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Mormon feels story?
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Anyone wanna hear a good Mormon feels story? it's a good one.
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i suppose original jesus
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>be me, move to fucking Utah with family in 7th grade
>holy god everyone is Mormon
>go to Mormon Church to try and meet people make friends
>feels fucking weird, alienated, go through middle school with no real friends
>even hung out with these two beaners and we got suspended for throwing soap all over the bathroom
>9th grade, "friends" with all the Chads. I got to this point by goofing off at school and being naughty as fuck during class. Make everyone laugh
>realize my humor is my only quality
>get BTFO by Mormon Chads. They make up lies about me, I'm depressed mode. Felt like I had almost made it.
>tell mom that God is a fucker
>get grounded

Your greentext ability is subpar, quit while you're ahead OP.

It won't even make it to /r/4chan.
>summer before 10th grade, have a couple friends. They're kinda autists too. We get BTFO by every girl we try to talk to
>I relate to them heavy, we go to Wendys every night and I'm happy
>10th grade, Chads want me back because I had a starter gun (fires blanks loud as fuck)
>They thought it was fun as hell to scare people with it.
>Ditch my friends like a fucking asshole
>felt justified because they had gotten into drugs and I was straight edge
>So now I'm back with the Chads
>but they're still cunty, rarely get invited to stuff, feels bad, so now what?
>school becomes fun, we fuck around all day, and high school is easy as all hell
>friend problems become minimal, old friends from summer are back too, by 11th grade we have a big group of Chads and bots and we all get along
>is this the Mormon dream desu?
>been faking Mormonism to get girls to talk to me
>friends know I'm not religious
>say fuck God, Chads laugh
>okay life is alright, high school isn't that bad
>senior year, I'm pretty happy, people like me I think, wishing HS would last forever.
>Oh god, start talking to a girl
>Molly Mormon 9/10 way out of my league
>we become involved, take it slow, but holy fuck It's working
>what the fuck is going on
>our first kiss, this is getting real. Find out she was still hitting up her ex, feels bad, but confess feelings to her anyways
>she drops ex, I'm happy. She asks me to a dance, and we go
>the day of dance, she tells me she saw a YouTube video of me freestyle rapping, "wtf anon, you say fuck God and fuck Jesus Christ in your rap! I'm sickened!"
>heart drops, ohfuckme.
>somehow salvage night, thought it was over but guess not.
>we continue seeing each other
>fast forward a little, I ask her to prom. Romantic as fuck, wowie she says yes
>sometimes she invites me over while she babysits, we do shit
>Everything but oral, so where's the problem?
>oh my god she's Mormon mode. She's nuts. Crazy about the church but somehow we still do stuff.
>feels good that I'm turning her away from the church
>go to prom, fuck me I'm in love with her
>tell her
>she doesn't say it back but loves hearing it
>I'm nervous, find out that a ton of my classmates would talk bad about me to her, and say I was the antichrist
>it actually works, she almost breaks up with me
>summer break happens, we graduate, still in love, still happy together
>she starts acting distant, I'm sweating, I'm fucked I know it
>just get it over with. I go over after a few weeks not seeing her. She can't end things
>D-does she love me?
>week later, breaks up with me
>her reason "I don't share her standards"
>realize it's her Mormonism that's fucking it all up
>depressed, heartbroken
>fight for her back
>kinda works, but she's playing with my head, keeping me around
>we hook up again
>texts me after "we're done for good,that was not okay"
>all I did was handslam her
>oh fuck I forgot I was moving to Georgia at the end of the summer
>barely see her
>feelings are still there for both of us
>spend my last 3 days with her, fuck this is hard
>leave, cry, she cries too. So in love
>living in GA, start college, we grow distant
>still in contact with friends, not really her
>try not to think about her, but wear her hair tie around my wrist every day
I'm going to bed. My ears hut. Got an infection. Fucking shit genetics.
>visiting after the semester ends
>we talk the day before I fly out to Utah, tells me how what we did fucked her life. Says her kids in heaven watched the naughty things we did
>what in the fuck
>same night, she tells me she still thinks about how it felt to do what we did
>get the fuck out of my head
>I come back
>she calls, but bails on me, then she calls the next day bawling
>tells me her church leader said not to see me ever again
>I'm pissed as fuck, but I know she'll let me see her
>bitch surprises me at Panda Express, I almost vomit hehe but she still likes me. Tells me to my face that she wants to marry me but can't because her "Patriarchal Blessing" says she won't
>Mormons know the future
You're an idiot, OP
>I see her a few more times before I leave
>I'm tired of typing
>go back to GA
>she has new bf
>should I kill myself
Is this the Mormon dream anons?
Just dont fuck with mormons I guess
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Thread images: 7
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