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Craziest shit you done, I broke into a Meth...
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Craziest shit you done, I broke into a Meth dealers car and found a bag full of his blonde meth whore hooker clothes. In there was her panties which I masturbated over for weeks
I once got a decent education
I called my English teacher a fucking cunt to her face in 9th grade and got suspended for a month

Me and a friend got smashed on Klonopin and vodka and wandered the neighborhood at 2 AM when we were in HS

Me and a group of friends watched another friend's dad get run over by a car, we then chased the dude who did it through the streets for a solid hour at like 11:00 PM
I went to the haunted woods near my house at midnight.
>tfw I saw something and wanted to stay to investigate but my friend pussied out and ran out of the woods
>Actually saying all of this publicly online
You done fucked up anon, you basically gave a confession.
>inb4 v&
Thanks cocksuck, it took me months to build up the courage to type that
>deleted it

but why
>found a bag full of his blonde meth whore hooker clothes

For a second I read that as like he dressed up as a blonde hooker and I giggled pretty hard.
What did my man say? My curiosity is piqued.
Went to jail.
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>my friend and I were skipping school
>break into someone's backyard with a tree house
>the tree house is away from the actual house and hidden by a bunch of trees
>we read dragon Ball z Mangas we stole from the book store
>apparently the house owner forgot her mp3 player in the back yard and comes looking for it
>she's in her 40's busty and slim figure
>we stay quiet as she climbs the tree
>try to rape her as soon as she gets inside
>she's an ex marine served 2 years in Iraq
>kicks our asses
>ties us up
>keeps us as her slaves for a month
>constantly teasing our dicks and kicks our nuts before we cum
>let's us free and warns us next time she'll get her girl friends to rape us to death

Still don't know if that's an invitation or threat
What did you see Anon?
He said something about how he went to this girls house who sold weed and did some shit, I didn't see the whole post before it got deleted.
luke, r9k? come on
I-I didn't see anything.
Willingly went into a warzone to help a friend, and got taken prisoner by African rebels for a week. Although they were relatively friendly, it was made pretty clear that they could kill me if they wanted.
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Went to SXSW in 2011 to see The Strokes. Me and my buddies got really high before the show and forgot to get there early and they had already shut the gates on us (free show). So my buddy's roommate decided to bring down the chain-link fence and we all ran over to the show and got lost in the sea of people. We finally found each other pretty much up close to the stage.

Also we crushed a bunch of hipster bikes and trampled over them when we ran across the fence. Cops caught a few people but we all made it.
Was it Candleja-
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destroyed my ear with a blow torch. let me explain

right ear wouldn't stop ringing. went to four doctors, none of them helped. it was torture. it was literally driving me insane

i blow torched my earhole to completely destroy it. burnt it black. the smell of my own flesh and the pain was unbearable but i couldnt stand the ringing anymore. ended up being involuntarily admitted to the psych ward for 14 days
nah bro, name's not luke

I've got a friend named luke tho
>implying you'll get in trouble from posting that

how new are you?
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>that dog part
fuck him
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Calling this one out as fake.

Wish it was true
I got really drunk at a punk show and one of my friends told me my exgf was hitting on him and called him gay when he didn't reciprocate. I ended up punching the rear-view mirror of a van parked outside (that no one uses anyway, thank god). My hand felt really warm against the sharp mirror. Went back to my place and punched my mirror and started bleeding over everything and thinking I was going to die. Went to the hospital and stuff and I was fine just really fucking drunk. I also pissed all over a random car. This is nothing compared to my psychotic breakdown but this is what you get.
>be me
>be in high school
>as you may have guessed i was the slient kid in class
>someone borrows my book
>then begins shredding it and drawing on it
>took the book and some of his pens
>broke em
>he slaps me
>stand up
>grab his neck
>punch him in the face about 10 times
>feel his warm blood on my fist
>me like
>got suspended but wasn't kicked from school
>i was the hero of the class/school for the entire week because he was THE bully
actually my most alpha moments ever
A fellow autist friend of mine, who was good at breaking into things, and I wandered into a road construction site in the mountains. We found a bulldozer and a front end loader. He hotwired them, and we started driving them around, he was in the dozer and I was in the loader.

Then we started smacking each other's buckets and stuff, he was using the backhoe part of his dozer and I used the bucket of my loader, and we played real-life mecha battle with them until we realized that we were about to kill each other and stopped.

Then he smashed a bunch of construction supplies (big concrete beams) and I actually felt bad about that one.

Stealing construction vehicles kind of became a trend with that friend. Another time, we were exercising our habit of picking locked gates and racing on closed mountain roads, and came across this depot thing with another front end loader. We crawled through a hole in the fence, he hot wired it, and our other friend rammed the fence down, and then drove it up the road and pushed the gate (the one we'd picked earlier) off the cliff.
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