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What's the worst you've ever hurt...
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What's the worst you've ever hurt someone?
I poisoned my father as payback for circumcising me. He died on his 83rd birthday.
What did you poison him with?
I knocked a large majority of someones teeth out once
Either that or the time I almost drowned a guy in a toilet
why and why? greentext both stories faget
A guy sucker punched me so I put his face on a curb and stomped him when I was 16
Someone fucked with a friend of mine so I nearly drowned him when I was 14
you sound like a psychopath, kill urself lol
How about you huff some kerosene instead
i stuck an umbrella tip in someones head, he was in pain for 2 days

but he used to shittalk me since day 1
I got in a fight with a girl and kept her in my room for a couple days. She had some bruises and scratches from the fight, and hurt herself trying to break loose a few times from zipties.
I introduced them to 4chan and ended their soul.
spoken like a true psychopath
Spoken like a true effeminate faggot
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>all this glorious tripfag data mining

2019 faggot.
That movie made me realize I was a pedo.
>says the tripfag

fuck youre entertaining
beat someone to death after a football match (soccer for ameriblubbers)
it wasn't just me but i helped, and we later heard he died from injuries.
My mom likes to get drunk af and come home and wake everyone up while screaming and crying and shaking each one of us while we're trying to sleep. She then proceeds to try to make me take care of the housework cause she's just too out of it most of the time and becomes a huge bitch if I don't do it. So I gave her food poisoning knowing each time she would be more susceptible to it until it landed her in the hospital. I also came close to shooting her in her sleep from my own sleep deprivation caused by her.
I hurt my mom emotionally every moment I'm still alive
Emotional or physical pain?
I think emotional is more interesting. It's easy to say "kill urself lol", but it's hard to get someone to actually do it
Physically? when I was 12 I hit some kid who was throwing rocks at me over the head with a stick.

Emotionally? I had one friend in high school and he didn't have many friends either. I switched high schools and stopped talking to him because I decided I didn't want friends any more. Apparently it bummed him out.

Also, again when I was a teen, I told my dad in a totally nonchalant way that I didn't love him.Just to be edgy I guess. But it seemed to genuinely bother him because he's not the kind of guy to show much emotion and he looked bummed out.

None of these are particularly interesting answers.
I've devoted my life to trying to repair all the emotional damage my brother did to my family so I've mostly damaged myself leading to self loathing and suicide attempts.
Also once I catfished a kid till he killed himself
I hit a line drive right back into the pitcher's mouth once, and knocked out like 6 of his teeth.
>kept her in my room for a couple days
what? how?
complete bullshit.

hit my mum choked my brother help meeee
I ziptied her and kept an eye on her and restrained her when I needed to.
wew lad that must've felt good
moar bullshit

It wasn't my fault so I didn't feel badly about it, but it didn't feel good either tbqh.
I was playing hockey and lifted my stick up, I wasn't paying attention and it went under my teammate's visor and took out a chunk of his cornea.
>chased my lil bro around the house for shits and giggles
>convinced him I was a Russian spy and his real sibling (me) was trapped so the spy had to take my place
>^went on for about two years until he finally lost it and told my dad in tears
>convinced him I was a sea goddess and he lost his shit
>convinced him I had amnesia

I play some pretty mean pranks on him
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>rape with a broom handle
>broken arm with compound fracture
>attempted drowning

all to other kids I knew when I was under 12 years of age
most likely bullshit

I shot and killed a shitskin after he came at me with a knife.
why is there so much bs posted itt
Punched one of my cousin's teeth out by complete accident
Told a girl to "Shut the fuck up, bitch" when one of my friends was talking about she was raped. We're no longer friends now anyway. I was even friends with the girl I told to "Shut up blah" but we aren't friends anymore.
I've probably said numerous slightly offensive things that still haunt my mind that I feel bad about. Like accidentally hinting at one of my larger friends as having weight, which bothers me so badly.
spoiler] Sshhh let them have this[ [/spoiler]
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>Played basketball in 8th grade.
>So bad I was put on the 6th grader's team.
>Playing a game against some other middle school.
>Little fucker on other team making fun of me for having to be in the 6th grade league
>Had enough of it and went into sperg rage.
>Punched him right in the face (he was wearing glasses).
>Lens breaks right on his left eye.
>He had to have lots of surgeries. Took him a whole year and a half before he could see out of that eye again..
Pushed a girl that I used to be head over heels for 6 months, to suicide. Shame that someone talked her out of it
i killed fitty men
Onetime I gas lighted my sister into thinking she was crazy. I would pretend she asked me to fetch things for her even tho she didn't and look concerned when she said she never asked for it. Then I started moving her stuff around. I did this for 2 weeks and she almost killed me when I finally told her
Probably taught the little faggot a lesson tbqh
Tell me everything, please. That's kind of my dream.
Well, apparently just by talling to someone, OP! People just seem to get uncontrollably upset just by my presence...?
I got in a pool noodle fight with a friend.

I found a broomstick that I inserted into the pool noodle. We fought over control of the broomstick because it provided maximum whopping power.

In mid swing, my noodle flew off the broomstick and I struck my friend at full force across the back. It left a bruise the size of a football. Luckily I missed his spine
In 8th grade I pantsed a kid in the middle of class. Wigger faggot could barely walk anyway his shorts were so low. I simply sped up what gravity was already trying to accomplish.

You were just building his character anon. Someday he'll reflect back on those experiences and thank you.

