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ITT post your last positive experience with...
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ITT post your last positive experience with a woman

>at a diner with coworkers
>with 2 old ladies, two white girls in their twenties, and one guy even more Beta than me
>waitress asks if I want some creamers
>tell her I take it "as black as midnight on a moonless night
>girls chuckle slightly
>beta asks "is that how you like your women: dark and strong?"
>pause for a moment and reply "light and sweet"
>old ladies start blushing
>girls in their twenties are looking at each other with a big grin like "he knows"
>beta thoroughly deflated
>feel validated for a couple hours
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>didn't get insulted
I got a blowjob from former co-worker a couple weeks ago.

I went to a current co-worker's house to grab a tshirt he bought from me and she was there drunk as hell.

Basically all I had to say was "You look great tonight" and she started groping me.
For me*

Not from me, he went to a concert and grabbed me a tour shirt.
>Checking out at grocery store
>Cashier: "You doing anything fun tonight?"
>Me: "No, just going to go home and maybe read a book or something."
>Her: "That sounds fun."
>Me: "Heh, yeah, I guess it is."
The "heh" was that light laugh/chuckle where you exhale and smile.
Mom bought home dr pepper for me a couple days ago.
That's when you say
"Not really, you have any plans?"

If she says no just drop a date on her
"Wanna do something?" "When do you get off then?" etc

If she says no take your stuff and leave. Problem solved.
>16 year old in high school
>Female who is part of my social group (and by social group I mean people who I hang out with to avoid looking like a school shooter) comes up to me and grabs my ass
>Says: This is good

And now I'm a 20 year old KV stemfag, who rarely goes out so don't reeeee me
Wow, thank you for making me realize I haven't had a good experience with a women in a long time
Nah, I can't be in a relationship of any kind. No car, no job, and I live in the country far away from town.
I just buy all the groceries since i'm better with a budget than my dad, plus he's old as shit and can barely walk. I don't even have a license.
>buying deodorant at drugstore
>female cashier tells me that there is a promotion on that one
>walks me to the other side of the store and shows me I can buy 3 for the price of 2
>have no money, so just thank her and get back
>pay and leave
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My mom tells me I did well helping around the house, although I could have done more.

The moment was ruined when she told me I would make a woman happy someday...
Stepsister made me pancakes for breakfast

Asked me if they were any good
Say I really liked them

She says I'm happy you injoyed them
A girl neighbor asked if I need help shoveling out my car
I shoveled some lady's car out of the middle of the intersection of my street.

By some moron's standards i'm sure this makes me a cuck now, I suppose.
I smacked a female co-worker with 2 foam pirate swords for a while.
How's work at five below?
Does it annoy you when people call it five and below?
A qt girl complimented my dog while I was walking her last night.
Got a smile at the door leaving the supermarket. Really made me think happy thoughts for a good while after.

one time i was just walking around my neighborhood in the city and a drunk girl literally grabbed my ass when i walked by. i fucking loved it. i've been trying to walk around late at night when drunk girls are walking around and nothing like it has happened since. oh well.
My girlfriend came over to my place today. We napped, made out, and talked about our lives. It was nice.
>be about 30 minutes ago
>be in Nicaragua for the month
>me & my fiancee are spending the month backpacking and climbing volcanos
>leaving in 2 days for home so we decide to ger drunk on cheap local rhum
>get drunk talk about our trip
>she talks about how she hate every other men, how she hate even more every other women for being shallow

Before the trip i was ready to end 3 years of relationship but it really helped us i think/hope.

