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Who else has shit roommates/housemates?
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Who else has shit roommates/housemates?

Me, in fact, just made a thread about it ( >>25968785 ).

What don't you like about your roommate?
mine turned out to be a gay furry who wanted to date me but i told him no because i already have a bf
When I was a NEET my brother choked me on my bed and was calling me a worthless rat and things like that. Now I'm a NEET again and feel like an heroing. I hate life.
>having roomates

Gtfo normalfag scum
Had an illegal girl squatting in one of the rooms for a couple months without realizing. About the only situation I've been in.
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vent incoming

>unbelievably annoying sjw tumblr housemate
>one of those half-white/half-asian types that constantly denounces her caucasian roots
>feels that its okay to vent to me about social justice issues (i really dont give a fuck and am usually on my phone or something while she's talking)
>gets sensitive over ever little thing/joke
>still a cute girl tho
>a little charming and eases up when she gets piss wasted
>don't want to make a move to hatefuck her because am beta and don't want her to accuse me of rape like most SJWs will

It's an abstract feel.


Threads like this should stay on /b/
Current roommate isn't nearly as bad as my previous roommates, but he still annoys the fuck out of me.


>rides a crotch-rocket, so him leaving or arriving is always announced by his shitty 500cc engine
>doesn't take out the trash, doesn't put the dishes away
>refuses to buy a new TV for the living room, even though I told him I'd pay for half (fairly large living room, the tv is 22". My computer monitor is bigger than that)
>needs rides whenever we decide to go out, even though he know's I like leaving places early he still bitches
>full blown Mexican
>Stupid. Not even being mean, the guy is just a plain idiot.

>knows how to cook very well, and isn't stingy with food
>is a mechanic, so far he's saved me about $800 by fixing various things wrong with my truck
>introduced me to a lot of new people, actually became part of a group thanks to him
>really friendly
>enjoys playing vidya and smoking with me, even though he's terrible he has a good time
>not awkward to be around

I'd say I have it pretty good, but my old roommates were the fucking worst. Both of them were obese, and their house was infested with cockroaches and mice

>I live with my parents so I make all the rules!

>first roommate
>chubby alcoholic nursing student
>fucked her once cause desperate
>she gets attached
>weeks later comes in my room at night
>tries to take my boxers off
>tell her no
>she won't stop
>keeps telling me to say yes
>physically overpower here and push her out of my room
>she has a mental breakdown and cries all night
>it's not rape when a feminist tries it


>runs the sink when she's shitting because she thinks the running water can hide her explosive gaseous diarrhoea


>one night comes home at 2 am
>got kicked out of a club for biting another girl
>fucks some random dude
>he leaves
>a gf comes over to talk about her getting kicked out of a club
>she leaves
>she calls the guy she has a crush on to tell him she in fact DIDNT just fuck the guy she just fucked because rumour already spread an hour later
>she leaves to drive to his house in the county and crashes her car, totalling it

There's no rule. It's common law. You don't belong here, get out. You're like a white person who goes to Sunday mass at a southern black church
>le reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Fuck you faggot, I'm here to stay

2nd roommate, girl I already knew from school, skinny and hot as fuck

>is barely ever home because she's working or going out
>has guys over at reasonable hours
>we walk around each in our in underwear (bonus for me cause tight ass and perky tits)
>we cuddle sometimes
>she was only around for a month though

3rd roommate, one of my best friends since grade school, thinking it'll be great, nope.

>he works midnights so is up all night on weekends, cooking dinner at 5 am, etc
>smokes weed in his room
>is a devout follower of joe rogan and kettle bell dude weed shakes with floatation tank hard ons
>isn't neat and doesn't know how to clean anything
>kitchen sink leaks, doesn't notice until a giant puddle has formed on the floor
>throws rags on the puddle and turns on fan
>I tell him we have a mop
>but there's no strainer, and he doesn't want to strain it with his hands because "ew dirty"
>he's a janitor by profession
>broke my favourite mug
>dates (but they're totally not dating) a girl for almost a year who resembles shrek in body structure
>they just play vidya and smoke weed and laugh like retards.

thankfully he left to teach weeb english in the 'nam.


currently roommate

>got lucky and found another student
>petite blonde qt
>she's a sjw but I don't bother talking politics or social shit with her
>he works midnights so is up all night on weekends, cooking dinner at 5 am, etc
>smokes weed in his room

I am guilty of both of those things. Roommate hasn't said shit but I'm sure he's flustered
Lmao go punch each other tape it
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I lived with the physical embodiment of /r9k/ all last year. His name was ted, and was the worst fucking housemate I'd ever had.
>Ted seemed to clog the toilet every single week and just leave it clogged.
>house got together and yelled at him about it
>next time he clogged it go for plunger but stop last minute because there was something on the handle
>shit. shit was on the handle
>instead of plunging the toilet ted used the handle to try and cram the mess of toilet paper down the drain and failed so he left his mess.

>Ted was notoirous for eating other peoples food
>our house was pretty generous so we didn't mind sharing but if someone had a note not to eat something you don't eat it
>ted would eat this stuff anyway
>we were about to have a cookout the following weekend so we bought a bunch of patties and wrote "no one eat, for party"
>we all awoke the next day to find ted had eat 11 hamburger patties. and left the remaining few out on the counter overnight.

>ted hated the idea of anyone getting laid so whenever someone would bring a girl home ted would become the most obnoxious man in the world
>would come into your room ever 4 minutes and say stupid shit just to cockblock you
>sometimes he'd just walk in and start watching whatever you had playing on netflix to ruin any mood you had going
>worst is if those plans didn't work he'd go around the house screaming "hey roommates anon's trying to tap some ass! did you know he's got a pump and dump in there he's trying to get in"

>ted dirtied more dishes than anyone else but refused to ever do any of them

>ted would purposely unplug the modem if people were enjoying watching netflix, playing games, or even just need to look something up real quick.

