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Pour your hearts out, I'll read every...
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Pour your hearts out, I'll read every post here.

I'll give you a voice, I want to hear all of it.
I'm being stalked by an insane weaboo
i'm all alone in real life
Are you mystery.jpg's bf?
I'm 25 years old and I've been a NEET for 9 years.
I live off autismbux and can't really find enjoyment in anything anymore.

Life's starting to become a repetitive chore. Brushing my teeth... Eating... Going to buy groceries.... I go to sleep... I wake up...

All of it is a blur. I don't even want to kill myself. I just... don't care anymore about what happens to me.

A song.

kek. no. I feel bad for him though.
Why are you alone? bloexd
living in village

working in a factory.

everyday is the same. wake up -> work -> game/drink -> sleep

have friends but I'm still alone.

can't forget my ex gf

don't meet new girls because I'm socially retarded and don't like to party

thinking everyone is mocking me
A life of sloth leads to a lack of will
>have friends but still alone
end this
I have schizophrenia and i question my actions every day. The distant screaming wont stop and the figures wont go away. When someone questions me on what i did/said, its driving me crazy. Im scared ill lose everything ive worked for, and ill get lost in the haze of illusions that surround my office job. Fuck.
Are you taking your meds? Does it help?
>kissless beta virgin robot with severe OCD
>go to mental hospital
>meet qt3.14 who legitimately (as far as I can tell) likes me
>get to know her very well
>she's there for severe depression
>tells me I make her happy, if only for a little
>tells me that she plans on killing herself when she gets out
>tells me that she's having second thoughts about it now
>fast forward a few months
>insurance cuts out, roughly kicked out of the hospital without the chance to say goodbye to qt
>have her name, but she isn't on any social media
>this was a year ago
>never stopped looking for her
>never found her
>she's probably dead

why live?
I wouldn't say I'm a sloth really. I'm just mentally ill and I spend a lot of time reading and learning. I hate not learning.
Going through my first breakup and it painful. I have all this xanax. I wonder if taking a few would help me not feel.
I finished uni, started working, hate every second of it.
I don't want to work. I can't do this my whole life...
Nope, refuse to take them.
They make it go away but it puts me on edge. I can function without them but its hard.
Give me attention OP!
Videogames and internet are ruining my life, can't concentrate on anything else, since I have no other problems in life I have come to be ashamed of myself and detest who I am.

This post should be enough proof how much of a loser I am despite being rich with a good family and social circle.
We were supposed to be gentleman of leisure. Every robot was. Sadly the calico petticoats and plantations of our intended lives are a thing of the past.
Nobody will ever love me.
You get used to it. The soul dies with each morning.
So, I was going to break up with my girlfriend, however I think she felt a disturbance in the force and now she's doing everything she was lacking before. The problem is, now there's someone else and I'm not sure if things can never go back how they were with her even if she stays on this course. It's actually quite frustrating.
no OP, but don't fucking worry about being lucky enough to not have a ton of problems.

I didn't have an easy life, in fact, I grew up in a fucking ghetto as the only white kid with 2 miles. That was hard -- but I don't hate people who don't have to deal with shit like that. I don't hold any grudges against people who happened to be born into different situations. It's pointless, and nobody else on Earth who has a triple digit IQ would think like that either.

If you grew up with money and choose to spend your time watching anime and playing video games, power fucking to you.

Do you, homie. Fuck what the rest say.
I just want there to be a future for me and Anna but deep down I know it's futile.
Let it run its course. At least then you'll know for sure rather than wondering what could have been.

It must be suffering to go through so much confusion.

I hope that you take them or discuss with your doctor about a different choice of medicines.
>lonely software engineer, possible autism
>qt big belly red head moves in next door
>we begin fucking
>introduce each other to our friends, we are now dating
>now we are basically living together (because neighbors)
>she tells me she has to move 4 miles away for her new job, we will no longer be neighbors
>4 miles doesn't seem far but we're in a city

I don't know what to do anons. It's clear we will break up from this. Going from living together to living 4 miles apart.
>no friends
>mid 20s
>no job
>little savings
>no job since 2012 and I'm scared I won't find anything
>no one wants to hire me, bad in interviews
>wish I didn't live in the UK

I just wanna support myself and save a tiny amount
Rarely have any thoughts "actively". So it feels like I am in some kind of movie. Whenever I do have thought I have to try really hard and I feel something in my brains similar to electricity. Almost like it tingles.
When I do have thoughts, 75% of them are suicidal thoughts. All I do is improvising.
Help please, only meds I ever used was Ritalin.
Have you heard of depersonalization? I'm going through it and have been for almost 3 years.
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I'm a khhv and I think I might found the girl for me, she might even like me too

thing is I just don't what to do man, its killing me inside watching this chance slip away

