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Is self improvement even possible? I never...
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Is self improvement even possible? I never hear stories about people who have successfully improved themselves. Can you never overcome a shitty past? Or are the people who have improved so deeply ashamed of it that they never tell their story.
It is also nice feet on that broad
I think I improved to some degree back from when I started browsing /r9k/ like 6 years ago. I used to be an edgy depressed teen but I managed to grow up into a decent adult that is a productive member of society.
I used to really believe I was a robot because of all the social anxiety, lack of friends, misogyny I had when I was younger.
Nowadays I'm basically a normie with friends, a partner, a decent job and on my way to finishing uni
Glad to hear you made it man.
>Is self improvement even possible?
for us: No
The only people who can improve are normies who can upgrade to Chadmode by lifting, getting rich, and fashionable
For a robot you are genetically fucked from before you were even born
Dont waste your time, unless your a normie, in which case you need to leave
Of course it's possible, you autist. Even you can do it. Don't let your dreams be dreams.
My dick is so big that I am uncircumcised but the foreskin only stretches over half of the tip of my dick and when I am hard the head is completely exposed.
>Is self improvement even possible?
Yes. I strongly believed the opposite until I fixed myself. At least for a while.

>I never hear stories about people who have successfully improved themselves.
That's because successful people don't come back here to tell stories.

>Can you never overcome a shitty past?
Yes. It did change who you are, but when it's irrelevant to your life anymore, you can say you've overcome it.
Sometimes it takes a lot of time to fix previous damage, but it's very possible.

> Or are the people who have improved so deeply ashamed of it that they never tell their story.
Ashamed? No. If anything, it shows courage and determination when presented correctly.
But there's no need to share your life story with everyone. A lot of people can't understand either.
Improvement is possible. Check out stoicism and absurdism. Try some mindfulness meditation, get used to the idea you poses the present, there's nothing else, the past and future are illusions. Practice living consciously.

Most people don't want to hear about your past, and those that do might not understand. However, sometimes you can talk about your past openly, sometimes with unexpected people. It feels really good.

You're not as strange/doomed as you think.
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>a partner
Faggots not welcome.
There an entire containment board for your kind.
i have improved a ton in the last year but i started out so low that literally the only direction i could go was up.

>6'3" 340lbs
>heroin addict
>no job, no friends, no gf
>live at home

you get the picture. now just 1 year later this is me.

>6'3" 240lbs
>clean and sober for 1 year
>part time job, in school to become an addiction counselor with a 4.0 GPA through 2 semesters
>started taking piano and guitar lessons
>made some friends at school and in AA and have been on a few dates
>live in my own apartment and have my own car

if i did that all in a year you guys can do it too. just start slow. set reachable goals and when you accomplish them aim a little bit higher the next time. it's never too late. i was a lost fucking cause. my own mother told me to jump off a fucking bridge and i was seriously considering it.
It's possible, but not as much as people say it is. The chances of improvement vary wildly on the individual, their situation and what aspects of their life they want to improve.
Is that Misty?

i don't know but i would sell my soul to mephistopheles if i could rip down those shorts and bury my face in that ass.
talll girls ftmfw.

sexy shortys also
It can be done. But to have a good idea you must first stop having a bad idea.
You need the self-awareness to note your unproductive habits. You have to realize how you set obstacles before yourself by procrastinating and making bad decisions, (which often amounts to making no decision at all by simply following your impulse).

Big results emerge from cumulative incremental change. Every little baby step counts.
Same to be desu pham
I was born poor as fuck, bullied as a kid, dad was an alcoholic, raised by a psycho single mom.

Didnt lose my virginity til I was 19. Slept with only 2 girls til 23. Then I left home, moved all around the world, have fucked girls from different countries and scuba dived the great barrier reef.

My last last ex was a 5"1 gorgeous nova scotian who made the dean's list and had a magic vagina. My just now ex was a gorgeous Danish girl doing her post doc in BC.

Life can improve.
I honestly believe its possible. However with 7 billion people some of us just because of probability, are bound to fuck up bad. That being said I think its in all our best interests to try our bests to improve.

Me personally over the course of the past couple years went from

>depressed loner fag
>pill popper
>furry porn addict
>driving anxiety

and am turning a corner now
>lost 50lbs
>made 2 good friends
>am into art and getting (kinda) good for a beginner
>got an easy job
>got drivers license
>have made out with 2 girls
>less anxious/ much more confident

If you are looking to self improve and there's some sliver of hope buried in your mind OP, I want to share a little read with you that lit a fire under my ass to continue improving at the beginning of this year


enjoy and godspeed
Self improvement is masturbation. Now self destruction...
you must be 18+ to post on 4chan you tyler durden worshiping fag
I was cringey when I was 13-19, I thought I was smart and cool and that I could beat anyone up if I needed to. I was also flabby, had a terrible greasy mess of hair, rarely bathed, wore the same sweat soaked clothes daily, terrible conversationalist, was always broke, it goes on and on.
Now I'm in good shape, cleaned myself up a lot, have money to blow, have hobbies that aren't just video games and anime, learned a ton of shit, experienced many things, etc.

The best part is that although I did strive to improve myself so much my actual life got worse if anything. Back then I had friends, I had girls interested in me, I had family that cared about me. I could play video games for 7 hours straight and feel like it was time well spent, I loved getting lost on the internet. I loved memes. But when I "improved" myself I spent years in introspection and lost all of my confidence, the thing that attracts others more than anything. I hate my life and live in a constant state of bitterness and ennui. I don't enjoy things like I used to, I can hardly spend an hour playing a game before getting bored.

Self improvement is nice so long as your goal isn't to kill the person you once were.
I thought pokemon were real when I was 8

there's no hope for me
>lost virginity a whole 12 months after the average time

You were always a normalfag you braindead moron
ahahahaha the asspain, the slinging around of arbitrary lables, holy shit hahaha
You just grew up. Losing interest in simplistic childish things is normal.
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At its best all the self-help bullshit out there might motivate you for a week or two, then you'll be back to your robot self.

Either accept who you are or make radical changes like throwing out all computers and joining Buddhist monastery.
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All of you self-improvement cucks really piss me off.
Getting your shit together (though it takes time) is fucking easy.
The problem here is that a lot of people simply just hate normalfags and society in general.
They have no desire to improve because they can't see any reason to.
I don't blame them. Life is going to be mostly shit for everyone who isn't immensely wealthy and you'll always be surrounded by people who are completely stupid and horrible to be around.
just get comfy and ride it out however you want.
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>Tfw the program saved my life
>Tfw infinite jest was right
yeah my life hella improved when I got a job as a waiter, I could socialize and do things more proactively, then it all went downhill when a girl broke my heart.

Im on my way senpai
I can't self improve when I'm a 5'6" manlet and I constantly feel inferior when I go into public because everyone is taller than me, and they all regard me as a child.
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manlet is not an excuse
>muh cherry-picked anecdotes
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