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You are currently reading a thread in /r9k/ - ROBOT9001

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I've been lurking around here for a several years now, feeling the feels and watching all the baiting that goes on. Many keks have been had. Before that, however, I believed the Supreme Gentlemen/entitlement to sex meme. This is, as I've found over the last year, the most toxic one on /r9k/. As of last weekend, I'm on my way up and out from this Hell.

>Be me
>Total loner in Uni
> 5'10", 230 lbs.
>skin issues, early balding
>3/10 at best
>Decide to attend Gaming Club
>Some guys convince me to play D&D 3.5
>Meet 7/10 qt
>Instantly like her
>Few weeks pass
>Spaghetti covering dorm building when I ask her out
>She agrees
>She is virgin, feels good
>Get into many similar interests, explore what intimacy is on emotional and physical levels. Experiences beyond description.
>Fast forward
>Proposed to her
>She said yes

It can be done. It's not about
>Hurrr just beeeee urself XDDD

Since most of you have had your expectations and views regarding women and relationships wholly fucked by this board.

Don't be demanding, women will give as they will as time goes on. At the same time, you need to reciprocate. Being in a healthy relationship means understanding each other's needs and damage, and being able to communicate. Get those things down, and sex becomes not less important, but less of an issue. Some of you get so enveloped in the idea of boning that you lose most of the concept of what intimacy is.
Good for you, mate. I really mean that. Good for you.
>another NORMIE sharing his victory over the lowly robots as an ego boost
Wow, do you feel good about yourself because you are better than the literal scum of society?
Some of us aren't that intelligent, anon.
Another new age loser stuck in an early mariage nice achievement faggot enjoy your boring life
Good for you, OP, but you don't understand this board's mentality if you think their worst problem is obsession with sex. Their worst problem is that they convince themselves that success is impossible.

See this guy:
He labels you are a 'normie' even though you probably started out in about the same position as him. But he thinks that he is a true 'robot' because he's decided that he's magically incapable of improving his lot and life.

This guy's another example:
He's bought into the 'intelligence governs everything' meme. He doesn't understand that unless you are actually mentally retarded, you can succeed in just about any field if you put in the work. He doesn't get that just because some people can learn faster and easier than others, the slower learners are still just as capable if they put in the effort.
Even if i liked her i'd not ask her out. She could be my perfect soulmate and I would no do it. So i'm not going to make it. Good for you though.
I must be mentally retarded then. I can't even manage to teach myself algebra, no matter how hard I try.
>getting married in the current year

lmao cuck
>implying you won't come here in a few years when she leaves you or asks for open marriage because she didn't had enough to explore and/or takes 50%+ of your belongings
stay cucked familia
>Getting married
>Somehow instant cuck

1/10 meme for 0/10 bait m8
OP chiming in.

Be mindful of the meme-spouting dipshits like this one.

>proposed to her

Top fucking kek. When she'll have enough of your balding fat ass she will leave. At the very second she'll realise she can do/have better than you she will leave.

Girls ain't loyal, they all leave.
It's better if you have a teacher/tutor.
>m-muh crushing defeatism

Ya cucked yourself

Better cucked by myself than by a roastie ;)

Did you even read OP's post?

She will be when she'll eventually cuck him.
I had one. I had to drop out of community college because I couldn't even do the math
>Community college
There's half your problem. Many of their "professors" are incompetent as fuck.
I had a 0.3GPA in highschool. There's no way I'd get into anything better. I bought a text book to work on, tried things like Kahn Academy, did math every day, etc. and I still am basically at a middle school level.
It feels even worse because when I was a kid people said I was "bright" and they even wanted me to skip 1st grade. What a bunch of fucking liars.
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I stopped reading famalam.
If you think robots complain about women because they can't get one, you're a moron and roastie enabler.

You were never a robot, only a failed bluepill normalfag.

Now enjoy your rapidly fattening wife, divorce, and alimony. By the time you reach the point of splitting, you'll be so embittered toward each other that she'll want your blood and soul. She will make your life a living hell.

Bon voyage. You have fallen for nature's trap and are being devoured by the mantis. Ahead lies the abyss.
I bet I could teach you. I taught college math for a few years in grad school and tutored a bunch of people, including high schoolers. Mainly calculus, but also some algebra. I had a lot of people come in to my calc courses and shit the bed because their algebra was in such bad shape.

I'm not offering to teach you, but I am saying that you can learn. You would probably benefit from a competent tutor.

Of course they complain about women because they can't get one. Not even 'can't'; they're just too lazy to. That's the reason people like you spew this bullshit 'redpill' rhetoric. It's sour grapes. You're convincing yourselves that it's not worth trying to get women. It's pathetic.
>>Decide to attend Gaming Club
It was as easy as "decide to", eh?

I'm still happy for you, though. We're not all bitter here, that's a meme of your own.
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>it's a normie bragging on /r9k/ episode
File: stacys trap.png (48 KB, 989x218) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
stacys trap.png
48 KB, 989x218
It's not all sour grapes, people here have definitely been burned before.
The vast majority of these redpillers on /r9k/ have never known the touch of a woman.
Which redpillers? Like the PUA crowd or the /pol/ crowd or the wizardchan crowd or the manosphere bloggers? I don't see as many redpiller infographs here than I would see on a board like /pol/.

Is it really impossible to believe some has had sex or can have sex and still thinks poorly of women or marriage?
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