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So, I went to the club with some friends...
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So, I went to the club with some friends last week...

>meet at friend's place before
>one of my friends brings one of her friends I didn't know
>cute alternative/scene looking girl with lolita-ish outfit
>she seems nice, but other than introducing , we don't get to talk befor we leave
>at the club, everybody gets something to drink, then we hit the dancefloor (I fucking hate dancing, but I didn't give a shit because I was already buzzed)
>10 minutes in, scene girl touches my shoulder, I turn around to her and she starts dancing with me
>lots of body contact, she keeps touching my chest and waist
>then she wants to go for a smoke, I come with her
>we get the first chance to talk
>appearantly she's seen me before at uni, we have the same major
>go back in, I immediately get stopped by a friend of hers
>"Do you like her? You know she has a boyfriend, right?"
>I'm still buzzed, so I tell her I don't care and follow scene girl
>start dancing with our friends again, but no contact this time

>later that night we were all standing outside
>people are talking about Alan Rickman's death
>everybody's talking about Severus Snape and shit
>scene girl and I almost simultaneously say "But Metatron in Dogma"
>look at each other, begin talking about Dogma
>appearantly she's a big Kevin Smith fan, just as I am
>we were getting along quite well, but then her friend comes along, yells "let's take shots!" and pulls her away from me
>we don't get to talk or dance anymore that night because they leave early
>last thing I say before they go is "would be nice to see you again"

>next day I get asked a lot what's up with me and scene girl
>tell them nothing happened and that she has a bf
>complain a bit about her friend pulling interrupting our conversation
>my friend says it's probably better that she pulled her away from me
>"But we were just talking"
>"That wasn't just talking. You could already see it the way you were dancing"

>on the weekend we (a friend of mine, who is into scene girl's friend, and I) make plans to go out again this Monday
>friend asks scene girl's friend to come
>without me knowing he texts her "Anon said you should bring your friend"
>"What did you do taht for?"
>"It's cool, she's never been out with us before. If she's coming now, you know she likes you, if she doesn't then it doesn't matter anyways"
>fine, whatever

>Monday night, I meet my friend at the bar
>meet some more people we know there and have a few beers with them
>then my friend steps out to have a smoke
>when he comes back, he has this big smirk on his face
>"Guess who's here"
>scene girl and her friend walk in
>we sit with them, talk a lot, drink a couple of beers and shots
>they casually mention they want to smoke some weed later and they have some at their place
>my friend leans over to me "when they leave, I will go with them if you don't mind"
>"Yeah, whatever"
>conversation comes to how I played pool with scene girl's friend once
>scene girl says she'd kick my ass in pool, they have a table at their dorm and they play a lot
>I consider that a challenge and say we should play some time
>scene girl suggests we leave right then to play, and smoke some weed after
>I don't usually smoke, but I'm fine with it
>so the four of us share a taxi to somewhere close to their dorm and walk the rest of the way
>while walking, there are clearly two couples, me and scene girl walking in front and my friend and her friend about 15 feet behind us
>scene girl and I are talking about Kevin Smith movies again
>we have almost identical preferences in movies, characters and scenes from the movies (i.e. we both think Chasing Amy is his best movie but we both like Clerks the most)
>I really enjoy the conversation

>arrive at the dorm
>we go to the party room where they have the pool table, grab something to drink and play a game of pool
>then go to her friend's room to smoke

I'm here OP, come on.

Just shut up and get out, fuck
>friend starts cooking food, my friend joins her
>I'm sitting with scene girl, taking the whole time
>we almost have identical interests in comics, actors, movies in general
>only her taste in music is different
>we smoke a spliff, eat, drink some tea and talk a lot
>wow, scene girl gets all the internet references my friend and I drop, instantly knows we browse 4chan
>then scene girl and her friend go to scene girl's room to get some more weed
>my friend tells me "You two are so on the same level, it's actually a bit creepy"
>then adds "I think I'm staying the night, we really clicked"
>the girls return, we smoke and talk some more
>eventually scene girl says she's going to leave, so I get up to leave as well to let the other two be alone
>we walk outside and she asks me how I'm planning on getting home
>tell her I'm going to walk
>"No, I can't let you walk home, it's too cold"
>"You know, you can stay at my place. Don't get the wrong impression though, I have a spare matress"
>so we go to her room
>enter the room, take a look around
>Deadpool comics, the same exact movies I own on DVD, Pulp Fiction poster on the door, My Little Pony toy figures on the shelve
>this girl is a female version of me
>So, I went to the club with some friends last week...

