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Describe Your Friend Group (if any)
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>go to caf at uni this afternoon
>usual group of 4channers/legitimate nerds I sometimes talk to sitting at a table
>one guy on /qa/ typing something about deleting /fit/
>other guy beside him on /r/techsupport asking how to do some sort of complex linux bullshit
>end of the table is a guy showing off his lord of the rings replica ring like it's a fucking diamond
>guy beside him brought a hidden assassin's creed replica blade
>normie who for some reason hangs out with us looking confused as always

Comfy as fuck.
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I only have one friend, he is fit and pretty much chad-tier, but we often meet up to build gunpla, he really likes mecha in general, so we always talk about it and watch stuff together. I can't hate him, even when he had has all these one night stands, he just seems to be the only person who cares about me. He even bought me a PG Unicorn+LEDs+weapon pack for birthday, it was the only present I got and I don't know how he did know that I actually had birthday
My friend group consists of
>Angry black manlet
>Chubby 6/10
>Ginger girl who I've known since elementary school
>black bisexual brony
>black fujoshi
>Artsy girl with a pixie cut
>Sperg women are creeped out by
>Weeb football player
>Guy who likes insects and mecha
>Social retard
>Nice fat girl
I know I might get burn for saying this here, but a have met a lot of Chads and a few of them are actually pretty cool. But I still prefer hanging out with nonChads/robots
pixie cut girl sounds like a qt
My friends are
>Cool as fuck cyborg stoner pillhead
>5-6 fags who went to college, changed, and only hit me up ever 2-3 months to say we need to hang out more yet make excuses every time I try to chill

I fucking hate people
>Guy who likes insects and mecha

This would be me in a group.
>go to see my old friends once a week at one of their places or mine
>we knew each other since the age of 14 now we're almost all 25

>once smart and had potential now is a fat lazy faggot who studied animation
>talks about his ideas but never does anything
>lives with his mom and does a freelance every once in a while and spends the money on his computer/vidya that he never really gets into

>Other guy is older than us born rich
>NEET and spends his entire life watching series and anime
>has his own place and occasionally funds a failed project for fat animator
>occasionally plays vidya if we all play the same game

>skeleton computer scientist
>the only person I like
>has a job
>has a proper education
>usually doesn't talk unless he has something worth saying
>always rationalizes fat fags wild dreams
>cynical humor only

>I have a shit job
>I live with my brother
>I'm the only one who browses forums
>I'm the cheapest one cause I don't have that much money
>I miss out on a lot of things with them cause I can't afford it
>usually cynical skeleton tells me I didn't miss out on much after fat fag shuts up about how amazing it was

>we all get along when drunk
some are nice, I used to have a really chad popular guy I was sort of friends with, invited him to play vidya on my genesis with spergs at my birthday and it was great. Had a lot of chad-tier stories.
this sounds amazingly comfy. Sort of like a sitcom plot or something
>5 alpha frat bros who always go out and get drunk and fuck sorority chicks
It's funny cause whenever I'm with them there are no girls. It's like they know or something. Pretty sure one or two of them thinks I'm gay.
10/10 wish i could chill with
>having friends

I want normies to leave.
>thinking having other autists to group with is normie
My D&D group with friends from high school and their siblings and gfs / friends. About 8 people I see fairly regularly. We play D&D and Savage Worlds.

Other than that I have two best friends from HS who are in college across the country and a girl I am friends with who is college in another state as well.
>befriending girls

This has to be the best/worst thing for me. I have mostly female friends because I love soap operas and shit like degrassi and teen wolf, I talk to them all the time, they're sort of stacey-ish but tolerable, none of them think I'm gay yet when I try some sort of reference to flirting they ignore me. wtf.
>tfw i gradually lost all of my robot high school friends through neglect
>tfw i see them all happy and normal now on jewbook
>tfw ive spent the last 4 years in my room online
>tfw things got worse after i discovered this shitty site 2 years ago
fuck off you fucking faggot redditors
>tfw all my best and closest friends are online
>tfw I've lost 18 of them over the years and still cry about it
>tfw I still go back to some of the dead chat rooms they've all left years ago and break down alone
It is, normalshit.
they ignore you cause they dont wanna ball but they still like having you as a friend and so will just try to reject things as quietly and as unakwardly as possible.
but dont push your luck, eventually after the 1 millionth time, they will finally have to just flat out tell you and then things will never be the same and you will lose friends, something YOU cant afford
just accept things are never gonna be that way and be happy you have any friends at all, cause i dont
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I should be so lucky

>tfw i listen to music and pretend things are like they used to be
>tfw i read 5 year old messages and do the same thing
>tfw i still imagine that someday i will do something to reunite with them
4 chads and two normies.
Sadly I know this pretty well. Had crush on one girl in hs I was really good friends with, she was so pretty...and eventually I got the courage to tell her how I felt, and she never spoke to me again. Fuck, never going to make that mistake again.
>Just messaged grill from work after seeing this thread
>She replies once
>"Last online 15 mins ago"
>After every other time I saw it was "1m ago"

Kill me senpai, i just wanna talk to someone while I have some liquid courage in me and can have a semblanceof a normal conversation
>tfw listen to stereo hearts daily because 2012 was the last year I was happy and it makes me remember it because of all the normies loving it
I don't have a single friend
>using the internet and never making a friend

How does this even happen? Go to a chat room already anon.

