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Are all girls the same?
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Are all girls the same?
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stockholm syndrome.jpg
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Yes unless you separate them from other women and keep them on a very tight leash.

pic related
Are all boys the same?
are all memes the same?
They're not all identical, but they all share some characteristics, such as solipsism, being whores, and an extremely shallow capacity for empathy with males.
There are 3 types of guys so pretty much.
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you will definitely get cucked, that's for sure, it's only natural for them to seek a better mating companion

nothing is ever good enough, even when they say they love you, their minds can change by the time you wake up.

Women are absolutely not worth your time, you are better off keeping your money and distracting yourself.

don't fall for it


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are all memes, if not the specifically the same, the same in essence?
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female here. i can tell you that not all girls are the same. there are girls out there who are into guys like you. not me, but other girls.

Women at the higher end of the iq spectrum act differently than other women. Unfortunately there are less intelligent women than there are intelligent men (women tend to cluster in the middle of the iq graph while there is more deviation in men), so the latter is an underserved group with regards to mates of equivalent intelligence
If you aren't into it, no girl is. Please don't pretend that your thought patterns are different from any other female.
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Everything is a meme, but they are absolutely not the same

A meme is "an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture".

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what's sameness?

they are not the same, a meme can be a cultural meme like the usa, or like canada, every country has it's cultural memes, another meme can be related to lifted trucks, stanced cars, i can't see similarity a meme can take so many different shapes you cannot call it the same or sameness.

please explain your point of view.
go on vocarro and tell us the current date and time.
there's basically this curse which is that men don't want to open up to each other and they naturally seek out women to talk to emotionally and about deep stuff

the ironic thing is that women are actually much less empathetic or compassionate than men, and pretty much everything she ever does is a cold and calculated move to get what she wants
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where the fuck are all the robots..

is everyone asleep???
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I-it's not like all girls are the same or anything...b-baka
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stop it... just stop it with the rp

you are not special. chances are that you have the exact same thought processes as 99% of females from the same culture.
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Well well, what do we have here, a closet homo?
no i'm straight, i don't like dicks.

but i'm not gonna engage in a relationship with a women. it's simply not worth it.

they hold no value to me, i jerk off i get if off my mind, i move on with my day.
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> i get if off my mind

jesus i'm pantsu on head retarded
Yes. All 3+ billion women are the same.
Just take a step back , observe, and you will see the truth about them.
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Asuka is best girl

original comment yes
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i still like Rei more

but the best cosplayers are only for Asuka
Her only redeeming quality is her appearance desu
The cosplayers are all shit desu
3D simply cannot compete
it cannot

but i haven't yet made the change to 2d.

although i hate women, their real life curves get me hard.
Soryu > Shikinami
File: sheisred.png (292 KB, 500x332) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you can't touch 2d you can't put your hands into a 2d's hair and caress her face

with 3d you could sort of image because you know what your hair and skin feels like
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love them both
nah m8 Anno really butchered Asuka's personality and complexities with Shikinami
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>because you know what your hair and skin feels like

But then you'd also know how would a 2d's hair and skin feel like
I love everything about her
She'd be a full-blown Stacy irl and a rather annoying one, get over it
nah senpai, nah
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we have to different ideas of 2d and 3d.

it can't feel the same, 2d has the smoothest skin ever known to mortals, and hair is silk, that's why you can't know what it feels like.

2d is so out of this world you can't compare the feels you learned from 3d..
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i completely agree, the Soryu personality is just much more complex and at the same time you understand why she is like that

