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/r9k/s favorite movies?
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/r9k/s favorite movies?
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Picture related
V for Vendetta - Perfect story, morals, execution

Lord of the Rings trilogy - Beauty representation of the human spirit, friendship, courage and great score, minimal corruption of hollywood cliches.

One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest - Bittersweet, unexpected, mindblowing, jawdropping, sad story

Grave of the Fireflies - depressing masterpiece

Hunchback of Notre Dame - Very real, not watered down like the rest of the disney movies, all round great

Journey to the West - Spiritual masterpiece predates most elements of mythology elements in modern movies
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The best film my country has produced.
The Butterfly Effect, if only for the director's cut ending.
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There Will Be Blood, Triumph Of The Will, Tim and Eric's BDM, Eraserhead, Kiki's Delivery Service
Eternal Sunshine of A Spotless Mind

I want that feeling
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Wild Strawberries
Oslo 31st of August
Un homme qui dort
Werckmeister Harmonies
The Mummy
F for Fake
La Haine
Paths of Glory
The Thin Red Line

..and plenty more of other intro stuff.
nice choice

looks interesting........
>motel hell
I tip my hat to you good sir!
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An aspierational tale.
Frank is one of my favorite movies
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>You fill never fully understand Brazil

I feel like re watching the trilogy now.
I think it was very well done and original... especially for a newer movie.
I don't even think Gillam understands Brazil.
I liked this.

I am a creep
I'm a weirdo
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I started writing a paper on it because I wanted to understand his intent, never finished it due to depression. Think I'll do that now.
Lotr, not even a contest for me.

Too bad about the Hobbit, I prefer the book to the Lotr books the movie was garbage
Harold and Maude is one of my top favorites and is pretty appropriate for /r9k/.
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Submarine is the best robot comedy
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Cheech and Chong's: next movie
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>scott pilgrim vs the world

great movie and great sound track.
watch it every valentines day. not sure why.
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Accept the challenge.
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as a robot I can't watch that movie without feelings of intense rage in between bouts of intense mental anguish
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Watched god bless america tonight, it was pretty good. tfw no crazy a.d.d. serial killer waifu
then i wouldnt suggest reading the graphic novels.
hits me in the feels. hard. but still one of the best graphic novels and movie i have read and watched.
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STALKER and Primer desu senpai.
stanley kubrick's Full metal Jacket
anything stanley kubrick
Forrest Gump
Hustle and Flow
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Taxi Driver Clap.gif
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Taxi Driver hands down.

Travis Bickle is a /r9k/ tier character.
>Tfw no extremely liberal cheese movie
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End of Evangelion.

It's not even a contest. There are movies and then there's Evangelion. Shit changed me.
One who lost his Clementine here, no you don't.
I love movies, and I can never truly pick favorites. I can, howeved, pull movies that I love out of my ass.

>The Matrix
>Thr H8ful 8 (Tarantino's best so far imo)
>Office Space
>Lost Highway
>Pootie Tang
>12 Monkeys
>Gangs of New York
>Seven Samurai

I consider myself a hybrid pleb/patrician desu
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V for Vendetta
Dredd (the new one)

Has anyone ever seen Hobo with a Shotgun? That movie was fucking weird. A hobo becomes a vigilante to clean up the streets from a crazy disco mob, using only his trusty shotgun. Later 2 dudes dressed in armor fight him. Seriously, check it out
Shawshank Redemption
Forrest Gump
Hot Rod
>hateful 8
>literal garbage

kill yourself. I love Tarantino and I'm half convinced that movie was a social experiment to see if people would still fawn over his movies even if they were intentionally shit
what was your issue with it? I liked it as much as django
>a fistful of dollars and for a few dollars more
>mad max 2
>the terminator
>taxi driver
>blade runner
>the seventh seal
>ghost in the shell
>taxi driver
Fuck yeah. It was made because this trailer won the SXSW/Robert Rodriguez grindhouse trailer contest.

Also the Plague theme was awesome.
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>ctrl f
>no Groundhog Day

This trailer makes me love the movie even more. I don't think it had a big release but I remember watching it in theatres. Mind blowing
Fucking primer is the Shit man, sad there's no sequel
Birth of a Nation because I hate niggers
Serbian Film because I am edgy
Uncle Toms Cabin becausw the only good nigger is a slave that I can beat whenever I want. Civil War and Civil Rights should had never happened nigger kike spics sandniggers, coons, japs gooks.
I had the chance to see the premier of this with the trilogy during Don Hertzfeldt's tour in 2012. Such a fantastic and accurate depiction of loneliness, fear, and mental illness.
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I have no all-time favorites but
>Lion King
>Scott Pilgrim
>Star Wars 7
>Jurassic World
>Good Dinosaur
>Inside Out
>12 Years A Slave
Don't forget >Pulp Fiction and
>The Shining
>All Rocky Movies
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redditor's political dissent: the movie
Also, I bought a poster and he signed it. It hangs on the wall in my bedroom.
>Hateful Eight

So, how often do you fantasize about the dick sucking scene while fapping?
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The Americanization of Emily
Synecdote New York
Raging Bull
Citizen Kane
Dr. Strangelove
the last wave is bretty gud. it's about a murder by five australian aboriginals and the apocalypse. the soundtrack is eggcellent also. 9/10
When I refer to it as his best, I mean in some sense that it's his best on a technical level. I think he made masterful work of the camera in The Hateful Eight, making the most of both the on location shots and the intricately designed set.

The movie gets some well deserved flack on here for the WARM BLACK DINGUS scene and subsequent narration about it. I think Tarantino made that scene for the purpose of fucking with the audience, and in that sense, it worked well. Even going in expecting it, the scene rustled my jimmies a little bit. But still it made perfect sense in the broader context of the film. Even if it offended my delicate sensibilities, it was well done.

It featured what I think is one of Sam Jackson's best performances. It is up there with Pulp Fiction and A Time to Kill. His screen presence is immaculate, and he is complimented by an ensemble who all fit perfectly into their roles as nasty, bad, mean motherfuckers. There's a scene where Michael Madsen spits in his hand, then rubs his hand on his face. Tarantino knew exactly what he was going for, but I think, went beyond the constraints of his own vision with this film. I think with The Hateful Eight, he elevated his craft to mastery. I actually went to see it twice in theaters, I enjoyed it so much.
There was a long movie about a german prisoner escaping a soviet prison (or labour camp) and he had to travel all the way from siberia to germany to reach home,i don't remmeber the name though
I don't know if I should take this post seriously
mah nigga

>subiendo barts raros a /r9k/
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evil dead 2.
The Squid and the Whale
Wes Anderson
I Saw The Devil
Where the Wild Things Are

>is a whiteknight
Your a yuge pleb

You are a normie and need to
Have you read One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest?
Good book
>Hobo with a shotgun
Honestly a fav of mine. Too unique and just my kind of movie
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and this if you count animated movies
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>Lawrence of Arabia
>The Big Lebowsky
>Donnie Darko
>Kingdom of Heaven
>The Great Gatsby
>Captain Ron
That movie hits way to close to home, but I do like his work. Pretty cool about the signed poster too.
I really dig Kurt Russel movies.
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