2012 was the single greatest year of my life, and none other come close

sometimes i wish the world HAD ended

i really hope to improve my situation
i think i will

i know that feel anons

2010 was the best year fro me.
I made so many friends, I got over my depression for a while, I spoke to people...I was happy.
But /r9k/ is your friend anon!
I just noticed there's a spurdo sparde on her hood

I've seen this pic so many times and never noticed.
My friends:
>Friend whom I've known since 1st grade who used to be a total nerd but became half normie half nerd
>guy who appears to be normie on the outside but is really a complete weeb /a/ poster
>Nerd friend who I get along with more than my others, is a sarcastic fucknut but is cyborg tier
>Another guy I've known since 1st grade, only recently became good friends with him. He is slightly normie but mostly nerd, not really sure how to properly describe him
>finally, weebshit brony autismo who is not really a friend, he is more of someone we tolerate and can sometimes get along with.
I'm pretty bad with descriptions so I apologize if you have no idea what I'm talking about.
I totally get what you're saying, sounds somewhat comfy actually

i wish i could meet up with them all again, but none of them seem to think that that time of life was anything special, but based on their jewbooks, they seem to like life more now, and one seems to be best friends with this guy who he met after we stopped seeing each other regularly
I know what you mean anon. I lost a lot of friends by 2013, sadly.
Three of us in our early teens playing halo 1. We all moved away from eachother after a year or so of knowing eachother. A decade and a half later and I'm still in contact with both, and they're the only two I'd ever consider 'friends', although for the past two years we've probably only had a good talk between the three of use like 5 times.

I don't even know how their highschool lives went. Probably better than mine considering I dropped out.

I'm okay with these things.
2013 was the last time ive seen some friends

i spend so much time thinking of these people, some who i havent seen in 2 or 3 years

they probably rarely think of me
I know this feel, my best/only friend in elementary/middle school moved the year we were gonna start high school. I got his number and we still text to this day. I remember texting my day to him on my flip phone way back, it was horribly tedious but comfy. I'm so glad I'm still in contact with him. He's a failed normie in denial with a kik gf now, not surprisingly to me.
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These are the people I hang with at uni. cut off from my high school friends...

>chad-tier looking guy, athletic from sports but currently blows all his time on League of Legends and refuses to get a job
>6/10 chubby viet girl with anger problems. she scares me
>full-blown normie/wageslave who can't keep up at uni but maintains several other friendship groups to help him
>that quiet timid asian with wierd mannerisms and a constant cough. most likely more of a robot than me
>fat failed normie who is very obvious about his bad eating habits and lack of self control. is somehow still confident with people.
>dumb filipino girl, pretty qt tho
>half-japanese girl who is really into cars
>chubby rich gay chinese fashionista
>then theres me, the cyborg

I hate all these people.
>then there's me, the cyborg

I know this feel. Only reason I'm not invisible in my group is because I make extremely vulgar/racist/sexist references and show people shit I find on 4chan.

Also go for scary viet, sounds cute
> go to small web forum i've been visiting for years
> there's like 10 regulars
> forum is dead
> no one posts anything anymore
> pretty much the only one that posts
> one day there's an announcement from the administrator
> "we're closing up shop fellas, nice memeing with you

there goes my social life
This is me with the finalchan irc and Multiplayer Piano desu. At least finalchan was saved (although it's dead now). Mpp got bought but it's damn near killed again, i dont post anymore.
My friend group in my uni town:
>8.5/10 girl roommate (with a bf)
>senegalese roommate who has been here for 4 years, really laid back guy always smoking weed
>moroccan girl who is always hype as fuck
>pakistani girl who is really upfront
I get to hang out in the shared living room with all the girl friends of my friends.
Also spend many nights playing poker with the chechen mates of the black kid.
After 3 years being lonely at university I'm really happy with my new room mates.
My friends are fuckin boring, they strive to be as normie as possible, they're so narrow minded.
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>only friend from college lives in New York while I'm in Texas
>hasn't text me in two years
My only friends are my cousins I play online with. They only play the Xbone
>not being friends with rich guy
d-do family members count?
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of course not autismo
>we go together to a bar or hang out at somebodies house and watch anime and movies 1-4 times a week

>half kurdish guy, now him since I was 7
>best looking guy from the group
>fun atmosphere whenever he's present
>somehow has only had 1 gf while being showered with attention
>likes ecci haram, league of legends and xtc
>failing school hard but always happy

>build fat dude
>plays tons of video games and collects all sorts of nerdy stuff
>dropped out of college
>works in retail
>spends all his money on clothes and warhammer figurines

>guy studying hard economics
>often pushes the conversation to a more philosophical level
>his laugh makes me crack up everytime
>is too stressed out about being a virgin

>redhead guy going for nurse
>smells of insecure
>always extremely drunk
>hits on girls everytime we go out
>is the guy who always does dumb shit
>always beds ugly girls
>we give him a lot of shit for it and he cant take it

>friend also going for nurse
>objectively has the best clothing style
>he looks like a chad and looks arrogant towards outsiders
>is sweet as apple pie on the inside
>hardcore anime fan, completed close to 200 animes
>is very stressed about being a virgin
Where do you even find chat rooms anymore?

>band geek roommate, chill boyo
>memlord alcoholic
>folk hipster grill
>asian biochem-person gf

I can list a couple that were nice last time I checked.

The chatavenue video games chat (google chatavenue and you'll find the video games board, the other boards are cancer.

