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When was the last time you had a very good meal?
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When was the last time you had a very good meal?
define very good
>work at mcdonalds
>eat mcdonalds
it's been a very long time, anon....

not yesterday. i had a sandwich from potbellies that wasn't cooked and soaked in grease. i was starving while full.
Few weeks ago, when parents and I visited sister in Baltimore.
My mom made some nice ribs and potatoes today
Just made pasta carbonara for my girlfriend and I. It was super tasty.
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Don't worry wagecuck, I just prepared some fresh lobster for myself with all the time I have and it was delicious. Perhaps this weekend you can set aside the few hours you have, but you'll probably be so exhausted from all that wagecuckoldry and you'll just sleep SLEEP the day way.
i made chicken kasha yesterday. I should've peeled a parboiled the potatoes before frying them, but it turned out okay, if just a little dry.

I did have a painful cowpie shit this morning, but it was worth the eat.
made some baked salmon last night. did pretty good for my first meal.
4 hours ago. Practically every meal I eat is a very good meal. I spend about 2-3 hours cooking every day, on some days up to 8 hours straight if I'm also baking.
Today. My mom left the house earlier frustrated that I was lying in bed at 2pm and didnt want to go shopping with her. So when she left I warmed up some soup from the other night and made a pepperoni sandwich.
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custard tart.jpg
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peach custard tart
I cooked one tonight.

>boil a slab of top round for four hours in bay leaf, cloves, and a handful of white peppercorns
>when the beef's finished, start cooking a sauce by melting butter in a pan, and mixing in equal amounts of mustard powder and flour
>slowly add a cup of milk and stir to thickening
>chop up some parsley when the sauce is thick enough, and finish with salt and pepper to taste
>transfer beef to plates, chop into quarter-inch slices, and drizzle the sauce over it

I also made a mean shakshouka earlier in the week, pic related (though not my pic).

Usually dad's yelling at me for his bullshit reasons of choice. When I don't have a job he wants me to get one; when I have one (I currently do), he wants it to be better-paying. But whenever I cook for him he tends to shut right up. I'm a guy btw.
I had chicken wings and doughnuts today

I know but I liked it
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Every night every day my Fiance makes me dinner.
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>only one E

Fucking Stacy Thunderslut with a bf, why are you here?
Everynight, famalam.
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"good" is subjective.

I just ate a whole jalepeno pizza today. I havent had one in a looong time. And i love me some spicy pizza. That was "good".

the last "Good" meal i had was last week or so. I went to a fancy asian restuarant and i got red curried vegetables and rice, with vegetable dumplings and an avocado roll. That was very good.

The last homemade meal that was good was gourmet french toast and eggs, and oatmeal. I love a good breakfast. I made it with my girlfriend. she loved it, and i even taught her to make good french toast.
I have a good job and I'm single with very low financial commitments. Plus, companies offer frequently to buy me nice meals and take me out on the town to eat. I also only eat once a day or so, so most meals I have are very good.

Last week alone my meals were prime rib, crab/crawfish/oysters, sea bass, and a lamb shank.

(I also ate three egg mcmuffins one of these nights)
earlier today when I had grandma's home made vegetable soup
i haven't not eaten something not microwaved, drive-throughed, or raw like a banana since 2009
I made Bacon Pancakes today for breakfast and dinner.
potbelly is the SHIT what did you get. please tell me you got hot peppers on it
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Pho is the best.
went to a restaurant on Saturday with my parents, sister and her boyfriend. the food was pretty good and the place was BYOB.
>When I don't have a job he wants me to get one; when I have one (I currently do), he wants it to be better-paying.
this is my mom right here, it's fucking awful.
>just around the fine line separating overweight and obese
>cutting and counting calories to try and ease my way into normielife and qtp2tgf
>so fucking hungry

Would you bots say that trying to get into a healthy shape is worth it? Or should I just jump off the hype train of fitness and be a fat fuck and indulge for the rest of life?
Pho is some of the blandest soup on the planet.
Literally water with a hint of vegetable.

