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ITT:we talk about the weirdest dreams we remember
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ITT:we talk about the weirdest dreams we remember

Here is one I just had
>move into new huge house
>let my orange cat walk in house
>he immediately runs up the stairs
> I chase him and find him in an empty room with another orange cat having sex.
> the other cat is female and raged looking
> I notice that the other cat has a weird growth on its neck
> it moves
> the female cat has a small human looking PENIS stitched to its neck
> it becomes fully errect and cums
> my cat unmounts
> I wake up
kek thats pretty funny, I remember I had this one lucid dream where george lucas wanted me to test out the star wars 7 videogame before the movie even was out, and I did it in a fully immersive virtual reality platform, and somehow went too far in the game and saw spoilers, so george tried to knock me out with a bat but i was fighting him while in the headset
I once lived through an entire lifetime in a dream about a girl who I grew up next to, married, had children and died with. I woke up and realized she didn't exist.

I wept
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>me and oneitis walking through a mall
>take an escalator to the basement
>subhuman alien creatures everywhere
>we go out a door close by and take a seat on a bench
>hand around her warm body
>she looks at me
>i wake up
still a khv
>sitting at home
>at the time I had this little chihuahua/dachshund dog
>open a cupboard and there's my dog with 3 eyes
>another comes out of the closet, mutated again
>there's a shit ton more
>there are zombies outside now
>for some reason this nigga I worked with was at my house
>we grab some rifles and start killing the mutated dogs
>then the zombies
>eventually they break through and kill him
>I kill myself

I actually died before I woke up, as opposed to waking right before.
>on a rowboat with my loli sister
>she falls off and sinks like a rock
>I dive in after her with my clothes weighing me down.
>can barely swim down more than 1 meter before I have to resurface
>everytime, I see my sister's terrified face
>suddenly am able to go down much further, only I can't see
>suddenly can breathe underwater
>have to alternate between seeing and breathing
>feel the panic and terror as I can't find her
>wake up in a sweat
More of a horrific nightmare than a weird dream, but that dream still haunts me.
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Op here
I forgot to mention I wanted robots to interpret said dreams.
Sounds like you're trying to get over the pain of being anally sodomized by your father as a child. That's my certified diagnosis, anon.
Shit man
That reminds me of a dream I kept having once when i was little.

> I walk down stairs and see my older brother
> I pick my nose and put it in my mouth (was very young)
>he looks terrified
> he says if I swallow I will die
> I don't believe him
> I say i do it all the time
> I swallow
> I see my brother run to me
> my throat starts getting scratchy
> I can't breath
> I fall on the ground out of air
> he is crying and trying to give me cpr (chest)
> things slowly fade to black
> I am terrified and can't breath
> pitch black
> I wake up and take a huge gasp of air with tears sdown my cheeks
Sound like you are afraid you are actually a massive faggot.
Either that or you are still a robot
My weird dreams tend to contain stuff from movies I saw and me turning into a baby.

One dream was.
>Me and my neighbour sitting next to a swimming pool for some reason.
>Zurg (you know, that guy from toy story) comes out of nowhere
>I am a baby now for some reason
>Zurg shoots at me and I turn into random body parts hidden all around the place
>Men in black show up
>they start looking for my parts to build me again
>Will smith finds some binoculars in a dumpster
>my hands are hidden inside the binoculars
>wake up


>watching harry potter at my house for some reason
>a xenomorph in a flying broom is in the movie somehow
>it flies towards me and comes out of the screen
>I run to my room
>get into my bed and start crying
>I turn into a baby
>suddenly I'm in a shoe store with my mom and my grandma
>they are buying little pink shoes for baby me
>I'm super worried that anyone may notice that I turned into a baby
>no one seems to care at all
>appear in my room again
>wake up
The dreams/nightmares where you are powerless and can't do anything are the most terrifying. Reminds me:

>running up our house's 1km driveway
>irl the driveway is at a 30 degree angle and is in a rural area
>giant lizard is chasing me, I'm terrified out of my wits
>legs get rapidly exhausted after a few steps
>unable to move at all
>scream as the lizard runs towards me and snaps at my face
>wake up shaking
Probably a pedo tbqh
Sounds like your subconscious is mad at you for being a manchild?

w/e those are weird though
>walking around some kind of fairground
>see a girl that looks familiar in the distance
>we walk towards each other
>when she recognizes me she gives me this huge smile
>i wake up cold and alone

i legit cried after that one. no girl has looked at me in years, let alone smile. i was so happy for one small moment
You got dubs and posted 2 dreams
It must be a sign.
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Literally had almost the exact same dream. Fucking hell man.
>in the arctic with some chick that I know
>we stare are each other
>for some reason we are in pajamas but have massive winter jackets on
>she hugs me tightly and we roll around in the snow
>sleep in an igloo with her, sleep with her staring into my eyes
>wake up the happiest that I've ever felt
It's weird though, because I actually hate that chick irl.
> Jock Gorilla in high school locker room
> Feel a Gorilla poop brewing
> Take out my Gorilla poop butt drawer, remove the poop
> Another Gorilla jock in a red letter jacket comes in
> Says I've defiled his territory
> Says he wont be able to mate there
> Wants to fight
> I leave
> Go to lecture, human now
> Teacher challenges class to find secret in a level of this game
> Game level is a huge fucking room with platforms with lava men on that jump down and fuck you up
> Big white obvious brick in wall roght at the entrance, press
> Wall opens up to elevator, get in
> Go down 400 floors
> Get off, it's dark
> Man in flower suit steps to me, I wake up.
>pink shoes

A sign of what? Please enlighten me ano
You raped two babies while drunk.
>be dreaming about God knows what
>dream me thinks they're dreaming
>but I'm only dreaming about lucid dreaming
>lucid dream inception
>dream me decides the best way to spend this is to makeout with a co-worker
>she's only a 6/10
I feel ripped off
I'm a guy, that's part of the weirdness of the dream
>I feel ripped off
For some reason, I can't stop laughing at this.

