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ITT you are only allowed to post here if...
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ITT you are only allowed to post here if you will be spending Valentine's Day with your special someone.

Please feel free to greentext about him/her and even throw in a picture of that special someone that makes you complete.
She's cute, snarkyfunny, smart and basically obsessed with me and would probably tell me my shit doesn't smell neither of us are even remotely into scat though.

I'm not sure what kind of greentext you meant but I'll just drop one of our first date.

>drives like an hour to come pick me up
>texts me that she's close and feeling really anxious
>I'd imagine she pulled over somewhere to have a little episode and text me about it, hopefully she didn't write it up while driving
>tell her we're going to have fun and not to worry
>eventually, after asking for my exact address she lets me know she's outside
>at this point have showered, brushed my teeth, flossed, lint rolled my clothes and spent the last 10 minutes pacing to the door, back to my desk, to the door and ad naseum
>stride up to her van and am struck by how big it is contrasted to how little she is
>she's smiling a big goofy, scared and anxious smile
>doesn't hug me right away or anything, a little disappointed
>notice she's wearing gloves, feel bad because I had planned to ask her to touch my (really soft) hair
>she has trouble maintaining eye contact with me
>tell her her outfit is cute (it really was, the ruffled skirt, thigh high socks, little boots with bevels on them and a slightly oversized black coat with a bit of cardigan peaking out
>her hair looks really smooth and inviting
>she quickly eeps out a thank you and says she really likes what I'm wearing too (an oversized wooly sweater that's comfy, a shitty pleather jacker that's falling apart, and some black slacks)
>she's not 100% positive on where we're going, so we drive around a while
>her driving is a little bit spooky but I write it off as nervousness- she apologizes a LOT for stuff as simple as going over a speed bump or coming to a stop a little bit late
>talk about how nice the foggy landscape is, some stuff we'd read on /r9k/, etc.
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>tfw I'm in love with myself
D-does that count, anon?
>the whole time she's focused entirely on the road, only stealing brief nervous glances, briefer still if I'm looking at her when she does it
>eventually we decide that the weather is good enough to go for a brief walk on a trial, she punches the location of one into her gps and we head over there, talking more on the way
>the entrance is kind of really hidden among a semi-suburban neighborhood and we end up parking beside a church and walking a fair way to enter
>it's down a sort of big staircase, and it's pretty mucky but the fallen leaves and emerald mosses leave enough to walk on comfortably
>all the trees are preparing for the winter but it's still pretty scenic- really calm and no one else is around
>she keeps kind of speedwalking ahead and then coming to a stop, looking back at me then quickly away, nervous and sort of hiding her face
>tell her she doesn't need to worry, I'm enjoying this, and to just kind of calm down and take everything in
>reach what is sort of the end of the trail- going on way
>double back, she almost slips on mud a few times, I step on a stick and it sort of flips up and hits her knee, she apologizes even though it was my fuck up
>talk about dumb stuff like how I'm a little bit spooked by a shitty babby bridge that isn't even that high up just because there's no railings
>eventually she touches some burs by accident, maybe dragging her hand along the brush
>she seems really defeated and deflated by them, cant pick them out of her glove because they're both wooly all over
>stop her, and start plucking them out, sort of cradling her hand in mine and sliding my fingers along the outside of her hand while I work
>her hands are really pleasantly warm to the touch, as I hadn't been wearing gloves myself
>she seems really enamored with my "obvious nice thing to do" gesture
>walk along the other part of the path opposite where we started for a bit
>a little disappointingly it basically runs right through some people's back yards...
I don't celebrate commercialist holidays but I will say this

fuck you melissa lopez for ruining my life
>She's finally keeping pace with me this time
>had been thinking about holding her hand for a while now but it never felt right to just grab it
>notice it's kind of dangling stiffly by her side, almost take it but don't
>eventually we come to a bench and sit down for a bit
>there's a bit of a gap between us immediately as we sit, but I quickly slide so we're thigh-to-thigh
>talk about some stuff, including her asking me a few times if this is some kind of drawn out ruse to prank her, like I'm going to post about how I TOASTED A ROASTIE later or something
>reassure her earnestly that I'm having a lot of fun and she's someone I'm honestly interested in getting to know
>in a lull of conversation mention that I was surprised by how warm her hands were
>she kind of slides it to me in a stuttering fashion, and I take a loose hold of it and squeeze
>casually say it only figures, since I'm not even wearing gloves or anything, kind of pick a couple little bur remnants off
>not long into this she sort of tugs it away but I hold on tight and sort of let her drag my hand with hers
>interlock my fingers at some point
>she's still really having difficulty looking at me eye to eye and sort of mentions this, asks me several times on a scale from 1-10 how nervous I am
>I don't think she dropped below a 6 the whole day, where as I just kind of was JUST DO(ing) IT the whole time and probably didn't break a 4 for more than 20 seconds at a time, anyways
>try not looking directly at her, staring off into space, looking too high or low as she keeps stealing glances then starting to squirm around and covering her eyes
>makes a cute little "nooooooo~" every time she meets my gaze and freaks out a bit
>she mentions she's a bit cold
>ask her if she wants to drape her legs over mine, kind of rub her exposed skin a little when she does
>has started kind of leaning on me and my shoulder at this point, but falls back after making eye contact, pulling me with her...
>girl doing 2 weeks placement where I work
>we keep sneaking glances at each other every day
>too damn busy to say hi and chat to her
>but we add each other on facebook after she leaves and we talk
>and talk
>and talk
>couple months go by, nothing
>one day just fapping to some porn and think of her when I cum and she messages me out of the blue literally right then
>talking more and more
>and then calling each other
>finally say I want to meet up with her
>initially say lets meet up in easter
>get flirty, at this point it's confirmed we like each other a lot and pretty sure this won't be a fling but something serious
>tell her 2 months wait to see her is too long, say I'll come visit her on weekend starting on 12th
>afterwards immediately realise that's the same weekend as 14th february
>we both laugh and agree it's a pointless commercialized holiday

