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How do you guys take it?
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How do you guys take it?
Ive been a neet for like 7 months now and im staring to loose my soul
My sleep cycle is fucked up i live night and sleep all day.
Im bored as hell what do you guys even do of your days?
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They don't. People lose their minds when then they live like this.

thats the thing, we do nothing. you need to have a real good brain to survivethe neet life with no drugs.
I actively prepare for the collapse of civilization
im in the same boat just entered the NEET life because I cant pass a drug taste so i spend my days smoking weed playing vidya and watching netflix. Until the summer when the family buisness starts up again im slowly going insane
I play video games. I think about old friends. I smoke cigarettes on my porch. I'm subscribed to a lot of videos on youtube that I use as "friend simulators" like redlettermedia, rocco from mega64, fighter and the kid podcast, etc. sometimes I'll draw something. sometimes I'll fap to people on chaturbate or try to start up conversations with them. dj websites with the chatrooms.
the only obligations I have are court ordered drug and alcohol addiction counseling for an owi so I see them every week or so. my parents wont let me drive their car after discovering my license was revoked. haven't had the motivation to look for work because I feel like a tremendous loser. physically and inwardly revolting through and through. sometimes I really do feel like I'm losing my mind, it's very hard for me to not sit and be really critical of myself and my mistakes when I know I'm putting a lot of people out.
I lived the neet life for 6 months. Average day for me would be:

Wake up at 6:30
Browse r9k for an hour
Go to Starbucks in hopes of meeting some at normie girl

Spoiler : I never do

Go home and read some teen novel, browse 4chan and play league of legends until 8 in the morning.


Luckily I found a job last week so I have money again.

It was starting to get to me though. I would be depressed more days than not. I would reccomend going out at least once every day, even if it's as simple as getting coffee. Does wonders to your sanity.
when nothing interests you NEET life is the best option
>being NEET means doing nothing
This is news to me, I've been enjoying my time.
This and a bit of this >>26053254

Took it like a champ for the first 7 years because i might actually have autism. I do have other issues but I just don't like being around other people. They're to slow and very judgmental. I might also be addicted to the internet. the flow of info into my brain feels amazing. I can learn how to do anything in a few days and with the right tools or connections I can put it into practice.

Once I hit 11 I just couldn't stay awake during the day I work better and faster at night so the sleep schedule thing wasn't a problem. Mom tried to fix me but I just go back to being awoke at night and sleep during the day.

Lucky me I also really love fish and rice so I can just take one meal of the cheep shit every 12 hours and not get disgustingly fat and its cheep. My buddy got his ass raped by fat once he dabbed in the neet life. Trash food and neetdom dont mix unless you're going full degenerate. He gave up and now works physically intensive warehouse jobs. It works for him and we still have time to hang.

Most of my time is cramming info, listening to music and improving a hobby. Night walking every now and then too

I'm getting to lazy and comfy now and that is what softens your mind up for bipolar disorder so I'm going to start some physical work myself.

I'll be back though.
Only people with no interests at all get bored with no job
NEET Doesn't mean "do nothing all day". It means to be totally free from Professor Rothsburg, Mr.Shekelstein, and the rest. No, I'm not an anti-semetic it's just funny lol. NEET means you aren't tied down to the bullshit of society except by way of bartering or utilizing cash. No longer do you *have* to be at some place at 8 in the morning. No longer do you *have* to slave away for four to eight hours a day. You become your own person as a NEET. Whether it's easy or hard depends on your background and your constitution. For me? It's quite easy. For the next guy over, he may not have money or he may like being arbitrarily busy or he may just not know what to do with all of that freedom.

NEET isn't for everybody. Some people were designed to be worker bees. Me? I'm designed to do whatever the fuck I want to do. I can worship Allah or Kuk whenever I choose. I can get a job as a cashier or pull a Carlos and mow lawns. I can play vidya all day or sleep all day. NEET life is MY life.
I've been NEET for almost 15 months and I'm starting to get bored of it now. It was awesome until a few weeks ago when I started running out of interesting things to do. My backlog is dry, playing PS3 stopped being fun a while ago and drugs aren't as appealing as they were. I'm tired of my few friends and burned out of my old hobbies.
I'll go to university soon. I'm sure I'll miss this right away, though, since I may be getting bored but at least I'm not anxious or depressed. Boredom sucks but it doesn't compare to actually feeling like shit.
cross dress, dildo myself, slowly becoming a trap

standard neet stuff
You are way less intelligent than you think you are bud
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>tfw you finally became a NEET

Working unless getting paid the big bux is essentially slavery. I had no idea I was depressed until I finally quit. I would've just killed myself eventually had I not.

Infinite free time > money
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i want to be a musician so I watch khanacadmy videos to educate my self and watch youtube videos on fl studio and music theory and i spend my time using fl studio so i can be really good!!!!

I am investing into my self without college and il get big soon and make money and live the next level life
how do you survive without income?
I don't think I'm intelligent. Outside of the few things I'm interested in I'm pretty retarded

I can barely have conversations with people outside of the internet.
Lived with parents while working, barely spent any of my money and I have enough to sustain myself for at least 3 more years since I'm neither materialistic or outgoing

After that it's the rope
this you retards
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Embrace it.

Stop being a normalfag and let NEEThood overtake you.
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