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>random heart skipping
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>random heart skipping
>suddenly feel tearful
>sinking feeling

Does anyone here get this?

why does it happen ;_;
I get it a lot, i think it's my brain trying to tell my heart to knock it off with the beating, so i can finally die. My brain already knows i'm too much of a pussy to pull the trigger on my miserable life, so it's trying to do it for me
It's called cantwakemeupatitis. We all have it.
I'm pretty certain I'm bipolar but not going to a doctor or anything because i dont want it on record to fuck up my future
if i have one
thats a heart murmur man. you might have high blood pressure. its not uncommon in older people but if your family has a history of heart conditions like mine then you might just have them too.
I get this too OP, im 18
yah, gtfo

you are being cucked right now when this happens.

chad's penis thrusting into her vagina causes your heart to feel this.

he is ghost fucking your heart.
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I like to romanticize my heart palpitations and think it's due to the loneliness and misery.

In reality it's probably from never leaving the house, not having much stimulation, smoking and drinking constantly and not having a proper nights sleep for ten years.
>doesn't cause inflammation
Lol gb2 med school :^)
You people need to stop obsessing over this magical meme guy called "Chad", seriously

does it happen when you think of something or from nothing at all

can i die from it? please say yes

leave normies
Without knowing your medical history it's hard to say.

What's your age, sex, ethnicity?
Have you recently taken your blood pressure?
Exercise at least 30 minutes a day?
Any surgery done?
Have you recently recovered or currently sick?
Do you have chest pain?
Stomach or Indigestion problems?
Back pain aches? If so where?
Do you have teeth pain? Gum pain? Jaw pain?

Are you taking meds? Do you suffer from anxiety?

Once you near age 30 or passed it , your body will start shutting down and sometimes will alert you with false alarms that mimic medical emergencies.

It's important am and I can't say this enough to get checked by a doc with blood work every 6 or once a month.

I got a medical story to tell but this isn't my thread, long story short I'm paranoid now because of my "harmless" medical problems.
22, white cis male
never had any checkups like that or major surgury
no meds etc

tell me your story robot, i want to hear it
man it depends. if you really want heart failure you should just start perma-bulking. i dont think a heart murmur will kill you but it could affect other health aspects. they probably worsen with age. It could also be your circadian rhythm from an irregular sleep cycle.
i work nights so thats probably it, thanks anon
Mine started with a really deep depression that kinda just hit me out of the blue. Anytime i start feeling down like that again, i get chills and my body aches and the heart stuff comes back. It lasts pretty much the whole time during those episodes and is especially bad at night and early in the morning
Your 22 and you are experiencing that? You should feel a normal "lub dub" in you left neck when you check your pulse. Next time that feeling happens, make a mental note of what you were doing. What you were feeling or your emotional state. If you haven't done so, check your blood pressure. And keep track of it. Not kidding on that part.

Don't smoke or abuse drugs. Just don't. Even taking a hit on marijuana stresses the heart. And lay off the caffeine. That should help you with your feeling of your heart skipping a beat or palpitations.

Before I go on, if you ever feel light headed, dizzy, hard of breathing , chest pain (left side chest pain is cause for concern have it checked out), jaw or neck pain, gum and or teeth pain, unexplainable back pain (. especially upper back between the blades) those are usual signs of heart related problems or worse an impending heart attack. It's good to know this info in case you spot these symptoms in a loved one.

I'll tell my story in a bit. Just wanted to pass on some additional info.
thanks for your info and help. awaiting your story
>be me
>last year April
>woke up one morning bloated think nothing of it
>working my shift as usual, but feeling ill
>suddenly feel like I'm dying for no reason, I'm shaking
>back pain hit me, couldn't explain why
>then came dizzy followed by center chest pain
>feeling weird nauseous
> sit down, feelings intensifying
>call ambulance
>emt's checked my blood pressure and done a ekg. blood pressure was elevated slight cause for concern 160/89 pulse at 97 bpm. But ekg showed heart was fine.
>pass out
>rushed to hospital
>they drew blood, X-ray on my back, ekg
>Ed doc says it's not heart related
>mixed an elixir for suspected acid reflux
>drink it, feel relieved, chest pain dulled back ache faded.

turns out I had acid reflux possible GERD, a condition that inflames the esophagus. Especially happens to people who have ghost heart burn, meaning heart burn that doesn't register pain or burning.

