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Guys this is it I'm fucking done
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Guys this is it I'm fucking done

>have a fap session
>pass out comfy as fuck after
>literally has never happened before because I have really bad insomnia
>2 hours later
>I wake up to the sounds of a fat idiot stomping around and crinkling a bunch of plastic bags
>for some reason at 230 my dad is doing a bunch of chores
>hear a bunch of cupboards slamming and plastic and doors slamming
>go downstairs to brush my teeth and he's keeps walking by and he stares in at me like a retard
>try closing my eyes
>he's doing a bunch of loud shit still

Or maybe you'll like yesterday's spectacle better

>up all night sick and with insomnia
>after 4 and a half hours I finally fall asleep
>20 minutes later
>dad comes in shines a light in my face to ask me a question
>this is literally every single day

I only have 2 wishes

1. Get the fuck far away from these monsters as I can get
2. Let me never have to see them again

I don't have a car but all I ask is for the tiniest room in the world anywhere and a bus that takes me to my job. How do I do this like SOON. Literally al I want I have no standards.

I will literally never smile or feel a sliver of happiness unless they either die or I get the fuck away from them.
are you cute~boy
>have a class at 8:00am 4 days a week
>live on campus
>share a bathroom with a guy who takes his showers every morning at 1:00am
>slams the door and opens and closes cabinets and is generally loud as shit
>already have trouble falling asleep at a reasonable time and can't maintain a consistent sleep schedule unless I'm allowed to go to sleep at 4:00-7:00am
>his noise only makes it worse
>never get to bed before 2:00am and wake up at 7:00am
>tired all day and can never sleep at night

I hate being a sleepless zombie. I hate these seemingly arbitrary restrictions on when I can sleep. it's fucking miraculous that I'm miserably tired all day and fucking alert and awake at night. it's not fair, why can't I fall asleep when I want to? Why does my body insist on keeping me awake until well into the morning despite me consciously knowing I'll be miserably tired.

and I fucking hate my suitemate. at this point I've told him something about being loud as shit at night so many times that my only real options are to aggressively confront him and threaten to fight him or talk to somebody who manages the building I live in
>normie roommate misses his ex-whore-gf
>can't fall asleep without tv on, she used to get home late and watch tv while he fell asleep
>new house has super-thin walls, can hear everything from his room
>tv blares until 3am when it times off after the movie ends
>tfw have to put pillows up against the wall, else I can't get to sleep.

On an unrelated note, what is the lethal ratio of bleach to milk for a gallon jug?
I honestly don't see how sleep deprivation like this isn't illegal I should be able to sue my parents for emotional damages and get enough money from that for an apartment
>living with your parents
D e s e r v e d

I have fantasies literally everynight when he gets in the shower of fucking strangling him to death. it feels like I'm fucking trapped in a miserable existence because of his refusal to take showers before 1:00am. he's such a fucking faggot he wears a fucking fedora everywhere and is a beta manlet I just want to fucking kill him
you and me both eh.
The thing is it's fucked where I live I need to go somewhere else where there's actual public transit and at least some jobs there's nothing here. It makes it literally impossible.

I can't get fuxking anything going as soon as I have a couple hundred bucks something goes wrong. Something breaks and I have to pay it my cat gets sick and I have to go to the vet I have to pay for my medicine it just keeps fucking me. I get like $500 or something and think okay this is a start I can work with this then boom it's gone the next day. It's like God is fucking trapping me here or something
You normies need to get out
You should literally just kill him
Same that's what I do. When my dad was making that noise I had to come shit post because I kept fantasizing about killing him and wanted it to stop
this doesnt really help me fix my schedule but at least i dont hear noisy shit like that; buy a little tub of quiet time earplugs, the 30 db kind. wear them to sleep or as needed. if that doesnt work, get a cheap pair of earbuds, download a noise app on your phone, and get used to sleeping with brown or white noise with earbuds in.

what does it feel like to have a literal meme disorder
I am a prissy bitch. I cannot STAND those fucking earplugs. They make me want to tear my ears off. I also cannot listen to anything when I'm going to sleep because I'm obsessively paranoid about losing my hearing. I played the entire discography of Led Zep when I fell asleep once at full volume, and I swear that I lost 10 dB of resolution then. I'm not loosing any more.

how is it a meme disorder you stupid fucking retarded faggot. it literally just means you can't sleep
Look for roomates on Craigslist? Or start applying to jobs in other states. There was a text support job position I got called back for that was in Texas. I only have a small amount of customer service experience from Walmart. Just apply everywhere you can. Get a job far away and then look for roomates/ask for help finding housing from your new employer


there is no such thing, its not real

kill yourself you fucking idiot
I hope you get insomnia and tinnitus and know the pain of never being able to truly rest like your entire animal instinct is telling you you should be doing.
I don't really have a lot of job experience
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>he doesn't keep a normal sleep schedule and sleep at night mostly
>he masturbates more than once a week
>he doesn't go to a library or a coffee shop and bury his head in a book

it gets worse
Honestly I still think you could find an entry level job like that. Just put together a resume and put it on indeed. You really need to find a job away from your family so you have something to live off of

>he doesn't keep a normal sleep schedule and sleep at night mostly
>implying it's voluntary
Should I stick to places like Houston and Atlanta?
Austin's the only really good city in texas. Expensive as fuck, but it's a young city, relatively liberal for texas, with a shit ton of good jobs.

