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'Evening fellow wagefriends! How have your weekends been so far?

I went out tool shopping. Took my fiance along, and she complained the whole time! I reminded her that I patiently followed her along in Victoria's Secret and H&M the previous day, but she didn't care. Talk about double standards, L.O.L.!

In case you were wondering: I got a new folding rule for myself. It should help out with my pipe bending -- I'm an electrician!

More importantly, did you catch that Broncos victory? What a close game! Hopefully they'll kick ass in the Super Bowl. I've always said that Manning was a better QB than Brady. I can't wait to discuss this with my union brothers at lunchbreak!

See you at work, wagefriends!
>It should help out with my pipe bending -- I'm an electrician!

And like that, I suddenly understood why NEETs are viewed as unintelligent mouth breathers. Sadly I am a NEET too.
watched a bunch of movies and went house hunting, found a breddy good place think I'm gonna take it. and since I'm a bachelor I can rent out the other 2 bedrooms and make a killing

Ahh yes wagefriend, That was a tremendous win for the Denver Broncos.

Oh no it's 8 p.m. I have to get to bed. Tomorrow is monday and I have a TON of work waiting for me. Farewell wagefriend.
Don't worry about it, NEETfriend -- I'm sure you'll find a job soon. Did you know about indeed.com? I hear it's a great place to get temp work. It'll look good on your resume!

Nice, neetfiend! One of my coworkers actually owns a couple of duplexes. It's great income -- especially if you're a handyman. Oh, and on the hush-hush: be careful about claiming property ownership, because you *can* get away with filing and getting unemployment while getting income from multiple rental properties. If you own just one property, I don't think it matters. But if you own more than one, you'll have to game the system to collect NEETbux while being a landlord.

Actually, folks like >>26000174 should look into buying, renovating, and renting houses. All these NEET threads make it seem like you make enough money to go on that sort of venture.

Understandable, work friend. Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise! It's good that you care about your sleeping pattern. From what I've read, an erratic sleep schedule is worse for you than smoking!

Hope you knock 'em dead; sleep tight, pupper!
Hey wagefriend! I'm finishing up my pre-checkride training tomorrow for my single pilot C525b type rating and ATP checkride on Tuesday! I'm down in Orlando for training, it's been a nice two weeks.

My girlfriend is waiting for me back home in New York, I can't wait to see her again! I just keep thinking about all the things we can do with my new six figure salary and one month paid vacation a year! Not that the vacation time is all that important, I only work two weeks a month as a pilot anyway!

Enjoy your work week, wagefriend!
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>This whole entire thread
Best Buy wage slave reporting in. Feeling comfortable in my nerd-centric work environment. My coworkers and I like the same things and go out for drinks sometimes or hang out and smoke weed.

That's really neat, pilot-anon. What sorts of passengers (or cargo?) do you think you'll transport. One of my union brothers eventually changed careers to become a pilot. He gets to travel the world and even meet celebrities. I'm a bit jealous -- if only because being a pilot is a pussy-magnet, and the frequent travel makes infidelity extremely easy. Plus, stewardesses are sexy.

I bet you pound alot of puss.

Hang in there, wagie! A.F.A.I.K. being an associate at Best Buy is a commission/performance-based job. Those look very good on resumes. If you get good enough at it, you can start a career as a salesperson and do some really /biz/-type stuff.

I used to work as a service tech at Valvoline, and frequently worked on company cars driven by salespeople for all sorts: from Fisher Price to pharmaceuticals to construction estimators. They pretty much have it all: company vehicle, benefits, bonuses, and other perks up the ass.

I'm positive that will be you someday! As the greeks would say: Carp Diem!
Oh sweet a bunch of normie wagefriends. Targetcuck reporting. They bumped me up to 32 hours this week, my supervisor must have seen how hard I've been working these past three months unloading 7-8 pallets a shift by myself! Gosh darn do I love back breaking labor at a minimum payment.
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heya wagefriend, are these threads gonna become a regular thing? I'd love to see this become a thing you know?

I'm trying to become a wagefriend so I can start to buy nice things for myself and help out around the family.
Mostly to buy anime figures and maybe a daki or two. The rest will go into savings, tasty food and education.
I played mmos in my apartment all weekend since I'm on neet vacations. My daddy and mommy were on vacations too. Mommy came back today and visited me, she bought me a pizza, im ucky to live close to the best pizza in the entire city. Dad is coming tomorrow to give me my allowance and some treats he bought me there.
Well can't wait to go back to sleep an entire week of videogames and treating myself is waiting before I have to go back to my personal classes and modeling and I want to take advantage of it
Have you looked into warehouse jobs, wagefriend? The pay is good, the hours are set, the work is similar to what you do now but better (no customer service and greater emphasis on safety), and several are unionized. They are easy to get into, from what I've heard -- my fiance has a friend whose boyfriend is a total loser. He had no job experience (or even a driver's license, L.O.L.) and still managed to get a warehouse position at a local food plant.

I suggest looking into local trade schools and community colleges to see if you can take a course in forklift operation. From there, your experience with operating machinery will only open up more doors for you.

Even Manning had to learn to walk before he could chuck the pig-skin. Carp Diem!

>heya wagefriend, are these threads gonna become a regular thing? I'd love to see this become a thing you know?

They will most certainly become a thing. Expect another thread at around 6AM EST tomorrow, and another around 4PM.

