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I want a daughter. But I will never have...
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I want a daughter. But I will never have one because:
1. Women hate me, and I will always be KHV
2. I know she would grow up to be a whore in this modern world, and it would break my heart.
3. I think it's cruel and selfish to reproduce

I just want to be able to show my little girl the ropes and keep her safe. I want to shield her from sex and boys and all that. I want to spend time with her and cuddle her all the time.

Let me die in my sleep already
Also, don't forget that you don't have a good reason for wanting a daughter. The right reason is to have a big family in general and have them all thinking like you and working together to change society.
I know your pain bruv.
I'm not so big on #3 but similar feel.
I kind of want to have a boy and a girl so they have someone to grow up with and stuff like that.
I probably want that stuff cause I never had any of that growing up. haha
What reason is there to change society in a world devoid of objective morality for a species with no genuine purpose?

I just want a daughter I can protect and shower in affection.
>in a world devoid of objective morality
create morality
>a species with no genuine purpose
create purpose

it's no wonder that you'll never even create a family with such small thinking
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>le create it, it's all subjective bro
Leave me alone Chad.
um dont women grow up to take a mans dick inside her vagina eventually?????

how does this make you fel?
Prove that you can't, faggot. If you want something and don't even try, I'm not sure how you manage to dress yourself in the morning.
>tfw single dad with a daughter

Scary feel, but best feel.
Ideally the apocalypse would happen so that she would never get the chance and I could just be her loving father forever.
How old is she? Be sure to give her the love I'll never have the opportunity to give to a daughter of my own.
This is very sweet anon.

VR is advancing so maybe this is your best bet.
Is it really that sweet? Doesn't every guy want this? I like to pretend I don't because I'm jaded and bitter, but as you can see in the OP, I really do want it.
If women hate you, your daughter would too.

Remind yourself of that, anon.
Women only hate me for being socially inept really. I doubt I'd feel that way with someone who is literally part of me.
8 years old, still a little girl. She's cute and we get on well.
your parents probably see you as a failure, so.
I'm glad anon. Does her smile warm your heart as I imagine it would?
You're right.
>Does her smile warm your heart as I imagine it would?

It's what I live for.
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>tfw single father
>mother died shortly after giving birth due to medical malfunctions
>she's six now
It's a fuckin' roller coaster I tell you what.
I hope you two share millions of wonderful moments together.
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>tfw no 14 year old ellie gf
I'd kick your ass if you tried to touch my daughteru. She will NEVER date if I have anything to say about it.
just wait till your daughter is a fucking slut riding a new black dick daily
Stop trying to incite racism and stupid memes. Can you do anything except meme? Can you have a serious thread for once in your life?
Besides, like I said, I'm not going to have a daughter.
The harder try to stop her, the harder she is going to ride that dick.
The ones Ive fucked that had daddy issues were the best ones, liked it the roughest, a good choking or being tied up
>literally wanting to groom your offspring into a fantasy fuck toy for yourself and other men
Oh well. What did I expect? Discussion? No, that would be far too civilized.
I mean she's a turbo lesbian and she murdered a rapist already so I'm not sure how you plan on doing this
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stop being a cuck then op and accept the reality
Maybe you just need to understand what society is like, chicks like dicks. Stop her from doing what she likes and she will resent you for it
And in saying that, there is nothing wrong with a girl wanting to fuck. Id prefer mine have done something before, so they know what they are doing and are more fun
Kill yourself.
I wish I could just have a serious discussion on r9k for once
Im being serious, youre just in denial that girls dont like a nice load all over them. Your daughter is going to love getting her hole filled, and the more restrictive you are of her, the more dicks will fill her. I used to have a 20 year old girl who would sneak out her window to come fuck me when her parents said she couldnt go out
I had a dream I had a daughter. It was kinda nice. She had wavy dark hair and told me she wanted to be a witch when she grew up.

I don't think it's selfish for someone to have a child. I mean, it's our purpose on earth.
But that's wrong. A purpose which only serves to fulfill itself overy and over is not much of a purpose now, is it? There is no finality in that, no ultimate goal.
Meanwhile IRL one or more of these will happen:
>you get a boy and make his life miserable because you wanted a girl
>her unconditional love lasts for a few years then you will be the evil douche
>she will be a slut
>she will be ugly
>she will be a stinky loner with no friends
>she gets tatooes and piercings
>like her mother she will only like you for your money
>men will use and abuse her and she will gladly go back for more
>literally anything you say - she will do the opposite
>there is barely (less than 10%) chance she grows up liking you and want to do any bonding with you
>even if she does one day a guy takes her away
>if you live too long or unlucky you see her die
and the best
>you'll wish you never had a daughter
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Delete this.
Youve got the same chance of her loving you as you do of finding someone who would actually want to wife you. Go sort yourself out so you can be a decent dad.
Youve got to remember a decent dad needs to actually be social among other normie traits
living vicariously through your children always ends badly
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