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post the fetish that you most likely need...
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post the fetish that you most likely need therapy for

I'll start: immobile, disgustingly obese women. None of that high-test BBW crap, but women who have gone beyond the point of social acceptance. Rolls, cellulite, misshapen limb fat, I love it. I want a woman whose life is so stagnant and miserable her only joys are food, sex, and more food. I want to humiliate and dehumanize her, call her a disgusting pig slut. I couldn't love a girl like this, and I'd tell her. I only want to stuff n fuck her.

I sometimes wonder if my furry fetish is making me less and less attracted to human companionship.
Necrophilia. Not towards women who look like they're just sleeping, or freshly dismembered corpses, but rotting, bloated, maggot-ridden messes of decomposition and filth. I've tried getting therapy for it before and no one has been able to help
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>tfw I will never have an Asian gf who's into light ageplay behind closed doors (lots of "kittens"/"littles" are open about it)
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I don't find it sexual but I do love me some maggots and bloats. I have very morbid interests, I guess.
my giantess fetish is kind of upsetting and regularly gives me anxiety and i wish i could erase all aspects of it from my brain
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Vore, unbirth giantess, futanari, femdom, muscle and so much more makes a normal gf difficult
Diapers and age regression.

The older I get the less I give a shit though. I would have had it mind erased a few years ago now I've accepted it. It's just something I jerk off to anyway.
my nigga
I'm glad there's someone else out there who can see its aesthetic value
Me: I fantasize about being a child being molested and raped by monsters
Therapist: That's way more common than you'd think. Is it interfering with your life?
Me: Nope.
Therapist: Then it's not really a problem, is it?
Me: I also fantasize about monsters impregnating me except then I lay eggs instead of babies.
Therapist: I haven't heard that one. But it makes sense. You're in your mid twenties and don't have kids but your body wants kids.
Me: And I'm terrified of childbirth.
Therapist: So eggs, yeah. Way less gross.
All of my what
you have a sack the size of texas for telling your therapist about your weird fetishes
I want a teenage daughter who likes to get naked and cuddle with me
extreme masochism

i wanna be tortured, opened up, have my guts touched. i wanna see the red of my muscles and the white of my bones, all while my partner comforts me and tells me how beautiful my insides are
I've had the same therapist for years and it has been a profoundly helpful expererience. The professional opinion seems to be that fetishes don't matter unless they interfere with living life.
>terrified of childbirth
>child molestation fantasy

psure that's a woman

I'll gladly lay my eggs in you btw. I also fantasize about being raped by monsters and impregnated with eggs. Only problem is I'm not a woman.
>tfw homicidal sexual sadist
>tfw I would literally kill to be on the other end of this fantasy
why would you want that?
and even she is so fat and ugly nobody wants her and you destroyed her complete self confidence,
you would caught her cheating on you with the only other loser who has this fetish and she say its your fault.
Thread delivers

I find with age all my weird fetishes have faded and I mostly just wanna dom without the leather and corny shit

See where you are at thirty
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Sometimes I wonder if I'd act out on my enf/humiliation fetish on my cousin. Like maybe I'll find the perfect moment to overpower her and strip her butt naked and tie her up...
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femdom, giantess, tall women, futa

i just want to be the cute wife in the relationship

i want to be at home cooking and cleaning and making my wife's favorite dinner and have her come home from work and get up on my tip toes to give her a kiss and sit on the couch with her cuddling and asking about her day

then when it's time for bed she picks me up and throws me on the bed and has her way with me

that is my fetish. does it impede on my life? a little.
Honestly I just want to suck a futa dick.

Traps and trannies aren't a close enough approximation.
Femdom and also catgirls

At the same time

The most impossible of fetishes
It's not as hard as you'd think when you know the therapist and they know you and have helped you before.

Ever brought up your oviposition thing with a therapist? I imagine it's a totally different ball game when you don't have a body designed for babies.
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Similar to yours, except I want a pudgy girl like pic related to feed me to immobility and disgusting obesity.

I want her to fatten me to the point that I can't reach my dick and need her to get me off.

Also I want her to get tempted by all the delicious food I'm eating and plump up a bit.
Yeah, there is no fucking way I'd even go to a therapist because it's highly likely they'd try to dose me with meds if I was honest with them, and it's likely my family would commit me if I refused to take them.