Also Multiplayer Piano which an anon mentioned earlier. It's sort of spammy but nice. has an optional piano to play in the background of chat. only go in the 'lobby' room, rest suck.
what is with all these hipsters in every single robot's group
>Big brown Guy 4u
>/tv/ tier

>Other brown guy
>/sp/ - /v/ tier
>Uni student

>Normie drug addict currently in Jail
>Beat up girlfriend who still loves him
>Keeps trying to get me to date single mothers

what the fuck do you mean hipster
>same 3 shithead friends I talk to online every day for 4 years
>before that we lived in same town, went to same college before 2/3 dropped out
>all used to play dota, starcraft, or wow semi-obsessively
>all used to make homebrew mortars, try weird drugs (datura, DMT), break things for the laffs
>mostly joke around or tell stories, all have same sense of humor (all browsed /b/ when young). Other day my friend was talking about how great his sister's ass is and how her fat arms ruin the whole thing
>have people I can talk to without filters or inhibitions
>desu it's pretty great
Have 2 groups
Group 1
>skinny, tall, ugly bad breath guy who's mostly acid, but very smart and mostly quiet too. Khv
>skinny tall surfer guy who's making jokes no one laughs at, has a gf that I'm sure rides him with a strap since this guy would lick her feet in public if she asked to. Intelligent as well.
>over energetic guy who goes to the gym and has a twin brother. Smells and is incredibly poor. Kinda dumb. There's something always, that has him worried.
>guy that took like paki and has been with his girlfriend for like 7 years, but I'm 100% he is still a virgin. Smart, poor, and always has problems in his house. His family is shit.
Group 2 (with more normal people)
>absolute manlet, kinda hipster, pretty normal and probably my best friend. I got cucked by him at 15. I can't remember when I met him since he's been with my my whole life
>fat neckbeard with highly modded pc, studying law, and most probably a virgin.
>fat's brother, nerd but much healthier. Likes metal and RPGs. Streams in twitch for a decent amount of people. Highly intelligent
>my younger brother, the Chadest from both groups. Fit, and shit. Cool guy. Pretty impressive though
2 virgin autismos
Respectively /a/ and /b/s4s/
1 hyper intelligent autismo
Some shady hacker ircs
1 low self esteem normie
It is, especially when we all play vidya together at lan parties
A shame that I don't see them very often now that we're all in college and none of us have the same courses
Hipsters are easy to get along with and usually promote a more healthy lifestyle
As long as you don't mention what you really think about their faggotry they hang with you
>all these asians and you're not fucking one
Get to it anon
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fruit feels.jpg
64 KB, 500x411

There's two groups I frequently come in contact with


>all are asian and mormon, known them since birth
>one is a chad, and is bro-tier. He invited me to go the gym with him. He lifts weights on a regular basis, but cheats on his diet a lot. Is currently dating a German girl.
>his sister is a stacy. She has a short temper. She's good to talk about problems to a lot, but sometimes lacks understanding. Dating a Venezuelan man. Her boyfriend is pretty awesome too.
>There are also two sisters. The older sister is on her mission right now, the other is preparing to go. They are good friends, but have had rough times within their own family. Both sisters are currently in a relationship with their respective significant others.
>Go to church regularly with them

The other friend group

>Tall ottermode man. Just turned 21 and is trying out several hard drinks. Loves Gurren Lagann and Hajime no Ippo. Play D&D with on a near weekly basis. Is about to become a head trainer of sorts at Chik-fil-A. Gives me a ride to sessions now and then. We went to a videogame bar recently. Good man and a great friend.
>Ottermode's ginger girlfriend. He found her when they were in community college. They've been going strong for almost two years now. She's cosplaying as Nia soon.
>Ottermode's ginger friend. Going to college for International Studies. Not chubby, but did liftweights and play football in high school. Joins in on D&D sessions. He's a solid man as well. Recently broke up with someone, but I'm not so sure.
>Ottermode's ex-girlfriend. The person who brought me and Ottermode together. The woman of every robot's dreams. Ottermode and Ginger GF talk with her on a regular basis. I not so much anymore, sadly, because I screwed up everything regarding our friendship. Too ashamed to show my face to her sometimes.
Here goes nothing

>Chad-tier douche but somehow manages to be our friend
>Techsavvy guy
>Dirty/Halarious guy who always hits on women. We dub him "Lady's Man"
>Guy who I somewhat relate to the most. We have the same interest and hobbies.
>qt3.14 Girl who I always wanted to ask out but is already in a relationship with
>Low-Chad-tier guy. He can be fun to hang out sometimes but I hate his guts for the previous reason.
>A Stacey like person who I don't know why she wants to hang out with me but know already that she might friend zone me If I did a move.

Overall, good friends but I feel one is really gonna be there for a long term.
>skateboarding chad stoner
>skateboarding normie blonde stoner
>skateboarding rich normie stoner
>lanklet black stoner
>spoiled ex-stoner
>gaming meme cool guy normie
>generic manlet normie stoner
>average rave dj stoner bro
Kek looks like my group of friends, we all became friends at 14, but we re still 21
my group consists in
-a guy who lisent rare music and a stoner, my best friend maybe
-a guy who left to live in an abandoned house
-a bulgarian who is always drunk
-a punk who dont care about nothing
-a skinhead fascist who like philosofy and drink wine
-a blonde german guy who is a dumbass but we like him
-me, a skinhead but i dont care bout comies and nazis, i just smoke weed and get drunk all i can and walk around the city with my scruffy army clothes
>an Asian guy who plays league of legends all day
>another Asian guy who plays league of legends all day
>a third Asian guy who's a giant fucking nerd and sucks at league of legends
>a white guy who smokes weed and plays league of legends all day
>me, I shitpost and play league of legends all day
>hipster health fanatic who loves fighting games
>neet shut in who never goes outside except to hang out with us
>black racist memer who literally hates women
>asshole cynic who shits on just about everything
>guy obsessed with classic films and dragon ball z
>nympho dude who's based as fuck but also weird
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>having friends
>being a robot
pick one and fuck off. If I had friends I would never come here. All I want is a group of friends
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I don't come to /r9k/ to feel worse
>Chaddish dude that builds PCs for vidya and played football in HS (doesn't enjoy it but his parents wanted him to)-- ended up reeling in grills as a result
>Fat history buff. Plays vidya with us & doesn't afraid of anybody
>left winger jeep enthusiast, good head on his shoulders though
>also left winger, SJW libral to an extent but moderate enough that he and the /pol/ack don't clash too often
>asian memer that we don't talk to much anymore because he's giga autistic
>druggie, fully admits to smoking pot literally every day for the past three months-- has other druggie friends he smokes with so we don't see him often
>literal chinaman exchange student who's currently a senior at our old hs, we still keep in touch with him though & make racist jokes at his expense
>older trucker friend, has some older mates that he goes to casinos with-- hangs out with us sporadically because I've known him for a few years
>I'm like a mixture of the /pol/ack, the chad, the jeep guy & a little bit of the trucker, so they keep me around
I have three groups of friends