We eventually all got tired of his shit and kicked his ass out, to which he kept saying he'd sue us but seeing as he was 3 months behind on rent we didn't give a shit.
Only had roommates in the Army.

First one was with 3 other guys.

One was black ghetto dude but real chill .He was my assigned buddy and we became good friends.

Other one was a white manlet

Turd one was a turkish Shitskin.
He snorred in his sleep. Had a bad attitude. He had yeast infection on his feet so the whole room smelled because of him.
I really hate arab people. The whole group hated him He later on left

When Bootcamp was finished I went to the base where I was stationed.
I had a somewhat fat guy and a skinny long dude, both white btw, including me.

The skinny tall dude was real chill and gave zero problems.

the fat guy was in the room before us.
> We arrive at base:
> Open door
> See litter and stuff everywhere
> Dude, there must be like what3 maybe 4 people already living here
> Nope, just one fucktard
> He takes a whole day to clean up
> Pretty neet now

> He has a tendacy to get angry bit if you stay out of his bad side, he is okay

> Only big con was
>It was really bad, lost some good sleep thanks to him
> Had to buy earplugs to sleep

> Later on I heard someone snorring and almost hadd a ptsd attack.
> I honnestly dont know how people can have a relationship with people who snore in their sleep.

Glad I left, Still they were decent people. Except for the Turkroack, fuck him
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why didnt you guys beat his ass? That made me so mad
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my roommate talks petty shit about me to my other roommate and probably uses my towel
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You must give notice of eviction well in advance, its the law. At least here in burgerland.
been in a sober house for over a year because I got kicked out of the house for being drunk around the clock, it's fucking awful. Imagine living in a college dorm, except all your roommates are sociopaths and thieves.
I am the shit housemate
because putting all his stuff in the driveway and watching a fat neckbear stream his longs off in the driveway was more satisfying. We told him a month in advance we were kicking him out. For some reason he didn't believe us and said "we can't", so we at least were nice enough to put all his shit in boxes and stack it in the driveway after his month ran out.
Turks are not arabs you retarded inbred american.
>Roommate's parents were from Africa
>likes to put the heat on to 80 degrees
Nigga if you don't like the cold why you come here? Just go back to Africa nigga.
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You at least gave him good notice. Honestly, ive had people flip out and just be like "your outta here" I wouldn't do that too anyone no matter how shit it is dwelling with you.
I am Dutch, Doesnt matter whether they are arab or not, he was a shit-skin
>20 year old vegan/feminist
>favorite bands are the Beatles and Modest Mouse
>does opera at the university
>fucking leaves her dishes either dirty in the sink or in her bedroom

>24 year old reddit stoner and his reddit stoner gf
>they're actually pretty cool
>they also complain about stupid shit a lot

>22 or 23 year old white guy
>pretty normal, if Reddit-tier
>get along fairly well with him

>hide away in my room 90% of the time
>didn't even know these people before I moved in
>want to get my own place but can't afford it

The situation isn't too bad, my rent is pretty cheap as well. Nobody really causes trouble, and what trouble there is I'm never involved.
But let me know if this is odd, my roommates set up this chore wheel thing. It's our five names on a paper wheel, and each week we rotate chores we're supposed to do, cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, taking out the trash, etc.
This doesn't bother me too much, as I usually just ignore the wheel, but it feels really childish and insulting to have something like this implemented.
oh look another racist against whites asshole.

sure is alot of these racists lately. probably some fat bitter virgin trying to le troll and think he's funny.

go cough up more cheeto dust n00b
yeah the guy was a piece of shit to live with but we went through all the proper channels when getting him the fuck out of the house because we just wanted to be done with him. had we just booted him he could of taken us to count and knowing the scumbag he was he would of made the entire process long and drawn out.

As I said watching a neckbear scream in the driveway was more than stratifying
>be me 22 at the time
>rent a house with my brother, my friend since junior high school
>Brother has a friend thats kind of a chad that broke up with his gf and had to move out
>He moves in, good at first, funny, and entertaining
>He helps me break out my shell and do stuff
>Then he starts to never clean up
>Always late on rent
>never pitches in for bills
>Then he gets a girlfriend
>she's really cute, but she's a "Gamer girl"
>not to bad at first because my roommate would always go over to her apartment
>she gets evicted
>HAS to move into our place
>I object but my brother and my friend don't really care
>she moves in and our bathroom gets trashed
>she constantly bothers me about anime or vidya
>They start to have weird people over
>smoke massive amounts of pot
>They would eat all my groceries and my vegan food (I have Crohn's)
>fucking hate her and despise him
>I literally would lock my self in my room
>Finally everybody in the house hates them
>They just trash the house even though I would spend throughly clean it every week
>We kick them both out and after our lease I moved into a condo by myself and have never been happier
>find apartment off of craigslist
>meet my future roommate
>seems chill
>move in
>turns out to be a MASSIVE faggot
>weird dudes come in all the time that fuck him
>a few encounters turn into fights between them
>the dude seriously fucks like 15 dudes a week
>He was always emotional and would turn into a whiny bitch if I got mad at him
>final straw was when he had a fucking gay orgy
>all his friends came over to fuck each other
>walk out to use the bathroom and get food
>see a faggot taking two dicks in the ass at the same time
>never had a problem with fags but I do now
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Thread images: 8
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