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Hooker / one night stand stories
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Post your best, worst or most strange experiences.

my most recent encounter:
>>agree on a price and time
>>she wants me to come over to her place
>>as i'm going there i get a strange feeling that i've been to that address before
>>it's an apartment building, as i'm standing outside i recall that my gf asked me to drop off some items there for her half-sister or niece or something like that
>>i remember a comment from my gf that her relative is probably a hooker
>>by that point i have a raging boner and decide to check it out
>>yup it's my gf relative
>>fuck all her holes, she makes a lot of noise and wants it "harder"
>>have 2 rounds with her, she doesn't check the time or try to hurry things up
>>best 50 euros spent

More from OP

>>i was just starting out, not much experience with women
>>agree on 50e for a blowjob
>>shes coming over to my place
>>we have some small talk and a drink
>>she tells she didn't come for a drink
>>takes of my pants asks me to hold her hair and starts sucking
>>i don't know what she was doing but that was the best feeling i've ever had
>>i'm almost coming, she stops and starts taking off her clothes and tells me she wants to fuck
>>i do her bareback, and she starts kissing me and asks me to come inside her
>>i comply
>>she doesn't want any money, tells me she just wanted to fuck
>>takes my number and actually calls me the next month and asks if i want to fuck

>>i was a kissless virgin 2 months before meeting her
>>i was pretty confused that night
no one wants to share their epic stories ?
where are you from? from where did contact one? It's illegal here in sweden, dont know where to look
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Fuck you Europeans. Its so fucking easy for you.
>in Madrid
>find card for Japanese brothel on ground
>work up the courage
>its a non-descript apartment filled with chinese girls
>pic one
>she massages me, kisses me, sucks my dick, eats my ass and fucks me
>tries her hardest to make me cum a second time but i couldnt
>70 Euros
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I'm not sure you're aware of your location tripfriend, but /r9k/ is full of shut-ins who don't have the social capacity to arrange these kinds of situations, let alone go outside most of the time.

I'm from Estonia (14 is legal here, pretty awesome)
Buying sex from adults is also legal
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>Japanese brothel
>with chinese girls
Lately people have been mistaking /r9k/ for /b/ or /fit/ or something. People like the memes that /r9k/ produces but are totally alien to the actual originators.

so it goes.

i've alway wanted to try an asian but they are very rare and expensive in my country

thats untrue, i've been lurking and shitposting for 5 years and i get mad pussy all the time. Not all robots are kissless virgins
>so anxious can't even consider the probability of going to a hooker

Fuck you all.
Classic Japanese style.

My first time was like that

>>drank beer and vodka to get enough courage to make the call
>>was shivering all over when i was standing behing her door
>>dick was half-soft due to how nervous i was
>>it was pretty bad

>>second time was also pretty bad
>>third was ok, less nervous etc..

you just have to go ahead and do it
More from OP

>>not a hooker story
>>i started out with ugly/chubby women to gather exp
>>chat online with a 15y old 4/10
>>she agrees to fuck
>>she lives in the middle of nowhere
>>i need transport so i talk to my wingman
>>i somehow manage to convince the 15y old to find a girl for my friend
>>we drive out pick them up
>>take turns fucking in the car
>>it's winter -27 C outside, waiting outside for my friend to finish
>>my girl tells me shes a virgin and never seen a penis
>>i let her suck me off and put it inside her
>>i hate condoms so i don't work on her pussy too much
>> finish in her face and mouth
>>never call her again
>Hookers in Estonia.
Arent most of them russian drug addicts with huge chance of getting HIV?
>>with a girl i know who sometimes fucks for money
>>giving me a blowjob
>>her boyfriend calls and asks her where she is
>>she proceeds to have a conversation with her bf while having my dick in her mouth
>>it was so hilarious i almost lost my boner
I would be disgusted on a gut level at what was taking place on my dick

The professionals mostly are russian and drug addicts. I don't visit them.

I scan on-line dating and sex sites for single moms looking for quick money or are just horny.

where are you from bro ? Whats with the moralfaggotry ?
What's with the sadism?

I wouldn't say i'm a sadist, i just like to fuck.. It's not my problem when a girl decides to chat on her bf for 20 euros
gud on ya m8
You found it hilarious, to be the catalyst of this deception.

