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>tfw you'll never bully a cute girl
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>tfw you'll never bully a cute girl
But I did in highschool
I want to make her a mother
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How? I looked like a faggot in highschool so I was never able to intimidate or bully anybody, especially girls.
She did extremely bad in school and the teacher forced me to help her with homework, studying etc., so I usually called her a dumb piece of shit and that she will never have success in life, probably because my parents told that stuff to me and it was my way to vent. I did this during all of highschool, which resulted in her often crying. She was the third best during graduation, so I probably did an okay job.
>tfw she is now studying physics and is doing extremely well
>I'm just shitposting 12 hours a day
>she is the only person who talked with me over the last 2 years
I actually feel sad now
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You deserve everything in your life.
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>be me
>have gf at age of 17
>shes perfect in every way
>she makes everything I ask for (even anal)
>we get along half a year very well
>she turns into another person
>we have some complications
>we argue almost every day
>I broke up and bullied her with all the pics she sent me
>I get in a lot of trouble
>her friends beat the shit out of me
>mfw when never bully a girl again
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>tfw bullied my elementary school girl friend in elementary and made her cry
>tfw it's a bad memory and I regret it
Literally a gigantic normal faggot
I know anon, I know, my actions are pretty much unredeemable. I just don't know why she still wants contact with me, she is such an amazing girl, but she still asks me if we want to go out eating etc. She even thanks me for what I did, I just can't realize it, she had tons of emotional breakdowns because me, I was and am the most toxic person in her life. I cut the contact with her and moved to another city because I wanted to kill myself after graduation, but she somehow found out where I live and is studying here now. It feels like my past is haunting me
>bully an effeminite guy in year 4 to 7
>call him a girl and a faggot
>he takes it in his stride
>i start getting worse and eventually things start to get to him
>high school time comes, and his parents put him in a different school
>get in highschool
>start going to uni
>i'm doing terribly
>in the library
>qt grill walks up to me and kisses me on the cheek
>i literally drop what i'm carrying in shock
>"remember me, anon?"
>i don't remember them
>still stunned
>"from primary school? we used to hang out!"
>"i'm sorry, you must be mist-"
>look at the clock behind her
>"sorry to be annoying, but i'm late for a tutorial!"
>quickly leave
She was him.
I couldn't let her be so nice to me. It wouldn't be fair because of what I did.
I haven't run into her since, but I still dread the moment.
I was in a special classroom for socially retarded and generally fucked up kids and there was this girl in the class that we would bully mercilessly for no particular reason and she was actually pretty cute. It still sickens me to this day when I think about the way I treated her and I've tried to find her to apologize but never had any luck. Although I did stop after awhile and managed to get the other kids to stop bullying her as well.
> not pounding that sweet boipucci while you choke and belittle him for being a faggot

You dun goofed anon.
Tfw you're bullying a cute girl right now
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Why don't you just apologize to her then? She probably doesnt even care but if you feel bad about ti i think its the best thing you can do
In 1st grade I twisted the arm of this girl who grew up to be cute and made her cry. Now she's 20 and engaged
What is this from senpai?
This slut looks right for a good fucking
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Why is that loli sad? I don't understand! She's playing but crying why? Does she hate ducks or does she like them? I just don't know.
This. If she forgives you might feel better, and if she doesn't at least you did the right thing now.
Oshiete! Gyaruko-chan, original to be honest family
If you changed that girl's life in such a positive way, you should not feel bad. Move on and appreciate her company anon, you might be the one to be helped this time.
is referred to
I read Gyaruko before it got an anime. Marvel at my hipst erread.
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bully and humiliate them
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They need to be punished... for being too cute that is!
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I just want to suck on her inverted pink nipples.
Also I want to cuddle her thick body
>could literally be living an animay
>chooses to bitch around with a bunch of losers
You belong with with us.
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But I did.

She was a true mouse. Extremely short, a little bit of an overbite, was always anxious and nervous, and wanted to please everybody.

>be 10th grade, share class with mouse girl
>get partnered with her for some bio project drawing some poster
>I decorate one side of the paper, she does the other
>really into art at the time so that really made the poster stand out
>she compliments my work
>look over to hers
>poorly skewed and disproportionate shapes, and I think she even dried drawing herself in a lab coat
>she gets anxious, spends the next hour erasing and redrawing
>moderately improved, but, no still bad
>fast forward some time
>she drops a plate of the food in the middle of the cafeteria, and just stands there
>people just watching as shes covered in sauce from her literal spaghetti
>looks like shes about to cry
>goes on for 2 minutes of complete silence
>go over, help her clean herself up with some napkins and the broom and dust pan that was literally right beyond her
>tell her to stop being an idiot, and go get a change of clothes from the nurse
>she does
>don't see her for the rest of the evening
>see in her bio the next day
>changed seats day of spaghetti, she doesn't no where to sit
>yell out "Noodle", tell her where she sat
>class laughs
>she goes quiet

I got more mouse stories if anyone wants them.
File: 1352530276279.jpg (49 KB, 416x371) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Except I did, for several years until she started going to a different school. It's my biggest regret, not only because I can't even remember WHY I was mean to her, but because I was such a social retard and I learned later that she had a crush on me. I saw her once after he had graduated, we passed each other on the sidewalk. I wanted to say something along the lines of "I'm sorry," but she didn't look at me and she just kept walking, like I wasn't there.
Nowadays I spend most of the time alone. I wish I had someone else, but I know I deserve this.
File: zWCWaem.jpg (149 KB, 1620x910) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i love bullying
>I got more mouse stories if anyone wants them.
Yes, go on. She sounds adorable.

