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Obese mom keeps asking to use my computer....
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Obese mom keeps asking to use my computer. Her tablet can't play the bingo game she likes, so any time I step away from the computer or go to sleep she tries to get on my pc. She won't just find a new game and stop spending money online.
Any time I ask her to just play another game she starts ranting about "after all she's done for me". What? What has she done for me?
I've literally had nothing except a roof over my head for 20 years. Never had clothes growing up, no money for anything extra, not allowed to leave my room except to go to school. No social life. My mom just eats, smokes, and gambles her life away. Nobody pays attention to me. Nobody helps me get my life on track.

I've had crippling anxiety from being fat, poor, and not allowed to practice social skills by being outside my room. Simple neglect, IMO. I quit high school due to social anxiety, got a GED, got a scholarship, started going to college, but after one semester my mom found a girl online to live with, and I had to move with her. No college for me.

I've worked for the last 2 years and have nothing to show for it. All I've saved has been given to my mom. I have no prospects for the future. She won't even help me. She just lays in bed eating, smoking, playing bingo.

For her to talk about all she's done for me just seems outrageous. She's done nothing but fuck my life. Am I the one that's wrong here? Everybody else's parents save up for their college, help them buy a car, take them to extracurricular activities, let them hang out with friends. I got none of that. Just a roof over my head.
get your own fucking place you leeching scumbag
Can't afford my own place... Even at minimum wage jobs people act like they don't want me around. That's how bad my social skills are.
join the military and leave everything behind, don't give a fuck about anything else.
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Block the IP address for it on your router, or get someone on /g/ to make a simple program to block access to the site on your PC, but make it look like an error out of your control.

Just say you have no idea why the site won't work anymore. I'm not sure if that will fly at all, but act as genuine as you can.

Sounds like you're in a pretty shitty situation anon, keep venting. Even if nobody reads it, at least you'll get some shit off your chest.

The only advice I can give is to try and lose weight (cut out soda/junk food, eat smaller portions) and maybe leave your room. I'm not sure how serious you are about the whole 'not being able to leave my room part', but just try your best to spend and hour or so outside. Try very early morning or mid-day and just get some exercise. Don't worry about what people think, coming from someone who dealt with bad social anxiety as well, people do not give a shit about you or what you're doing at all.

You can make it, anon. I believe in you.
>calls him a leeching scumbag
>tells him to join the military
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>every poster on 4cahn is the same person
fuck off
I have a fucked knee, I cant :/
I can get walk outside pretty good easily. I go to the park trail next to my local library and walk around it. I was doing it every day for a while and lost 30 pounds (230 to 200). I'm going to start again soon, after it warms up. I walked 5 miles in my house yesterday lol.

I just wish I could talk to people. I seem to be doing okay in the looks department. It's not hard to attract girls but I just don't know what to say and around them or anybody for that matter. Add to that the fact that I have conservative values in an increasingly leftist society.
you have problems she has problems, that doesn't mean you should ignore these problems but she's your fat mom so don't hate too much, you're doing ok
Bloo-hoo! OP thinks he's the only one that has a shitty family life. How old are you OP? Why don't you just gtfo of there?

>MFW abused (mentally, physically, sexually) by family growing up
>Mother hated me because I looked different from my blond haired/blue eyed/tall siblings
-She cheated on dad with an Indian (from a small tribe) so I come out short, darker skinned with dark hair and hazel eyes
>People will ask if I'm a cousin or a friend when family is out somewhere...Mom would beat me when we got home. Didn't know why until I was 16 and she confessed that she wanted to abort me and admitted her cheating on dad.
>She divorced Dad when I was six and remarried an abusive asshole who joined in on her abuse.
>He raped my brothers, abused me and my sisters and beat the fuck out of everyone.
-Almost killed my mother a few times because the beatings were so bad.
>Poor, no utilities, no food, no clothes
>Ignored for help in school because it was in a majority black/hispanic area and administration believed that only minorities needed help
>Hit puberty at age 11 - mother started calling me a whore and accusing me of being pregnant.
>Couldn't have friends, would rarely even let me leave to go to library to get more books to read
>At age 12 she threw me out of the house - was homeless and couch surfed
>Age 16 she removed me from school - she said I needed to get a job
>Age 17 Begged my sibling's bio-father to sign the paperwork for me to go to Job Corps
>Started Job Corps, got HS Diploma and GED (loophole in my state), started college classes
>First to graduate HS in family, family does not even show up to graduation.
>Could only stay at program for a year, so I had to leave - moved back to old city
>Had to get a full-time job just to make ends meet. Working and going to school full-time sucked, but did it
>Little Bro and Sister come to live with me
>Sis gets knocked up at 16, take care of her kid too
I did what needed to be done. Grow a pair OP.
Try for a union job. Where I am every month on the first Monday they pass out applications for new people to sign up as apprentices. Welding/Electrical/HVAC unions are awesome. They start out rough, but can be some of the highest paying careers (that will be in demand for years to come)

Apprenticeships are paid, so it's pretty much paid training.
>le unions and trades hire people without experience meme
haha nice I like it!!
too bad IRL apprenticeships require 2-3 YEARS of experience and for you to own your own tools
AHAHA...guess you don't live in my city, they do take people without experience here.

