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Been listening to Gorillaz recently. Feeling a lot like pic related recently
Share music and feels ITT. Blog posts are fine too.
Not really feelsy, but around this time last year I started fucking with Plastic Beach really heavy for the first time since, like, 11th grade.

Still fucking blown away, what a great album.

I generally would say I preferred demon days to plastic beach, both are GOAT-tier though. Something about DARE, Feel good inc., and all alone made it my favourite album so far.
>tfw screwed up life, not even a year out of high school and I already fucked up
You bumped my thread so the least I could do is ask what happened anon. Nice choice in music, by the way.
You're not the only person who feels that way, I'm sure. I definitely prefer Plastic Beach, but there's individual tracks on Demon Days I'm forever in love with. Mostly 'cause I listened to 'em a lot as a kid. DARE, of course. Listening to Dirty Harry morph into Feel Good never gets old. November Has Come basically got me into DOOM, which got me into Madvillain and so on...

Gorillaz have been absolutely pivotal to my musical development.
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One of my favorite albums. The old AiC with Layne really was the GOAT.


Meme band for normies. Why does /r9k/ always have such shitty taste?
I just got back in to them recently, but I've had them on my playlist for a few years now. Not exactly the same genre but I find that Of Monsters and Men make me feel the same as Gorillaz when I listen to them, y'know? I would reccomend checking them out if you haven't already anon.

pty grvy tbqh

pls listen tomy song i just wanna get high and talkpls respond
As much as I like Man in the Box and Would?, the last two releases have some solid gems on it.

I've always liked the tones they manage to produce. It's metal, but it's not so much HEY HERE'S A FUCK TON OF NOTES.
where do you live? I have never heard any normie mention the gorillaz in real life, perhaps it's something about normies in your area? I tried mentioning them once and I got a bunch of weird looks.
I fell for the college is a meme meme and thought that my major (computer science) was worthless so I dropped out. College is less of a meme than the self-employed.

But here's some comfy music for you famtachi. Enjoy.

Heard this song on the radio a few weeks ago and I can't get it out of my head.
>knowing you will never feel that feel of the couple in the album art
that hurt. Ay chance of reapplication to college? You still have many of the skills you learnt during your CS course I imagine, tried freelance programming/website making? Heard it pays pretty good and you get to lvie as a NEET. No skills required.
I've seen people talking about Of Monster and Men, but I've never heard them myself. Any recommended starting point?
Not really. They have some pretty famous songs including Little Talks, Lakehouse, Sloom etc. That should get you a general feel of their style. you may've heard some of their songs but not recognise them.
I'm probably going to have to go back to community college. Sucks though, because I went to one of the best public schools in the state.

I don't wanna feel these feels anymore. These songs is a bit more optimistic.
I put on "Little Talks" and immediately recognized it from the radio at one of my old retail jobs.

I really love the hook and I've been trying to find this fucking song since 2013. Bless you, anon.
"Holier than thou" classicalfag reporting in.
No problem anon, glad to help.
Plenty of people drop out then go back. You can make it.

Pretty /R9K/ song, I would say
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I like music. my random song list is 600 song long in spotify. then there are dozen other lists of certain albums. normal good old or new music
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>Work to do
>Too depressed and brain fuzz to even read or concentrate
>Just want to get drunk
>Haven't left my house in going on 2 weeks
>No desire to do so
Yeah. Probably just gonna fap or something. Fuck this lifetime of shitty feels. A noose, maybe. Anyway, enjoy the music, robots.

There's stuff beyond their three major albums. Two b sides albums, one... other album, a few non album singles, an EP and some other stuff too. And there's a few other songs out there too. It's all worth listening to.
I'm but a pleb, and can only really enjoy/not fucked enough to listen to their less famous stuff.
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