Outwardly I'm pretty normal and functional, but I'm increasingly becoming detached from both reality and the people in it, lv25 virgin for perspective. I've ALWAYS had lots of weird sexual fetishisms, I can remember my first fap was to transformation, the episode of Dexter's Lab where he turns dede into his mom. Some of my earliest fantasies (I had these around 10-12 years old) included

-Having a parasitic worm infection that controlled my brain and transformed me into a girl, I then birthed its larvae through my breasts and seduced other men into becoming transformed like me
-Being abducted by aliens and turned into a queen bee type organism but for humans
-Turned into a cowgirl and treated like human livestock, repeatedly force fed, milked and bred
-Get a girlfriend who turns me into a clone of her with tentacles that come out of her nipples

And these were before I got access to the internet at 14. Thankfully I was always completely self aware and understood that these fetishes were fucking weird and never shared them with anyone at all. I don't even know why my sexuality is so twisted.

I know a lot of people who claim to have fallen to 'fetish creep' but though I do have a lot more fantasies now, they all kind of build on this basic transformative, fertility theme. I also have sensitive, kind of feminine looking nipples. Not gyno mind you, but in the locker room guys would comment on them. They also get rock hard in response to arousal which isn't something I've heard other men talk about.

When I masturbate I get the urge to rub them on something, usually flicking them on the edge of my desk. I think it might have something to do with neonatal BPA exposure. I'm not overly feminine in appearance but something in my brain is just fucked.

Can't cheat if she's trapped in a basement!


ma nig

enf humiliation all the way
Niche but fucked up.

My current girlfriend is my high school oneitis, who somehow fell in love with me(I swear I didn't sell my soul to Lucifer). Sometimes when we make love I imagine I'm raping her.
Imagine the year I didn't go to prom (no normie fucking wanted me that year), say I went and grabbed her and took her to an alley by the event. While she's begging me to stop I do awful shit to her, basically its a hatefuck in my mind but when we're actually having sex she thinks its passionate love. I even imagine I'm cumming in her to knock her up and leave her with my child which I'll never take care of.
This is the woman I want to marry, I mean she cooks for me, sex every other night, things are great but holy shit. Sometimes the only way I can cum is if I'm imagining raping her and turning her into my own personal breeding cow.

Fuck you years of rape hentai...
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I know this feel Anon...

I've even gotten high enough to even be commissioned to write comics and video scripts from some of the top producers.

My stuff was loved by many, thousands even, all from across the globe.

My disturbed thinking, this damn brain of mine, was able to contrive such things that made all those people cum. And not just once, but many, many, many times, possibly millions.

I might have made men across the world cum millions of cum...

Even today I see my work on pornhub and other torrents sites. Hell, I even see it on 4chan, from /b/ to /pol/ to even here at home.

My current favorite fetish is breeding/impregnation.

If I could, IRL, knock up a thick girl like pic related, and with not strings attached...I would. Hell, I'd do every god damn day.

I feel like the lowest form of life sometimes...
what the fuck?

this comment is really original
source of the picture?
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If you're referring to the picture, that's what happens when you kill yourself in a bathtub

Wow, I had to look away.

I've been away from /b/ for too long apparently.
Two birds, One bone.
I don't need therapy though
For the record, a therapist isn't a medical doctor like a psychiatrist is and they cannot prescribe medicine to you. They're more like life coaches with masters degrees. At most they can suggest that you visit a psychiatrist.

If this counts, men in Islamic scarfs and Arabic accents make me go HHHHHHHHHNNNGGGGG
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>t. "break me off a little, you know I left you the bigger piece"
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I'm pretty good with gore but decomposing bodies, especially in water, disgust me. I mean properly decomposing with maggots and bloating
I started that thread! Nice to know I'm not alone.
But anon, that's my fetish..
Are you Swedish, or British?
Not very fucked up I guess :
>Started with simple cuffs
>Then went to BDSM
>Then I found the appeal of 2D
>Now it's tentacles, fucking experimentation machines, amputees, lolis, or a combination of any of those, all that ridiculous shit that couldn't happen in real life
I never ever watched real porn, and sex looks disgusting to me. Also nothing that looks too consensual quite makes the cut anymore.
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You don't have to be an asshole, it's not as if I volunteered to find bloated, slimy, putrid corpses riddled with disease attractive.
That was mean!
Have you ever actually BEEN with a women like that though? It may sound good in theory, but in reality it's fucking disgusting. The smell...
File: BnElHEfIUAEU0nU.jpg (30 KB, 598x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Shh it wasn't meant for you, it wasn't even an insult.
I'm sorry.
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Not really a fetish (I don't feel anything sexual about it), but here is what I wouldn't tell even to a psychiatrist:

I dream of keeping babies in a big vivarium where machines would bring them food and so on, but where they would have absolutely no direct interaction or communication with any human adult.