stopped reading. Give me a tl;dr
>she gets the spare matress and we lay down
>start talking again
>have a long deep talk about basically everything, uni, society, how she never lies about stuff, ...
>notice she is about as mildly autistic as I am
>thoughtlessly mention it to her
>she tells me she was actually diagnosed with autism once, but thinks it's the wrong diagnosis
>we talk until after 5 AM, then finally go to sleep
>only sleep a few hours, then lay awake and think about how I like her, and how she seems like somebody I could see myself dating
>she has a bf though and I respect that
>11 AM her alarm goes off and she tells me she's sorry but she has to kick me out
>kinda awkward goodbye, because neither of us is sure whether or not to hug
>decided to hug her, then leave
>forgot to thank her for letting me stay the night and asking for her Facebook or her number

So, what now robots? I kinda like her, but she's in a realtionship and I respect that.
But she's so much like me, it's fucking insane.
Do you think she likes me or was she just drunk when we were dancing that night?
at least find her on facebook and casually chat, just don't be clingy. It's pretty obvious you've got a connection, but let things play out for a little bit and see how it turns out. Don't try to rush anything or you might ruin something good.
I already found her Facebook, but I'm not sure about actually adding her. Doesn't it seem fucking creepy if I just stalk her?
She doesn't even have her real name set and we only have one mutual friend who I haven't spoken to outside of uni at all.
you can either add her now or wait until you see her again
your relationship has to start somewhere, and its more than likely going to start off as friends
so you might as well take the first step and see what happens
just don't do anything creepy, a friend request on facebook isn't stalky, just don't overdo it
good luck, I hope things work out
Well, I guess I'll wait until I see her again. My friend and the other girl (did I mention we were friends, too?) kinda hooked up last night and I expect them to have a thing going soon, because they like each other.
Maybe she'll drag scene girl along a few times and I can establish contact then.

She also said I should go to the comic book store with her some time, so maybe that's an opportunity to do something just the two of us.
Normie here, sounds like you got a good thing going and I love hearing some positive stories on r9k for once.

I would say keep your friendship going, hang out as much as possible and if she wants it she will make the move, dont back out of it if you like her.

She does have a bf but this is uni, which desu relationships don't mean much yet. Have fun, see where she leads your friendship but don't be a pushover and live your own life and its probably not a good idea to make the move yourself since she is already technically taken. Theres WAY less chance of you getting with her if you don't make the first move but that might be the right call considering the overall situation.
definitely try to set something up the next time you see her, comic book store sounds perfect.
Get her facebook or phone number or something after a one on one encounter, that will be a more natural flow if you don't want to do it now
Fuck her boyfriend. We only have so many oppurtunities in life, and she sounds like she could be the one who got away if you let her.
I'm rooting for ya, buddy. Don't fuck this up.
Yeah, I will definitely wait for her to make a move. I'm not rushing into anything.
Surprisingly this time I can think straight and I'm not head over heels for her. I'd be fine with us just being friends as well if it doesn't work out.

The one who got away is already gone, Anon. Just had this ruin the last 2 months of 2015 for me.
We were good friends, she knew I wanted more, but she didn't want to commit to anything, because she was still in love with this other guy. When I told her that I was in love with her, she basically broke contact.
Another problem is that there's this other girl. I've only met her on Saturday and we only talked for an hour, but she's easily in the top 5 most beautiful girls I've ever met and she seems nice too.
But I don't know if she'd even be interested in doing something with me, she's way out of my league.
But it's way easier to meet her, because she's new in town, doesn't know too many people and always hangs out with those two girls who are good friends of mine and who I see multiple times a week.

Maybe I should try my luck with her simultaneously?
Normie shit, fuck off. This isn't /adv/
read mate: become the man women want
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