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How was I born to be so repulsive to females?
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How was I born to be so repulsive to females?
I've never seen someone else just fail with every single female

I'm either completely invisible to them or they hate me, even when I don't do anything while other guys have completely different outcomes while doing the same thing or lack of thing.

How do you fix something when you don't know what's wrong?
Are you me??
Literally my problem
I tried everything, dressing well, working out
Nothing works for me
Still KV
cause you act beta, women despise men who suppress themselves and try to please
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Bro I'm gonna be 100% honest with you okay. You're a creep. I hate to break it to you man but you're over 25 years old and you're still a virgin. Face it there's no hope. Contrary to what you losers think the world is a pretty fair place. If you're 25 years old and you've never had a girlfriend it's probably your fault. You're probably some kind of creep, rapist, weirdo, pedophile, stalker, or repressed cereal killer and the girls can sense it. Girls can sense these things man. They can see the red flags. Just look in a mirror lol. You're being screwed out of that normal human experience and no one cares. Go kill yourself. No one will cry or miss you. You probably won't even get an obituary. Go cry. You're creepy, you make women feel uncomfortable, do the world a favor okay.

tl;dr You're screwed. No amount of intelligence, dedication, or hard work can salvage it. You'll never even land a fat ugly chick. It's called genetics which you don't have.
Stop with that stupid copypasta
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I hope he actually bought it *snickers*
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It's probably because you display microexpressions that make you seem creepy or weird. You can work on this, it's not permanent.

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It's funny because the guys who get called creep the most based solely on their appearance are probably the least likely people to rape or murder you. No one cares though.

Lots of beta guys have gfs. Even if it's temporary, even if they are or will be a cuck, they still get to fuck their gfs a few times.
here are some pointers, I am certain at least one applies to you

>you're fat
>you're too skinny
>you smell
>you have a neckbeard
>you have bad grooming habits
>you're too beta

start lifting, get a tan maybe, a decent haircut, make sure your breath and body odour smells good

most important of all, stop being a beta who cares what women think, they are ants, and showing weakness around them only makes you unattractive to them
There's websites and stuff on how to not be creepy. I think there's literally one called don't be creepy. Try reading those.
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Never done anything on this list and I get called creep every single day.


Which goes to show. Any attempt at defining "creepy" is bullshit. We all know what it really means. "Ugly guy sexually interested in me". That's all it's ever meant. I know it makes you feel less shallow when you pretend it's because this guy has some sort of character flaw but let's get real.
It can also be your mannerisms. People can pick up the differences with the way you move. Or the way you talk. You might just be fucking weird and no one knows what to say to you. If it was pure ugliness, there would be no ugly guys with girlfriends.
Reading that article made me want to shove a cactus up my butt and jump off a cliff
>tfw I actually do the 2# one kek
>How to not be creepy
>Don't be unatractive while doing the stuff Chad does
Thanks for proving that r9k is right, women
There are ways to make yourself more attractive. How do you dress? How is your hygiene? How does your hair look? Do you walk and speak with confidence?
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Chad does every single thing on that list and girls like him. Everytime I see one of these "how to not be a creep" guides I can't help but think. "It's not creepy when Chad does it". Nothing's creepy when Chad does it.
Someone post the graph
ITT /r9k/ realizes he's hideous and makes a thread about it, for like.. the 894th time this week.

>Yes, you're ugly.
>Women will never find you attractive.

There is zero you can do about either of those things... but sure, make another thread in a hour and maybe there'll be a miracle.
The whole point of this board is complaining and talking about killing ourselves, in case you didn,t know
Suicidal thoughts are the besticidal thoughts.
They honestly do not know, they just come from reddit and start talking shit, they do not even know what r9k is, thats why wizardchan was made.
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if the lack of pussy and good genes has you truly suicidal, then why aren't you dead yet?
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scared of the pain, idk
I just don't feel like killing myself just yet, there's some things in my life I think I can fix, and I stopped caring about women long ago.
Are you repulsive to men too or just a twink manlet with pubescent features? Because you might just be gross all around.
>I've never seen someone else just fail with every single female


>manlet approaches nearly a 1000 women over the course of 5 years
>rejected each time
>posts his problem on reddit in a confession sub for sympathy and advice
>gets downvoted so hard he gets banned

Top comments
>desperation is a stinky cologne and people can't smell their own
>Nobody wants to date the guy that asks a girl out almost every single day for three years!
>Dude you're a creep. Learn how to make people feel comfortable around you (ladies and gentlemen) and then you might have a chance to connect with someone before your creepy vibe sends them running for the hills. Relationships are built one step at a time, and if you try to run toward the top of the stairwell without doing the lower ones first it's no longer a step, but a wall you're running into.
>A girlfriend isn't something you "get." Love is not something you find. You can't go looking for these things like you're going to a grocery store. These are events. These are things that happen over the course of time.
>Looks arent everything... I have been with guys who were just simply charming. They didnt even ask me out, they made ME want to ask THEM out lol. There is nothing wrong with short and unattractive
>Female here. Based on what you've said I would steer clear of you if I knew you and was single. Desperation is really unattractive.
>Dude, stop counting and just be.
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>robots totally going their own way
>don't n-need no p-pussy
>i just don't f-feel like it

it's safer to wallow in bawww threads,
or snipe at each other
or complain about life being unfair

but the real issue isn't women or normies.
it's coming up with a good exit strategy.

negro please.
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>rejected 1000 times
>rejected consistently for five years

Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different outcome.
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kid never had a chance but idiots are gonna keep telling themselves "it's his fault". makes the world seem more fair and just i suppose. because this is america land of the free or something.
>"I have tried so many different approaches, read so many different books and articles."
>doing the same thing repeatedly

From another article on this site:

>But always remember, guys can't take rejection, so reject a guy in a manner that makes him feel like he's at fault and he'll back away even before you know it!
This is why I never have and never will approach a woman.
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Thread images: 12
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