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Who /bad skin/ here?
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Who /bad skin/ here?
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>Psoriasis on upperbody and limbs
>acne scars and acne on my face amd back
Just end me my dude
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>acne acne acne
>more acne
>decade of acne
>no end on the horizon
>50% of your energy output dedicated to acne

there is no god
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>entire face is red and looks sunburned at all times
>scarred to fuck from acne
>flaky and peeling
>chest and shoulders covered in little bumps from acne like a plucked chicken
I am convinced that I will be alone forever because of this. I can't even look myself in the mirror. I've broken a mirror and made my hand bleed because I just can't stand to look at myself.
women can use makeup

it's not fair
Whole face is covered in acne scars.
Everything thinks i'm disgusting so there's no hope for me in life.
Unless you're acne is so bad that it cakes and flakes.

Men can use makeup too, at least concealer and some foundation, so long as they apply it well enough so that it's not noticeable and blend it. Unfortunately with the kind of acne we are talking about, this is very difficult.

Also makeup makes your skin marginally worse, so I have to save it for special occasions/around people I care about.
>tfw I'd be hot if I had clear skin
It fucking fucks with me too. I'll get like a week of good (relatively speaking) skin and then 2-3 weeks of acne. I'm 22, I'm fucking sick of it
Bad skin really is the worst. It can make even an attractive face look shitty.

And if you're ugly AND have bad skin, like me, you're doomed.
/acneuprising/ when?

how many times has my family here been on accutane? 1.5 for me
who /eczema/ here?
>tfw parts of skin are dry as fuck and literally peeling
>tfw uncontrollable urges to scratch and have started doing it without noticing now
>tfw lift but can never wear short sleeves or any clothes that reveal the slightest bit of skin
I'm 5 months in right now, it has not helped at all. All it has done is make my skin redder and more dry. The winter weather doesn't help. When I wake up in the morning and rub my face, it's like a fuckin snowglobe. I'm getting ready to hang myself.
>worst on dick
My acne really isn't bad enough for me to use accutane. It's bad enough that it ruins my confidence but it's not work killing myself over and almost guaranteed side effects. Why replace one problem with another?
H brug BVG
I did a full course when I was 17 and it went away for like, 6 months.

Came back full force and angrier than ever. Did another half course but went off bc health problems + my doctor told me I was predisposed to female pattern baldness so I got off it because I'd rather be acne ridden than bald (accutane can enhance hair loss)

>tfw you might actually be somewhat a 5/10 if your skin wasn't RUINED

I'm around your age and it is too late for me, I believe. I might say fuck it and do another course if it doesn't get better in a year, but I really believe it is too late. My skin is so destroyed and I'm not sure what to do. Currently following a regime a dermatologist put me on and it's... made my pores smaller but I still get inflammation all around my nose/chin. Shit sucks and its just continuing to ruin my face.
accutane cleared my skin but aggravated my anxiety and now I'm back in therapy :)

did you know crohn's disease is a potential long term side effect of accutane? even one cycle can cause it!
On top of acne I have morphea on my stomach. It's like semi-hardened skin that's darkish and doesn't grow hair or have fat under it.
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Who /backne/ here?
It gets down to my biceps nigga
I get really bad acne all over my body. You can run your hands over me and feel bumps all over, and pretty much everywhere is covered in scars. They're really painful too. Back, ass, ass crack, my genitals, my legs, my arms, face, chest. Everywhere.
Chestacne/bacne/face acne crew here
>have acne
>use proactive
>use apple cider vinegar
>use clean n clear
>use soap
>use water only
>use head n shoulders
>try never touching face
>try eating better
>still acne
>however, only around mouth chin
>decide to grow a beard
Couple months from now this problem will be history.
I was always an anxious mess but I think accutane gave me schizo-like symptoms and definitely aggrevated my FPB.

Whatever though. My bowel movements are pretty decent I guess. I would honestly donate a kidney and half my liver if it meant clear skin for at least a little while longer.

Weird because I went to North Carolina with my dad twice and my skin was the clearest it had ever been when we stayed there. Better than accutane and I didn't even "take care" of it. Must be something in the water.

