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Fembots and assorted Chad types I need your help.
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Fembots and assorted Chad types I need your help.

>go on a date
>everything is going fine
>a few days pass
>give the girl a call
>everything seems alright
>text with her frequently
>suddenly she doesn't respond to texts as fast as before or just ignores them
>see said girl at a party or other event
>tries to avoid me
>text her 1-2 days later
>completely ignores the texts
>during said party ask a mutual friend whats going on
>he tells me "do you have feelings for this girl?"

A bit about myself, Im relatively good looking, tall, funny etc etc Ive had some gfs in the past and even now I dont really have a hard time getting laid (but its gotten really hard lately) however in the last 3 years I havent been able to get into a relationship because a scenario like the one in the greentext keeps happening...

So my question is



Has the tinder and social media meme really made people that fucking disposable?

Am I really supposed to believe that if I dont show sexual AND romantic interest 30-60 minutes after meeting a girl Im somehow showing:

-that Im a player
-homosexual tendencies
-that I find the girl boring/ugly

is this real life? how can people be so autistic and self absorbed?

fembots/lurking stacies: how long usually do you go from meeting a guy to the first date to eventually forming a relationship

guys: same question, genders reversed of course

thanks in advance.
maybe your just ugly senpai
Fuck off to /adv, you normalfaggot son of a bitch
They probably just weren't that interested in you. You don't need to show you want to fuck them real early into dating them, but it can help. Its better to just forget about the person if they start getting distant without reason. Just gotta keep trying until you find someone that is looking for a relationship instead of casual hookups.
I'm the same way except I don't get invited to parties

I wish I had a full hairline

thats the thing though

I havent even gotten to know the person enough to even figure out if they want a relationship or a casual hook up

Ive had one night stands the same day I meet the girl, I can tell when a girl just wants to mess around but in this case no, the girl just puts up a stupid facade that is indecipherable.
>>suddenly she doesn't respond to texts as fast as before or just ignores them
That's when you drop the bomb and forget her...
Anon, are you 12? Is this your first rejection?
there is nothing indecipherable here, my friend. ou're just unbelievably stupid.
> Girl ignores me
That's your indecipherable sign right there.
do you get it?

>shit anon youre so funny!
>hahaha I really like you anon!
>umm ----

I can tell this post was written by a girl
Chadding type here.

Things move pretty fast these days. I find that if I don't get physical pretty quickly then sex ain't happening, much less a relationship. For me, it usually goes coffee->drinks->sex within a day or two with most girls I meet. Many dates flake.

Relationships usually depend on how much we enjoy each other's company before and after sex. But if the sex doesn't come quickly, it usually doesn't come at all, and you're in orbiter territory.

I don't recommend being all chatty over text. Plan dates and meet face-to-face. Grills get a lot of free attention via smartphone, and you don't want to get blended in with that crowd.

thats what I did, thats what any rational person would do however youre missing the whole point.

its not so much the "well, she just isnt interested in you" part

my concern is the "well, she just isnt interested in you cause you didnt propose marriage/rape her in a non invase way 10 minutes after seeing her for the first time" part.
You might not have gotten to know them well enough, but they probably found something about you they didn't like or like most people they were probably talking to other people on the side since it was just a date. Its better just to move on rather than get hung up on people who do that.


finally some solid advice.

Tell you the truth most of my relationships did go relatively fast from meeting>sex>relationship but by that I mean at least a week or two (or maybe 3, went 8 months without sex for a virgin gf also).
Girls rarely reject guys flat-out (because they get very ;_; and often >:( like you are right now), so they just fade on you. Don't blame the grill for your failure to telegraph interest. It should be pretty immediate.
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Yeah, girls have different speeds for this stuff. It's not personal, though it feels like it is. They just get a lot of attention and have to prioritize somehow.

I'd just move on.

One thing I do recommend, a lot, is "leading". Put your hand on the small of her back as you go from place to place. It usually doesn't cross too many lines, shows confidence, and shows that you're willing to get in a physical place.