but i love the eyepatch.
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Yes, yes let the denial flow through you
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nope, even in school she was always alone and people looked up to asuka, but she was above stacy's
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No but they're exceptions not the rule.
I met a girl in the science field 8 years ago in college. We hit it off and had a good amount in common but what really stuck out was it felt like she cared for me, as a person not something she could get something out of like girls before. Stupid humble and modest too. I was fearing I was dating some hot tranny for the longest time because of it. After about a year I decided to marry her and that's when things really got weird. She graduated Biochem and found a job at a university working with fish that required a move and I drop everything I had for it(though it was the best choice that was really fucking stupid gamble in hindsight). We got moved in she made it clear, she didn't care about my career or what I did just as long as I would love her. Now I thought their be a limit to that but 6 years later I'm still here living the life of a NEET/housekeeper while she earns all the money and she still comes home to cuddle with me, spend time around me and have sex with me.
She has no reason to love me, I'll repeat that: she has no reason to love me in any shape or form. I provide no income, offer nothing she couldn't get else where. She still a petite qt at 5'4 so her options in finding new mates are there. She could have had better, she could have done better. But she didn't, she pick me and I'll never know why.
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>why the fucking blogpost
Sorry I was just sharing you could find women who could love you for you and setting up for when I had a big exposure to real majority of women. See I was one of those awful "hur bee ur self" jackasses when I married her, thinking that it all work like that for others, like it was some endgame grind reward, just a keep up keep at it attitude would find you love. Then I started hanging with some of her knitting guild and coworkers and holy shit I started to see what the rest of men were suffering(and why she had no friends). These women,I can't explain it, it's like they thought existing was enough of an excuse to justify getting everything they ask for. That you are expected to meet their needs and them letting you be in the same enclosed space was enough of a reward. And god help you if you challenge their way of thinking, just trying to start discussion was like engaging a child that just doesn't want to listen. They have it all figured out and you are this awful thing for even asking them to consider other ways of thinking, not even saying shit like "your wrong" but somthing as simple as "how do you figure X into that? would lead to such face of disgust like I just ask them if they took loads to the face. They just have such a bitter and poor demeanor to men, they acted like we were some kind of rape fuel car saleman yet they still wanted us around, it was all very confusing but the worse was the guys put up with it. I watch them get emotional castrated and they were just acting like "this is normal" but I get why some would give up now, when you meet 10+ women of the same age group and they all have this mindset that would easily lead to a break or forfeit mindset.

All Im trying to get at is this:
There are good ones out there, they are worth finding and fighting for. But I can't say you will get them because they seem to be very rare to find and demand more slogging through shit than a taco stand in India.
kek no, some girls are bigger than others obviously
>it's only natural for them to seek a better mating companion

Well, yes, but men aren't any better. Women seek quality, men seek quantity.
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>clean the house fucboi
Never said I had any shame.
File: 1438849152196.jpg (118 KB, 640x718) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Women seek quality, men seek quantity.

only applies to chads, a man that knows he doesn't have much for himself but his personality, will settle down and be loyal.

meanwhile even ugly whores think they deserve the cream of the crop.

like this fucboi said >>26060989
>they thought existing was enough of an excuse to justify getting everything they ask for.
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never implied shame, it just sounds funny to me, i imagine you with a small girlsize apron around the house with a french feather duster and a mop singing and having the time of your life.

for some reason that image makes me laugh so much and i watch you but you can't see me and i scream at you

>only applies to chads

Nice double standard. Even if a man settles down, you can't say they will be 100% loyal even in their thoughts.
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>in their thoughts.


the b8 oh god

i actually laughed hahahahahahahahahahahahaa

thinking of fucking someone equates to actually doing it

hahahhahaha nice one m8 nice one

also it's not a double standard it's fact. Women start divorces more often


also the article calls men cowards and dicks so you can tell who wrote it Tom Cowell the white knight
> In fact, slightly more men claim to have been cuckolded in court


pure gold
If they were, I wouldn't have Oneitis.
>missing the point
You're complaining about women wanting (i.e., a thought) a better partner, yet a men wanting to be disloyal is fine? That's the definition of a double standard.
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I wrongly used the word "think" i should have used entitled or demand.

no they EXPECT!!! MORE always MORE it's never enough.

that's why if you go for a girl in your league she will most definitely refuse you, you have to be above her standards which are already high.

i wrongly said "think" when i should have said DEMAND a better man than what they actually deserve.
You're some sort of emotional tampon for her then
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they love each other let it be man

he had the luck to find someone that works and brings home the money meanwhile he just has to clean and fuck her well.

