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>finally open up to someone about my anxiety...
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>finally open up to someone about my anxiety and depression
>they completely ignore it and start talking about something from our previous conversation
kill your're self frog poster
Ex gf had anxiety and depression and 80HD. As someone who dated her for 6 months. I try to avoid all females with anxiety and depression now.
you first, friend
nah, she was probably just an egoistical slut
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If they do that you're probably happier with this outcome, I have some online normie acquaintances who I had a "real shit" talk with at a low point and

>"well anon maybe you should go to a park or coffee place and meet some friends"
>"lel you could drink the problems away xddd"
>"have you tried getting a gf?"
>"if you don't connect with anyone then get new hobbies"
>"i was depressed once and..." *shares something that completely isn't depression*

no matter how much you're feeling no normie is ever going to see you as more than just an autist who complains too much
>go on facebook
>about 20 people (mostly women) all posting the same shit
>"wah no one knows what its like to be depressed and have anxiety at the same time"
>"its constantly being tired but too worried to sleep
>no one understands the struggles of being an introverted extrovert :'(
>accompanied by a faggy comic
I know I deserve it for using facebook, but why do these people think this is in anyway special or unique
Always took pride in her depression and anziety, like it was the only way she identified with anything, So yeah I see that
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I remember someone here posted their best findings from searching #socialanxiety on tumblr, literally hipster tumblrinas thinking that social anxiety ties into the introverted alt image they love and making cringy comics about how to "be around socially awkward people" that was basically just circlejerking and narcissism.

social anxiety is the new "that pictures is triggering my OCD xdddd"

>tfw overheard some girl who's always surrounded by friends and her bf talk about how hard her life is with "anxiety from all the people around her"

I tired to keep the whining to a minimum,
I've been hanging out with the people at college more.
Feelings of fellowship are almost identical to nationalism. They bring a sense of belonging and inseparability, and even invincibility, to some extent
And that's when I started to think about the Iraq War.
How many bonds of fellowship do you think there were over there, in any given place where they aren't fucking goats? Say Baghdad university.
One day you're with your lover, talking about how you'll survive the upcoming conflict and hold hands, conjuring the up power of love.
And the next day you see your lover get blown up from the waist up by mortar. Her legs are gone. She pissing and shitting herself, trying to push her intenstens back into place, crying for her mother.
The feeling's gone. You're on your own. You're dead.
I don't think something like that is likely to happen over here, but the end will come either way.
You're 100 years old. You're in a nursing home. all your friends are either dead or demented, your wife is either dead or demented.
You lay there, thinking about how carpe diem was your motto in life, and how old age was seemed as far away to you. But it came in the blink of an eye, like the end of school to a first grader.
A short time later, your extend family hosts your funeral. Afterwards they drink bear and play volleyball.
The feeling's gone. you're on your own. You're dead.
I just can't shake the feeling that that being social will only cause you more pain in the long run.
you ever think no one wants to hear it? You ever think you aren't a special snow flake with problems that no possible way anyone else has also. Guess what. Everyone has problems and no one wants to sit around and listen to other's problems. You fucking bottle everything up in side and keep moving like everyone else. Any time I start talking to a chick and she starts bringing up "issues" of hers I automatically start drifting away from her. Literally men would rather give up sex than listen to someone whine, so why would someone want to listen to you whine. As soon as you realize you're worthless you can give up on your feelings and just continue to work on life like everyone else.
Thread replies: 11
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