idk familia it feels like we're meant for each other.
You know what, that's a pretty cute story tripfag
>get the feeling she was angling for some kind of kiss at this point- and ask if she was "trying something", but it's sort of awkward positioning so I don't really go along with it
>she rights herself and plays it off that she doesn't really know what she was doing there and slipped
>kind of diverting my gaze a bit, ask if she'd be warmer up on my lap
>she nervously agrees and it takes her a while to find a comfortable position, sort of staying up on the bench, then dangling her legs off, switching from pressure on just one leg, to two, and back, before settling
>tries to make eye contact again from this position but keeps squirming out of it after a couple seconds
>tells me she, "expected to feel more confident from higher up"
>we kind of awkwardly fumble about like this for a while, until she's rested her head on my shoulder for a bit, and I muster up the courage to kiss her forehead quickly, just kind of pecked it really
>mumble "that's a start" like I'm coaching myself, probably only meant to think it
>she catches it, "a start to what?"
>tl;dr eventually we kiss
>she sort of sets the pace, very hurriedly locking lips then pulling back, and repeating
>can tell she's really not well versed in this, try to kind of go slower but mostly just respond to her movements
>her face is flush red after this
>we both kind of agree it was a little silly and we're not so good at that
>she moves around a bit, keeps apologizing a lot every time my leg twitches (mostly from the position I was sitting and the distance from the bench to the floor than anything)
>we kiss some more on and off, try to pin her bottom lip with my own and hold but she keeps slipping away in her nervous, quick succession of basically-first-kiss quality kisses
>calms down a bit
>at this point I've been titanium hard for a while now, pretty sure she's felt it
>she mentioned people >implying she was a guy a lot earlier
>start to think and run my fingers up and down her inner thighs for a bit...
>getting pretty clear nonverbal signs from her breathing, posture, the way her legs would part and come back together but 2spaghetti
>spend like 15 minutes kind of just playing with the skin above her thigh-highs, sort of worming my fingers into her socks, toying with the ruffles of her skirt
>at one point her head was against my chest and she remarked my heart sounded like it was beating really fast (actually I think this was earlier, before the kissing, but I forgot about it, regardless she did this a few times)
>jokingly bring up the "How do I know you're not a guy" thing a few times, sort of wimping out and mumbling off to something unrelated each time
>eventually, feeling hot air radiating onto my hand, tell her I might as well check
>quickly fan a couple of my knuckles between her thighs, and oh god it was soft and warm as heck
>she, surprised, makes an excited coo noise and sort of jumps a bit
>tells me I'm really lewd and nothing lewder happens in this story, sorry
>eventually she gets texted by her mom and we realize we've been sitting on a bench for something like an hour and a half
>decide we don't really feel like leaving yet and spend another 15 minutes to a half hour sitting around and kissing awkwardly, still kind of touching her thighs a lot (they felt really good desu uguu)
>eventually get up and start heading back
>ask if she wants to hold hands, commenting I'd been thinking about it since we got out of the car
>she readily accepts and tells me she was kind of thinking the same for just as long
>slowly stroll back, talking about stuff, holding hands, acknowledging we both suck at kissing, etc.

We drove around a bit more before she dropped me off, almost got into accidents a few times because she kept looking into my eyes kek

>started to get painful spasms in my crotch and what felt like I had to pee
hug and kiss when she drops me off
And then I wanked to avoid blue balls
Well shit, I cut this out because I was nearing the character limit and didn't want to make another post but, on the drive home we, at least 30 times, asked each other what the other was thinking "making that weird expression"- and then saying "no you go first I think YOU'RE thinking something", "why do I have to go first", etc.

Basically it boiled down to us both being kind of lewd in the head but nothing came of that because we were also both really shy about it.

Seriously though I'm pretty sure my nuts went all out preparing to shoot a load into vagina no condor because they kept spasming and I think I was leaking precum

It was extremely difficult to cum when I got home and sort of painful until I did, but when I did it was really runny and there was a lot.
What why are touching her thighs?
They were cold, and it felt nice to do.

I mean she was sitting on my lap, it seemed like a natural progression at the time. Honestly at most points it just kind of devolved to instinct / a hunch as per what do do next.
I sincerely hope you kill yourself very soon. You are what is wrong with the earth. Kindly fuck off and never ever come back to my Chinese noodle recipe image board again.
I've been here since 08 bud.

Not going nowhere for nobody.
>talk about some stuff, including her asking me a few times if this is some kind of drawn out ruse to prank her, like I'm going to post about how I TOASTED A ROASTIE later or something

Did you meet her here? Congratulations, you lucky fuck.
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