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Dream Thread
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Time for a comfy dream thread, share your dreams and talk about what each others dreams mean

Obviously I'm going to share mine from last night otherwise I wouldn't have even made this thread

>At my parents house in Austin
>Nuclear apocalypse just happened
>Nuke has dropped on Austin
>Soon see a bright flash from my glass slide door
>Huddle together with my parents and cry as that side of the house is blown away and a tremendous force pushes us
>Wake up in destroyed house
>Somehow it's still mostly intact, just falling apart and everything inside is mostly destroyed/covered in dust
>Parents gone, think they've been kidnapped or something
>Gotta find em
>Search around ruins of my home for things to defend myself
>No guns in parents house, can only find a knife
>Hear knock on the front door
>Scared shitless
>I sit beside the door silently anticipating having to attack someone
>Scared as fuck because I know I'm gonna get wrekt since I only have a knife
>Massive dude bashes down the door and shoots me dead
>Wake up
>Easily one of the tensest, most vivid dreams I've had

And before you ask, no I wasn't playing Fallout, I haven't played a Fallout game in months, I hadn't played nuclear apocalypse-themed games or watched any movies about it, I wasn't thinking about anything nuclear-apocalypse related before bed. What does it mean robots?
>be me
>be in old house in virginia I used to live in
>late at night
>get up and walk around
>see odd paintings and lights flickering
>really start to wtf in my dream
>walk down stairs and hear footsteps
>see something through the side window panel at front door
>can start to feel the sleep apnea
>feel urge to turn around
>my dad is standing down the hallway
>standing there in his hospital gown
>he died of cancer at 17
>start to freak the fuck out in my sleep
>back away and try to run out of house
>mist and dead trees and no street lights
>dream takes a drastic turn and im in a hospital
>running down a corridor and running up stairs
>hospital has no lights on besides the corridors
>wake up

serious worst dream I ever had
never eating tomato based shit before bed again
My dreams are too blurry/fast for me to grasp them
Could only lucid dream twice my whole live
First time I did nothing
Second time I woke up because of excitement
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get gud.jpg
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>At my parents house
>My two childhood dogs who I love more than any person are viciously attacking me
>They are really biting me badly
>kick one of them in the face
>it limps away and falls down
>feel wicked bad
pic related my puppers :(
I had a dream where two old men, of whom I the dreamer didn't know were friends at first, reminisced about their youth. One of them was about their noticing the shadow cast by sparrow-larks in relation to their distance from the grassy meadow.
Bumparoo original comment shiggydoo
I've had at least five dreams this month where I crash my car and get injured, usually a twisted leg. It doesn't hurt at all. Is it foreshadowing something?
Where is this bridge? I think I know it.
I'd guess something with you not having control over your life. Might signal anxiety, weakness, fear.
moar im trying to ZzZZzzz
>dream im in a bf4/insurgency mashup
>enemy team stealing giant skyscraper sized fuel tankers
>I start shooting rpgs at them, finally blow one up
>yell allahu akbar, have a good time shooting rpgs

Another time I had a weird dream about an elevator I was trying to get a group of people in to fight the monsters below. I think it was influenced by the elevator in the toxic caves in fallout 2 I was playing before sleepytime. I couldnt open the elevator.
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>was in the street
>realize that i can go somewhere
>open door
>find a guy and a qt girl waiting for me
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>trying to bang this qt
>can't get my dick up all the way
>cut my dick in half
>no blood; looks like a like like from Zelda
>fuck girl with half of my penis
And that's how I had a dream where I cut my dick off

Fairly normal but
>Running east in a field that's mostly grassy but has some dry patches
>beautiful day, makes me think of pokemon
>trip and fall down
At the precise moment I hit the floor I jump upwards in the exact opposite(west) direction. It gave me the weirdest fucking vertigo
I used to have weird almost sleeping dreams where I would feel really big and poofy like a balloon cartoon character then in an instant I would feel really skinny and stretched out like a stick man. I dont know to explain it but even the mental images of my thoughts would change, big mode everything would be soft colours and poofy, then things would look really ugly and extremely detailed like a rotting wrinkly zombie. I would feel like I was floating in space
Every time I dream I either consciously realize I'm dreaming and just try to rape, or somehow subconsciously realize and is just me being frustrated that I can't punch or run or my gun turns to a stick
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I guess you're right. I don't have much control over my life, although I push it to the back of my head. My family is making me go to a university that doesn't have the major or classes I want. I'm already halfway through my sophomore year doing Business Administration instead of Criminal Justice. My dream career is high-end law enforcement.
Miami needs me and my thick skin.
Glad you made that thread because I'm still confused from waking up this morning.
Coming back from a poker evening last night, I drunkenly ordered McDonald's on the way home and slept on a full belly.
So here it goes:
>walking around uni campus
>be really confused, actually stumble in a daze
>actually end up in the country side (no sense, my uni is urban as fuck)
>end up in a big wooden shed
>there are banners on the walls with strange symbols
>can't figure out the language, it feels archaic
>it's actually a gymnasium with swimming tracks that splits it in three
>people are singing while passing a ball in some kind of a strange signals
>there voices are in a foreign tongue
>they invite me to join what seems to be a sportive ritual
>I'm still really fucking confused and lost
>Starting to feel anxious, leave
>Take the exit door of the shed and actually lend in class
>Feel an intense feeling of euphoria