what ever you call it he won on every single aspect of the neet life

Ultimately every women bases her entire self esteem and sense of worth around the man that she's with. She will also 'compete' with other women in the 'whose man is high up the social/rich ladder' stakes. This is why primarily she will want to settle down with a guy that is either rich or has a great job or both. If he can be tall and attaractive as well that is an added bonus but not necessary for her long term happiness as she can always (and probably will if the hubby is rich but ugly) bang other guys guys on the side.
Can't say I much better being a mooch on her both emotionally and financially
from what i read, here are some important points that i think have a lot of truths:

lot of women are materialistic and so are very good at judging the value of things and people

1) If a woman thinks a guy is less valuable than her, she will not be attracted to him.

2) If a man loses his market value, then she will no longer love him because she doesnt respect him.

3) weakness in any form in a man is repulsive to a woman and will cause her to lose attraction
4) women will not love you unconditionally. if you lose market value/ ability to do things for her, she will not love you.
>3) weakness in any form in a man is repulsive to a woman and will cause her to lose attraction
I will agree to this but I feel we need to talk about what the majority see as Weakness and what they see as "I can heal/help him"

Some of them are:
short temper
fall into "I can help him" madness, it's usually less about helping them and more about having a mental "strength" over them or at least those kind of flaws will work on improving their flaws.

Emotionally dependent
and others fall into the weakness pile namely because most of them suffer this already and don't want to be around or carry that extra weight on top of their own issues. Short of it is they don't want men that have issues women have regardless of what they might claim.

Also a good chunk of women want self value without the work, they might go to college but when it come to the pass fail system of the world many of them jump ship the moment stress hits while as investing in a mate off puts that and you can be proud without earning it when your man is a big shot and just put it all on him when things go bad.
Im not saying this is all women but I feel this is a large sum sadly.
>women will not love you unconditionally
strangely this is something culture has pressured on women from both genders, that while noble and romantic in films culture as a whole sneers at women that will stay by a man no matter what. They get upset at them, especially men from what I have seen if they don't dump the guy the moment he hits rock bottom.
I've always wonder if it's just guys being resentful for not having that with their girl or just wanting there to be rules of engagement thing.
Like over in the middle east they expect women to only stay with a man if he provides and get real oppositional to the idea a womanshould be with a man that can't provide.
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there's actually a huge picture, and 2 parallel stories, a guy sticks with his wife after a bad accidents that disfigures her , and another one a guy ends up in a wheel chair and gets left by his gf

it was so funny to read.

women are complete evil.
There have been flip stories of that
lots of women that stay with damaged disfigured men and lots of men that dump disfigured women
I dont think it's evil so much as culture (and again men mostly, call them the normies men if you will) really has it out against the idea a woman stay with a weaker man.
But culture as a whole resists the idea of a true independent woman and still encourages them to seek a better man.

Again the middle east is a real source of this where they just want the rich and powerful to have women.
Most Asian countries are like that as well.
There have been situations where gangs beat the shit out of another poor(er) guy because he had a loving/loyal wife
File: 1440616950117.jpg (103 KB, 500x433) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
103 KB, 500x433
yeah that's true.

women are still evil

not even being ironic,

men fuck up, women are fucked up

a woman will shit inside your soul
Not really. Ifags and 4chan browsers have many different memes. Ocean man is extremely popular on ifunny, while there are more frogposters on 4chan than ifunny. Some memes are common while others are rare. Some memes are dank, others not so much.
File: 1296486962015.jpg (49 KB, 500x325) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49 KB, 500x325
I think both are just as capable of shitting inside your soul it's just women are allowed to have meltdowns and what not leading to copping and growth while we leave guys in this weird state of "never be emotionally" weak which leads to hard crashes and the inability to cope.
ie girl gets played, she gets support even by fellow women
guy gets played, he gets mock even by fellow men

We blame the women(and it's fair at times) but the irony is, it's like men have rigged this game from the start and never thought about the long con.
File: 1443331146957.jpg (113 KB, 800x532) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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kek yeah that is true

>we leave guys
Hol up hol up hol up
are you the brit qt in the vocaroo threads studying chink and jap culture??