Also beansprouts are god damn useless.
Literally the shittiest vegetable of all time.
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>Dissing beansprouts
Opinion discarded
It's worth it. I'm still fat, but not being as fat as I was feels good.
It's worth it, Stop being a weak fuck and keep cutting,pussy. When you start getting looks from bitches in high school who never gave you the time of day, you'll enjoy it
What flavor does a beansprout really fucking bring?
It literally gets in the god damn way.

They are so fucking bland even when sauteed and have a shitty texture.

Beansprouts are useless.
Please give me a good reason as to why you like them?
What about their flavor and texture is good to you?
They have a slightly earthy/fresh taste to them. They don't overpower though and that's key, they're like an onion in the sense that they both soak up the juices and flavor of the dish they go with, adding onto their taste. Not only that but Beansprouts look amazing when bundled all together, Even if you don't like the sprout, you must respect the aesthetic of it
>That fucking Beansprout crunch when you bite one
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Oh waaaagecuck! My delicious McDonald's Cheesycheeseburger appears to have thirty-nine sesame seeds on it. I SPECIFICALLY asked for thirty-seven.

And don't you give me any of that 'more bang for your buck' nonsense. The customer is ALWAYS RIGHT!
I made sausage and eggs this morning.

I went out and got Korean food on Saturday.

I learned to cook pretty good when I was a kid, it's a good skill to have.
>Not in control of own diet

All I can do is welcome mr skeleton until i finally get a call back.
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Celery is a better vegetable than the beansprout.
It becomes delightful when stewed.

Beansprouts have an absurdly subtle taste which doesn't bring much to the dish. Why not just rely on the basil for the freshness?
Basil also has a great and deep flavor.
You could remove beansprouts from Pho and it wouldn't negatively effect the flavor.

They may have crunch but they can also be stringy as fuck, which completely ruins the effect.

That is how shitty beansprouts are. Remove them from whatever dish they are in, and the dish still does fine on its own.
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I'm NEET, I make at least one good meal a day. Cooking/baking is a hobby that all NEETs should take up. I've actually lost a bit of weight since I started cooking good food.
But what if I'm too much of a social autist to make anything out of any mirin' grills?
If you don't want to do it, don't do it, you fat pussy. If you truly don't care about self improvement physically,mentally or spiritually you should heavily,HEAVILY consider a helium mask. Also stop this stupid self-loathing on r9k bullshit, nobody fucking cares and 99% of you are normies who come and bitch that they haven't had sex in a week or they only have 8 friends instead of 50
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It's been awhile. I eat maybe 900 calories a day on average. I sleep maybe 7 hours every 2 days on average. I don't know how I'm still alive.
I'm just happy to have my belly filled. Banana for breakfast, Rice and vegetables every day, peanut butter sandwich every night. A different kind of fruit for snack. Chicken when it's on sale.

The most splurgy thing I get is the nut butter because it's actually mostly nuts and still tastes good. I'll keep eating like this if I stop being NEET too because as far as autistic habits go it works.
idk sounds pretty hard tripfriend
Normal day

>1-2 coffees until 2pm
>crackers or nibble on ham or banana for first meal
>cup of soup, wine, some other small nibbly meals for dinner.
>bed at 2am and sleep 6-7hrs

tfw $30 groceries a week because poor and I get bitched out by relatives when i eat a big meal at their house.
"You had a half a pizza? wow not greedy at all"
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Had a fucking feast with two of my friends at a Thai place last night. Was really fucking good.
>want to have a feast
>get full in 5 minutes
>everyone else continues eating for 20-30 minutes
I spent $30 for food a week and get pounds of chicken, ground beef, potatoes, etc.

Are you not clipping coupons?
Australia, bruh. I dont even buy meat that covers a bit of fruit, veg, crackers, coffee, and some other tidbits.
about 4 months since I've had good sushi
Only ASCII characters are allowed on r9k, you dumb faggot
Yesterday! Tortillas filled with sardines!
five minutes ago when I ate the following.
>1 handful almonds
>1 handful cashews
>12 olives
>1 can of sardines with tomato sauce
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It was right now.
What kind of restaurant is BYOB?
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