Come on bro ? It was funny, like something out of a movie. Not my fault or problem she was unfaithful, I was just enjoying the moment. If it weren't my dick in her mouth it would of been some other dudes.
You come here to feel better about yourself?
my last greentext worthy story

>>against my usual policy of not visiting line workers, i decide to try one out
>>on the phone with her, she sounds high and forgetful
>>i arrive and she's totally high on heroin or some shit like that
>>i stay because she's really hot
>>i start doing her doggy style
>>she passes out
>>i check if shes ok, she seems to be sleeping
>>fuck it - i grab the lubricant from her nightstand and start doing anal
>>i finish on her face
>>i did leave a +20 eur tip, no sadism

No. But i can't really share all these stories with my friends and i thought anons would contribute more and it would be an interesting thread
Most people here have little to no sexual experience. That's sort of the commonality that makes us "friends".

You're what we call a "normie" and we usually tell you guys to leave, unless something's changed.

well, has something changed?
Man, that is just sad.

I am by no means a "normie"

I have been diagnosed with SA. I was intensely bullied all the way through school. I was a kissless virgin until the age of 21. I don't go to clubs or bars. I choke when a female speaks to me when i'm unprepared.

Only difference is i got a good job, and started gathering exp with females, at first with fatties and uglies and with the help of alcohol and anxiety medicine. After i leveled up i realized i don't need to worry about the opinions of whores and then i started having fun..
That's quite a story. I'm sure your gf will scoop you up in her arms when you pull that sob story you normie fuck.
On my phone so too much of a pain in the ass to green text.

Go to party with friends

Friend is having sex with girl there.

All of us are outside smoking cigs.

Cutie blonde with freckles comes outside to have a cig and immidietly comes onto me.

Shes all over me and grabs my Hans and takes me inside.

We go down to the basement and there's a tent set up.

We go in the tent and proceed to have sex.

After were done I go and hang out with my friend.

Have no idea where the girl I just fucked went.

About to leave so I look for her to say bye.

She's in a bed upstairs with another guy.

I say bye and the guy freaks out like he already know I banged her.

He gets up and tries to attack me. Ppl break it up and I leave.

Never heard from her again but so fucked up she banged me while her bf was in the room upstairs. Never trust women

nice work bro
never trust women...
never trust noko...

go get a hooker bro, it might help you relax
probably...idk...there's a lot to consider. I had a judeo-christian upbringing and the guilt was beat into me. I just feel like the girl wouldn't respect me, or even like me, and it would make the experience totally unenjoyable. I know she's a prostitute and it doesn't matter, I just know I'd feel empty before, during and after the event.
I have 100 dollars in cash.

I like with my parents.

I cannot drive even though I know how.

Is there any way for me to get a hooker?

Also how do I avoid police sting operations?

This is about you, she doesn't need to like or respect you. It's about you having fun.
>be 17
>be with friends on vacation on the coast
>take acid
>snort a bunch of stuff
>go out in town
>get talked in to getting a bj from a prostitute they pay for
>fractal boobs
That's how I lost my virginity if you count that
>24 year old khhv NEET
>too much of a beta to go to a hooker
>can't drink or get high before because I have extreme panic attacks when I drink or smoke weed

go online, do your research. Shit should be easy if you live in a big city. Lot of girls have their own office. Don't overpay and don't worry about the police.

If you don't like line workers, then go to dating sites and msg single moms and straight up ask them if they want to make an extra buck, but be polite about it.
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>Live in Reno, Nevada
>Legal brothels I could go to
>Took tour of the Mustang Ranch as a "joke"
>Really considering going back when my disability comes in
>worried I'll be laughed at because fat and small dick

should I do it?
go for it. Proffesional hookers don't laugh.
A good hooker pretends to enjoy it. The thought that even though you know she very well might not enjoy it yet pretends to, gives you a feeling of power that is very enjoyable and fulfilling. You can trust me on that. Especially while you orgasm.

How much does it cost for one that's not completely disgusting? IDK if 100 bucks is goign to be enough.
That does sound kind of hot. I guess I'll try to find a grill for some p2w while I still have some money in my account.

i rarely go above 50eur for 1x sex

do some research, i don't know what would be a fair price in the US
You didnt get poopoo on your dick?
no. For a drug addict she seemed pretty clean
Well thats disapointing
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What ? please elaborate ?

also more hooker stories
I lost my virginity at 24 to a 35 year old blonde dd 5'5 120 lb milf hooker. not bad like a 6/10 face I mean she had makeup you know the deal. she was nice though and I got bbbj and everything for my first time but damn bro it was crazy. stayed at her place for like 2 hrs each visit. she wanted me to pay for bareback full service but as a virgin I was really scared maybe this isn't normal and declined.

I was nervous af couldn't do a damn thing sometimes. but I manged to finish myself at the end n she licked it up.

I saw her two more times but ever since then I've been doing hookers almost routinely.
normies pull girls from the club
hookers are for foreveralonebros
good for you bro
first times are nervous as fuck but it gets easier every time
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it's funny
but you're still a dick
and she's a dick
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