For me women hold no more value anymore there's just no point in going out of my way and trying to impress them, i stopped caring about it, there's just no point in being another cuck.

i love that saying "'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."
this motherfucker had no idea what he was talking about :Alfred Lord Tennyson

never have loved is clearly the best option.
See before i thought women should be treated with respect and be adored like fucking goddesses, turns out it's all a bunch of bullshit, and being a fucking normal human being is not enough, it's never enough.
Lord Tennyson like so many other great minds has been misquoted and misused
The phrase "'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." comes from a poem he made about his lost friend Arthur Heny Halam and took him 17+ years to write and get over the sudden loss of his best friend.
He wasn't talking about lust, or love of a mate. He was talking about love of life of experiences.
He got to experience such a deep friendship that it took him almost two decades to overcome. To him it was worth the loss to have such an experience.

His quote gets butchered because we westerners have such a limited scope on the term love that we really only associate with it being about someone we swap fluids with and/or could procreate with.
So when we hear "'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." we take it to mean he's talking about the love of a women that has left the man(or the flip), when the reality is he was talking about the love of a dear friend and brother and the joys of life is worth these experiences even if it means we must deal with the death of what we love.
File: 1443024158671.jpg (89 KB, 438x503) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89 KB, 438x503
well you still didn't answer my question

anyway, never knew that, 17 years to get over your friends death, how the fuck didn't he kill himself.

>such a limited scope on the term love that we really only associate with it being about someone we swap fluids with and/or could procreate

well it's not like that's the only way the human species has survived you know, it's only normal for me to assume that's what he referred to.

sex is the only drive you have to stay alive, your prehistoric instincts tell you to procreate IT'S NECESSARY TO HAVE BABIES.

and of course the rationalization is love, but it gets so twisted that it stopped meaning anything now (not that it ever did mean anything to begin with)

What do you think ??' if he was to refer to women .

So i'm gonna ask again. are you her yes or no??
>my life only means something if someone is witness
i think he meant , it only means something if you share it

stop being such a faggot
>well you still didn't answer my question
The brit qt?
I'm not
Is she noteworthy?
This could go bad sharing but I'm >>26060949

>how the fuck didn't he kill himself.
apparently he dived into his art with that poem, it certainly lasted the test of time for all the energy he put into writing it.
>it's only normal for me to assume that's what he referred to.
If I came off criticizing that wasn't my intent I'm just frustrated that as a culture we really think way to much about crotches and center it to our lives even for survival reasons that's extreme.

>sex is the only drive you have to stay alive
It can be but many great minds that contributed to the world never had kids and many had no drive for it. Many still also had no interest in a mate. I have no interest in children and my wife even less, our neighbor is borderline A-sexual with no desire for a companion. I totally agree humans on a mass level have a pro procreate mindset I feel it's why abortion is frown on but Invofertilization isn't even though it's just a bunch of miscarriages but I don't think it's wired in us in such a way we can't learn and act differently to that cultural demand it's just hard.

> the rationalization is love, but it gets so twisted that it stopped meaning anything now
That's where we fuck up. Love doesn't = mate, fuck buddy and all that but in western culture it's the only kind we really accept short of parental love. I feel a lot of this is due to where western culture crank competition to 11 and success above all making good bonds with people hard to keep because we are encouraging to use everybody as stepping stones. Love much like most emotions is a lot more complicated then we want to sell it.
>What do you think ??' if he was to refer to women
Im not sure I understand the question. He was married and had at least one son and I don't think anything was recorded to imply he was strongly one way or the other but I haven't study on him since HS.
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No. Are all men the same?

