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who /emotionalwreck/ here?
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who /emotionalwreck/ here?

>getting a drink
>accidentally filled it up too much
>grab the glass and tilt too much like the retard I am and soda goes everywhere
>trying not to cry while cleaning it up
>now sitting here in my room shaking and thinking about killing myself

I love you so much anon please don't hurt yourself dear
Lies hurt, anon.

tfw we could have had a nice moment but you ruined it by being insecure
It would have been a nice moment built on lies
>finally comfortable giving up on girls
>become a financially successful wizard
>chinese fembot I work with always smiles at me
Fuck. I don't know what to do. The feeling of hope and deception are now blurred.
Do you have OCD ?

This sort of shit makes me have a full on panic attack because I imagine all the atoms are never going to go away and seep into all my electronics and everything, takes days to get calmed down.
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have you ever tried to praise Allah? he is the saviour you know.
or to elliot.
anyway yeah i remember when i got my ear pierced and my dad look at me like the disgusting piece of shit i am and then he went to shower....
and i was crying while he shower.
No, I'm almost 100% sure I don't.
That sounds like torture though.
You sound incredibly cute.
I'm disgusting. I can't even say I'm human
don't say that
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I can't get a grip of my emotions either.
>working shit job
>hate every second of my life
>roll around in bed wanting to die until 4 am
>finally fall asleep
>alarm blares an hour later
>get filled with anger for some reason
>pick up my phone and hurl it into the wall
>hear a loud crack but it still won't shut the fuck up
>get up and start stomping on it while crying
>phone totally busted
>lie in bed for another hours unable to sleep, literally just staring at the ceiling and hoping for house invader to come kill me
>go to pay at the grocery store
>self-checkout is closed
>oh no
>get in line
>no I'm standing wrong
>my arms are wrong
>my arms are wrong and everyone around me knows
>set my stuff on the belt
>hear someone laugh behind me
>flinch because they're laughing at me I know it
>the line is moving up, I'm just gonna shuffle a bit so I don't get in that guy's space
>shit I need to have my wallet ready, it's too late, it's my turn
>cashier is a cute college age girl
>palms are drenched in sweat
>"Hello sir, how are you doing today?"
>in my head: "Good, thank you"
>voice cracks
>she gives me a weird half smile
>eyes instantly go to my shoes
>I can never go near this cashier again
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This is both funny and depressing
do you want a hug? I dont want you crying
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OP you are a precious person and I want to hug you

Your post is legitimately getting me sad, I hate reading about troubled people on 4chan
Does it count if I'm so fucked up that I push away anyone that tries to get close to me?
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Why can't you do anything right, you fucking loser?
>tfw OP left the thread
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I didn't leave, I just don't know what to say..
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I cry a whole lot. I cry about movies, TV shows, anime, music, sad stories on the news, sad 4chan posts, cute pictures of animals, thinking about my mom getting sick or dying, thinking about love. Happy things, sad things, I just get overwhelmed easily.

I'm getting better at holding back the actual tears, but the feeling is still there.
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Who here /lost all hope/?
I'm the same, anon. I can't watch shows/movies/anime without crying, I can't get happy without crying, I can't get sad without crying, I can't get angry without crying.
How have you been trying to stop?
I wish I could cry. I literally try to cry and can't. Ironic because I feel like crying every day. Crying is healing and I can't even have that.
this actually describes going to a store or restaurant high
That's my life. All the paranoia and fear of being high without any of the fun parts. And it doesn't go away.
Just relax man

I used to be like that. Sometimes I still am. Don't compound the problem by getting in your head about it.

It's also way more normal than you think. No one is as concerned with you as you think they are

What a fucking faggot.

Holy shit.

You're an adult. Nobody cares that your mom spanked you when you spilled a soda as a child.

Nut up, and deal with this problem like a man.

You march right over to the fucking bathroom, pull out a bath towel. You toss that shit on there and use your foot to move it around a few times until it's dry. Then you throw the towel in the wash and move on with your life, and if the spot on the floor gets gross, then you can deal with it when you aren't pissed off anymore.

Like holy hell.
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Aww c'mon. Obviously it's a problem that needs to be solved, but "tough love" doesn't help people like this. It just makes them more scared and afraid of failure. You have to be gentle and encouraging, and work at it slowly to boost confidence.

Tough love is great for normies who need a wake-up slap, but people who have serious problems like this need to be helped and coddled a little.

That isn't even tough love.

Either way, OP's problem is the emotional investment in the issue. The solution is the time-honored tradition of men: Laziness.

Instead of getting upset, just put a towel over it and throw that in the wash and deal with the rest of the problem(and its emotions) later.

It's a valid coping mechanism.
Why don't you just take a sip of soda so it's not so full?
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I was in the same situation when I spilled some hot tea on my hand while pouring the water from the tea-pot. It wasn't painful but I got really upset and just poured the tea into the sink. Was depressed about how weak I am for a day after that.
Lol nigga you need to stop eating and drinking poison, and work out. You will instantly feel 1000x better.
Damn that bitch is kawaii.
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>sad every single night and I can't explain to anyone why

I blame you guys.
People say that once they leave here, their mood and productivity increases.
It could be sort of like an addiction, it's so easy to just come and browse here instead of doing something else, so that's exactly what you do.
I know that I'm not good at anything ever, and everything i do is decent quality at best, from artistic stuff to everyday bullshit tasks. That doesn't really bother me that much, because i kind of managed to accept it. The problem is when someone else points that out to me, even if he is joking.
I mean i instantly get terribly sad if someone points out that what i did was shit (i think they do that only to show that they are better) and try to say something in the lines of
>well you know I'm not good at anything xD
>well you do it next time since you are so much better!
But i always come out as angry and insecure.

When i was in school i tried to play football a couple of times with some people, but they dragged out that "anon is terrible! He is such a loser omg!" so much that i stopped playing with them since after every mach i was feeling terrible.

Because of this shitty mindset I always search instant gratifications and when everyone makes a compliment to me I always think that they are joking or when they criticize me I always overreact

Sorry for the wall of text, but i can't even greentext
That would be really cute if you were a girl.
>tfw bad things happen to someone you love and they don't deserve it
But I'm not, so it's beyond disgusting and I should die because of it.
Well, actually, you kinda are a girl, Anon. Girls are emotionally unstable.
This is me every morning anon.
Every morning I eat avacado on toast but
>Toaster doesn't work very well
>Always takes me like 30+ tries to get the bread to stay down
>Always get avacado all over my pants
>Always start my day with a cry and temper tantrum
At least you have breakfast. Most days I veg state in bed until lunchtime because I'm so depressed.
I wish I could do that. And I do, on the weekends. But I have to be on campus in the mornings and I can't function w/o
I wish I could develop an eating disorder honestly.
I want to be thin so bad ):
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Thread images: 12
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