I want to observe them growing all together without ever learning how to speak or anything. I want to see how they behave. How they interact with each other. I WANT TO KNOW
yeah this.

I'm OK with it now I think, but the few times I've had sexual relations with another person required me thinking about her wearing diapers while I'm fucking her

that's kind of fucked up i think
diapers. I don't even know how I'd try to deal with that, though. I don't really have it interfere with my life, and I certainly don't want it to. But I do feel that this fetish has severely stunted my ability to pursue a relationship
I'd probably have to do that on the pure hypothetical that I ever got that far
One time in college I brought a girl back to my place and purposely made myself not imagine her in a diaper. I couldn't get hard and eventually she just gave up and fell asleep. The next night I invited her back and imagined her in diapers and I got hard

at that point I knew I had a problem but honestly I don't care. Diapers are so fucking hot to me and I know I can't change that. It would be like trying to not be gay, sure I could repress it but I certainly could never move past it
Incest, but only with other people. I'd never fuck my dad or whatever but I'd fap to porn of it
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>tfw every time I see a qt and imagine myself with her I think about my fetish
>realize if she found out I had it she would hate me and find me disgusting
>lose all motivation to get a gf
>don't even try to talk to her and just stay at home
Depends on the fetish. Lots of people are willing to indulge many of the weirder ones for people they love.
It's like OP's but not as extreme, just weight gain mostly. I also don't want my gf to indulge in that because like OP I couldn't love a BBW weight gainer. I like the idea of humiliating them.
I'm fairly certain that we're the same person.
They have done that test with monkeys millions of times. The babies grow an attachment to whatever is feeding them. And will not leave it.
Maybe she'd roleplay with you over text to help fulfill the fetish. If you were willing to help with her weird fetishes too. You might also be able to find girls with gaining fetishes who refuse to gain IRL (actually pretty common, it's a side kink of mine).
I-I want to get married and have a child. And hold hands.

dude just

thank you for spoilering that
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do it for her.jpg
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>tfw soup-chan has been mai waifu for close to a decade
>tfw the sight of her is too much for most people
life is cruel

dang now that you mention it that would be awesome as heck.

Eh, I know it's probably never going to happen. Every woman is into "fat acceptance" these days and wouldn't like to get insulted for it. Plus being the caregiver for a morbidly obese person is pretty abusive. You're basically feeding them to death.

Protip: Feed a girl lots of Twizzlers and other candies high in fruit flavorings.

It'll make her farts smell great.
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>Twizzlers and other candies high in fruit flavorings.
I hate the smell of fruit flavoring.

Don't ever suggest that to me again, okay?

Whatever bro.

Enjoy your ass-scented farts.
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well, okay.jpg
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I will!
Malodorous funk reeking of mildew dishrags and old meat.

It's the dissonance that give it grace. Attractive girls who can disarm you with silent quickly spreading gas that smells like a fucking corpse are a fucking oxymoron. And your dick is gonna break in throbbing confusion.

It's the duality that give it life.

Farts must be a really convenient fetish. Everyone loves to smell their own, so having a partner who didn't mind must be nice.
l wouldn't know.
>no weird fetish

Cutters and anorexia
>I'm a simple man of rafined tastes
I really want to play a situation in public where I take a girl on a date in public and she berates me and calls me awful things and I just take it. Then as the date concludes I take her to her house to drop her off. She says " are you even going to walk me to the door, you fucking loser?!!" And as we walk to the door pin her on it and start kissing her open the door and hate fuck her while she pretends she doesn't want it but she starts coming around and I cum all over her face and call her a bitch and walk out
Bumping this shit
Not 404ing that easily
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