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going solo
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how do most anons masturbate?
vibrator bullet
Silicon replica horse and dragon penises.
in the ass ,on the clit,or the dick
Various dildos I've made over the years. I just made one out of clay today
My man
Plushie play is all I have
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how rekt is your boipussy?
Pretty rekt, though not as bad as that picture. A human-sized penis probably wouldn't do much for me at this point.
Just normal hand on dick.

I have a Tenga but wore it out and ran out of lube for it, and honestly it wasn't enough better than normal fapping to be worth the cleanup.
With my hand.
Left or right depending on which way I'm sitting.
My university is doing a course on sex toy production according to the local paper. They didn't mention the course code. It's not on the university website.
Just ask your counselor anon, using things that you made for your normal daily activities instead of store bought stuff always gives you a sense of accomplishment. Plus it's a viable career if you get good and sell them on etsy like I do.
I just have a couple of vibrators. I don't use them often, though. Usually just go with a couple fingers.
How do you guys get your toys?
Every sex shop I've emailed said they don't accept GBP as payment.
Wat do?
File: 1451812602939.jpg (19 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fleshlight desu

It's bretty gud
Everybody says the cleanup is horrible, but it actually only takes about 30 seconds
Drying sucks, you don't actually have to do anything, but it takes several hours, a few less if you put in in front of a fan, It's only about 5 minutes if you use hair dryer, but that's kind of suspicious if you live with other people.

Overall I'd say it was a good investment.
like a shrink?
anyway the university is run by independent "schools." Only the coordinator running my course would give me the time of day (if i'm lucky), and even then he wont know jack because it's not his speciality.
I think it's private or invite only or something. The article was passed around and no one seems able to find out the course code.
I graduate at the end of the year too, so it looks like I've missed out.
So tenga worth it not?
Hand only. No lotion/lube.
My dick has dark rings around it and I seem to have stretched out the skin.
I heard they're too small for a non asian dick
>tfw no lewd bad dragon gf
The Flip Hole is adequately sized for an american-sized schlong (I'm around 7x5.5) but it's not really meant for it, it kind of bulges and I think it's why it wore out so fast.

It's not bad I guess. I'm (barely) a non-V and it was more like sex than using my hand. I haven't tried another onahole though, so I wouldn't know if it's better or worse than anything else. It's messy, too, not just itself but also gets jizz and lube all over your crotch.

Also, if you're a V and have never used a hole before, be prepared for how weird and kind of uncomfortable the post-cum stimulation feels.
I don't remember exactly what they're called, but the person you go and ask what classes you need to take for your major or to transfer (if you're in a community college). They should be able to find you the course catalog or something. If they don't exist try checking around school for flyers on public bulletin boards or something?

Did the queen make dildos illegal or something? Just buy them from amazon or something man. Make paypal if you don't have one, it'll convert for you for a small fee
>tfw was gonna order a bad dragon dildo but found out it takes like a year for it to get to you and they cost $200
>I'm around 7x5.5
fuck off
you can still be my gf
maybe i'll get one for you
File: cq_roll5.jpg (56 KB, 618x463) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56 KB, 618x463
I've got 3 onaholes, various cockrings, a bullet vibrator and a dildo.

I've pretty much given up on the dildo, shit is too time consuming. The bullet vibrator can be used in a lot of ways but I like leaving it in my ass to massage my prostate while I fap normally.

Otherwise, I use one of my onaholes once a week for a lengthy fap (for quick ones, I just use my hand). Pic related is my current favourite, I fucking love piercing its womb.
rofl tinycock detected.

>he's so jealous that he disbelieves a relatively average western penis size.
Maybe, but only if you have good taste
What one would you buy me?
Only if you buy the as-big-as-your-arm ones
It wasn't so much the price that bothered me as the ridiculous "manufacturing time" and the huge queue and stuff. Why does it take over 6 months to 3d print and ship a dragon penis?
Either horse, dog, or dragon
And whatever it is it needs a cum tube
Are you sure you're thinking of BD? If you order an inventory toy they'll ship it within a business day, a custom order takes at most a week or two
>relatively average
you're at least a standard deviation above average
>3d print
that's not typical
I heard that there is literally no fillament that is both body save and structurally sound enough for sex toys
So far, you're passing with flying colors. One last question: what color?

I wouldn't order one in inventory, they all look weird. I dunno, a tumblr I follow wrote a post about it taking over half a year with proof. It was like 2 years ago now though.

I feel as though I've been lied to by a childhood friend ;__;
>So far, you're passing with flying colors. One last question: what color?
>tfw will most likely fail this
Purple is my favorite color so that
Be my lewd gf?
File: 1452675538872.jpg (658 KB, 4096x2720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
658 KB, 4096x2720
Normally I suppose, but with Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil.

