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>mfw some stacy cried during our programming...
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>mfw some stacy cried during our programming lab cause she couldn't understand java
>th-this... c-c-COMPUTER... r-r-RAPED MEEEEEEEE
>Comp Sci department gets shut down
>replaced with another English building
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>Doesn't understand it
>It's one of the easier languages with very simple concepts

Roasties gtfo
Huh, I heard a story like that from a guy I know. Is this how they react when they meet something they have no power over?

Same thing happened in my Python lab last semester.

Shits easy
Did you laugh in her face?

There was this Stacy in my community college C++ class and she couldn't get passed the most simple assignment.

Which was to literally copy and paste a line of code into s compiler and to watch it run. That's all.


Fucking women, they ruined families and now they are ruining STEM
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>b-boys are just the same as girls pretty much
Where did ya leave your balls, lad?
>>b-boys are just the same as girls pretty much
I genuinely don't see how you extracted that from anything I said.
It was the general principle you were providing one illustrative example of.
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Oh wait nevermind.

S-Sorry I goofed. :(
If I had to go back to Java I would cry too.

In my university course there were a fair few normie guys who couldn't code for shit. The only difference is they didn't cry about it.
a guy he knew told him a story about another girl who did this
are you genuinly, non-ironically mentally retarded?
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Yet due to affirmative action she's still more likely to land a programming job than you anon.
I'm just writing this because otherwise my comment isn't considered original enough for fucking 4chan
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Thank you feminism !
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That shits the worst

>sister in some web development thing comes up to me
>"anon help me with this assignment"
>its just drawing a table which even I know
>tell her the code used for tables and how they work
>"no anon I don't understand can you please just help me out?"
>explain the exact tags to use, what they do and what order to put them in
>"no anon its too hard please just help me out here"
>tell her that I'll help but not do her assignment for her cause she needs to learn
>"fuck you anon you never help me with anything"

Its so fucking simple for anyone that had that course fuck
this is what I've seen in my uni classes

>white girl says her code won't compile
>three prajeets swoop in to save her

I spent less than a semester in compsci/IT at uni before I dropped out because I'm a dumbfuck. This happened in every lab.
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you dun fucked up.jpg
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this shit makes me so fucking mad, it drives me crazy.
I cannot even comprehend how could anyone allow this quota bullshit
And (presumably) instead of helping and potentially getting to know her better, you posted about it on an anonymous message board. Good going, buddy.

Not that I would've been alpha enough to try and help her, but still.
>helping some roastie that cries from not being able to do something
That's more like beta whiteknight material.
>not knowing that people post about normies and their dumbass antics we witness
>being this new
leave normalfag
This actually isn't true if you work for a smaller company they don't have to fill quotas and will hire the best candidates
My dad runs a trading market and has no women in tech positions
right only relevant companies have quotas to fill
No only massive corporations do
You don't want to be a code jockey anyways that shit gets outsourced to india/Ukraine now so unless you're a god at coding that job is literal peasant work. Also it takes very few people to runs high frequency trading market making it extremely lucrative when large corporations start to use it
You going to do her homework too you fucking tool.
>take a Java class in college, never programmed before
>don't understand shit except for very basic concepts like For loops
>fail all the programming sections of tests, but pass the terminology part so i get a 50% or so on every test
>still pass the class by copy-pasting programs I found online

fuck programming desu senpai
>copy-pasting programs I found online
congrats, you now know what being a programmer actually is.
Holy fuck, how can anyone not understand java? If she one day finds herself with c++ shes gonna have a mental breakdown

If you think thats what programming is youre gonna have a bad time


Just because it isn't cryptic doesn't mean it's easy. Java is so arbitrary it becomes insanely obtuse.
girls can't do task

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>make entire game in 4 months
>only $1 a day

Who /wantstoshoothimself here
Being a programmer involves a lot of copy and paste but the key is you have to modify it to work for your application.
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>going to programming course in college
>know all the information already

I can pretty much code anything but I have 0 creativity for ideas on what to make. What do r9k.
But anon you shouldn't be doing it for money, because then you're no different then the greedy money sucking big publishers that shit out games yearly. Personally I'd be happy knowing that A) I even made a game B) At least a few people are enjoying my work and effort.
Make a program the decrypts itself at runtime and deletes system32.
>tfw I've considering writing a program like this and sending it to friends as a joke
And what will that help? Now he just has to do all her work until she drops out. You don't get pussy by being Stacy's bitch.
>be TA for programming classes in Haskell, Java, C and x86 Assembly
>have to teach 20-30 year olds what I learned by myself at 12-15 and worked at company next to highschool at 17
>Nearly all of them are complete shit, most of the other TAs, too
Learn your fundamentals to make my life easier.
>Personally I'd be happy knowing that A) I even made a game B) At least a few people are enjoying my work and effort.

I guess, but that doesn't pay the bills. I'm not gonna complain that much though because I was doing that shit on the side for about 30 minutes a day.
>People actually find assembly hard
I can't even
If you're making video games just for the money you're doing it wrong. It's like someone who writes stories in their spare time and unrealistically expect everyone to treat them as the next Hemingway.
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>tfw dont know shit about compouters, coding, or how literally any of that shit works

all i use my laptop for is r9k and jacking off. nothing more, nothing less

i would probably be more clueless than the stacy in op

should i just kill myself? is it worth trying to learn technology? im 18 and wasted high school posting on 4chan and getting high
you can learn if you really want to by watching youtube videos about computers. just keep watching videos for an hour a day and you're bound to learn something.
Just don't watch any created by streetshitters.
Or women for that matter. Basically if the video is done by anyone that isn't a white male, it's not worth watching.
Also practice, practice, practice. You can read shit all day every day if you want, but that won't gurrantee you'll actually get good. You need to practice coding as well even if it's simple stupid stuff like printing stuff to the console.
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>making program for personal use
>get stuck
>enter into manic fits
>rapid jewgling and hashing out rest of program
>cackling in studio apartment blaring SS2 OST - med labs 1
>find solution
>finish program
Bitches don't know how to commune with machine spirits
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>you shouldve become her orbitor!
It's its own kind of wizardhood.

> realize I can literally create worlds
> be god
> use the computer for anything I can think of
> tell it to design the best possible turbine shape for all kinds of fluid
> simulate a car crash to tiniest details
> connect millions of people and machines
> have it help and do my bidding with just a flick of my finger

It blows the mind how much power I actually have. Think about the normies who use a shitty botnet browser and know no better. They're at the mercy of what companies let them have.
>im 18 and wasted high school posting on 4chan and getting high
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>understanding it
Taking a break by sleeping always helps me. Then I when I wake up I immediately realize what fucktarded mistake I made and am able to fix it right away.
>He finds Java hard
Sorry anon some people are just not born to be programmers.
Assembly master race!
name one useful software you've made in assembly that couldn't be done in another language.
>He doesn't know you can write C and C++ apps in assembly
Enjoy your shitty mangled x64 compiled code brah.
>im 18

You might as well have just been born holy shit
Kill yourself
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Thread images: 16
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