> My Uni bros
> Old bros from high school
> Online bros

Couldn't have it any other way.
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My friends
>Fat genius who plays WoW all day and refuses to go to college
>skinny white rap fag who doesnt shut up about hating everybody
>guy that I play vidya with almost everyday but everyone hates him except me
>2 other guys that i play vidya with on certain occasions, they usally just chill with their 5/10 gfs
>Fat hipster that pisses on everybody except himself
>me, average vidya faggot who browses this site during lunch break on phone

Comfy but not amazing
>Nerdgirl here! I'm a girl! Who is also a nerd! I love everything nerdy! I'm such a ner-- kay, can we stop talking about anime, for like, ever? Thanks.
>Nerdgirl's awkward bf who likes comics and games and is the sole reason for her behavior
>Stacey who pretends she never liked anime
>Tumblrina who goes to art school and can't draw
>Quiet punk girl who went to art school and won't draw
>Autist who didn't go to art school and draws everyday but doesn't improve
>/k/omm/a/nd/o/ that everyone ignores or berates for not talking about pop culture bullshit.

Don't know if I should call them friends though, since I haven't seen most of them in almost a year.

he sounds like one of those millions of 20 year old "genuises that are just lazy"
I know this feel. I haven't hung out with them since this time last year.
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>everyone on /r9k/ has friends and I don't
holy shit, I'm the 1% of the 1%
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>group of fellow uni students
>make fun of me for the autistic shit i say but they help me with homework so it evens out
>try to avoid bringing me to parties but i crash anyway
>try to be friendly but once i realize no one wants me there i just get so drunk that one of them has to drive me home

i know they secretly hate me but its better then nothing

I have work friends but work friends are not real friends.
I don't have any friends or senpai. You not the only one who is alone.
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My friend group:
>a yellow fellow (Asian perhaps), I call him chippy
>always lively

>white friend
>very thin
>very high strung

>another white friend
>very transparent
>reminds me of me
None of them are on r9k
Please go to wizchan. r9k is a joke. wizchan has real ones like you.
Fake nerds
My only friend is a guy with ADHD that hates me
go sit in pubs and shit all day. you get to see people so you're not as lonely.
>Describe Your Friend Group
>black fat guy who plays basketball, pretty chill when he's not eating
>lanket friend who likes vidya, pretty cool sometimes
>fat white guy, he's the one that makes us laugh
>fit guy with glasses, the alpha dude from the group, always talking to girls and shit

>autistic manlet
A bunch of libtards with filthy frank tier senses of humor
>one's mildy autistic, pretty cool guy though
>one i suspect of smoking weed, super chill. My favorite person in the group
>one im not really friends with, treats me like shit but everybody else likes him so i'm stuck around him unless i wanna be a loner
Quite frankly i'd rather just be a loner now that i think of it
I haven't had a friend group in 4 years. I only talk to two people

One is someone I met when I was in high school, we like the same kind of music, humor, and play pc games. He got me into CS. He's super annoying though and kind of clingy.

Another one is my gf who is also kind of clingy and hates everyone I meet including the guy I just mentioned.
>one friend who has a girlfriend but is nice and i enjoy hanging out with him, goes to the same junior college that I go to
>one friend who is a sperg but goddamn i love him, total bro to hang out with, goes to san jose
>one friend who got a little smug since he transferred straight to UCSC after high school and got a gf, but has since simmered down

i like my friends, a shame i rarely hang out with all 3 at once.
>best friend, body builder and success orientated. Pretty chill about everything. Has a nerdy side and occasional otaku.
>Is spontaneously random doing funny shit, gives zero fucks about what strangers think

>gamer, body builder (inspired from best friend), attempts to be pun master. Fellow anon but also a redditfag. Genuinely finds most things interesting
>accidentally breaks fuckin everything. As smooth as broken glass but somehow nails it

>8/10 Italian grill who fuckin hates chads and laughs at their lower existence. Likes science. Like a sister to me
>Will always put friends' happiness first. Watches the occasional anime
>got a thing for knives, probably from marine dad

>anxiety filled jail bait. I think puberty smacked this girl in the face with emotional bs.
>has a thing for classic rock and alt. music. Seems like the innocent nice girl type but has a dark side. Can be very manipulative and sexual
>actual sister of self proclaimed pun master

>loud italian
>edgy indian
>used to have band
>best friend abandoned group because he thought we didnt give a fuck for him

