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>Moment from the past that still hurt
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>Moment from the past that still hurt

When I was 15 two girls consecutively refused to kiss me in a game of spin the bottle. I'm 30 now and it still makes me feel bad when I think of it.
Anyone got any painful moments to share?
>OP was 15 in 2001
Tell us stories about the good old days
What do you want to know? blox
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Posted this a few times lately; I am t. author.
You made the right decision. Although you should have gone over that teacher's head and complained about him to one of his superiors.
What was the pre-normie internet like? 21, btw. I got to see it on the way out, but I was young.

you shouldve written to your local teamster union hall.
>teamster union hall
What? Is this some kind of Britfeel?
This. I'm also 21. Please answer this.
Girl who I was gonna marry ,left me for her co-worker who pumped and dumped her after a month.
The betrayal of a girl I thought I knew better than anyone else on earth still hurts, and knowing I have to go through this horrible existence known as life alone instead of who I thought was my soulmate is terrifying.
>be 14
>have smaller than average peen
>couple of girls call house
>ask to meet me at baseball fields down street
>random young teenage conversation turns to sexual shit
>girl A offers booby touch for penis touch
>touch boob
>she reaches in pants, be soft
>she laughs and tells her friend I'm tiny
>develop SPH fetish for this and be ruined for rest of life
This. I hate to say because of course that's horrible and fucked up for you, but you should've climbed the ladder in order of supervisors. Alternatively, just flat out demanding attention by horribly exaggerating the things these people do to you, to the point that an investigation is called and at the very least someone is watching the situation.

Lastly, you should have called the police. We had cell phones in 2011. I know this is hard and maybe ridiculous for a middle schooler. But you should have screamed bloody murder at the police and at least demanded attention drawn to it. Obviously, you call calmly at first, but if after a long time, weeks, of no response or help, I would have started just lying and claiming things that can't be proven for the sake of drawing attention to the matter.

Just my opinion though. You might say I'm overreacting but that's just my take.
alright whippersnappers

back in my day I would come home from school and yell at my mom to get off the phone so I could connect my 56k modem to the internet and go on Newgrounds (back when it was good)

shit was so cash, no normies, no corporate shilling, nothing but crude unfiltered humour
Ey man, you got to touch her tits right?
You'll be fine. You're the man in that situation. You won.
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>teacher knows but again does nothing at all
I am filled with white-hot rage when I think back to the apathy of my high-school faculty.
>zero tolerance policy
So let me get this straight:
I'm supposed to suffer silently, keep a stiff upper lip and take my beatings like a good boy but, god forbid, if I decide to stand up for myself and fight back against my tormentors you're going to suspend/expel me?

Seriously, do this: >>26098617
I agree with you completely.

Essentially, I'm telling you to "cry rape" so to speak until someone looks into it.

That's for physical attacks though.

Then again, people spread disgusting and false rumors about me in high school too and I had nothing I could do about so I don't know.
I never really considered it, but it would have been my word against that of 7 members of the fb team and 5 people who just joined in on the bandwagon. I don't think it would have gone over so well.
Pretty simple.
>be doodling in my 5th grade math book
>Class clown/bully stands up.
>"who here hates anon?"
>almost entire class raises their hands laughing.
>get really upset and run to lockers, punch his open somehow
>obliterate his lunchbox and food.
>bully starts getting upset
>teacher comes back in punishes him and class laughs at him.

Kids are such fucking hyenas I dindu nuffin and still got picked on sometimes, everyone got picked on so hard.

I honestly didn't use the Internet for much more than porn, gamespot (pre Gertsman being fired), gamefaqs and WoW before I found 4chan. I don't have any particularly noteworthy tales to tell.
>5 or 6
>mom had just left my dad and took me with her
>didn't really get what was going on yet
>missed him a lot, and was always a crybaby so I was crying a lot
>mom finally snaps and spends over an hour yelling at me about how my dad and his side of the family never loved me
>turns me into a wailing, sobbing mess
She yelled at me a lot over minor things or things that weren't my fault, but that one stands out the most to me.
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I had a crush on my best friend for years and I finally asked her out in 8th grade. She said she doesn't date her friends and said no. When it came time for prom she went with a Chad mutual friend of ours and dragged me along as, no joke, her "second date." I spent the whole day mortified, got an awkward pity dance, then ducked out early and ran home to cry.

Years later, in our senior year of high school, she came to my house one night and asked if we could lose our virginities to each other before college. I wasn't her first choice, apparently; our mutual Chad friend turned out to be a fag. Nonetheless, I was ecstatic, and we made plans for her to come over in a few weeks when my mom wasn't home. 24 hours before the big day she texted me to say that she had slept with some kid from her school at a party and that she wouldn't be coming tomorrow. She's been dating that guy ever since.

I don't talk to her anymore but every time I think about her I want to die.
That would be so fucking painful. Do you ever see or speak to her?
You made the wrong choice. Blood for the blood god, robot.
I appreciate the advice, but it's too late now. I'm a 30yo building a career. My post was simply a reflection of times past.
I don't understand how some women can be so flippant playing with people's emotions like that.

Do you look at photos on her facebook/instagram and pine for her?
>Do you look at photos on her facebook/instagram and pine for her?

Yes. Whenever the anniversary of her asking me comes up I get drunk and cry looking at her pictures. That was genuinely the happiest night of my life. I fucking thought I'd made it, that I wasn't going to be a loser anymore and would start enjoying life. Stupid of me, tbqh.
Haha, I dreamt about dual ISDNs that I could never have.
>punch his open somehow
quite a feat, 2bh
>be me
>have a crush with a taken girl
>did nothing when she was single, betafag.jpg
>Last year of highschool
>Now friends
>friend flrted with her, both got in love
>apparently they kissed and hung out
>told her about the crush, spaghetti fell off
>she said: "You are handsome but i have a boyfriend who i love, maybe in the college anon, wait for me"


btw i am still in love, betafag2.jpg
>nothing but crude unfiltered humour
idk people who went there were fucked up.
One guy did an animation of his childhood and he used to suck the other boys dicks in some shed and the woods.
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when i found out i was being cheated on by my "robot" gf

never again

single life forever. i learned my lesson.
>Played spin the bottle
I never got close to doing that, OP.

>touch boob
No seriously. Lucky bastard.

Similar story here. When I was about to ask her out at the last field trip (early in senior year 'round here) she fucked my friend.
My friend knew I crushed on her, too. It was real hard not to stab him in the sleep the next day with the knife I smuggled in.
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