Fucking awesome. Serves him right.
Keep in mind, she already had 2 stays in the psych ward to her name and 3 suicide attempts

>Girl was fucking beautiful, 10/10
>Found out she had liked me previously
>Nearly necked myself when I found out
>Fast forward a few months
>Best mate hooked up with her at my gatho
>Went ballistic by trashing a written off car
>In the same group chat
>Have a go at her
>She pulls some of the meanest shit
>Always tell her to neck herself and label it as banter after that
>Make fun of her chronic depression
>One night in group chat guy tells us to tell her she is important and that she matters
>The same guy talked her out of it

We sometimes talk. Still super fucking salty because the bitch led me on for so fucking long for the attention
Nearly beat a kid to death in a drunken rage. I broke his orbital gave him 16 stiches on his face broke 4 of his ribs broke 2 of his fingers and made it so he couldnt have kids anymore aka smashed his balls. It happend in the middle of a party no one did anything. After it happend i peaced out. Drive home drunk. Cops show up at my house. I deny even being there saying people like to spread rumors cause they dont lime me. Everyone is to scared to talk. He tried pressing charges for attempted muder on me but they didnt stick since he eas talking shit about how i am a bitch and he will beat my ass and stuff on facebook i printied it off and sent it to the prosecutor. It happend when i was 16. The reason it happend was i was wasted and he talked shit so i proceded to ruin his life .
Give this thread the old bumperydoo
but anon shes actually an adult so its justified!!!!
>3rd grade or something
>sorta get in a fight
>guy runs at me
>I put out hand to stop him because I didn't want to fight
>he runs nose first into my hand
>crush his nose, don't think I broke it at all though
>starts bleeding profusely
>probably lost like half a pint of blood at least
File: 1453516041324.jpg (91 KB, 699x710) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91 KB, 699x710
>playing hockey in middle school gym
>teacher wouldn't let us do slapshots for obvious reasons
>goalie was someone i hated and he kept blocking all of my shots
>get fed up and hit the puck as hard as i possibly could at the goal
>smacks him right in the eye and part of his cheek bone
>he had a huge black eye and was temporarily blinded in it for about a day
>also hit the top of his nose and broke it
>his face still blocked my puck from going in
File: 1365748743395.jpg (52 KB, 494x492) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>severe, paraphilic masochism
>dream about being beaten, tortured, mutilated and murdered
>can't even bring myself to kill insects
>his face still blocked my puck from going in
I don't know why I'm laughing so hard at this
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>5th grade
>donovan was talking shit during recess
>threatened my best friend I think, I sincerely don't remember why the fuck I did what I did, but I did.
>been playing MK armageddon whole summer
>decide that my unstoppable liu kang would help IRL
>get a good 10 ft running start
>jump kick him in his head with perfect form
>Donnie eats shit and slid 5
>I can't remember if I stuck the landing
>shit I can't remember what even happened after
>suspended 3 days, The Don is in the hospital

>have to apologize to donald duck about what I did.
>I said "he should be made to apologize"
>real edgy cunt back then, not sure I regret it.

>with same best friend I defended
>raiding abandoned squatter crack house in the neighborhood
>friend gives me intel there are PS2s on the second floor, about 3
>I say he's bullshitting
>we parkour up the back of the house
>fucking 2 PS2s
>third covered in plaster and paint
>fuck it
>I grab one
>he grabs other
>rappelling out of the window when I hear something behind me in the house
>panic a little
>"brian the crackheads are coming"
>brian panics and tries to repel faster
>rope pops he falls a story and a half
>hits wood deck
>I spiderman my way down and try to help him
>his leg is shreed
I hurt my friends too much, I think it's why i'm alone now.

I've never understood how you fucks can get so worked up over a goddamn sport.
good shit man, he shouldve thrown a different pitch. his fault
I completely destroyed an ugly girl's self-esteem.
>Date said uggo for the sex for over two years
>She had literally zero friends besides family so I could have her over to fuck with her pretty often
>Constantly hint how she could look better, nitpick flaws and everything she does wrong
>Convince her everything wrong in the relationship is her fault
>Criticize her every time we have sex and pretend she is terrible at it so she will be more willing to do whatever I want
>She breaks down every few months but otherwise I keep leading her on fine
>Eventually get bored of her ugly face
>Have her come over, fuck her and then dump her right after
>She leaves bawling her eyes out about how she should just kill herself, I don't say anything against the idea

Unfortunately she didn't kill herself, but she still has no friends nor a job, I can only wonder how much longer her family can take pity on her for being so useless.
>admitting to killing someone on FBI honeypot


Told a woman I loved, and who loved me, out of anger,

"You don't make me blush,
You don't help me grow as a person,
You are not the light of my life."

Immediately regret it after I spoke the words, but you can't un-ring a bell. From there it was a downward spiral of painful emotions for us both.
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I hit another kid with a baseball bat when I was 9 because they were being mean to me.
Hit someone in the head with a dog chain repeatedly.
Most retarded thing I've heard. You killed your Dad because he had a doctor snip the dick you'll never use?
I've never really hurt anybody in my 22 years of life. What do I win?
It's not as if I would know.

Most actions with awful consequences are far too subtle to be noticed when it matters.
The FBI's 4chan murder investigation team probably already knows who died and who killed them
Where've you been Fish?
Missed all your Ito dumps.
>Talked to this guy on the internet
>Good friends
>Never met him outside of the internet
>Go to Subway and see these people
>Wearing a band shirt
>Later talking online says he was in my town
>Says he went to subway
>"Oh yeah I saw this short fat kid"
>It was actually him

Hardly heard from him since and still feel really bad about it to this day.
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