Never heard of it. It's so weird. I really am scared when I look in a mirror, when I look myself into my eyes it's like I am watching someone else. When I think of the actions I just did it's all so weird.
Good luck with that. I work harder than ever before and yet almost all of my income goes to rent. The ideal situation would be living with your parents while saving for your future until you are done with college.
I sometimes feel this way when I've smoked a whole bunch of weed.
I really dont like doctors, dont trust them.
Im mostly worried about losing my marbles. I have a wofe and baby boy, what the fuck would they do.
Can you tell me how you got there? If you have been a NEET for 9 years it means you started at 16 right?
Whenever I use any kind of drugs the effect get multiplied. Sometimes when I drink one beer I puke. Just saying o/
I want to get /fit/ but I lack the willpower, every time I try do some abs I get to 30 then I start jerking off
try LSD tbqh
Every day more and more routines of the day are becoming too tiring to do. I need to kill myself hopefully soon before the act of getting up from my bed would be too much.
Dropped out of high school at 16 (like you stated correctly).

I had a terrible childhood, extremely abusive father. I clearly remember hiding under the bed because my father was drunk and would hit me.

I was molested by my cousin when I was 9. (I'm a male.) I honestly couldn't care less about my past but it did shape me as a person.

I developed severe depersonalization and derealization (diagnosed and medicated only recently)

Having those two means I am emotionally dead, so it's not so bad. People always call me apathetic and they aren't too far off.

I got to this point by simply not being able to function in society, and any attempt at it resulted in failure; so I simply gave up and here I am today.
Try not allowing yourself to jerk off until you've done 90. Is 80% diet 20% exercise to be quite honest desu senpai iku~~~
Have you learned anything useful?
At some point you have to trust someone to help you. It must be difficult, but you should try reading about your illness and see if there are any medicines that can help you. Maybe then it is possible to get a doctor to prescribe those medicines.

It may sound cheesy but reading your comment reminded me of the time when air hostesses let you know that "before you help others, you must help yourself.
I think the most useful thing I learned is the perspective I have of life and the universe.

Science makes life seem extremely interesting. I'm not spiritual, but I feel awe when I read about Physics and Cosmology.
Are you trying to get me killed?
it could be just what you need. it will be a scary, life changing experience for sure.

do some research on it, anon.
>From education to full time job
>Completely lose interest in gaming, anime, tv shows, drawing, sports, everything
>Sometimes call in sick because i hate my job
>Stay home even though i have nothing to do

There are people in prison right now having a better time than me.
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>Years and years of repressed rage
>Kratos levels of fury buried inside
>haven't cried in years
>Apathetic about other people

What do i do
I'll stop this tragedy.
No matter how many time I have to repeat this.
I can't lose.
What's your perspective on life and the universe?

I think you're kinda like my NEET friend. All he does is learn and study-- he knows 9 languages, plays a couple instruments, and has great mastery over math, science, and literature. When I was in college, he tutored me in Calc 3 and entered a paper into a creative writing scholarship for me(Which won, I don't know the criteria). Intelligent and handsome dude(no homo), I have no idea why he's a NEET.

I haven't seen him online for a while; he's probably dead or finally decided to venture out to the world. I hope it's the latter.
Thanks. Maybe ill talk to the doctor about it when i go him in a few days.
Drugs are scary though dude.
I have friends, go out a lot, have fun in life... But sometimes I feel so fucking empty I begin to cry.
No, they're not. Wake up to yourself.
Huh I wish I was that far. I'm a jack of all trades and a master of none.

I wasted away the first 8 years and only recently have I started taking an interest in learning. Though I strive for what your friend did (the well learned part)

My perspective on life and the universe is that it's beautifully complex, and even though it is complex you can understand it if you study it long enough.
Fuck does that even mean. Is that some sort of "be yourself" bootleg?
Maybe with friends sometime, dunno.
Go to a boxing gym. Break stuff. Yell like a motherfucker.
Is that supposed to be a parody of how neets see themselves and you don't actually have a friend like that ?
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I just found out my Gf is/was a massive whore, and lied about being said whore to me. I always kind of expected her to be, there were more than a couple of red flags, and I always kind of expected all women to be, thanks to based r9k redpilling.

It still hurts like a bitch thought
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