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Breaking Up
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Have any of you robots ever broken up with someone?

Was it because of their personality or something more superficial?

Did they still love you?

Did you regret it?

Did you remain friends?

How could you be so cruel?
Robots don't date. They are undateable.
It's so weird because I haven't been on /r9k/ since I've gotten in a relationship with this girl, I broke up with her an hour ago and figured I check out this site and this is the first thread that pops up.
Why did you break up? pump and dump?
Only somewhat relationship I was in I ended it. I dunno what we were but she wanted more but she was a big time whore just couldn't trust her she would dissapear out at the bar ignore my texts then hit me up in the morning or middle of the night if she couldn't get fucked by some other guy. Fuck that whore she wound up dating one of the 3 other dudes I worked with. Luckily I was planning on quitting and moving anyway and that's what I did. Now I'm a meet living back with his parents...sorry for the rant
She fell for me harder and just got too clingy and emotionally needy all the time, I got tired of her getting mad and moody when I told her I was busy or wanted to do something else. 6 months in and she started talking about living together the rest of our lives and it just hit me that I wanted to meet other people before I "settled" with someone so early.
Don't worry about it NEET friend, I hope the slut didn't hurt you too much.
wow, anon, you're braver than I! DId you just tell her that straight up, or did you come up with some-other excuse?

More importantly, have you met any new qts yet?
Eh it kinda hurt still think about her every day, alotof time i wish things would a worked out. Only girl I really had sex with. Couldn't get hard when I tried with a girl before her, first girl I was with after I lost a festival to cancer...the feels man they hit
>because they were either way too attached too quick or had anger problems

>no, though one wanted to fuck later on

>in a way yes. the one with anger problems has seemed to mellow out, and she was horny as fuck. shes the one who wanted to get back together at first, now she doesnt want to.

>i text one of them now and then. not really friends.
I told her about it straight it up, she called me and started crying saying she would change if I took her back, personally I was just drained out of giving her attention all the time and always going out of my way to being there for her, I'm looking for someone that can give back more or equal to what I put in.
I broke up with a real female robot for a chance at a girl I had been orbiting/flirting with for 2 years or so. Chance was pretty good (she bought me stuff) but relationship ended quickly without warning.

Now: have neither, wish I stayed with the fembot... Lost contact with fembot, I regret it greatly. That poor girl had such a rough life (she is a rape victim) and I fucking broke up with her, I'm a monster! We did 'stay friends' kinda, but I stopped talking to all friends a while ago so I lost her in that.

I.Got.A.Fucking.Rape.Victim.To.Want.To.Have.Sex.With.Me. And I broke up with her. -Virgin.
Yes, twice. One was a dumb whiny emo cunt in like 10th grade and the other was because I didn't know what to do in a relationship (it was like 7th grade)

The 7th grade girl and I had an on off relationship all through high school. I think deep down we loved eachother. I regret not trying to get her back. I don't know.
We're not friends anymore. She decided her path and I don't think ours will ever cross again.

>I hate her
>But I miss her more
Shit man, that sounds rough. It also sounds like you deserve a lot better tho! I wish that meant more than it does.

Shit sounds like an abusive relationship; the sex isn't worth it.
She was clearly looking around at my friends and growing distant, so I broke up with her, on the telephone, heehee!
>She did not love me
>I regretted not getting more than the mouth
>It was definitely pre-emptory
Thanks man, I dunno I'm not perfect I'm lucky I got that well see
The sex is never worth it, I always got a feeling of regret after doing it.
Same here m8. Dated a mentally unstable fembot rape victim and dumped her because she cheated (even though she said she loved me most in the entire world yeah right lmao).
No one is, doesn't mean you don't deserve more than an abusive nympho. Hang in there Anon, things always get better as long as you have the strength to work through them!

I can imagine.
Thats mentally unstable women for you. I couldn't handle all her problems (bipolar, schizoid, depression, etc) so it was probably for the best anyway...
I feel you. It's fucking scary though how cute and wonderful they can be to your face and do that shit behind your back. How they can lie right to your face.
Shit man, I'm in a similar situation, but I don't have the heart to break up with her. She invested too much in me and frankly I'm not sure if she'll be able to handle me leaving. She has no friends or support groups, just me.

She keeps talking about marriage and kids and I feel like I'll just have to get used to the idea.
Well, I've never been in a relationship. How does dating feel like and what's it like to break up?
holy shit yeah the reason I felt so guilty about not telling her about was that I was her only support system and most of her friends stopped talking to her, she only saw me most of the week.
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>Have any of you robots ever broken up with someone?
Yes a few times.

>Was it because of their personality or something more superficial?
Typically it was a combination of both of our emotional baggage.

>Did they still love you?
I'm not sure I'd say any of them "loved" me. A few still had feelings for me definitely, for a time. Affection isn't some eternal magical force, it all fades with him.

>Did you regret it?

>Did you remain friends?
Sometimes. It's always a terrible idea, just so you know. Never a pleasant experience and never did last.
When you first start dating everything is great. You can't get enough of each other. You want to be with each other all the time. Everything revolves around them.
Then you start to notice some flaws. Little things that annoy you. Might piss each other off for the first time. Have a fight. You make up, but it's there for good. Like a scar.
Soon it becomes more frequent. More fighting, more arguing, until every little thing they do annoys you. You start to hate them.
Then you break up. And you feel empty, because now you're alone.
I dunno, I've been in nothing but long term relationships (min: 1yr; up to 5yr+) and it's never been like that for me. My breakups have always involved a deeper and unfixable problem.

I believe open dialogue, honesty and comital to the other person are the best ways to manage the effects you talk about. I feel like a lot of people lie during the first few months of their relationship in order to impress their partners and all it ends up doing is creating a wave of negativity and dishonesty.

This might sound stupid, but I like to think of the first few months as writing a contract. Discussing persons goals and quirks that way there won't be any surprises in the future. I think it clears everything up for both parties and if you're dissatisfied you get to bail before things get serious.
>first ex told me that we should take a break
>didn't know what she meant so I assumed that we'd put our relationship on freeze for awhile
>it's still on freeze

>second ex broke up with me
>third ex and I shared a mutual break-up there was no hard feelings there
>fourth ex claimed she didn't even know we were dating
>fifth ex broke up with me on New Year's Eve after giving me a guitar
sold it for a haircut and a backpack
>currently with my gf of three years on the 31st
>have had our bumps and stuff but we talk it through and support each other
I'm glad you met a suitable partner. I hope you guys have a lot more happy years together.
Thanks for the advice. Though I don't have a good idea on what to expect, but I'll keep it in mind.
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