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>be tired of being a virgin
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>be tired of being a virgin
>be extremely sexually frustrated
>haven't fapped in nearly a week
>fuck this shit 2016 is THE YEAR I'm going to get some pussy
>make a new tinder profile
>swipe right until I run out of swipes every time
>match with a few women ranging from 2/10 - 6/10
>the 5/10 unmatches almost immediately
>talk to 4/10
>conversation is a bit dry typical shit for someone who bad text game
>count it as a learning experience
>go dark
>she messages me
>recommence dry conversation
>realize what's happening
>banter a bit to show some personality
>say fuck this shit and hail mary tell her I basically want to fuck and if she's cool with that to send her # if not goodbye
>she sends her #
>hasn't unmatched
I'm still not out of the storm yet since we haven't set up a date but I need to know how to proceed. If things work out and she doesn't flake, I could be rolling a first date, first kiss and first fuck into one night.
But will you ever have the first love, and will it last?
Think about that anon...
I'd like to believe so, and when I meet her I at least want to have a few good fucks under my belt.
It just ended for 3 days ago you're going to want to die when it happens. I love you anon make sure to take obvious interest in what she loves and who she is make it apart of your life like, daily and don't be a fucking sperg shes been with you long enough for it to go good no matter what awful thing you see or maybe not and you're doing it right you'll never know.
bullshit your way, fake confidence becomes real after so many times - also don't wear a helmet
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And that same whore would have gave her number to countless other guys, and most likely fucked them as well. I've had tinder for about 6 weeks and have quite a few matches.

Funny enough though, i noticed it's mainly the really ugly whores and fat one's that want sex and will ask for it, and or accept being told they are trash.

I still have some self respect and dignity left, would never stick my dick in a used up tinder whore especially one that is 4/10.
>he fell for the tinder meme

you're gonna meet her and she's gonna be 40lbs fatter and have a kid.
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Hey anon, I know that feel.

I don't know how much of a robot you are. Therefore I don't know your talents at socializing and I could ask too much. But since you've already made a lot, I guess you can take more.

Seduction is a fight. You have to show that you're strong, stronger than the other. Be interested in her, but don't be at her feet, because you are strong. If she makes a comment that could be taken wrong, don't take it wrong, because you are strong. If you show that it doesn't affect you, she'll like it.

Let her know you want to fuck her, but don't act like you're stressed if she turns down her interest. There's that thing of "we both don't give a fuck" where you don't try too hard to drag back the person.

Also, don't try to act too much hard. Goes in the "don't give a fuck" vibe. Don't be super emotive if you're not at ease with yourslef. Personally that's not something I have trouble with, but if you're the kind of guy that takes things personally don't try to go out in style, because you could get hurt (and turn her down) if she makes a comment about you, or even worse, she could just plain judge you.

But that should not happen. Seeing you survived the autism of two dry conversations broken by an ultimatum (don't do any other ultimatum), she looks desperate. She may not be that much of a hard catch. She's probably interiorly begging for sex. She surely doesn't have a lot of occasions to have sex in her life, Make her think you're the one that can give her sex.

Whatever happens, don't lose that vibe man. Don't fucking lose it. You can fuck a girl in 2016.

I read my post and I sound like a Chad. Turns out I'm a kissless virgin too. I'm just trying the best I can and I continue having hope. I've been turned down heavily by 20 girls in the past 4 years. When I say heavily, I mean that I was certain at one point that I was gonna get something, sometimes only a kiss, sometimes sex, sometimes love. I have never kept a girl around me for more than 2 weeks. More than 20 times I had the great disappointment of having something start then fall apart.

There's always something to learn. I've been turned down by a lot of girls in my life, and I have never had sex yet. But there's always something to learn. 75% of the girls that turned me down learned me something, a mistake not to repeat. Don't be scared of falling because it will always give you a hint at how to get better. Don't beat yourself up and continue, because you are strong. Look how sex came fast when you took it the right way. Other opportunities will come. If you want, you can fuck a girl in 2016.
Send pic of 4/10 OP
Post screencaps of your success.
Go for coffee or drinks
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