
Oh fuck, that autist only likes dub as well, but I reveal my powerlevel all the time, and he usually just stares. I told him to watch TWGOK (it has the worst fucking dub in the world), he asked does it have a dub and I told him to only watch the sub, and that the dub is shit, and he said that he hates sub and only watches dub, nearly sperged out and went super saiyan on him
File: 1453577418696.png (804 KB, 1167x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>qt azn girl, liked her on & off for years
>one day she gets her hair cut short
>bit of a red flag but that's okay it looks good
>gets it cut even shorter
>and dyed blue
>no longer okay with this
>one day she comes into school almost completely bald and declares that she no longer exists within the gender binary, and must now be called some ridiculous made-up name

the natural progression of tumblritis. Early detection can save lives.
>completely fallen for this traditional girl
>wears long dresses and is soft spoken
>go 2 months without speaking to her
>she dyes her hair, gets multiple face piercings, starts wearing jeans and band tshirts, and gets a boyfriend
>completely disgusted
>occasionally pass by her on campus but haven't had real contact since
Good shit senpai, not entry tier enough for normies though. The worst part is when they try to act superior even though they have pleb taste
>mfw 'nerd' normie tries to act patrician for watching dragon ball super
File: 1454140677745.jpg (47 KB, 467x430) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>qt latina weeb girl in hs
>not fat
>good tits for age
>develop xboxhueg infatuation
>of course by my luck she moves away
>think about her constantly
>check her fb one day
>she fucking shaved her head and saying shit like "ooh I'm so weird xDdD"
>"I'm beeeng myself and if you don't like it" etc etc
Fuck that
That's why I recommended him Mirai Nikki to him as well, entry level enough for normalfags but still leaning towards good. He said he'd check it out, so let's hope he gets better taste. He likes yandere stuff (fucking pleb) so I think I can change him.
""""""nerds"""""" piss me off to no end
>hear girl talking shit about LoL
>maybe she actually likes games instead of being a grrl gamer :3~
>likes entry tier shit like kingdom hearts and zelda
Considering you never speak to her I think she's probably pretty ok with your disgust
Well I'm an autist and we've never spoken more than a few times anyway, so she wouldn't know about me to care about my disgust.
>chatting with busty petite 7/10 brunette >
>find out that she's actually a massive slut and gold digger, and that she has had about 10 different boyfriends in the past year. Also, she has "running buddies", who are just chads with rich daddies who she fucks so they'll buy her expensive shit
>Flirting with girl
>she's responding positively
>in casual conversation she mentions "peace and love" unironically
>starts spouting more and more stupid hippy bullshit about how being a pacifist is better and she thinks eating meat is wrong/she supports PETA
>I still get a blowjob from her after somehow managing to hold my opinions in.
>cum down her throat and make her violate her vegan lifestyle
>never call her again
>have a crush on girl
>says she's genderfluid
>10/10 grill
>looks like misaka from aot
>but not
>reserved unlike the other grills
>shorter than me and i'm a manlet
>discover from m8s that she's a slag if she gets a drink in her
Dodged a bullet right guys?
You dodged a bullet bro
How the fuck do you guys get a crush without knowing anything about the girl? That not a crush, you're just fucking horny. Tug one off next time you think you're in love.
That's what a crush is you fag, surface level attraction. We're not saying we're falling in love them
Thats not the definition asshat. Its intense infatuation. Eat a bag of dicks.
Reminds me of those "you love, you lose" threads from /b/. Autists thinking they're in love because they saw a pic of a cute girl.
Fuck that site. I cant learn shit from that shitty iPad iPhone iShite layout. And it just crashed my PC.

Except for the fact she was literally the hottest girl I've ever talk to or seen. Now I'm back to dating 3,4/10
>now I'm dating
Better than 75% of this site

I assume most people here either have super high standards, where they're average irl & wants models or they never ask out women
Do you internet stalk these bfs or just reserve that scrutiny for the girls?
Yeah, I'm sure there's a lot of anons here who don't even try and just expect a qt to fly in and take them off their feet.

But I know a lot of them here are just genuinely ugly and/or have terrible personalities so no luck with any including ugly girls at all.