Then I woke up with the biggest smile. I don't know what the fuck is H.P. Lovecraft doing with my mind, but it feels twisted.
Any robot care to analyse?
>at old high school, standing outside the science/language block
>it's night and there are floodlights everywhere
>wearing pajamas
>everything seems totally normal
>"huh I have to piss"
>start running towards the toilets in that slow-ass way you run in dreams
>see "myself" running alongside me about 20 meters away
>terrifies me for some reason
>wake up

But shit, I never thought about how scary it'd be to see your doppelganger.
>Walking around underwater. Ground is solid plates of metal.
>I can see the water moving around me but it doesnt hinder movement
>Light is flat. There's no difference in light wherever i look
>Hear someone screaming in absolute pain
>See a slight light in the distance. Screaming gets louder as the light gets closer
>Gets close
>A person is fucking on fire, screaming in pain and running after me
>Proceed to be chased by screaming man underwater
>Be me
>Go to sleep inside dream
>Wake up
>Now in a dystopian alternate universe
>Quickly learn that this is a timeline where technological advancement boomed thanks to a new material
>With this new material, amazingly fast AI was possible
>Look around
>Currently in my home town, but it seems very bleak. Smog everywhere, the mountains look lifeless and mined out, the lake has dried up.
>Cars are self driving thanks to the hyper advanced AI, they could scan the environment from miles ahead in order to plan a path to take.
>Everything is connected via the cloud, making breaking the law nearly impossible without getting caught
>It becomes quickly apparent that humanity has been enslaved by these AI but to a degree where they would barely notice
>Even toys like teddy bears are outfitted with the same technology, which were extremely tough to bring down as I quickly found out.
>I named this place the "Red Cloud World"

There was a lot more detail but I lost it.
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Examine that, Freud
Funny this thread popped up.

Just had a totally vivid nightmare, hence why I'm up and on here.

First off, it's pretty hazy / spotty, it jumped around a lot.

>Showing dead mother a video on the internet
>She's seen it already
>She says she'll watch it anyway, doesn't seem interested.
>Flash to some weird point in dream where I am watching someone who I assume to be mentally ill
>Flashes of The Shining are playing.
>Decide I can't do this on my own
>Person I am watching (pretty sure it was ex gf) seems distressed.
>I sneak my way to the door
>For some reason there are a double set of my keys, one in hand, one in door.
>Get to door and open it, turn around and she is there
>"You're leaving me anon?"
>I'm just going to get your grandma (?) to watch you with me
>"Ok, you're leaving me"
>The look she gives me is of utter despair, it haunts me right now
>Leave the door and get in car
>Look up and see door is open
>Get kind of annoyed and start honking horn
>As soon as I start to honk horn, body falls from roof
>She jumped
>Watch body fall behind fence and see things visibly move
>Wake up

It was so real, I get chills just typing it
>be me
>arrive at an airport to rendezvous with some qt who I may or may not know irl
>we both have large matching backpacks
>we're going to travel to Russia to visit the Moscow kremlin
>we bond on the the airplane
>arrive in Russia
>caress the spasskaya tower while we hug
>fly home
>get to train station
>accidentally meet up with some guy I know
>he looks surprised
>"she's your gf?"
>girl says yes
>we walk home
>reach my house
>we cuddle
>then she leaves
>open the door to my house
>see a skinny, dark figure crawl from one room to another
>I bring out a pistol
>check each room looking for the intruder
>get to the dining room
>he's under the table
>I shoot him dead in the head
>I tell him it's over
>hear deep voice inside my head
>"you cannot get rid of me"
>"I am a god"
>tell him to fuck off
>he resurrects as a guinea pig
>I try to strangle it but he wont die and just keeps laughing at my pathetic attempts to destroy him
>I give up and worship him
>he is angered and tries to kill me
>I snap his neck
>and cast some sort of magic thing on him so he cant do shit
>hear deep voice babling in my head again
>wake up
>still hear it
>get up and make myself breakfast(it was good)
I like the first half of the dream desu, it had good lighting, kinda gloomy but a lot brighter comfy/10
the second part was pretty good to
Ever lucid dream? I've got a dream journal and a reality check. No luck but I at least remember my dreams as opposed to absence now

I've done it really often.

For a while back in the day I made it a point to increase them in frequency. I usually just use the opportunity for perverted fantasy.

I had to do multiple reality checks when I woke up because I was scared of still being in the dream.
>Lost my chance with the girl I love because I was too afraid to take the chance and be wrong even when she was obvious about it
>Mother wasn't affectionate or loving
>Grew up alone wanting love but too afraid to search for it from an outside source

That image hits too close to home anon. Why.
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It was just supposed to be...
It was a joke.
Anon I'm sorry..,
Different kinds or just over and over again? What is your check? I just push my fingers into the middle of my palm and it they go through my hand I'm either dreaming or fucked
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