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How did you change your lives?
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>be me
>15 yo
>tinfoil hat youtube conspiracist
>dressing like an autist
>playing video games all day
>autistic hairstyle
>met this girl
>fell in love
>lost like 15-20kg
>grew awesome hair
>started dressing nice
>changed my attitude
>had a lot more confidence
>got really popular

She rejected me but still worth.

Post your story and the girl that changed you
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Fuck this shit dude

All that for a fucking girl that rejects you... What is fucking life why do I even live how can girls be so cruel
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im still going through it /r9k/ but i think its shifting in the wrong direction
fell in love with a beautiful woman
>lost weight
>dressed nicely
>been a desired person around people
>practical normie
>tried a shit ton of social activities
>huge increase in gpa

Now heres the part that went wrong
>constant delusions
>self hatred
>i talk to myself in a two faced persona
>sudden violent out bursts
>music change from rock to hardcore death rap etc.
>chronic depressive moods
>the desire to hurt people
pic to describe how belligerent i feel during the outbursts

btw op is underaged
You know it was actually nice.She rejected me but i changed my life,it was good.If it wasn't for her i would still wear a tinfoil hat in public.It's the butterfly effect.
I'm 19,it happened in 2011.
the worst fan?

no but in all seriousness damn man.
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Fuck dude this exact shit happened to me what the fuck
>Go on indonesian cupid
>Meet great girls who likes vidya, anime and s&m
>Talk for six months straight online
>Visit indonesia and hit it off. Great times and sex
>A year later we are married

Life is good. Going for Asian women was the best advice I got from here. Why do it when you're sixty with a limp dick? Get on it now and you'd be surprised what you can get.
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get off
Middle school
>major betafag
>Major white Knight
>friendzoned a lot, never shut up about it
Go to high school
>don't really talk about my past life because nobody noticed me enough to care
>find a great friend in model UN
>semi popular kid, knew half the girls in school.
>never got a girlfriend, never cared, just happy to have good friends
lived the rest of my high school life as a neither alpha nor beta.
>pro tip: never count your rejections
>Desperate KV neet
>Decide to try to go for the lowest level of the ladder I can find
>Ask out older unattractive hispanic cashier at a meximart I frequent, still expecting a refusal
>She actually accepts and get to know her
>Not that great but just looking to not be KV anymore and will take anything at this point
>She's a big Catholic but still lets me fuck her without getting married, really uncomfortable experience
>She gets pregnant, JUST fuck my shit up
>She has the baby and I move in with her to help out
>Got a job and a life now and working to help support us

Definitely changed my life from loser neet sitting in my room all day watching anime and playing vidya. Not sure if it's a better life though. At least not KV anymore.

Sorry kiddo but this board was not founded on the principle of being a loser.
Is it a good idea to shave your head and effectively start over if you have an autistic hairstyle?
OP here.

Post your haircut and i'll tell you.
theres something offputing about this pic
what? yes it was. it quite literally was made as a containment board for the "tfw no gf" people, and it's echochambered into this

don't feel like taking a picture but imagine a bowl cut without the bowl, kinda long in the back and not very layered if you know what i mean. hairline's receding a tiny bit, worse on the right than the left
>Be born, self awareness at 5
>Always found myself socially disconnected from people the moment I entered Kintergarden
>Even at 5, I found myself just observing people around me
>Probably due to domestic violent poverty stricken childhood and adolescence
>Got along with adults and teachers better and never fit in with my peers
>Was considered well behaved and overcompensated-ly well mannered by others
>Got bullied starting in fifth grade, never understood why I was targeted
>Never knew how to deal with it or got proper guidance so it continued way into my first year of highschool
>My mom would always buy me dark clothes for some reason during middle school, and my hair grew long, so I looked "edgy" and people presumed me being so
>Bullied worsened because of that reason
>Was actually a gentle non edgy kid behind the long hair and skull clothing
>Let the bullying get to me so much I dropped out of school and had a suicide attempt
>Developed social anxiety
>Winded up manning up a bit, cutting my hair, and buying none black clothes
>I can't explain this in words exactly. I spend literally years going through a mental theater and therapy realizing I was letting things get to me too much, and the people especially. Re-envisioned myself a little bit
>Came to realize my biggest set back was the environment around me
>Convinced dad to let me move in with him, and I lost weight and re-enrolled in school earning my HS Diploma, and stopped being a pussy about things.
>Made some good friends, and got /fit/

My dad died prematurely, and I'm now back where I started. Am chubby again, and theres zero opportunities around here.
How much older senpai? Are we talking 40+ year old mexican maid looking broad or younger and cuter?
I had an edgy haircut,i don't think you would like mine.It was short to medium sides and back and kinda long on top,was using hair spray every day.
quit heroin basically

this is me last year at this exact time:

>32 years old
>6'3, 340lbs
>live at home
>use about $100 of heroin a day, funded totally by my parents
>no friends, only leave the house to cop
>no romantic prospects whatsoever. only lost my virginity because i sucked it up and paid for sex with hookers.

here's where i am today:

>33 years old
>6"3, 245lbs and still losing
>clean and sober for almost 1 year
>live in my own apt.
>have full time job
>take night classes most nights, have a 4.0 GPA
>been on a few dates and have gotten laid by more than one girl

it's not too late anons. i mean fuck, if anyone was totally without hope it was me and now i'm on my way to normieville. don't give up on life.
More like the first one yeah. She's not really attractive.
>hair spray
Ick. I've thought of dying my hair though so hey, what do I know
>be me
>be in 6th grade
>known throughout the school as "that really weird kid"
>notice this Chad who I thought was cool and nice, etc.
>want to be like him
>start to mimic the way he interacts with people
>cut long hair, get contacts, try to act less weird
>now senior in high school
>people tell me that I "glo'd up"