At least, that's what I've been told, desu.
Nah Houston is the only good city in Texas

Get sleeping pills.

Literally that simple.

If your doctor says no. Get something called, "A second opinion."

This is where you find another doctors office that takes your insurance and ask that doctor to give you sleeping pills.


>having a car to get to a doctor
>having health insurance

if it was that easy then the problem would already be fixed. im at the point where im taking like 50mg of melatonin at night along with antihistamines and then during the day im taking 1g or more of caffeine
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At least he's not raping sister again right?
>he stares in at me like a retard
close the door and lock it you whiny faggot.
if you have a job surely you can afford a door lock for your room and some noise cancelling headphones. btw when you move out your roommates will also be inconsiderate and loud at stupid hours so you might as well either learn not to be so sensitive or develop a skill that will allow you to make enough money to live alone.
not him but there are over-the-counter sleeping pills. bike down to your local pharmacy

230 am or pm?


it says in the post im already taking nonprescription sleeping pills
Most insurance is either HMO or PPO.

Look at your health insurance card and look for whether it's PPO or HMO.

After you find out, call up a doctors office you haven't been to before and ask them if they take whatever insurance you have (PPO or HMO).

They'll probably say , "Yes, we do."

At this point you should ask if they take: "what ever insurance Company you have'a name"

They'll probably say yes.

Ask them if there is a copay.

A copay is a fee you must pay every time you go to their office for an appointment or walk in.

It's usually not too much, between 25-50 bucks.

They will tell you yes there is a copay or no there isn't a copay.

It may be free depending on your insurance like, "first 2 appointments per year are free".

Then, go to that doctors office.

There are probably plenty that are walking distance or bussing distance.

From there you show up, sign in, get measured, blood pressure read, temperature check, then wait and when your doctor or nurse arrives tell them about our insomnia and tell them you need sleeping pills.

Get prescription, and tell your doctor to send your prescription to the nearest pharmacy to your house, ie the nearest cvs pharmacy or target pharmacy or anywhere with a pharmacy close to your house.

The doctor will call in yor prescription to that pharmacy and send you on your way.

Go to the pharmacy to the pick up line and when you get to the counter give them your prescription.

Wait fifteen minutes or so while they prepare your pills for you.

Get pills, pay for medication.

How much they cost depends on your insurance, it could be a lot tho so don't be broke here. You may want to call ahead I ask how much it'll cost and may need to give them your insurance info so they can calculate the exact cost.

Pay them.

Get medication.

Take medication as prescribed.

Just add stimulants to your diet. I recommend Adderall XR, Coca Cola, and vape. I get around 4 hours of sleep every night and even though I feel shitty every day, I'm compelled to be productive because of all the chemicals manhandling my brain.
Boo hoo I live in shared accommodation and my housemates make noise. I slept in homeless hostels for 4 fucking years. I could sleep next to train tracks. You don't want sleep bad enough. Sage

>first year of college
>have a roommate who's an inconsiderate, literal autist
>plays video games until 3 in the morning every night
>light from his computer screen shines directly at my face in bed
>incessant sound of his mouse clicking a hundred times a minute pierces my eardrums
>lie awake in bed for an entire eight months praying to God that I'd wake up in the morning to find him dead
>second year of college
>have my own room, thank God
>I can finally get some sl--
>guy next door practices his guitar at random times of the day
>when he's not playing music he's holding loud conversations with his retard friends far into the night
>paper-thin walls let me hear, even with headphones on, every godawful Radiohead cover, every retarded laugh from his room
>ask him multiple times to keep the noise down; he says okay but goes right back to doing it
>like the year before, have to plan out my sleep schedule in three to four hour chunks around these distractions
>often I can't fall asleep at all and just lie in bed with my heart racing because I know I'm going to get woken up by something retarded
>fail all my classes and drop out to become a NEET
>can sleep as long as I want now
>turns out I've developed sleep apnea
>still wake up every four hours, even with sleeping pills
Literally kill me.
you just have to be yourself m8!
Fuck you both. Dallas is top.
Have you guys ever tried falling asleep?
50mg of melatonin is way, way , way too much. If 5mg doesnt work then nothing will.
google "craigslist room for rent"

it's what I did and never looked back.

but you probably won't do it because you're a pussy filled with excuses like most of this board.
I punched my dad out once when I was 18 and we've been best friends ever since

Im not joking

establish yourself
When will wageis learn?
All you have to do is ask daddy for an apartment
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