>4 dudes
>hang in garage
>street race
>drift/offroad where we can

>3 computer sperglords

>were once close
>drinking buddies
>includes best friend from group 1
>never contact me
>me is stupid lucky
>fat downer
>fat fag who i swear is OP
>tall weeaboo who is into weird shit
>the other weeaboo
>fatass who is obsessed with destiny
>annoying shit who seems to be a result of the neurological and congenital effects of agent orange
Two major groups
Group one
>blonde mallet whom I have known since sophomore year. Really in to dark souls and fallout. Plays guitar. We do small electrical experiments and projects togeher.
>Chad teir guy who has sub par hygene, athletic from years of swimming but mostly plays Diablo and leave of legends now. Going to school to be a pilot. Known him since I was 11. Pretty awesome guy, we usually hang out at his house.
>California native who used to do a lot of drugs and has a pretty rough and violent past. Huge in anime and we talk a lot about one piece and nichijo. Only knowneed him 2 years but a pretty based dude. Currently in school but not for anything particular.
>low Chad teir normie who once had great aspirations for entrepreneurship. Went to mizzou on a wheelchair basketball scholarship even though he can walk, just has a bad hip. Now lives here wih gf he met up at university and sells used cars. Known him the longest, has changed a lot though, lost his spark of ambition in life, still charismatic though.
>half Asian gf who is studying computer science, into weird indie music and artsy shit. Met her at uni and strings have been going well. Get along with my friends and say they are "her kind of weird".

Group 2
>drunk nympho Stacie who has no aspirations in life, kinda sad. Funny even thouh she can be a bit higher sometimes.
>cool skater/stoner guy who is really into old indie bands and obscure shit but doesn't flaunt it like a "hipster". Super depressed and alcoholic because he loves making music and film but has no attainable future in either. Lives with Stacie though they don't fuck. I like him the most out of group 2, usually end up chilling with him, good guy all around.
>short Latina who I used to fuck a lot but we have enough both moved on. Very into zodiac signs and shit. Good person, but has a fucked up family. 7/10 but has crazy good sex. Used to live with stoner and Stacie but found her own place.
Sorry for long post.
I don't really have any friends, so I'll just sort of summarize

>pretty big group of friends
>mostly band geeks and a few people I just sort of started hanging out with
>One particular group though consisting of me, my younger brother, and 3 other guys
>Called ourselves the Ruffians because we were always breaking things and just being rowdy in general
>blew shit up, destroyed things for the hell of it, etc.
>I somehow also befriended all the edgelords like the satanist, a lanklet emo, the fedora tippers, the socialists/communists, etc.

>pretty much nothing at this point
>just my younger brother and his friends
>only hang out when I buy them alcohol
>in my early years I befriended what some here would call a wizard
>37 years old, still playing tabletop games, messy and unkempt, house is completely trashed, no social filter, but we're not friends anymore
>like I said, no real friends, I just have some acquaintances from classes and the club that I'm president of
>some online friends, but we don't talk much
>lonely af
some pretty chubby nintoddler but he's kinda alright, convinced him to install steam and make him play some team fortress, he's liking computer games now

some huge fucking faggot who everyone mocks because he's a dumbass, literally considers metal as the master race music genre, also is a huge casual and all the gfs he had turned out to be lesbians, pretty huge fucking kek

the last guy is a bigger faggot than the second one, also a furfag and huge faggot for real, usually wears skinny pants but he's my musicbro, he's all right after all.

those are the only people I know who aren't members of my family, fucking great, I'll be missed by a total of 5 people if I die
>Really sweet dude with speech impediment
>'That one funny guy' who's constantly on Reddit
>Chubby lesbian art grill
>Nice actory 7/10
>Nice actory 5/10
>Transgender Anime fanboy who wears chains and shit
>Asian guy who plays violin and eats rice all the time

I-I want friends... I'm too socially anxious, send help
>Mexican guy I've known since middle school, he drives trucks and wants to write. Pretty cool guy to drink with but rambles on about shit
>Know-it-all weeaboo that listens to metal all the time and insists he's white when both his parents are dark as fuck
>Artsy Puerto Rican girl going to school to be a nurse and plays bass
>My cousin does mostly nothing except smoke weed, party, and work.
>And then there's me the the charming nihilist with the wicked sense of humor
Tbh I'm the only non-chad in my friendship group but they all accept me in

>Known them since high school
>That one guy who I was friends with who is really cool and nice and gets so much pussy but jokes about it and you cant help but smile when he talks
>That guy who is really kind and makes bad jokes that everyone laughs at because they know he is a stand up guy
>That built guy who makes satire jokes all the time and helped you get into lifting and then was your spotter the first time you benched your body weight and gave you a high five
>the manlet who always talks about throwing up at the parties they go to, but always has funny jokes and then sprays 10 gallons of aftershave on himself to look classy
>The one guy who can be an absolute prick but is pretty fun to mess around with
>The really scrawny kid who fell out with everyone at some point but was really cool and kept talking to you

Comfy as fuck. If I went out with them beyond their little gathering, im sure I could get pussy but muh social anxiety
Just a whole group of 4channers. Mostly normies who want sex while simultaneously busting out sick memes.

My best friend though is my drop put stoner friend. He's getting his GED right now.
My group of friend consisted of this in high school
>friend of mine who's into music production and sport. Pretty chill to hang out
>A weeaboo friend that is very sweet and kind but silly and akward on occasion.
>Another shy friend who was into Pokemon a lot
>The nerdy and funny guy who used to make jokes and invent shit in the most creative ways.
>that white guy who acted black but was a bro
>That guy that was extremist about his view and managed to make people butthurt.
>That one Buddhist friend who was a walking encyclopedia and was in fact very fun to have serious conversation with.
>That guy who played minecraft intensively and working on script and making a web pages.