No lube can compare, and it's very inconspicuous. No one would would guess you were using it to beat your meat because of the endless uses it has, including jackin' it.
Alternating hands during each session and holding my breath for as long as possible.
Not sure when I started, but my scottish genes that make my torso retardedly fucking long give me a pretty high lung capacity, I can hold my breath for anywhere from 1 minute - 1 minute 30 seconds depending on how hard I try.
Still have to breathe during and hold it again but I can't seem to make myself not hold my breath anymore. I probably think it does something magical and enhances my orgasm and can't break the habit.
Pic related
I do the same thing
Probably the same reason people choke themselves with belts and shit
I just recently bought a puni ana dx hip onahole. Cost $130. It's fucking gigantic and intimidating but really cool

I can hardly last while using it, it's too good. The only problem is that if I finish inside, my cum will shoot out the back hole and make a mess

Show me a mockup of a medium chance, I want to see what your purple looks like specifically

Also thank you for entertaining me while I'm bored and lonely in the middle of the night anon :3
The choking thing honestly puts me off, I don't know if I'll ever get into that. It's always sounded like it could go wrong very easily.
At least this way my brain can take control so I don't pass out just trying to get off.
Source? They haven't found any harmful effects of silicone yet, and it's a very pervasive material so there's been ample opportunity to study it
File: royal purple.png (9 KB, 300x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
royal purple.png
9 KB, 300x500
this would be the purple i use
I wouldn't mind talking more :3c
I'm not saying you necessarily have to be into choking, I'm just speculating that the pleasure mechanism might work similarly
Solid purple is so boring though...
Where do you live, I don't really like the idea of getting serious with people I can't hug
>Solid purple is so boring though...
I like all shades, but royal is my favorite
>Where do you live,
New York state
please give me a chance ;_;
>tfw NYS as well, I bet you're in NYC tho like everybody else who's not retarded
>I bet you're in NYC tho like everybody else who's not retarded
I'm not
[email protected] but I'm going to sleep soon.
That anon wasn't me, I'm the guy who posted about the Tenga.

But anyway, all I was doing was making the point that any average American-sized dick will fit fine in one, it's not some shit that only fits tiny Japanese peen.
File: 20160121_130653.jpg (1003 KB, 2000x1125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1003 KB, 2000x1125
my current collection
started with the pink vibe, but it's broke now so I mostly use it for prepping
had a dildo I threw away during a moment of disgust after I realized what I had done to myself, got over it as you can see
also had an onahole that I threw away since it was too large to hide and the cleanup got tiring, great orgasms though

I've been doing butt stuff for about a year now but with little success. It definitely feels nice to finish with a strongly vibrating dildo giving that extra feeling or just having something thick lodged up there, but I've never had anal orgasm and I don't think I've ever even managed to find my prostate. The white Aneros is my latest acquisition and I've had some nice feelings while experimenting with it. I took a two week nofap that I'm ending today or on Saturday with the Aneros. Not going to touch my dick apart from wiping up (and eating) the pre, it's going to be anal only. If I don't succeed I'll just wait another week and try again. Keep doing it until success.
I hold the tip of my dick and hump my mattress.

This thread makes me feel like a normal person
He means good boy points not the pound m8
I have the aneros helix and struggled with it until I tried it high.
Learned to super o in about 30 mins.
I guess getting high made it easier to relax? I suppose that might be my issue. I definitely feel different and kinda nice when doing the contractions, but I've never been able to get even close to a peak. Best I could do was a hands-free dribble orgasm but I felt absolutely nothing, suddenly just had tons of cum flowing out.
I usually do this stuff on my PC kinda half sitting half laying down to get visual stimulation from doujinshi or other stuff but I've heard some people have had better luck doing it laying down in bed. I'll try that eventually if I have no success tonight.
File: Barrel.jpg (23 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 300x300
Years ago I was about to do anal with a girl but I chickened out. After countless H-manga, I wanted to know what the feeling of being cummed in the ass was for a girl. So, I stuck a barrel filled with vaseline up my ass and pushed the plunger as I came."I was like, take that you bitch", I was satisfied to know how that bitch felt. I don't do it anymore since I started shitting blood.
File: 1417969356855.jpg (149 KB, 710x544) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149 KB, 710x544
With my hand, no lotion.

I have played with onaholes, but they are a lot of work and not worth the trouble.
I do a mixture of hand and onahole.
>have over 10 onaholes
>I've literally spent over $1000 on holes the past three years
>I don't regret it
Ask me anything
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Thread images: 10
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