Water is a good thing to look into for those of you who are mediocrely acne-ridden. I've been fooling around with my water filter at home for ages. I installed a shower head that lets you put a filter system in and I've been trying to soften the water with various amounts of minerals. It helped a little bit I guess but it was a big hassle.
>I would honestly donate a kidney and half my liver if it meant clear skin for at least a little while longer.
Gotta love vanity
Well when your success in the world is dependent upon your looks there's not much you can do.
Plenty of ugly mother fuckers are successful, you just gotta try harder. Its not fair but life isn't fair.
I'm 25 years old.

I still have acne on my face.

Sometimes I wonder when it'll fucking stop, will it ever fucking stop? I don't know.

Women will never give me any sort of attention, it doesn't matter how much effort I put into myself it seems completely hopeless with my acne holding me back.
But Mystery is a girl. And ugly grls can't accomplish anything.
>girls on /r9k/
Dank memes dawg
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there are girls on /r9k/

they're just mental patients
She doesn't even bad skin, what a lying cunt.
It's called makeup. I would post a picture of what my skin looked like in December when I had approximately like 6 groups of cysts on my face without makeup on but I'd get accused of "attention whoring" so whatever.

This. Being an ugly girl is harder than being a girl with one kidney.
Bacne, just horrible bacne.

Even though I got rid of it, it still looks horrible. They aren't scars they're just purple/red dots where the acne has damaged the skin.
I had semi bad acne and I still was able to find a gf. It's getting better now but only after ~2 years. Now it fucking sucks cause I have bacne now.
Go home roastie cunt
>that far right picture

>you will never make mystery smile
>you will never see her eyes light up with genuine happiness
>you will never hold her during a panic attack
>she will never peg your asshole with the force of a bullet train
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>tfw my bf has probably had all of these things except the last one which I guess is coming

Sigh... I should probably leave this place since I'm so blessed. ;_;
I knew there was a reason I had you blocked. I should have never unblocked a tripfag.
>cystic acne
What the fuck how the fuc oh right

of course. Die roastie.
To be honest he didn't know and now that I've trapped him it's too late.

Plus makeup and I see him rarely. He hasn't seen me at my worst and hopefully never will.

Plus what is to say I'm not a practice gf who will get her heart broken?
>Plus what is to say I'm not a practice gf who will get her heart broken?
Because women are incapable of love
My mother has perfect skin.
My father has perfect skin.
My sister has perfect skin.

All throughout high school I had cystic acne up and down my cheeks, jawline, back, and shoulders.

Took Accutane for a month and it disapearred, but now I've got keloid scars on my jawline, deep pitted scars on my cheeks, and leathery skin on my shoulders - all while my sister looks like she hasn't had a blemish in her entire life.

I sat down with my fifty year old father at a diner once and the waitress asked if we were brothers - that is how damaged my skin is.

My mother bought me powder to apply to my cheeks to mask the redness and scarring, but I'm not a woman, so I have no desire to lie to the world about my appearance.

I know I sound like an edgy little shit, I'm just pretty fucking bitter about this.
>tfw I have good skin except for a weird patch of white bubbles on my chin. I popped them but they keep comming back so i just grew a beard.
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>went to the dermatologist for the first time last wednesday
>got put on some oral antibiotics and nightly cream
>was told it would take a few weeks to see improvement
>haven't had a single pimple since then
Just saying try dropping dairy products or even go full plant based for some time. It has really helped some people with bad skin. It's worth a try.
>20 years old
>just now getting acne
I'm going to be shit until I'm like 30
wee you got rid of normie acne great 4u fuck off.
>at least 3 cysts a week and pustules every day
>normie acne

eat shit my man
Me. Prescription salve called Protopic makes it bearable. Still pretty bad and especially annoyinf on eyelids. I often feel like clawing my eyes out.
I don't really have pimples but I have oily skin and bad pores and blackheads. With the occasional ugly pimple. Its not THAT BAD but it just makes me look ugly and it won't go away. I'd be a literal 9/10 and a lot more outgoing
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Thread images: 8
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