And there was me the guy that listened to Noisy music and that was pretty bored with high school.
Well I used to go to an art highschool
I've got my old highschools friends
Most of them smoked weed,drink alcohol, listen to 60',70' and 80' rock music, some jazz, some shit like that, still hang around with them, most of us are separate for college but still friends

And there are my highschool classmates that I hang around whenever I can, they are mostly girls, the four of them did contemporean dances, actually normal girls, I used to hate them for being normies but after a while just accepted and became his friends

My problem is that I literally cannot talk to another people
Took me 4 years to make a real trust bond to this people
File: 1452916916545.jpg (27 KB, 293x302) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I was typing out a description of my friends just now and I realized it was all negative. I'm a mean person.
Friend groups? the normie invasion here is complete
I've made exactly one friend at uni, and it's my roommate from first year.
>tfw she is super outgoing and has a million other friends
>tfw she always tries to drag you to parties although you hate them
>tfw at the parties you do end up going to guys just flock to her and she spends her time entertaining them while you try to think of the cleanest way to kill yourself
>mfw make up imagination friends just to compensate no friends irl
brb killing myself now
1st group, closest friend
>Azn chef, buddies since highschool, has a sweet car and bike, spends way too much money on them
>Azn chef's 3 working buddies that I frequently have bbq's and drink with

2nd group, misfits that I met through my on-again, off-again fuckbuddy weightlifting chick
>manlet lifter, he's alright, if a raging alcoholic, and secretly wants me to fug him, I'm not homo tho
>fat, weeb sperg, secretly mad that I fucked his crush, passive aggressive as fuck
>IT sperg, he's cool, if a bit quiet
>IT normie, secretly mad I fucked his crush too, but otherwise ok
>tfw I'm the chad of the group, but secretly I'm just a /fit/zen who is hollow inside

That's pretty much it.
File: 1384984468523.jpg (111 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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my friends are a bunch of autist consolefags with shit taste in anime but i love them to death and would take a bullet for them
My friends like video games and sometimes I play them too and we have fun but most of the time I just get angry and fall asleep.

This isn't me you fucknut.
haha yeah ok
File: 142677233.png (164 KB, 599x586) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
164 KB, 599x586
no one has ever wanted to be my friend
File: 1452496859675.jpg (112 KB, 1280x722) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112 KB, 1280x722
>This isn't me you fucknut.
got 2 groups, known them all since middle school/HS. Not murrica so it's not common to move away for college and that bs so we live fairly close

group 1 (middle class)
>intelligent Colombian guy of the group, only one that goes to uni with a part time job. Very shy, into the same stuff as me (best friend)
>Moroccan cyborg. Outgoing, has a lot of friends etc but plays video games professionally
>Irianian NEET with some mental issues who I play vidya with regularly
group 2 (upper middle class)
>stoner beta introvert wagecuck
>normie druggie wagecuck with a spiritual ego

finally I'm the poor college dropout NEET with strange interests. I get along with these people, but sometimes it can be awkward when we do social things because we are bad with bants and we are not good at initiating conversation. Pretty comfy though
I had someone link me this thread saying
>thanks I love you too
in response to that post. I got lazy and that happened.
File: 1419398748146.jpg (152 KB, 447x549) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
152 KB, 447x549
>korean neet gymbro. Sometimes we play coop games.
>spic. He plays lol and used to go to the gym with us before he got a gf.
>normie. He plays dota 2 and cs:go.
>normie. He plays lol and goes to a different gym.

All of them are from high school and they watch movies, series (especially capeshit) and some normie anime.
File: UTD_logo.jpg (5 KB, 280x123) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw go to school full of weirdos and autists
>sit alone everyday at meals
>on surface normal average whitey
feels bad desu familia
I know them all from high school. I don't know why most of them even stick around though.
>best friend from elementary school, fairly eccentric and chuuni but she's cool
>basically a bitchier version of Yuu Nanase
>angry workaholic girl who gets a crush on almost everyone

I had more, but most of them drifted away to the social circle in the robotics club
>have a friend group
>at some point a stake is driven between us
>me and another friend from the group are cut off by the rest with no warning
>we manage to find a new group within a week
>see old group fall apart from the sidelines
>watch the guy I used to call my best friend flunk out of college and lose all of his friends
>watch my other closest friend live a life of squalor and become obese and unemployed
>feel nothing but contempt for them
>move on with new, better friend group
Group one
>6'3" lanklet who kind of acts like the Morty to my Rick
>6'2" Brazilian dude who is obsessed with cars and is considered a "big spender"
>6'0" timid white guy who lives three states away from us but stays connected through the wonders of technology

Group 2
>a couple of cunts who got girlfriends and stopped talking to me because their girlfriends told them to
>Fat homestuck literal faggot who got me into the group. Play MTG with him every friday. Grew a crush on me and thinks I'm secretly gay despite telling him im straight. Snarky and egotistic. Want to cut ties from him but he's the only person to play mtg and is basically the "leader" of the group
>Cool weeb who likes shit from jojo to nichijou, always a pleasure to be around and is the person I can talk about weeb shit with. Of course is the one to move out of the city for a college. Only talk through steam now days and play his DnD campaigns over roll20.
>Chill but joyful guy. Never interact with him outside of the group getting together.
>Stereotypical stoner fuck. Never interact with him outside of group activities.
>Bland guy everyone knows well but me.

