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Trap hate thread
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You are currently reading a thread in /r9k/ - ROBOT9001

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When will people realize that traps and trans people don't deserve any special privileges because they don't face any discrimination.

The Pharmaceutical industry is just trying to make money off of trans and traps through hormones and surgeries.

There really is no scientific evidence that someone can be another gender than their sex other than EXTREMELY SLIGHT brainwave variations.

>b-but cissie called me a fag

No that's not discrimination get over it.
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the dankest meme.png
567 KB, 1246x748
I made this a while ago and never really get to post it.
I wish could grow a mustache.
I'm glad I can grow pretty sweet facial hair.
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helpful diagram.png
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Good. We need more threads like these.

I'd rather side with regular good-old fashioned homosexuals and feminists than trannies & faggot tranny-chasers
They should face much more discrimination
They should be afraid to admit their perversion publicly
>start getting curious about traps
>go on /lgbt/
>mfw their faces
>mfw those chins
>mfw those voices
>mfw discovering they're still attracted to girl

You guys are a bunch of weirdos

im glad i cant because i make a better trap
bro the only thing that you're trapping is other gay men
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I really, really fucking hate having these thoughts bros, I've tried everything from anti trans therapy to hypnosis to working out to testosterone supplements to having a girlfriend (even though I prefer to stay out of relationships) to physical sports and yet I can't fucking stop thinking about wanting it. Aside from suicide what do I do? I don't want to become a hideous degenerate freak.
>to having a girlfriend

Get a boyfriend instead, being a tranny and wanting to have guys fuck your bok choy is just closeted homosexuality.
I had a boyfriend back when I was 16 but the more I was with him the more it intensified things, I had to break up because it made me disgusted with myself.
It's not gonna dimminish no matter what you do. It's too late to change it OP, the best you can do is deny and ignore it by doing masculine shit for years until it wears you out and you transition into total hon in your 40's
cock is cock eh
selfish bitch
>like all gay men
Thanks. I'll look into it and read the pdf.

I really hope this works and is safe.
Why would you even care ? Let people live their lives life anyone else.

As long as they ain't some kind of asshole I don't see where the problem is.
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You just may be a faggot anon, or bi? Whatever, just don't be a flaming faggot
Your mental problems are a danger to yourself and everyone around you, fuck off.
implying people on 4chan and r9k are anybetter in that department

yeah yeah we know go back to reddit or where ever

you know im right ;)
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>Its another /pol/ thread
Nope. I'm a left wing socialist who realizes that trans people are a result of corporate bourgeois greed

Nice assumptions
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so liking which of these is the straighter option??
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>everything I dont like is /pol/
this meme needs to die

I'm mostly left myself and the whole tranny hype needs to die.
People should at least realize that the whole "hurrr operation is normal and a good thing" is just because cashing big time on mentally ill people is better for doctors than suffering the political and career repercussions of actually developing a treatment for the problem: gender dysphoria.

I'm >>25994500 , I'm not even trans, but I don't really see your point. How is beeing trans dangerous for others ?

Why do you mind what people do ?
why are 99% of people who defend traps not even trans themselves.

We get it you want everyone to know how tolerant and compassionate you are.

Here have some upboats and reddit gold karma points
Hormones are sold as generics for cheap as fuck prices. If big pharmaceuticals wanted to profit why the fuck would they pursue a tiny % of the population selling cheap drugs. Not to mention that they probably understand to some degree the amount of social upheavel things like this cause.

Its just such a fucking inefficient strategy to make money you have to be a retard to think companies are actually responsible for trans shilling.
I'm not even defending them, I just don't get your point. You're just angry at people for no real reason. If you're on this board you probably know how hard it is to live as an outcast. Why would you wish it for anyone else ?

Or are you just so red pilled and wise that you can afford to give people life lessons on r9k ?
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coy mathis.png
611 KB, 1198x773
>for no real reason

Except for the endless waves of faggot threads on my non-faggot board

> live as an outcast

That's funny.
neither tbqh, theyre both disgusting freaks
>Would fuck anyone as long as I think they're cute, and legal
>Would be in a relationship with anyone as long as i'm attracted to them, and they're agreeable enough
I don't really care about gender or sexuality, even if you're a quazimolegendered demipanromanticpretzelsexual, so long as you're not annoying about it. Fat chance.

To be fair, it seems like most traps have heavy baggage. So do most women though.
Thread replies: 32
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