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Cheating Stories Thread
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Share your best, most brutal shit
Heartbreak and Rejection welcome too
Not really cheating, but I let a guy friend grope me on his birthday while I was in a relationship.
If you let another man touch you while you were in a relationship then that is cheating. Are you a faggot or a Stacy?
>be me
>go play csgo
>inject aimware
>everyone rekt
>still no ow ban

this is my best cheating story
Went to Iraq for 15 months when I was in the army. 19 marriages failed in a unit of just under 200 people.

One guy in our unit fucked his knee up in training and didn't go with us. We were this knit-tight group in our platoon; we'd do holidays and weekends all together and shit. Everyone knew everyone else's wives, kids, all that kinda thing.

This mother fucker stays behind, fucks my friend's wife, adopts his kids, she divorces him, marries the new guy.

Then the asshole is lamenting 2 years later on FB when she does the same thing to him. Good.

Stacey. I let him touch my breasts. It's something I wouldn't tell my boyfriend about, but it's one of those things that kind of cross a line, but it's not as bad as handholding or kissing.
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I'd still consider it cheating but not as bad as kissing, but worse than handholding. Kissing is really intimate to me for some reason. Probably because I'm a robot. You still with your boyfriend?

Yeah. We been together for almost 6 years now. Friend still touches my boobs from time to time, but it's mostly in a comical way and not in a pervy way. More like a quick grope when I'm being too close to him or when he's pretending to be asleep he'll grope me when I check up on him.
if a girl i was dating did that it wouldn't amount to much more than an argument
It's almost sad in the way when you see some poor dumbass thinking he's special and that he's going to be the first chapter of the end of that girl doing heinous things, and then he has to eat his words and try not to kill himself when she does the same things to him that he was happy she did to some other poor guy first.

Like I see guys with the mentality of "fuck him hahaha he's beta lol, now it's my chance to make her love me!" and then they get with some unstable BPD whore.
that's fucking weird dude, it's completely pervy of him you're just allowing it because you think it's different than it is. he's actually taking advantage of you for sexual pleasure, you know
idk, you guys must have a more millennial attitude about this but I would break up with a girl for that. Her doing something like that causes me to wonder and feel insecure about just what else she could do that she "wouldn't consider" doing something wrong, and she just did it without a second thought as to what her boyfriend would say. Also the biggest part is that she never told him. That's definitely a good reason to end a relationship.
You got a throwaway email? Wouldn't mind talking to a grill. Doesn't have to be sexual.
So basically the problem is that you're insecure?
>Senior year of high school
>Somehow manage to get a gf
>We went out for over six months
>She was never ready to have sex
>After a while my dumb mind took it as her wanting to dump me
>Go to a party, get wasted, fuck and lose my virginity to a slut
>Gf finds out the next day
>I didn't care at first because I thought she didn't want to be with me
>Was heartbroken and crying
>Punched, not slapped, me in the face and told me that she was saving herself for my birthday (which was coming up in about three weeks) to lose our virginities together
>Told me to go to hell and never speak to her again
>Over four years later and I still never have, or saw her since
>Ruined my only chance at love and happiness
>Haven't had any gfs or sex since then
>Full robot mode
Yeah, he's totally masturbating to your oblivious sluttiness. Also post your tits you dirty whore.
>sharing a hotel room with friend and girlfriend at an anime convention
>girlfriend tells me to wake her up so that we can get some breakfast together
>friend has big boobs and she's sleeping in a loose fitting shirt without a bra
>wake her up by grabbing her boob and shaking it

lol, man you're a terrible person.
I cheated on every girlfriend that I've had, and they only lasted a few weeks -- if that.

One time I was in a love triangle between a short qt red head and a chubby brunette, the other I slept with her bestfriends older sister. As for another girl, tall pale dark hair and quirky as fuck, we were on a date on New Years Eve, shared a kiss at count down and was going to bang, but I got caught fucking this girl in someones basement bathroom and she found out.
My gf was away for a month. During that time I got horny and fucked a hooker.
Funny thing is, they were all bisexual, or had gay experiences. Does that make me gay? Also another thing on my mind, last year I made out with this lesbian, but she dressed as a dude, but I fucked her before she turned gay and dressed like a guy... but does that make me gay?
>be kissless 23 year old virgin
>3 months ago
>my best friend is in a 5-year-long loveless relationship with Sarah
>it happens that I stay in the same flat as Sarah and my friend isn't there
>we start watching some nature documentaries
>we start to snuggle
>she kisses me
>I tell her that we make a mistake
>tells me she's in love with me for now 2.5 years
>I tell her that I have strong feelings for her for a long time
>we start making out
>go to third base that night
I am only human guys

>she breaks up with him a week later
>we are now dating for 2 months
>not a virgin anymore
>cheated on the love of my life with a slut
>break up with soul mate
>dated slut for almost 2 years
>cheated on slut gf with sluttier slut
>now im alone
I dunno, sounds like a very obvious lie to tell.

I was saying it for some random precise day in the future, I promise! I just dont believe that
You're a really shit person.

If you're not comfortable telling your boyfriend about it it's because you know it's fucked up. At least he's likely cheating on you as well.
>teehee I'm allowing another guy to get sexual pleasure from touching my erogenous zones but it's not cheating tee hee

Probably bait but some girls out there will genuinely believe this.
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>met an Asian girl in college
>she basically came up to me and started talking to me like we were old friends
>after hanging out regularly for a few months she came onto me
>knew she had a boyfriend
>didn't care
>she said it was a mistake after
>but she kept coming back and making that mistake with me again and again
>she left him
>we started dating
>she cheated on me and left me for another guy
I t wasn't really surprising, but it still hurt. I miss her. Nobody ever really expressed interest in me before her or since her, and nobody really seemed to care about me before her or since her.
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You're a fucking roastie get out
The closest I ever came to cheating was hugging a friend I haven't seen in a long time and he started getting a boner. Once I felt it I patted his back and stopped hugging him.
Told my mom I blew over 1400 on strippers when it was really on pain killers fml
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>>been with gf for three years
>>not "the love of my life" but i kind of like her
>>i was a full robot until the age of 21 when i finally got the nerve to visit a hooker and lose my virginity
>>i started doing that a lot, it became a hobby to find single moms and teenagers in need of quick cash to fuck
>>became a mod on a hooker review site
>>get together with gf but never stop with the hookers
>>still bang at least 2-3 girls a month
>>i don't think of it as cheating, it's just something that entertains me

I know i'm an asshole but i didn't have any female contact until I was 21 i think it's unfair to just settle for one girl when all my peers were getting mad pussy ever since puberty.

I get bonus asshole points for installing spyware on my gf's laptop and on her android phone i gave her as a "gift". I also told her it's unacceptable for her to have male friends i didn't expect her to agree to this but for some reason she has complied.

sluts will be sluts
what was the girl's name, familia? I knew an Asian girl like that
Her name is Kelly.

not cool bro your friends have a right to know if yer a fagget.
Are you sure your not a grill? Because you're sure fucking acting like it.

Nope, not a girl. I don't think girls would act like that. Females would get all emotional and would probably do something as stupid as confessing to your partner about cheating.
what is this sluts + ladders? You slid down the slut + slide man. It's a slippery slope.
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Thread images: 7
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