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not all are fat, autistic, weaboos.
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Tell me /r9k/, what are the type of people that inhabit this wasteland?
edgy teenagers ,its just a bunch of faggot high schoolers in this shit hole
Can confirm
source: myself
Edgy teen over here dudes. Can confirm
The mentally ill according to the bullshit DSM-V
Fit, smart and enjoying the art.

>and the lonely loaners that need a tantric hug every now an then.
It's funny that people think most people on here are just fat.

The reality is the majority of people on are extremely underweight manlets with big ugly heads (their heads look big because their bodies are so small)

I am a rarity on this board in that I lift, take care of my nutrition, have a muscular body and tan in my backyard. So on the outside I look more normie than actual normies.

Spiritual aristocrats.
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>Let the world know
>what happened here tonight
>I was the journalist
>I do not forget
>we are bonsai
>we are ne'er silent
>make art not war.
>art is made from work
>make art not bombs
>if you didn't know david's death
>was the sign to create original content
>we have been listening to different Anon's
old timey bank robbers and bootleggers mostly, 2bqh
Too many newfags and underage smart mouth faggot brats
Training for a marathon! Running 21 miles tomorrow. It's the best hobby if you're awkward as fuck and have no friends.
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>man cave

I'm not white (black-hispanic), I lift weights to keep myself healthy, I'm 4 years from becoming a wizard, I work for my grandfather and I'm going to enroll in college once I become a state citizen.

I am autistic, though, and mentally ill. I don't have any plans of getting married.
>spend all day doing drugs, making up stories in my head but never writing them, giggling to myself and playing with my cats
I don't have trouble making friends or anything, I just don't like people so it's all fake.
Mah nigga!
I wonder if we're just infected with toxoplasmosis from our cat addiction.
well, I'm pushing 30, I manage a retail store, I play a lot of video games, and I've been married going on 9 years.

I don't particularly like my job, but it's ok. My best friend is an alcoholic black guy, my in laws and wife are mexican, I like to smoke, I love drugs but I'm staying clean for the time being.

minor criminal record.

idk man I am a bit out of place. I have been coming here since the first r9k when the concept was good and the threads used to have substance, as opposed to the retarded echo chamber of idiocy and triteness we have today, where people pretend to be sperglords to attract actual sperglords who they go back and forth with until they themselves begin actually sperging.

make this board great again
white guys who can't find their place in society and are too smart to shape themselves around marketed culture and social media but too dumb to make anything of themselves, so they come here to feel a sense of fitting in and escapism
Normal people with a weird quirk or two.
Self deprecating people who spend all day inside and hide away from their lives online (see above.)
People with actual mental disorders who blow this community out of satire and proportion that it is.
People who kind've fall inbetween the medium/mix of it all. Like me
I'm 6 ft tall dark haired Marine Admin major. But still aspie. I use this site as a loungue. I used to be an incel in half of high school. Before I started getting girls.

I use this site as a pretty chill loungue where I can talk about shit I can't with normies.
im literally 6'3 and look like a model
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I'm a lonely fat fujo and also a smelly NEET
>enjoy "photography"
>good looking
I just never had a job and never really cared about materialistic things like buying the best car.
post a pic or something
That sounds fun for, like, two days max
Personally, I'm a femanon, fresh outta hs being edgy with my bros.

I do feel like a lot of people with mental disorders come on, me being one. (Sociopath, depressed, suicide)

I do feel like having all extreme cases of faggotry makes it all fun though!

Keep it up you autistic fucks!
>bathe 2-3 times a week
>have a qt 16 year old girlfriend
>tinfoil hat conspiracist
>normal kg/height
>live with my parents
>watch anime from time to time
>rarely play video games
>not fit but average body
>obsession with Columbine
>listening to neofolk and normie music
>have friends
>can go out with friends and other girls whenever i want
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>incel half of high school
>half of high school


5'6" manlet with absolutely zero confidence because I look like a 14-15 year old kid. Maybe 16 when I have facial hair. No girls want to date me. They are never ever ever ever interested in me. They treat me like their little brother.

>hurrr you'll look so good when you're older

But yeah, I'm just a depressed shut-in who doesn't go into public because I'm not respected and I feel inferior because everyone is taller than me. They literally and figuratively look down on me.
why are 4channers always so artsy? i wish i was artsy
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I'll chime in, to prove this board hasn't yet been taken over by normalscum.

>24 khv
>haven't showered in a month or so
>don't leave apartment unless I absolutely have to (work, grocery shopping, cause too afraid of therapists and doctors for neetbux)
>have to rehearse conversations for every possible human interaction
>will literally practice my next sentence while the person is speaking
>still manage to fuck it up
>"What'd you say, Anon?"
>give up, tell them nevermind

I spoke to a stranger today, realized what I did, and literally ran away.
How I stopped being an incel was I joined the low standards crew. And spam approached women on tinder and dating apps.
I'm a music student who sings with a local opera company.

Will not go into detail because I know at least one of you fuckers will show up at one of my performances and sperg the fuck out.

I'm a local musician in the area. I play in my city's primary orchestra

>obsession with columbine
that sounds extremely scary. adam lanza had that too.
There is a shit ton of people who have that.

Also Adam Lanza doesn't even exist.
>adam lanza doesn't exist
yea not anymore
I'm a weeb virgin /jp/sie but I'm not fat and I have a job. As far as autism goes I don't have that either.
Skipping university, sleeping and browsing this place are the only things I usually do, don't have any friends either. I am a skinny lanklet, 19yo and people tell me I dress well, I think I'm pretty ugly because of scars on my face, but I don't know about the opinions of other people. I'm also a pathological liar, so even if I can buildup a friendship, it's just fake and nothing else, which makes me try to avoid the person and make them forget me.
He never existed,Sandy Hooks is a hoax just like the Oregon shooting in October 2015.
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alright then pal
Seriously,Columbine is the only legit shooting that happened as described despite the theories about the third shooter that might be true.

Virginia Tech was true as well but boring,Cho was just a psycho.
kind of
yes, but i can still function most of the time
i watch heaps of anime but thats it i dont talk about it or indulge in the ween culture. does this make me weaboo??
as for myself i failed highschool, got a shitty manual labour job for 3 months got carpel tunnel syndrome so i quit and i havnt worked or really left my house in nearly a year
Is this a satirical post mocking snowflake femanons who come on here?
Thread replies: 46
Thread images: 11
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