Overall pretty decent. I just wanted people to play vidya with and I got that plus more.
>friend lives in Spokane like 5'4 and is a white German. and is usually suicidal, plays League of Legends and loves to browse memes
>other friend lives in Stockton 5'7 and gets abused by his dad so we hardly ever have time to play league of legends with him.
>other friend in spokane is in a band and is pretty cool. we play payday 2 some times. hes 6'0
>Friend lives in NY and is a total normie that tries to forget his internet past. Hardly ever comes online even though he bought a gayman PC just to play with us
>friend lives in Omaha 6'2 300 pounds. Basement dweller hates to go outside and socialize, but he goes to Uni and is sometimes dragged out of the house to party.
>tfw 6'1 living in Utah with nothing going for me. hoping to somehow move in with friends whenever.
>Chill stoner black guy
>pillhead robot
>insecure clingy manlet
>fat normie
>brutally strong martial arts kid
>black local football chad

Pretty comfy actually

My description would probably be stoner boxing dumbfuck
> friends

>childhood friend that I've known for 17 years, energetic, carefree, always drunk or stoned
>long-haired ginger stoner bro, likes longboarding and smoke the herbal jew
>lanky fucker who's pretty fit, is a raging asshole who is down for any drug short of meth, heroin, or Krokodil
>gril I've known for about 5 years, we had disagreements but are now really good with each other, fugg here and there when we need some stress release
>fugg here and there when we need some stress release

REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE fucking normie leave

teach me your ways
Mainly just because we had a thing for each other, then it was interrupted because we had an argument that got blown way out of proportion. Later on when we started talking again, there was so much sexual tension that it was almost palpable. Pretty face, thicker side, cow tits too.
>best friend since we were babies, outgoing and hard working but kind of a loser and a little bit ugly, still has social life and gf because outgoing. fun to drink with
>beta guy that started going to the gym and turned alpha, still plays video games with me

>significantly younger than me grill that identifies as a male and cuts and has pretty much every mental illness you can imagine. s/he likes anime a lot
>a little younger than me grill that i've been friendzoned by for years, we dated for a little but she broke up because only friends. bro-tier girl even if she won't be my future wife but since the breakup we don't talk much

The first two people and the second two people never speak with each other.
Been friends with these guys since I was like 9

>One is a very short guy and is a loveable asshole
>Actually a weeb with shit taste.
>Would always pick a fight with the gangster and hood rat types when drunk.
>Always uses his parent's connections to get us into concerts and parties

>Biggest weeb in the country with the big anime girl pillows, headphones with cat ears and everything
>Skelly as fuck
>Would get into arguements with the first guy about anime

>Halfu japanese guy with good looks
>Always has a gf
>Also likes anime. Usually watch raws with him translating while drunk.

>Fatass that is always complaining about how all women are whores
>Mediocre at everything
>Always flakes out when we all try to hang out

>And me, a skinny-fat guy
>The most book smart of the group if I do say so myself but out of school.
>Moved out of our country to work in AU
>Currently lonely because in new country

We still group chat with eachother on fb from time to time. They are all 10/10 would spend childhood/adolescence/adult life again
I have two people I hang out with separately on regular basis.

>friend 1
>Known her since childhood
>Funny, warm, nurturing, generous, charismatic, easy to laugh, takes initiative in most things, knows her way around town, always has an idea which bar, pub, or a club we can go to, randomly cooks for me, has the best stories of drunken debauchery, attentively listens to pretty much any bullshit I spout and finds it amusing, genuinely loves me, says she's selfish and hedonistic but displays a surprising talent in empathy... It's kind of scary, you don't even need to tell her anything and she just knows what's up and wants to help. Good at making others open up too.

>friend 2
>Known him since college, only started to hang out intensively since 2013
>warm, nurturing, ridiculously generous, has spent way more money on me than I'm comfortable with, also cooks for me, gregarious, very analytical about people, feelings, and events, a bit dogmatic about ideas, head full of books and films, very honest about himself, talks a lot, takes the initiative as well, but isn't as creative about it as friend 1, is patient when I'm stupid or display my ignorance about whichever topic but he doesn't hesitate to correct me, good at talking me into shit

I just realized how submissive I am while describing them. They might as well be my parents/older siblings. Still, they're the only two people who make me feel glad that I'm alive, so I'm not complaining.
>Describe Your Friend Group (if any)

Damn, I wish I had friends. I only have this one guy that I Skype with occasionally, and play vidya with on weekends. No one else.
But at my age and with by occupation and habits its impossible to make friends, so I guess thats how it'll be.
I have a few close friends online, but none of them get along at all or care for each other.

>German dude
>massive boner for moe, guns, nazis and war
>likes games such as Star Citizen and Dota
>born into a really well off family
>knows three or four languages and getting himself a comfy job

>goofball black kid
>really into older music, sumo, Asian food, shounen and all sorts of games
>has imaginative and fun ideas
>like a little brother to me although he's eight inches taller
>dreams of becoming a boxer

>Norwegian Viking Chad
>actually a huge qt dork
>likes fat chicks, space and mechs
>has a similar taste in games
>in school for modeling and animation to become a game developer

And I'm an autistic fatty who is somehow able to attract all these people and keep them in my life despite being shy and spending eleven years not talking to people.
>best friend went to an art school and graduated
>no job but has the money to buy an iphone 6s plus even with his student debt
>not even really trying to find a job
>we hang out a lot and used to watch anime together
>still my best friend but I wish he would start doing something
>somehow becoming a big SJW (probably from art school)

>Old coworker friend
>used to be my supervisor but we became quick friends
>He's pretty much Chad
>slays girls on the regular
>has his own place and is now the ASM of the store
>plays a lot of games and is actually a legit nerd

>old middle school/high school friend
>hopeless romantic
>pretty much always depressed unless he has a GF, which he never does
>gamer and anime fan but has pleb taste
>going to college for bullshit major
>slightly becoming an SJW but not as bad as top friend
>post a lot on FB
>has a lot of ideas but never fully follows through which leads to a lot of unfinished projects

