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have you been cheated on arcanine?
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have you been cheated on arcanine?

whats the story and how did you find out?

how did it affect you?
I had my first and only girlfriend when I was 13, she cheated on me with some guy I didn't know, and I got angry and raped her. I've been depressed ever since.
>Suspect girlfriend is having a thing with co-worker at the time
>She comes home after a night out with him
>Take off her pants
>Finger her to find her wet
>Hate fuck her and cum inside her
>Have the day off
>Look at her computer
>According to FB chat I'm just "getting in the way of officially being with him"
>Lose my shit
>confront her
>"No I haven't cheated on you"
>Present evidence
>"Why did you look at my computer"

Even when committing infidelity and being found out she still denied it and tried to make me look bad. Even her friends thought she was right for wanting her co-worker in a legit relationship despite being with me. All I want now is for her to be locked in solitary confinement with her eyes and tongue cut out, teeth removed, fingers gone. Make the room suicide proof. Then feed her on a diet of water and nutrient mush while completely depriving her of human contact and wanting to commit suicide. She doesn't get that right.
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be me
>19 ksv robot
>spend hundreds of hours on self improvement learning to be a normie
>finally start dating 2 years later
>go on dates as practice
>none appealed to me
>too scared to tell girls im a ksv
>decide to make a move for the first time with one girl i felt was special
>first kiss, lose virginity that night
>everything goes great, she never finds out. >thinks I'm a normie.
>it turns into a relationship
>happiest moment of my life
>check her phone randomly one night a year into our relationship
>find she's been sending the same nudes she sends me to a Tyrone Chad roid nigger for 3 months
>they fucked for the first time a week prior to me reading the texts
>valentines week
>heart shatters into pieces
>walk away never to talk to her again

i still think about her sometime

You shouldn't have admitted to the snooping and should have just said you knew without going into details.

Cut her out of your life completely. Fuck women.

I will cheat on every woman I will ever date as revenge.

I never said I looked. She is a woman, she just knew. I knew as soon as she changed her password.

>Wakes up the night before I break up with her
>Asks why I'm awake still
>tell her I couldn't sleep
>Ask her if she loves me
>[lie]Of course I do
>Well up with anger.

Did you leave her or become a kuk?
need a gf for that so no

fuck off normie slime
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>do you love me

man right in the feels...does that haunt you?

I can't forget my ex even though I've been in a relationship for 3 years now I think about her at least once a week.

Fuck that bitch

im not a normie. as long as you hide your power level it's possible to get a gf.
when i had a girlfriend once i cheated on her all the time

ahahahahahhahh hhahahhaahahahahha haha


fuck off normie slime

I still dream about her and it's been 2 years. I think of her every day. And the sad part about it is that she has no remorse.

>Tell her to not talk to me unless she actually cares about how I feel
>Messages me accusing me of getting an STI from me
>"Good to see you're well, didn't I tell you to not talk to me unless you cared about how I was doing?"

1.5 years after we last talked

>Sends message
>I found some of your old photos, do you want them or not?
>Tell her to throw them away.
>Because I'm going through a shit time right now, and I don't want to deal with you right now.
>Tell her I think about her still
>Says that it isn't the time for this

I still hate her. No fate will be good enough for that self indulgent dead inside person.
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arcanine? What did you mean by that?
If you are going to be this fucked up, you should at least try to conceal the fact that you can't get over your ex while texting her.
You're not too bright, are you?

I don't talk to her. She always sends the first shot and I fail to hold my ground.

newfag spotted. it's a play on word of the board name.
Will reddit ever leave us alone?

>asks what arcanine means

>pretends im a new fag
>I have autism and can't tell different posters apart
>met guy
>dated for 6 months
>met my family
>came to many family gatherings
>talked about future plans
>went on trips together
>pursued hobbies together
>spent all of our time together
>found out he had never dumped his ex and had a son with her
>dumped him
>he tried to lie about all of it even though I spoke with his babymama on the fucking phone
>blocked him on everything
>2 years later, new relationship
>messaged me through new account with some sob-story about how he still loves me/misses me/whatever
>google him for shits and giggles
>has ANOTHER BABY with that woman
>kek forever, block him again

Why are women able to move on so easily?
Men make it pretty easy
They don't have feelings like we do, they're basically non-sentient.

Then again 6 months is barely even a long term relationship

That's nothing
They don't need to invest so much as men to get a partner. If you had a constant stream of horny girls wnating your dick you would do the same.

That's saddening....

>a woman will never love you like you love her
Would you rather be a KSV or one that isn't but got kuked?
Cheated on my taxes
Cheated on my diet
Never had any female be interested in me
They don't understand the concept of loyalty. Their definition is "he made me feel good for a while now" I guess I'll be 'loyal' i.e. as long as its convenient. Though men may not truly give loyalty all the time they know what it really is. It's giving you all your soul and effort to something, until the very end. Your loyalty is eternal, her's is convenient.
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Thread images: 4
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