You're lucky though, I tried lucid dreaming and it doesn't work on me.
You loce the idea of her but know she is a horrible person irl
I had one where my house was completely full of huge white maggots and my Mom was trying to convince me to eat a plate of maggots by telling me that it's actually spaghetti
You are ashamed of your Italian heritage, as you should be
I've never been able to either expect for this once
You enjoy white dick inside you, and you also want to suck you mom's white dick.
I once dreamed that I opened a closet and inside there was some kind of living plastic statue, it looked like a pirate with multiple heads and arms, it attacked me but I dodged it, and forced it to retreat by screaming at it very loud.

5 year old me had some fucked up dreams
Reminds me of the gingerbread man realizing he is eirher made of house or his house is made of flesh.
So.... you scared off a child molester and didn't remember it properly?
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I climb a big ladder for a few hours and then jump down into a big sandpit, moment before I hit the ground I wake up. What does it all mean?
Imagination > logic
When younger
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I had a weird one too.

>Dream starts in the middle of The Thing
>Everybody is freaking out about the thing
>Current crush is just done with this shit and decides to leave, Into Antarctica?
>Suddenly Beta out when she decides to leave, wondering why she doesn't say goodbye to be

Then I woke up. It was weird, weirder than it sounds.
You fear all of your accomplishments torwards being who you want to be when you grow up are a waste of time and it can all go crumbling down in an instant for selfish reasons
You are afraid that people have a rational reason to not be with you and youbjust don't know why.
When I was younget I used to have the same dream over and over. Out of nowhere I suddenly found myself in the middle of what it seemed to be the collyseum, with one side of my vision covered by something, then I start to hear a high pitched sound that grows in intensity and doesn't stop until it gets unbearable, almost to the point of breaking my eardrums. Then I aways wake up after that. Supposedly dreams are a way of showibg you some repressed feelings or shit but I never understood this one.
>regular lucid dream stuff
>fucking girls asses, shoving cock down throats etc
>suddenly on country road
>walk into field
>it's night time, bright lights in the distance
>literally Emma Watson standing in the field
>urges to rape subside
>walk up to her
>embrace, kiss
>my lips are dry
>wake up

You are afraid of failure
Or death

>>urges to rape subside

Wtf? Who doesn't rape in their dreams?
Who here has gotten a dream about being in a zombie apocalypse? Don't even know why I got this shit but it sure was fucking realistic.

>A zombie outbreak happened
>My house has pretty good fences so it becomes a fort
>Theres a decent amoung of survivors living there along with my family
>Every seems pretty peaceful considering the situation
>One day fucking zombies break in
>Don't even know how
>Everything goes chaotic
>People dying left and right trying to defend the place
>Frantically looking my family
>See dad near the gate trying to stop them from breaking in
>He gets bit in the process
>As I run up to him, he yells at me to get my mom and sisters and leave and not to worry about him because theres nothing we can do
>Go look for my mom and sisters
>Can't find them
> Literaly no trace of then
>Suddenly feel a sharp pain on my shoulder
>Got fucking bit
>I manage to get whatever bit me off of me
>See a fence leaning against the fence
>Quickly get on it and leave
>As I'm pedaling I turn back to chatch a final glimpse of the chaos
>I keep pedaling as hard as I can until I reach a abondaned shed
>Stop and collapse there
>I sit against the wall and think about what I did
>My dads dead and maybe even my mom and sisters, I just left them
>Cry for a while until i start to feel dizzy
>Look over my shoulder and it seems like I'm bleeding out
>Start to lose conciousness as I keep losing blood
>Eventually the sweet release of death reaches me and wake up

This isn't even my weirdest dream, but it felt the most vivid. It felt real as fuck and thats what got to me the most.
Anyone else have had dreams end at a good part and you imagine the rest of the dream when you wake up?
I had a dream that felt more like a trailer for a movie for some reason.

>a boy and an old man looking at the city from the top of a mountain
>the kid is capable of moving objects from the city with his mind
>he moves some random stuff trough the air like street signs and chairs but the object I remember the most is a triangle shaped clock with wings
>the "scene" cuts to black
>now there's a midget and a woman walking through an underground tunnel
>the walls of the tunnel are covered in spikes
>they talk about finding "transformers"
>a giant snake shows up while the midget runs away from it
>midget screams "a transformer!"
>suddenly there's thousands of them
>the snakes cover the walls of the tunnel while spinning very fast and changing colors from red to green then white and yellow.
>scene cuts to close ups of "cyborgs" with robotic parts made of wood and feathers.
>scene cuts to a chubby guy who says "you're the only one who can stop them"
>scene goes back to old man and kid looking at the sea, worried look on their faces
>there seems to be some kind of creature about to come out of the water
>wake up
You clearly have abandonedment issues
It's probably you subconscious reminding you that Michael bay is shit
What does it mean?
Probably just watched to much porn and played with the cat right after.
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>dream about getting some new plastic figures of my waifu
>eat them
When your fetishes mix in a bad way
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