Went to a cardiologist everything was fine. So then why am I feeling weird jaw sensations?

Continuing next post.
>six months later
>been feeling weird sensation in face since incident back in April
>having left jaw and neck ... feeling?
> driving on stormy highway
>feeling kinda stressed, can't see ahead of me more than 4 feet
>suddenly feeling my chest flicking
>lasted for about 3 minutes
>not feeling ill or sick just really frightened
>feelings subside I go to bed tired
>wake up feeling strange in my stomach
>at work resting
>suddenly feeling like I'm fucking dying again
>heart beats fast , pounding out of the blue
>fucking hell what the fuck is going on, get up
>seeing stars feeling ill jaw sensation turning to pain . It comes and goes
>feeling strong neck sensations
>back starts hurting
>take my blood pressure 150/79 with 110bpm
>try to calm down
> drive home feeling I'm about to puke followed by a weird jolt in my tongue
>pop an aspirin go to ER
>I describe everything that's been happening
>ER runs the tests
> tell my doctor about this
>concerned about these "sensations" I'm feeling in the face
> orders blood test, plus baby aspirin everyday, and Xanax

tests come back , I was infected with a virus called cocsakia (spelling is wrong I dunno). Usually affects infants but middle aged men can get it. How or why? No one knows.

Apparently this virus has a tendency to infect the heart and inflame the sack around it. since the result came back showing my antibodies and white blood cells were elevated it meant my body was fighting it off.
A week later I went back to the cardiologist, he ran a stress echo, came back to me and said my heart was healthy, echo showed my heart was working fine and he suspects no damage.

I should be fine ... so then why the fuck am I feeling dull chest pains and niggling pain on my body? The fuck am I feeling so fucking off???

continued next post.
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I often have stings on the left side of my breast, somehow still manage to convince myself that I just slept wrong. Sometimes I also feel like my pulse stops randomly.

Maybe our feels finally kill us, who knows?
hurry up and post the rest
keep going?

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Well I'm not going to drag this on any further.

Last week I went back to ER because my left side chest pain was intensifying and began radiating to my left arm. It got so bad it felt someone was stabbing me. And stabbing me through the back as well

Again the ER ran the fucking tests, and concluded its not my heart.its not my heart at all. So then explain the fucking chest pain I've having!

Fucking ER doc doesn't know why, suggests I go see my regular doc.

My regular doc is looking all over the data I've given him, my blood work my symptoms my blood pressure reading i take daily which by the way shows I have healthy fucking blood pressure.

He fucking doesn't know, until I tell him about the chest pain and shoulder pain.

His eyes light up, asks where in my back I have the pain. He asks me to bend over to look at my spine and ran off to fire up the X-ray.
Turns out I now have mild adult scoiliosis of 5 degrees of center.

Tells me to exercise my back and go swim and see him 4 months later for observation.

Well turns out since I've been hanging from bars doing pull ups and swimming like mad, my chest pain, neck, jaw feelings and body pains have gone away. Every now and then my chest kinda hurts but goes away on its own.

Now all this shit has been happening to me so fast I'm paranoid. I dunno what the fuck is happening to me and there are days I'm fucking scared.

So yeah op, listen to what your body is telling you. Get your check ups never know what you gonna find.

I've already written my will. i hate this life robots. I really do. All I ever wanted is to be kissed by a tall Nordic babe. That's all. I'll never get to...


Sorry, I am not a native speaker and tired as fuck, it is the same in my language.
I am a dude, not a man, but male.
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OP here

Scary how life can change in at instant
I hope you find that nordic giantess even if its in the afterlife
prove it, post nipple elbow and middle toe in same pic
Eat some dines they are good for your heart.

the fuck are dines?
Op, thanks for the kind words.

I dunno if I'll live a full life.

my doc says I will and I'm just over reacting it's just old age is all. I just gotta watch what I eat, exersice and I'll be fine. But you know with all this shits that's been happening I have hard time believing him. I'm developing anxiety issues and it's literally and figuratively killing.

I don't wish this on anyone.

its the latest meme the normies find funny
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