Go ahead call me a normalfag, but which normalfag is engaged at 19, in a relationship since 16, have no irl friend except gf (same for gf) and backpack through south america living like hobbos ?
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When I called my gf today and we talked for over two and a half hours.
>3 hours ago
>doing laundry with my gf
>no one else in my uni's laundry room
>make out with her on top of a washing machine
I was a robot too but even I managed to get a gf somehow. Stay strong brobots, good things will come your way.
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[spolier]error code:321564345678[/spolier]
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>best man at friend's wedding
>maid of honor was an nba dancer
the last time I actually got my dick wet was dec. 1 2015, and I posted all the texts and everything on r9k, pic related

>got a girl's number on the street towards the end of the summer, end up fucking all day for 2 weeks
>she was in love with me and I liked her, she fulfilled my strict requirements (my height or taller, dominant) but she was a little too fat and dumb to love
>turn 19 and leave town for about 2 months, we text and she says she masturbates about us and wants to fuck me when I'm back even if she has a bf
>see she has a "bf" on facebook soon
>come back, I go talk to her and we kiss twice
>find out her bf isn't gonna be around much this week and he's been having problems with his dick
>he doesn't like to fuck much, they met on tinder and she took his virginity
>he's some tall normie
>she still texts me after that night and says I shouldn't keep trying
>this bitch is an italian stacy who has 3 inches and 50 lbs on me, and had fucked about 20 dudes before me, that doesn't wanna cheat on her boyfriend who she doesn't even like
>I go to her house and we just talk outside because her boyfriend happened to be there (but his dick was still broke)
>she invites me to meet up the next day, I introduce her to my family because she didn't think I was committed and thought I was just trying to charm my way back into her pussy
>we makeout and I finger her a bit at my house
>then she texts me again that she's "not gonna cheat"
>finally just say whatever
>2 weeks later she texts me, we meet up and she hatefucks me thrice
>she was texting her bf the whole time, pretty much told him
>she tells me after that she told him but they're staying together, and they both block me on everything

I know she's still with him and I know where she works on weekends so I might get my dick wet again easy before I start college (19 year old freshman masterrace, spring summer masterrace)

call me a cuck but it's a rare woman I fuck, and I have no emotional investment so I have no shame
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lookie here, we got a double dubs weenie walking around late at night lookin for drunk girls
all these fuckin normies itt

here's mine, just happened this morning

>in the lab
>co-worker asks me if i got her email about her scheduling equipment time around my plans
>i tell her that i did, thank her
>she says you're welcome
>Driving home from work
>Stop to let some girl cross the road
>She looks back at me 3 times before crossing
>Smiles and says "see you later" as I drive off
Haven't seen her since.

i'm not looking for drunk girls, i'm hoping drunk girls are looking for me. i guess it's kinda the same thing though.
kissed a girl that I met with some friend in the cheek and that's it
didn't even spoke to her
she was kinda sweet tho
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>walking at night
>girl doesnt run from you
get out chad
>go to a diner
>tip waitress 15$
>says thank you
>drive back to work
>thats it
Obvious bullshit. You're not even trying
That's not where I work
Earlier tonight 2 women at my internship fawned over how beautiful my eyes are
>last night drop my last piece of banana into the kefir I was drinking
>Snapchat it
>really bad chick I know responds to snap
>ask her to DIIV show happening in a month
>she's down
I want to fuck her so bad
>Meeting with an academic advisor
>She gasps at my GPA and tells me its very high
>I say thank you
Post eyes senpai
>new years
>friend brought me to normieparty
>pre-drink and get drunk as fuck before even getting there
>girl approaches me at party
>says hey, asks how i'm doing, etc
>open arms to give her a hug since i'm drunk
>she accepts hug

I think she was a qt but I can't remember well and other than new years I haven't seen her in like 5 yrs.

>passed out in bathroom half an hour later and got picked up by parents

Good, how are you, Gaia?
She went to my house, got naked and let me cum into her mouth.

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i kissed a qt grill at a house party lastnight anon

>be me, drunk, 3am
>sharing a bottle of wine with a qt, sitting on the curb and drinking from the bottle
>talking about feels
>drunk, take risk, lean over and kiss her
>warm and wet and nice
>she kisses back
>Join Indonesian cupid
>Been hitting it off for the past few months
>She sent me nudes the other day

Life is good
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Thread images: 11
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