And you don't need to excuse yourself for spending your money on things you want. You earned it fair and square, and buying things you enjoy is a prime example of Carping the Diem.

Whatever wagecucks i'm going to be rich without working.
Best Buy isn't commission based but thanks for the advice breh
>And you don't need to excuse yourself for spending your money on things you want. You earned it fair and square

Ahh that's one of the most primary reasons why I'd like to become a wagefriend. I feel so guilty whenever we have to use government help to get us food and what not. Sure, Dad works and stuff but I always feel so guilty when he gets paid and most of his money goes to bills and stuff.

Mostly, I just want to better myself as a person and get paid to do it.
I'll be looking forward to these threads!
I'm a neet. Do I need to excuse myself for spending daddy's money in frivolous things?
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got my w2 in. pulled 113k in wages in 2015.
Boy i cant wait for my taxes to go up!
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Private charter my wagefriend. Celebrities, business folk, rich families going on vacation!

I get to travel the world and before I met my girl, I couldn't go anywhere without a woman approaching me when I was in uniform! I'd take advantage of it regularly. It's good to be a piloting wagecuck!
>le i am a neet in my vacation meme
I don't know, neetfriend -- that looks shady.

I wouldn't want to see you waste your parents (or even worse: taxpayer money) on a scam. Why not find other, more stable investments?

No, because your father earned that money fair and square, and is investing it in you for your happiness. But remember: he probably has to justify his giving money to you, not only to his friends, but also to his doubting mind. Spend it wisely!

>Mostly, I just want to better myself as a person and get paid to do it.

Well, my budding wagefriend, I highly recommend skilled trades training programs like union apprenticeships and Job Corps (the former, especially). You literally work while taking classes and getting mentorship from both instructors and journeymen -- earn while you learn!
We I really needed them and I'm lucky enough to be able to.take them whenever I want
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Should I try for an apprenticeship? I want to be a teacher and I've already gone to school on the Government's dime. Just need to pass two more classes to transfer to a Uni.
I've always admired carpentry and such, I heard you get some nice money welding as well. It would be nice to learn valuable life skills as well as secure a job in a field that's always hiring.
There's no harm in trying! I actually had absolutely no trades, building, or electrical experience when I applied to my union apprenticeship training program. But, I researched what the entrance exam was comprised of, what the interview was going to be like, and I was one of the five accepted applicants. I was the very last applicant, too -- there was a chance I wasn't able to take the test (due to lack of open spots), luckily some people didn't show up.

My advice: look up different union halls in your area. Call them, and ask what the application process is like. I highly recommend the skilled trades (except automotive) and unions. Even if you don't end up sticking with the career, you earn a good wage, learn valuable skills, and have the opportunity to become vested in a pension fund (which cannot be taken away from you, even if you leave the contractor/union/apprenticeship program).
How do I get away with that?
I am not entirely sure, unfortunately.

I suppose I could try asking the aforementioned coworker.

It's very nice to have friends at work that you can learn these things from.

Be pretty sweet to know how. I got a few properties from my dear old dad, still getting unemployment bucks since no one's caught onto the fact that I'm getting all the payments and I want it to stay that way.
i'm also an electrician.

i feel like i'm kind of bad at it though. I'm a third year apprentice and i'm really fast at bending pipe but i suck at pretty much all else. i have trouble focusing at work and make really dumb mistakes all the time. i always barely avoid being laid off because i bend pipe really fast and the companies i work for just ship me around to different sites where they need pipe bent but i really think i need a different career.

only 1 more year until i'm a journeyman so i'm going to finish just to have my red seal. after that i don't know what to do.
> I'm a third year apprentice and i'm really fast at bending pipe

A very great thing to be. A good pipe bender will find employment as an electrician anywhere construction is happening. You can also travel the country, working on the large, overtime-heavy jobs. You could be a FLE, bro!

At least, that's what I've heard. Everyone tells me that a good pipe bender doesn't need to be good at anything else.

T.B.H. I'm just a first-year apprentice on my very first job. Haven't done much pipe bending, but I've become pretty proficient at wire pulling. After you top out, you have enough mechanical aptitude where you could easily find something else to do. Are you in a union program? I know many IBEW apprenticeships give college credit towards certain majors at certain colleges once you finish. Mine gives me a couple of years towards an electrical engineering degree.
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Watched anime, went into town to get some pizza, alcohol and manga, got drunk, fapped and shitposted all weekend.

I'm Canadian so unions aren't as big here.

Lots of good perks for electricians in Canada. You get EI and government subsidies while at school and under the conservatives we got sales tax rebate, I'd get 175$ every few months as a sales tax rebate which is only for the extremely poor and trades people like electricians and nurses
I just came back from work!
Nothing feels as fine as having done a bit of hones labor.

Now I will sit here in mom's basement and shitpost on r9k because I'm a 29 year old KHV
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Goodnight wagecucks

Don't forget the coffee in the morning while you rush out the door at 5am. Sorry about the premature balding from stress. I feel for you I really do.

Me you ask? Why I'll catching the hot flick in the cinema with my exotic next door neighbour, she was once miss Colombia you know.

Then I am sure we will have a nice stroll down main street perhaps we might grab an ice cream while chatting about politics and my book I am writing.

Afterwards I might invite her over and have a nice glass of wine.

Oh I'm sorry wagecuck it's time for bed for you, sorry to keep you.

Make sure you don't cloock in late or Mr.Goldstien is going to dock your pay again.
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