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>re-post my usual CL ad asking for someone...
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>re-post my usual CL ad asking for someone to let me jack off in front of them and maybe facial
>always get spam and gay dudes
>still make the same ad occasionally anyway
>re-up it in the morning instead of waiting for the afternoon or evening
>immediately get reply following my subject line guidelines
>hi, white girl, 19, very interested
>ask for a pic, get a selfie (clothed) in return.
>Reverse image search several places and get nothing
>Keep talking, set our boundaries, agree to meet in public, then go to her apartment, etc.

Is this really happening, robots? Am I actually going to get to cum on some cute teen face? And I going to get murdered?

Didn't mean to link at the bottom, I was gonna mention it but forgot to take it out. I was OP then
Huh. Looking at her pic on my phone it immediatly shows metadata that says pic was taken in a completely different state than me, the fuck.
Tell her to meet you somewhere that you can scout from a distance. If you don't see her, just leave and never answer her again. If you do see her, watch her for about 5 minutes to see if she's in contact with anyone else in the vicinity so you don't get robbed.
Yeah, we're meeting at a local mall, inside near a food court. I can go early, get a drink and chill.

I'm wondering if we end up back at her place and that's when I get robbed or killed. This is seeming too good. But I don't feel any bad gut feelings.
Pinning so I can say I was there before he got kidnapped and raped
Post pic shitbag
Fuck it, why not? Here you go.
Picture is also four years old.
>Picture is also four years old.

Top kek
I'm being had, aren't I?
I'm considering e-mailing her a little later, and ask for another, more up-to-date pic, or just wait and see who shows up.

This isn't the weirdest thing that's happened. One time I got a rely from someone who sent a picture, and when I reverse-image searched, it was a girl in the news who had been fucking murdered.
>19 year old
>Picture is 4 years old
You are retarded.
So should I e-mail this person back and be like "yo, why's your picture so old?"
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i've got some bad news for you, anon....
OP I hope you bring lube for your bum
I wouldn't be above cumming on a trap's face.
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what the fuck mang
how long have you been posting your ads
Years. on-and-off
Bump. Let's investigate, robots.
Best of luck, OP! Do you have any interest in getting your dick wet with this landwhale?
If she's a lanwhale, but still wants to get a facial, I'll oblige, I guess. I said I'd reciprocate, and she said as long as I don't cum inside. I said I'm happy just cumming on her face and she said that's all she wants to do "and maybe suck your dick."

I'm requesting time stamp, we'll see what happens. I'm betting it's really a dude.
would you let a dude schlob your knob
I feel like I'm still on Craigslist.
And no.
i went to this older gay mans house and let him take naked pictures of me for $80
Really? That doesn't sound so bad. Deets.
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I moved to a city where I knew no one. I found a place to stay and a job, but still needed money. I found this ad for a dude who was offering "spending money" to any cute boys who would let him take pictures of him

>show up at house
>really fucking nice
>"oh, hello anon. you're much more attractive than in your pictures
>lets me put some of the clothes I brought in the dryer (wrinkles)
>we sit in his photo studio (?) and shoot the shit
>nice dude, older, chubby, teddybear type
>says he is a theatre director at some college
>clothes are done, put them on, back into studio
>some fully clothed pictures
>why dont you take your clothes off, anon
>naked, posing in various positions, etc
>"gee anon, you're a natural"
>"I like the hair around your asshole, anon. most people can't pull that off"
>wonder if I'm going to be raped
>finish taking pictures
>clothes back on
>review pictures; they're pretty good.
>"here's some spending money"
>hugs me
>call me again sometime

overall it was a pretty pleasant experience. i went to kfc right after
>"I like the hair around your asshole, anon. most people can't pull that off"
Absolute kek.

Nice story, tho. Though I'd be worried about my pictures possibly floating around out there.

Can't say I wouldn't pose nude for some old gay bear. I, myself, am also a bear. I imagine somebody would find me appealing to photograph.
honestly they probably are floating around the internet somewhere. i mean the cl ad itself had pictures of some other twink kids
I guess that doesn't bother you? I'm assuming your face was in the photographs.

For real, I've joined in on amateur bukkake shoots before. Supposed to not have the guys's faces shown, but I managed to accidentally get the bottom half of my face in-camera. Whoops. Those are not floating out there, from what I've found.

Guess it's really not a big deal for guys as it is women.
Well anyone who found my pictures would have to admit they were digging around for some amateur gay shit. Plus as a dude I'm pretty much immune to the slut label
Ain't it the life?
For me, it would be awkward, because it's hard to brag about being a desperate guy joining up with a bunch of losers to cum on some paid model's face.
probably an interesting story to toss out there after a few drinks though
I suppose. I fear even the sexually frank people I know would look down on me though. It was pretty seedy.
lol, I love debauched stories. no judgement here.
It's just... most of the guys there were obviously horny losers. Probably some robots there. Really nasty old men. Some bleached-haired douche from Florida.

The model thought we were paid to do this. When she mentioned it, the director laughed and said "this is their payment!" Felt kinda like a desperate perv at that point.

The shoot was fukken fun, though.
Wtf? How do you even find that kind of gig
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I've talked about it in a couple past threads. Basically joined Fetlife. Found a forum that this guy was in, he was advertising his own external site, private forum. Through there it was where his shoots were planned. He fronted the money for models, with the help of other models and networking, and recruited all his guys in the forum. Makes you buy an at-home HIV test, as if that makes it all a-okay to have a girl slob your knob as well as twelve other guys (some shoots were handjob-only, some were blowjob shoots).

I had a good run. Don't have access to the forum anymore, and I don't know if that's because I didn't participate enough, or if they booted me out for some reason, or what. Would do again, but probably only the handjob shoots.
Well, almost two hours since I e-mailed for a time-stamp pic, and no reply now. How much do you wanna bet I never hear back? maybe I should just chill at the food court anyway, for my own enjoyment, and see what drums up

Maybe I should just go to the Asian massage parlor like I was planning. Too bad they don't let you cum on their faces.
At least you avoided a scam by not falling for it. Eat some tendies at the food court and get an asian rub n' tug
Were the girls drug addicts or what? How qt were they?
Indeed. Oh well.

They're usually just amateure porn stars or ex-models doing bukkake for $$$, ranging from "I wouldn't say no" to "she's pretty goddamn cute."

Last girl I did was straight-up girl-next-door cute, pimply, but goddamn if I didn't love rubbing my dick all over her face.
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Bump anyone?
I want to keep talking about facials, and facial accessories.
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Thread images: 7
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