The Chad who I admired killed himself last year though. Started a chain of Chad suicides.
How in the fuck can you be 340 lbs *and* addicted to heroin?
cory is by far the worst
>>Be born, self awareness at 5
>>Always found myself socially disconnected from people the moment I entered Kintergarden
>>Even at 5, I found myself just observing people around me
>>Probably due to domestic violent poverty stricken childhood and adolescence
>>Got along with adults and teachers better and never fit in with my peers
>>Was considered well behaved and overcompensated-ly well mannered by others

Sounds exactly like me. Here's where my life deviated from yours.

>bullied in middle school for being a loner and being a nerd
>depression gets worse and worse
>grades tank in 8th grade, pass by the skin of my ass and grade boosts from my acing standardized tests
>Start coming out of my shell in high school
>Couple friends, a bunch of acquaintances from being in marching band
>catch oneitis for a girl
>She "dates" this kid I disliked
>Absolutely gutted, become even more inconceivably depressed (tons of psychosomatic pain for weeks on end)
>At the same time, a skin condition I used to have in middle school comes back
>Miss tons of school
>Eventually get it under control, start going to school regularly
>Slowly get over her
>Remain bitter at girls for a couple years
>Junior year, have her in my AP Spanish
>We do a project together
>Old feelings come rushing back
>Consider asking her out, but a friend informs me she started going out with a friend from her church
>Sad, but strangely at peace
>Senior year went by fast, I was busy with AP classes and band
>Girl asks me out, I avoid her because I don't like her romantically
>At prom, go stag
>See her dancing with her boyfriend from church
>See how much she loves him
>Realize at that instant that I no longer want to be with her, I only want to see her happy as she is

That was one epiphany that allowed me to become more emotionally mature. Too bad that was 4 years ago and I'm still a khv NEET. I can greentext my life after that, only if there's interest.
I changed nothing, because I'm a lazy and spoiled piece of shit

you're thinking of crack/meth. trust me, there are plenty of fat fucking heroin addicts. artie lange for instance.

heroin doesn't make you skinny. it's that addicts usually don't spend any money on food because all their money is going to drugs. since i had parents with money, i could have my cake and eat it too, literally.

i just stayed in my room and used drugs, i only left the house to cop and i never got out of my car. you can see why it wouldn't be a lifestyle that would result in weight loss.

since i've gotten clean i started going to the gym and walking 10,000 steps a day along with a low carb diet.
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Those feelings are good, you're just experiencing a shift. What you're feeling is strength and power you didn't possess before. Keep lifting and making yourself smarter and soon the violent thoughts and self-hatred will pass. It's a necessary step to escape your past squalor, and you'll come out of it a better man. Just don't do anything stupid. If you have to, take some calming drugs to relax (weed, opiates, hell even the occasional cig can help).
>browse /r9k/
>feel depressed and like killing myself

>browse /pol/ and /fit/
>feel happy and motivated again

guess my solution is to just go full redpill then
I got a girlfriend.

She's great.
>be sad sack of fat shit
>meet person
>they make me so happy that I decide I want to shape up and be a better person
>working out, eating less, got hobbies for once, got good grades last semester and learning to handle my problems in a healthier way

they broke up with me but I'm a much better person now probably saved my life
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2 MB, 504x279
>the practice gf maymay goes horribly wrong
this is what i fucking dread
It's basically the case. If the practice gf thing had been around last year I could even have said I fell for the meme.
Pick one
File: 1453317030681.gif (952 KB, 324x354) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm there right now.
>She fucked me off, led me on for months
>Thought she wanted me, weird quirks and all. Texting all day, calls all night.
>Want to change, hopefully become the man she wants in her life.
>Working out now. Slowly adapting to social conversations. Trying new things. Want to become a genuinely fun person to be around.
>Then hopefully, if she does start to fall for me like I did with her, I'll lead her on for weeks. Call all night like we used to, laugh at all her jokes, invite her to movie/coffee with me after work
>Then, when she finally starts to get casually intimate with me I'll rip it all out from under her nose at the last second.

I don't want to hurt her physically, I'm not like that. But I would happily pay thousands just to see her break down in front of and say she was sorry for all the shit she put me through, all my time wasted. All the hurtful things she tried to do to me.

that sounds like ted bundy.

his college sweetheart dumped him because she said he wasn't ambitious enough. he basically did everything to become the perfect guy for her. went to law school, got involved in politics (republican, lol) and then when she came back and wanted to date him again he broke her heart. he also killed like 50 women that looked like her. dude had a few issues.
That kinda concerns me a little. I honestly think I couldn't hurt a fly, but I'm worried that with all these recent changes whose to say that my mindset won't change as well?
Well fuck. I better watch myself then.
>(republican, lol)
Found the liberal faggot
Kill yourself

found the trump supporter (and a tripfag to boot, what a shock), please go kill yourself defending our border please
I'm also Mexican
Don't you faggots pretty much worship the ground we walk on?
How do you keep from using again? Do you ever get the equivalent of ''just the tip'' about using? Or does spending all your energy on your new lifestyle keep you from it?
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