I personally try and have low standards, but get rejected 100% of the time time. I don't like to self-loathe about it though, I just kind of accept some things just aren't fair now.
File: 1454035784336.jpg (489 KB, 3000x1622) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
489 KB, 3000x1622
>qt, pure, smart girl who loves art
>literally a dream come true
>starts bringing up feminism
>"She's so great, I'm willing to overlook this giant red flag!"
>gets an eyebrow piercing
>"She's so great, I'm willing to overlook this giant red flag!"
>brags that she doesn't shave her armpits or legs
>"She's so great, I'm willing to overlook this giant red flag!"
>shaves her head
Looking back on it now, I should have seen it from the start. Her friends were all pretentious, liberal hipster fuckheads and all of the things that drew me to her were just a devious facade; she was just as shallow and empty as all the other women.
>shaves her head
Kek, this happened to another anon in this thread. I wonder what drives them to do it
>add her to Facebook
>notice she's really quirky
>offput by the manner she has of speaking like she's stating facts
>she goes full SJW after I graduate
>art updates consist of hairy vaginas
Bullet dodged.
who cares what girls think
as long as theyre christian and not ridiculously left wing it doesnt matter.

you have male friends to talk politics with.
File: 1453527248062.jpg (16 KB, 449x468) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 449x468
I can understand normies being anime plebs, my friend is a generic shounen fan, but he has a fiance and a house and shit.
I met this 50~ year old neckbeard, relative of a friend of my uncle's. He lives in his sister's garage turned mancave, and he's the biggest fucking pleb i've ever met.

We went to their house for christmas, and we talked a bit. He insisted that japanese had a strong focus on intonation (how you say the word can change its meaning) and when I tried to tell him he was talking about chinese he insisted he was right because he watched anime.
He then told me he was going to show me a "cool site" and proceeded to get on his shitty tablet, google search "online anime", and open the first result.

He was a complete idiot, and didn't seem the least bit interested in anything other than waving his intellectual dick around. I normally like people who at least have a passing interest in anime, but not him.
File: wake me up.jpg (2 MB, 4179x656) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
wake me up.jpg
2 MB, 4179x656
Here is a visual representation of her descent into degeneracy.

you sure she's not just gay?
File: 1452435318466.jpg (62 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 720x960
>Attracted to the alternative look
>Disgusted by the alternative lifestyle
I'm pretty vanilla though, generally speaking. No bad habits outside of my occasional overdose of caffeine, no tattoos, no piercings, no bad boy attitude or criminal history. I'm just not attractive to that sort of woman, or any women for that matter. I won't be a beta provider either. Doesn't really matter, i'm too autistic to talk to girls.
Lets see that ass home
>work retail job
>have same shift with female coworker
>8/10 half black half Latino
>We have a lot of conversations about what we plan on doing with our lives
>Conversations are surprisingly deep
>shes a gamer and has never really had a real relationship
>She starts dating some other guy in the store
>the break up
>shows interest in another guy but he quits
>shows interest in another coworker but they never actually date
>I notice a trend that when shes interested in a guy she pursues them
>figured that if she was interested in me she would do the same
>just kinda stop trying
>I leave the job for an internship
>shes with another guy at my old job

I know I wasn't missing any signals because she made it extremely obvious when she was interested in you. I also didn't like how she had so many dreams but was doing nothing to achieve them. I cant stand people who lack ambition.
> a trashy tattoo of horseshoes

RIP childhood crush ;_;
tbqhf she's still a major qt
I literally gagged in my mouth a little when I opened that. Exactly what part of that do you find attractive, family?
"Do your own homework" isn't sperging out roastie.
I'm not completely retarded with girls, but it seems like I always pick the retarded ones. But I got classic noped outta one chick:

>Gorgeous face
>Some sorta Asian, I think Filipino
>DD tits (foreshadowing; Asians shouldn't normally have those)
>Into the same stuff as me all hobbies and stuff
>Same beliefs
>Aaannd turns out she's got a kid. Some blind daughter she had from her ex-husband who cheated on her

Kids are an auto-nope for me. I'm only 26, I ain't ready for a family so I certainly aren't going to jump into yours.
Probably something to do with hedonism, but i'm also probably just a degenerate pervert. Also, she has a slim build. I don't like gauges though. She'd might be qtier if she wasn't all ayy'ed up.
It's purely sexual. I realize all that shit on her is for attention whoring.

Yeah, I couldn't date a woman with kids either. I dont want to deal with another person who is always kinda around.
i-is it a red flag if you're black and do the big chop because you want to grow natural hair?
she didn't exist
>have crush on girl
>going super well
>out of nowhere she tells me her favorite superhero is ironman
>"I just love his snarkyness lol so random and his money!"
>immediatly vomit all over her new shoes
>sprint out the door
>hop in car and leave her stranded in another state

