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You awaken in a mystical, white void and...
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You awaken in a mystical, white void and are granted the powers of a god.

You are told by a mysterious voice that it is now your duty to lord over a race of people in a universe all your own.

You are now tasked with creating 5 commandments for these people to live by.

What are your 5 commandments?
>1.Thou shall not be a manlet

>2.Thou shall not be a roastie

>3.Thou shall go back reddit

>4.Thou shall not be a normie

Be honest
Be generous
Sleep regularly
Practice monogamy
Maintain social and economic equality
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Most of the 10 comandments are legit pretty good, I guess I'd just hijack the 5 best ones.

>no murder
>no theft
>no adultery
>no gods before me
>no lying
1.I can change these commandments whenever I want.
2.You will follow the book I write exactly and you will prosper for it.
3.No one may rewrite my holy book.
4.Do your best and be righteous.
5.You will live your life aware that I will use you as my playthings.
They're more reminders and possible warnings really.
>>no lying
Nigger that's the worst rule in the fucking world.
Not for me, the god. In a world where there's literally no way to show god exists and the 10 commandments are worth following, there are still how many fucking people who follow them? If I build myself a golden throne and place myself on it for all to see, they're going to do their best to follow the damned commandments, and society will be better for it.

Fuck off cuntbag. Or I'll shag your mom and decapitate your dad.
1. Do what thou wilt.

That's the commandment. But just to be cheeky, I wouldn't give them free will so really every little action they ever do is planned by me, and they are just puppets that dance and suffer for my amusement.
How will it help anyone?
>oh anon, sorry, I just don't want to talk to someone so genetically and socially inferior than me, though I do hope you find some cave troll to shack up with so you don't put me through this same awkward situation again
as opposed to
>hey sorry anon I'd love to talk, but I have places to be

Lying isn't inherently wrong, sometimes it saves you pain and suffering.

Do it cunt or I'll fuck your tight turdpit.

Im gonna shag you too now. But with a pringles can.
>Don't fuck with anyone who isn't fucking with you (Mind your fucking business)
>No murder
>No stealing
>No slavery
>Don't be a selfish prick, contribute to the welfare of your community
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Fucking check'd

And so it shall be.
Lying isn't inherently wrong, but it's also not the only way to handle things if you're not a fucking autist with no word filter as you suggest, and outright banning it cleans up a lot of underhanded shit at the same time. Not like I'm going to fucking thunderclap them if they tell a white lie though, and since I am the final authority what's the issue? I guess the real command is "bearing false witness" anyway, might as well just change the command to "love thy neighbor as thyself" and get the no lying in there under the umbrella I guess.

>oh hey man, can we talk later? I have things to do.
Isn't even a lie, simply bending the truth since you presumably actually do have things to do.
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>implying I couldn't take the girth of a pringles can
>1. no niggers
>2. whites are superior to every other race ( for the lolz)
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>Thou shalt always obey the words of I, the creator.
>Thou shalt never commit violence towards another human being and their property.
>Thou shalt never steal from another human being.
>Thou shalt not interfere or outlaw actions between two consenting adult humans.
>Thou shalt not bully others.
1. Aspire to be gods one day yourself
2. Fights should be settled by comparing ideals to one another and seeing how the stack up, not by brute force
3. If the dimension isn't to your liking you need to tell me so I can change it, I can even give you your own little pocket where it's what you need
4. No lying at all whatsoever. Artistic representation is one thing but intentionally decieving another isn't cool and if you try to lie I'll tell whoever you're lying to the truth
5. Maintain your individuality if you know that that which erodes it is unjust. This means that even if the easy way out is to capitulate, don't, unless you truly want to. I will spare you as much pain as possible because I'm on your side little nigga.

Oh so you're actually the god of this world?
>Thou shalt not interfere or outlaw actions between two consenting adult humans.

Damn, this is fucking perfect.
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>a race of people
>Isn't even a lie
Is not the same as
>I'd love to talk
But you wouldn't, and he can probably tell you wouldn't, which means you might get out of any future interaction, but also that you're trying to be nice about it. God would be pleased, maybe I'd let the other guy find 50 bucks on his way home or something. What's the issue?
I doubt my race will follow them but:

> Thou shalt not worship any gods but me
> In all things, men will have dominion, the purpose of women is to procreate and serve their husbands and fathers obediently
> Thou shalt not steal another's possessions
> Thou shalt not kill another human being
> Thou shalt not partake in any substance that creates an addictive feeling
The rule states
>no lying
which is extremely strict. As a commandment, it needs to be simple so there can be no misconstruing of the intention of the rule. You could include the 'no lying' in the footnotes of your own personal bible through some Aesop styled fable or some shit but it doesn't work well as a tenant of society.

Im God so i say there should be 24 commandments

The poor bastards in my universe will use base24
1: Thou shalt not think I, God, am their destiny and savior, but must fear that I hold their judgement.
2: Thou shalt never kill another being without absolute promise of the species' survival, or the archival of their beasts.
3: In all things, men and women are to be treated equally as individuals of different purpose, and different ability.
4: Thou shalt never commit acts of violence, contemptuousness and dominion over the freedom of human institution and function.
5: Thou shalt progress their species to its optimum status, and will persist a life of humbled celebration of mortality.

Good job anon
Don't kill
Don't cheat
I exist
I am your God
Don't be degenerate
>Exist peacefully.
>Improve your communities.
>All knowledge is sacred.
>Multiply and be many.
>Honor my champions.

I tried to make it as simple and straightforward as possible since there is bound to be multiple denominations of my teachings but they should all have the underlying themes of peace, diversity and exploration.
You've made it so simple that they can mean anything. You didn't state anything explicitly. Instead of saying "This is right" you're saying "Do right"

The way you worded your commandments leaves so much room for interpretation.
>don't kill
>don't cheat

I think think of times it's justifiable
This is foolproof desu, good job anon.

>Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will.
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>you shall not take the life of your fellow man unless it is in defense of your own or someone else's
>you shall not have intercourse with someone against their will
>you shall not take another's property without their consent
>you shall not allow tyranny to flourish
>you shall be honest with your fellow man
I think that's a pretty good baseline
I snickered

> If the dimension isn't to your liking you need to tell me so I can change
I didn't know God was such a fucking beta.
>"That creates an addictive feeling"
Jesus christ i'm done with /reddit9k/
Goodbye you faggot 12 year olds.
I don't quite comprehend the wording, but I like it.
That robot looks like a gay faggot.
Thou shall not harm another
Thou shall not infringe upon the free will of man
Thou shall stay faithful to thy word
Thou shall act with altruism and kindness
Thou shall seek to improve the lives of the next generation
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Thread images: 7
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