>known fact about mouse, is that she wears oversized coats
>I'm loads bigger than her and much taller by comparison
>math class comes around
>mouse sat behind me
>decide I'm a little cold
>reach over and take her jacket
>slip it on
>holy shit if actually fits well
>class staring
>some stacey yells out " Damn Noodle, how fat are you? "
>mouse chokes back tears, ask me to please give me her coat back
>comply, she had enough for today
>she develops an eating disorder and has cried on two occasions in the middle of our shared classes when she ate a bit more calories than she was suppose to
I wonder did the mouse end up gettting fucked by chad or is she still pure?
also was her nickname really noodle?
why did they call her that?
she's sad because of her sausage fingers
Did you not read the spaghetti story?
read the previous story
More mouse plz

>transition into 11th grade, 5/7th period and still no sign of the mouse
>heading into fitness and weight training ( I was in the rugby club so )
>did my routine for that day
>head over to the lounge area to wait out the rest of the period
>see something small just standing in the corner
>waddya know, its mouse
>wave her over, ask her why shes just standing around
>she says she doesn't know what to do
>tell her to experiment a bit with the machines since they'd probably be easier for her
>take her over the the lat pull down
>weird compared to other pull downs, had two individual handle strings required to pull and two different weight sets for each
>ask me to set the weights to 20
>set them to 50
>she struggles and manages to pull down the handles
>she goes flying up as she tried dropping the weights
>stuck holding the handles, floating in mid-air
>began actually wiggling her legs
>pleads me to help her
>laugh, call her a flying noodle
>lifted her down
>tears and eyes, face red, she runs out

She caved into the pressures of relationships in college ( yes, we winded up going to the same college somehow ), and is dating a Chadlet to this day.

She dropped her spaghetti is why we called her Noodle.
K i understand the meaning of her name.
but is she pure!?
>be me
>in high school
>ugly girl no one likes spends her time with me and bestfriend
>make fun of her because she's just annoying
>bully her everyday
>she leaves the high school
>no one knows why
Sad. For her lol
>She caved into the pressures of relationships in college
That's still a pretty reasonable time for her to lose virginity.

I don't know why you didn't get with her anon, I guess she wasn't cute enough.
She was cute, but, painfully awkward. I found out from the councilor of all people she had a crush on me since 9th during my last day in 12th, but, I'm an autist at heart whos awkward when it comes to relationships. Wouldn't be here otherwise.


Heres the time I saw her butt.

>12th grade SS class
>we have to build a box fort as some reenactment of the great depression
>get partnered with mouse by teacher's choice
>told we have to enter said box fort
>thats dumb, how the hell would I fit
>just sit down beside fort instead, put arm half in while watching teacher grade
>mouse crawls inside
>turn to see her
>her pants slip down, bare butt
>7/10 butt, perky
>hormones and bullying instincts mixing together
>she panics
>shoots up, hits head on card board
>falls back to floor
>butt perked upward even more
>ask if I can take a picture, heard it lasted longer
>for some reason she lacked the instinct to just reach her hands back and pull her pants up, >she squirmed around trying to figure out how to dress herself
>tell her she had me so hypnotized
>she kind've curled up in a ball, managed to pull her pants up finally
>crawls out other end, kind've avoids me for the rest of the class
>we get an B+ for the box fort cause we weren't inside it
>spent the rest of the year whistling every time we walked passed each other
>she more or less got over it
Did you ever confront her about it?

Nah. In the long run of things thats too much bullying, even for the mouse.

Plus I didn't want sexual harassment on my record in the making of it. Though had I know she was crushing on me prior, I would've.
>cute, but, painfully awkward

Isn't that something that you grow out of if you spend enough time together?
Anyway, the stories are kinda cute, wish I had contact with people at all in school.
Honestly highschool friendships for the most part aren't worth it.

Everyone goes there separate ways to try and re-invent themselves, which is why its a lot easier to make friends at college if you follow the mutual selectivity rule and don't sperg it up. People you meet there matter more than any other form of education.
hit the treadmill fatty
As for the growing out thing, probably.
>laugh at girl because she wants to be mechanic
>tell her i want to be soldier, says i'm to stupid to be one
years later
>i see her in her fucking mechanic shop
>asks me how the army was
>tell her i got rejected
>she feels sorry for me and wanks my dick
That's really good for you. Now, stop posting and get the fuck off this board.
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Thread images: 17
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