Fucking women.
>qt girl played vidya with me
>her date is the Chad who bullied me
No, not really. Then again just being black or white or whatever is a redflag for some, take everything here with a subjective grain of salt
>i-is it a red flag if you're black
Yes. Yes it is.
File: 1432584385534.gif (40 KB, 287x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 287x300
>really cute, short brunette
>liked her from age 12 - 15
>too beta and small to ask her out
>indirectly rejects me
>gets a boyfriend
>over the next 3 years gets like 5 more boyfriends
>turns to drugs at one point
>gets completely run over by drug addiction
>people telling me stories of her sniffing crack off an ipad
>dyes her hair a shitty blonde shade
>crazy amount of makeup
>becomes complete roastie
>rode the cock carousel
>drops out of school
>havent seen her since
>allows me to completely get over her and move on to other girls

thanks drugs
i'm fine with what so long as i'm not painted with the same brush as batshit sjws
>find out she has a history of mental illness
Qtpie stoner girls are godtier
File: 1435342339149.gif (601 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
601 KB, 320x240
>find out she has a history of mental retardation in her family
>be 21
>make fake underage tinder to match with 16 and 17yos
>16 is legal here
>start talking to this one fucked up 16yo who has fucked countless guys and is literally addicted to cocaine
>have good reason to believe she wasn't just acting cool
>she invites me over to do molly and fuck
>I'm like yeah sure, tight teen pussy and free drugs sounds fuckin swell
>tells me she's really 15
>had to shut it down, can't risk her getting mad at me one day and crying rape or whatever, or a honeypot

Maybe she'll hit me up in a few months
You sound like a grade A faggot.
>similar situation
>posted tumblr link for /r9k/
>some faggot whiteknighted and told her about the thread
>she raged at me
>OP does exact same thing and no-one fucks his shit up
I hate you guys sometimes. ;-;
There you go. You did the right thing. If you had been with her she probably would have dragged you down to her level.
File: smug pepe.jpg (42 KB, 547x471) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
smug pepe.jpg
42 KB, 547x471
>like girl
>find out she's not a virgin
>stop talking to her, the fucking slut
Who /puritycomplex/ here?
>girl has beautiful long hair
>then it becomes dreadlocks
Because OP said he didn't give a shit, and you shouldn't either. Fuck what she thinks, she's been a shitty person before too
Never do this.
>match with grill on tinder
>lives in my town
>get talking, seem to hit it off
>says she's shy and has no friends because she fell out with all of them or some bs
>says she's a gamer
>add on normiebook for further interest
>has plenty of friends
>selfies of her everyday with her brother's playstation controller in her hands like "heyyy am gamer girlll"
>constantly attention seeking, posts statuses about how she doesn't care what people think of her she clearly does, "omg dont judge", and how she's so "broken" and depressed
>also posts back and forth with her best friend with stupid ghetto memes along the lines of "when you fuck the boy and his dick 5 inches lmao truuuuuuuuuuuuu" and generally stupid in-jokes
>still tries to play me for sympathy by talking about how "difficult" her sheltered and comparatively easy life is
>always talks about herself, doesn't seem interested in me the slightest bit
>decide to stop talking to her
>doesn't pursue me at all
>for a whole month carries on whorebooking, some stuff clearly directed at me
>get fed up eventually and delete the fucker

Best decision I ever made in recent history. From basically then on I gave up on all efforts to try and date girls, having realised that most of them are full of shit and are unbearable to talk to.
File: 1440756057865.gif (658 KB, 260x146) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
658 KB, 260x146
Similar shit happened to me.
>get out of military
>4/10 chubbo girl hits me up
>have no romantic feelings towards her but genuinely enjoy hanging out with her because shes genuinely funny
>we hang out a couple of times
>one night I'm drunk and she asks if i want to hang out at her new apartment
>assumed she had her roommate and friends there
>she picks me up, i buy more booze
>end up at her house, its just us
>end up getting smashed
>she puts the moves on me
>we make the sex
I was kind of disappointed in her after that, though when we got up we had sex again because i had major blueballs from not blowing that night and they hurt like a mother fucker.
She thinks I broke contact because I'm an asshole but I got hit with a double whammy, I got sick as fuck and 4-5 days later my dad got a heart attack.
She ended up with a boyfriend like a week later.
Oh, and fat chicks give AMAZING head.
Doesn't matter had sex?
Don't get me wrong, I don't give much of a shit about the actual situation. I was stupid to post her tumblr here and in hindsight it was a bullet dodged. I was more worried about being doxxed or some shit since she was actually batshit crazy. Thankfully though she wasn't smart enough to figure out how to do that. She just raged on the thread and got absolutely roasted, then posted on her tumblr about "fuckbois" or some shit
>Met a really nice girl
>Brunette, long hair, green eyes
>Start talking to her
>Don't realise the reject
>Move 200 miles away from her
>Text her
>Realise I chucked up
>Fast forward 2 years
>Check her social media accounts
>Turned blond, piercing on her nose
>Turned into an utter bitch
>Go to bed feeling smug
>7/10 after my opinion
>play piano
>likes anime
>plays vidya
>talking to her kinda hitting it off
>she mentions she browses memes on memecenter
not dropping her yet. but i might
Whats so bad about that?

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