God damn...sometimes you guys are too cynical for your own good.

>Pic related - from the unions near me. Read the description.
My brothers are all union workers. 3 of the 4 were in Prison and got a GED while locked up, no outside training. 4th brother is a Welder who makes crazy money.

>2015+1 = applying 'knowledge' of some union jobs to all unions everywhere

>seriously though, either look into union jobs/oilfield jobs (even just driving the trucks), general truck driving jobs (they pay for you to sign on + train you) or other programs.
Why did it drop my damn pic??
Just switch to a standing setup.
>they pay for you to sign on + train you)
lol where the fuck do you live nigga?
Kansas City - Tons of jobs here. Check out our Craigslist. NO shortage of driving jobs here and most companies will rather risk training a newbie and getting something good than bringing in some jaded ass for too much pay and who under-performs.

Depending on where you are, I bet I could find a decent gig in your area too.

Oilfields in WV/LA/ND/SD are hiring. You don't even have to work on a rig though, they'll pay you to run supplies or run oil on a truck. Kinda depends, but if you broaden your search a little, you can do most anything with little to no training firsthand.

>Even at minimum wage jobs people act like they don't want me around. That's how bad my social skills are.

Find a manual labor job where you are mostly alone. I worked at a rock quarry for 7 years. It paid well, and I didn't really have to talk to anyone. I learned skills I would have never known otherwise. You can also afford community college this way.

I'm pretty anti-social. I don't like talking to people. However, I can feign sociability when I have to.
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Truck Driver.jpg
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Meant to add that the key to Craigslist jobs is to google the company name. If they don't list one in the ad, email them for more info before sending a resume/your info so you can look them up later.

You can check the salary info using GlassDoor and other sites, but check their feedback from previous/current employees online to make sure that it isn't some bullshit gig.

If they check out and you're interested, either look for the job posting on their actual website or ask for them to send you an application/link to apply that way. (Less chance of being scammed)

I've had good luck on CL looking for gigs for friends. I make resumes for them and design cover-letters so they'll improve their chances of getting an interview.

Most driving jobs just want the following:
>Someone who doesn't use drugs (that show up on drug tests)
>Won't fuck around/steal from them

Pic related from the CL search using "Truck" in the jobs section.

You can narrow down jobs using the map to see ones closer to you. Most gigs are OTR (over the road) but can say you will be back home evenings (local driving) or weekends (long distances).

>friend's dad is a Truck Driver for 20+ years

tits or gtfo
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>complains about op posting his sob story
>posts her own sob story
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You know how to use google. But since you asked...
>Complains about OP posting sob story about living at home with mom as an adult and her using his computer without his permission.
>Posts story of of also living with abuse but growing up and getting the fuck away from it

-But you know, let's just give OP ass pats and tell him how to lock his mom out of a online game instead of changing his life to get away from her instead.
Thought maybe OP could relate given that we both grew up with abuse, but sure...throw shade instead.
>throw shade
Holy shit go back tumblr. Also you should learn how to give advice without making everything about you. Your life story wasn't needed if you were just trying to tell op to move out.
Tumblr? Nigga, you don't know shit - 'throwing shade' is an expression commonly used in my area (ghetto ass) part of town.

I felt as though my story was needed, so I wrote it. Instead of just going;
>hur dur OP is a fag. Just move out lol

I tried to relate to him and show that it's possible to move out and onto other things despite growing up in shitty conditions.

Not going to argue this with you further though. If you're actually OP (>>25910630), all I can recommend at this point is for you to keep blaming other people and finding excuses for doing shit.

If you're not really the OP;
>Don't give up hope man. It gets better. Most of these people didn't grow up in the same poverty/abuse situations so they don't understand the climb up is harder when you're at the bottom from the very start.

Only person that can change things for you is YOU though.
I don't feel bad for you, you deserved it
Kill your mom
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In what ghetto do people (not just teenage girls) commonly use the phrase "throwing shade"? I also live in the hood, never once heard anyone besides teens say that.

>I tried to relate to him and show that it's possible to move out and onto other things despite growing up in shitty conditions.
Could have just said something like "I also grew up in an abusive house so I know where you're coming from. You gotta move out asap." Instead you went the attention whoring route. FOH you self absorbed cunt.
>doing that for two years

No offense dude, but you're a fucking idiot. You have no obligation at all to go along with your parents bullshit, and your just at much at fault for everything as she is. Your parents taking responsibility for you and raising you isn't some special favor or gift they give you, it's the bare fucking minimum. You need to get out of there ASAP and let her rot. Don't listen to any normie who tries to tell you anything else.
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