>Another coworker friend from another job
>Pretty much the epitome of the MLG gamer meme
>never graduated high school
>has no license or car
>lives with his GF
>doesn't really aspire to do anything
>always claims that he needs get his life together but never takes steps to get it done

>college friend
>same major as mine (accounting)
>older than he looks (looks like hes in his early 20's but hes 30)
>just an overall nice guy
>big anime fan like I am

I'd only really consider the top 3 as my main group of friends. The bottom 2 are really good friends but they aren't part of the group.
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Friend group consists:

>Normie German metal fan with blue hair
>Chad who switches gfs every 2 days
>A guy who was a robot in the past but now he dyed his hair and attended a gym just to become another normie
>Skelly bass player
>Pre-NEET computer nerd
>A math-freak pessimistic cyborg
>Arabic guy who likes soccer
>Suicidal weaaboo NEET who seems like he has a dark cloud around him (me).
>jokingly-extremist chad muslim who is a genuinely good and loyal bro. we make him play vidya and he gets confused
>tall chubby muslim who's fucking hilarious and plays vidya with us
>polish psuedo-/pol/ack who is also a furry kind of? plays games with us and also is funny
>asian genius child who probably could be a millionaire if he wasn't lazy, plays vidya.
>persian sjw-lite who lifts, is actually a nice guy and can keep his opinions to himself. very good friends with the /pol/ack actually. vidya and funny.
>puerto-rican jew memer who is funny as fuck
>fat rich indian who goes to college in india now, is the butt of all of our jokes. really cool guy though

as for me

>skinny loser who is going to an out of state college and my only form of enjoyment in the day is talking to these guys over skype

im going back home asap
>autistic memelord who browses /o/ all day

>fallen-from-grace normie with severe adhd and daddy issues

>qt3.14 tumblrina who cares way too much about politics regardless of her age

>/fit/ bro who insists on hanging around us

>loud Italian kid who's really insanely talented in almost everything

>group of normies that i dip in and out of on occasion

highschool is fun :^)
Reminder that the word "friends" is a normie meme and the concept doesn't actually exist.
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>best looking guy
mine would be:

>sarcastic and arrogant guy who always talks about politics but is my best friend
>completely boring cyborg who could be a normie if he wasnt so boring. but hes a pretty chill dude
>fanfiction reading nerd who gets drunk all the time
>manlet with who doesnt give a fuck about his future at all and only plays vidya

im probably the narcisstic edgelord who lifts since 3 fucking years only to loose his hamster-cheeks because the only way im gonna get laid is in a nightclub where nobody cares about your autistic personality
All my friends are cats
I shoot the shit with coworkers cus they all have good drug connections, but I dong give s flying fuck about anyone.
All I need are my kitties :3
My high school friend group was really gay
>liberal Jewish kid: liked Woody Allen, reading, GOAT at presentations, but still s weird fuck
>Sri Lankan faggot: skinny brown guy that lied about everything
>ripped Bulgarian kid with a stutter and limp
>rich Chinese landwhale: he had the car and he bought all our food and stuff. He's a horrible person and we all hated him.
>tall Jewish guitar kid: dumb as fuck but a cool guy into nerdy shit
>chubby Chinese kid: probably my best friend in hs. Went to his house everyday at lunch and his mom made us some dope food

I haven't talked to any of them in like 9 years
>Black skelly nerd who loves classical music
>Vegan autist cuckold
>Female ex-weeb, proto-NEET

As for me
>Reclusive metalhead, only wears a t-shirt and shorts out of the house

One's my sister, does she count?
FYI this is a trap thread, everyone in here who describes their friends is a fucking normie who needs to GET OUT, robots don't have friends, no one likes us.
My friends are

>dropout NEET
>stoner weeabo
Fuck are you going on about anon-kun
>two fat nerdy guys. One is autistic, the other has literal crust growing around his neck.

>Manlet with ugly horrible ass mustache, most unattractive of the group.

>Guy who smells bad sometimes but is a great guy. Still cuts himself regularly and is suicidal
My group of friends
>bookish manlet always looking for drugs
>mentally ill girl with dog obsession
>charming tall man with old man habits
>asshole "sesh" chiahead
>soft-spoken insane porker
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Dumbass with missing tooth, uptight girl from a third world country, a 7-foot-tall Russian who likes to molest children, his older brother who's secretly a filthy weeb, a legit autist who has a dirty little half-stache. A pair of sisters that scissor on the down low and some quarter Jew who's already balding in high school
Hardcore BDSM guys. There's a secret club in my city, just a door with a light over it. Inside is a bondage club. It's the only place I go and people I hang out with. I drink and get the shit kicked out of me for fun.
File: _1378328380540.png (256 KB, 636x708) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Who here /literallynofriends/?

I don't mean no friends as in less than ten or no close friends like how normies mean, I mean zero.

Fuck all you nofrenz XD normies with more than a dozen friends
>One is grumpy racist but fun to play games and talk about films and shit with
>other has jewfro, always revising for exams
>another friend who is gay but has funny sarcastic humour
>Last is a nazi, always playing hearts of iron on steam
Oh man here we go

>turbochad-tier surfer stoner type of guy, cheats on his gf on a regular basis, somehow she stills love him
>intelligent autistic guy, he doesnt talk to much but pretty cool sometimes
>alcoholic funny bro with a good sense of humor, likes metal and is pretty edgy as fuck
>pathetic-failed chad, always tries to hit on women but fails and we shit on him because of that
>handsome looking motherfucker, drives women crazy but is too shy to make a move, cool-tier normie
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