But most fucking suck and are irrational as shit.
File: 1445309127215.gif (260 KB, 266x207) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
260 KB, 266x207
>not me, but other girls.
Sounds like bullshit cunt.
File: disdainforplebs.gif (2 MB, 262x216) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 262x216

memes are only memes if you don't talk about. So stop talking about it like ta cringey autist.
>You're complaining about women wanting (i.e., a thought)
And they act on it too! Look at the divorce rates.
File: cheater ruins him.png (68 KB, 709x249) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
cheater ruins him.png
68 KB, 709x249
I'll dump some fucked up stories I've collected on the chans and elsewhere
guys wife fucks his dad in their childs room
yeah she is pretty noteworthy, she has such a cute voice, just lovely.

>we really think way to much about crotches
we only do because it's the ultimate sensation of pleasure (or atleast that's what everyone claims)
sex is good feels good and if you (as in whoever reads this) don't do it something is wrong.

Yeah poor Tesla and fucking Isac Newton both died virgins, true robots, leaving a mark not of blood but of knowledge.

it's not quantum physics you goddamn anti memer we aren't 12 years olds discovering rage comics, it's ok to acknowledge memes, they don't vanish once you do, the problem is people don't understand that once they trickle down into the real world that's when they lose value and meaning, they get butchered and abused.

>i'm gonna tell people where they should go that makes me better than them ree normies fuck off my board.

listen faggot just because you think they suck doesn't mean i'm not gonna use the reaction.

keep spamming your childish "go back to le leddit pleb" or what ever that goes to show how much of a true 4chan purist you are, you must be so proud, when you go to school and tell everyone FUCK OFF FAGGETT I'M FROM 4CHAN!!! WATCHOUTB4IDOXXXXU.
I'm not liking her voice personally, however that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with her just I don't think I could handle being in the same room with her.
>least that's what everyone claims
and you wanna know why?
It's the only form of pleasure that doesn't have a clear guideline to obtain and one of the few pleasure that demands a great deal of intimacy
You want food? within reason you can get it
Want to sleep? You'll be given chances too
Want to work out? You set up at home or find a gym
Want to shitpost a thread? Just boot up that browser
Want to have a sex. Well now it gets tricky. You could pay for it but so many other people just get it freely and then there are all those risks of illness and conditions. And you can't just say you want companionship enter numbers on a microwave and it will just dispense. That's why everybody sells it up, for some they really didn't like it or worse got a baby or STD and don't want to face facts that it just wasn't worth it so it turns into this great thing that was best ever. Others still it's just the status, they get sex they know you can't just walk into a general store and buy it. They have a gf, they know you can't just get one of those. So that leads to a lot of e-penis level stupidity about the subject. And let's face it when starved a meal always tastes better so again, most just can't fuck a person with ease so it leads to having a greater since of accomplishment and overselling it.

>if you (as in whoever reads this) don't do it something is wrong
See as much of a horny toad I am that one pisses me off to no end. There is nothing wrong not wanting sex but all those people dealing with the sex issues I painted above get pissed like the person is cheating at a game when they really need to stop and understand they just got caught up in sex because it was grapes on a tree they couldn't reach or got them but they were rotten.
File: 1445072985608.jpg (17 KB, 259x259) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 KB, 259x259

Pleasuring myself is ok for now, maybe later down the road i'll buy a fleshlight.

but for now my hand is my gf
And if that's what you want no issue
just as long as you don't because what you hate and lecture to people that want or have sex

still hate women

>just as long as you don't because what you hate and lecture to people that want or have sex

i'm sorry i'm not an english major, but what???

i can't understand that sentence
you think i lectured you??

i was trying to just talk , that's how bored i am dude.

i even called you a winner on all sides

>what ever you call it he won on every single aspect of the neet life

Good night fucboi
>just as long as you don't because what you hate and lecture to people that want or have sex
What are you saying nigga?
I didn't say you did friend
I just know a lot of people that go that extreme
It was aimed enmasses and at no one person
Sorry didn't watch the autocorrect
I'm just saying as long as you don't do what "normies" do I don't think there is any issue with taking mastebation over sex or vice versa
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