Since women are now able to slut around without repercussions and being shamed for it it's easier than ever to fuck super early. You need to assert yourself and be super flirty/tell your intentions straight up when you first talk to them and get it in or at least attempt the first time you hang out. Netflix and chill , wink wink

I really wish someone posted that "netflix and chill" image with the german movie, I really need a new screensaver.
It's like reading elliot's manifesto all over again.
There are infinite reasons why that girl wasn't interested in you.
I assure your hypothesis is the least possible one.
Most likely she thinks you're ugly. that, or you're an awkward motherfucker who ruined a date with your mouth.
Considering all the wallowing and crying you're doing about something so trivial as a uninterested girl, I think it's the later.
No. that's not how it works. She didn't give up on you because you weren't assertive in the first ten minutes. She gave up on you because she didn't feel sexual attraction for your ugly ass.
When that's the case, there is nothing you can do to change the fact. In the first ten seconds after they see you, they have decided already whether or not you are attractive. If the answer is not, then it's a lost cause and there is nothing you can do to change it.

Not wallowing and crying, just confused.

yes, theres a chance that I ruined it, ive went full spastic before and ruined dates however I just noticed that in the past few years girls seem to just throw you under the bus if you dont show an illogical amount of interest for someone you just met in an incredibly short time span.

Im not ruling out what you saying might be true but I dont get why you rule out that my hypothesis could also be true.

Really not trying to brag but Ive never been called ugly by a girl in the last 10 years and she wasnt exactly good looking to begin with.
Holly fucking shit.
Calm the fuck down.

She's not that into you, that happens. Some people are super shitty about it and she's one of those people. Honestly she's probably going to tie down some stupid dude and make his life miserable. Be happy you didn't get chained to a shitty woman.

I know, Im glad.

Again, youre missing the point.
meet different people
what everyone else said is true, but real maidens, take this slow
You want to know the truth? She was talking to / going on dates with multiple guys.

You lost. Now you're shitposting about it on 4chan. Looks like she made the right choice.

I do the same thing to girls. I'm currently talking to and fucking 3 different girls. None of them know about eachother. Guess what, if one of them gets bored of me and leaves, I do not give a fuck. They can sense this and it drives them insane, it makes me more irresistible then some clingy beta fag.

I'm not even a chad, I'm a 5/10 guy who knows how to game the system and pull the same shit on women that 90% of women pull on guys. Am I an asshole? Undoubtedly, but the worlds a lot different then it was in the 30s where all you had to be was a good honest hard working person
Sup fellow Chad.

Doing the same. My girls don't really ask about other girls, and when they do (rare) I just smirk and shrug.

Usually they get married/cuckboys at some point and the party's over, but oh well
Novelty wore off for her. Date someone more mature next time.
"Mature" means old

This tripfag is trying to get you cucked BEWARE ANON
This is the best advice op can get. Not giviing a fuck is honestly what girls universally go crazy over . It sounds redundant but that's just how it works. Good luck
why not just date the one you like the most? i dont understand ehy anyone would need 3 partners
maybe when youre 16 and iffluenced by all the rappers who treat women like hoes this semms like a cool goal but speaking as someone who had a lot of one night stands having a gf you love and loves you back is much more exiting
i know i can get most girls because of my looks but that doesnt boost my ego the slightest desu
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>They can sense this and it drives them insane

I know what you mean, I get bored of girls quickly and when they say that they love me they can sense the insincerity in my response which traps them in a state of unfulfillment which they rationalize as love, as a result most gfs I've had have been insanely loyal and obsessed.

Unfortunately I've been too pussy to break up with them so this can drag on for years, I haven't had a gf in years right now and next time it happens I'm not letting her get attached, as soon as she drops the L bomb I'm out.
Because the more comittment and resources and time you give the less sex there is. It decreases slowly -- marriage speeds it along -- but once it's finally gone you're high and dry.
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