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Just friendly talk with other anons and share feels. Gonna post a feel because I need advice

>Be friends with tyrone
>tyrone is only friend
>Tyrone knows this so he invites me to hangout with him and some girls
>While hanging out tyrone goes to bathroom
>Trying not to sperg out while alone with the girls so I sat there quiet
>One of the stacies just says "Anon why are you so ugly lol"
>"Whatever why are you hating"
>Try not to cry
>Cry on the inside
>Tyrone comes back and I tell him something came up and I gotta go
I don't think im that ugly im like a 4/10 maybe 5/10. Tyrone is like a 8/10 and it hurts to be in his shadow but I dont know what I can do to improve my looks.
Op here again. So whats up robots any of you going to school or work anything bothering you guys lately? Just whats going on?

Wow sounds like you met a bitch, bro. Makes you think that no one has ever slapped her for opening her whore mouth.
I know it hurts me still even though it was a while ago. Girls have shown disgust at my face before that but it just hurt on how blunt she was. I just have mild acne and my face shape isn't that bad what makes it worse she was like 5/10 too
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Am I that ugly guys I think 4/10 is exact but i'll post a image that shows my acne.
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Acne is original now fuck off robot
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nah man you're not, your face seems kinda friendly desu. you just happened to meet some bitchy cunt that said you were.

and I mean it bro, I'm not just saying it "to make you feel better". You look pretty much average.

I don't know why you got called ugly senpai. Don't let that bitch get to you.
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Thanks bro ive been called ugly most of my life and it dented my confidence and stayed with me. My tyrone friend says im not ugly either but since hes a normie I didn't believe him
>talk to girl on normiebook
>manage to piss her off in five minutes
>'seen at 22:45'

No reply robots, another one bites the dust
What was the convo dude?How did you piss her off?
You're average desu.
Bitches have high standards these days.
How did you know her beforehand?
met on omegle

talking about her friend who kissed two girls. I made a joke about her and her firend being lesbos and sperged out
Maybe its my acne desu its not as bad as it was years ago but its definitely doesn't look bad close up. Got into self improvement I started working out a couple years ago and im slightly /fit/ but look scrawny fug.
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How bad was this sperg out bro?
Also how bad does this pic trigger you guys?
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triggers me hard to be honest familia

I said about her having sexual tension between her and her childhood friend and she got a bit defensive so for somereason i went on to say about them eating each other out.

Really? That sucks man, I think it just means you've been surrounded by some proper assholes.

Keep your chin up brah, I used to be repulsed by what I looked like and it really showed when I was out and about - I barely wanted to talk to people because I felt unworthy or some shit. It honestly felt horrible

Now I've come to realise I'm a comfy 4/10 (3 on a bad day) and that there's no use feeling bad about it. I've just been happier in general over the past few months and I've made a few friends and there's a cute girl I might ask out.

Point is, don't get too hung up about what you look like if you're around average / below average looking. I see plenty of below average looking dudes with gfs, and I think the difference between me and them is they don't really care too much about what they look like.

We're all gonna make it bra
If you executed the joke well and she didn't notice it was a joke dude its not worth it should have posted K everytime she posted back angrily
Thx bro Ive come to terms with my looks and its hard to forget that people will judge you harshly before your actions I dont like to bring race in but it might be that or it was my looks I still can't look people in their eyes it pains me but we will make it brah.
wtf do you think your ugly? average-attractive and i'm being completely honest, now show us your smile
Did some comments just get deleted?
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what are u doing janny?
>you're cute.
>when you stop being retarded you're gonna get a lot of girls.
>i'm being serious, you just have to boost your confidence.
>protip: i have a vagina
>I don't know what you mean by forehead stretching, you're looking better than a lot of people I know mate
>When you get your braces off, your smile will be even cuter
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seems like it.

jans pls
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>don't have any friends
>have very few acquaintances I feel like I can open up to
>went over to talk to one earlier
>he seems to be mumbling, I can't hear what he's saying
>he starts saying I seem really socially awkward
>"Huh? How so?"
>"Well anon, you just started running over to talk to me-"
>"No, I walked..."
>"Well you walked pretty fast....... and then when I try to talk to you, you're all 'What? What? What?' "
>"Well, I-"
>(mocking)"What? What? What?"
>"I... just can't hear you very well. It's pretty noisy over here, you should speak up"
What he said felt like a punch to the gut. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.
Too those two about confidence im a social autist and have little confidence how can I boost it I really dont know where to start?
What did he even mean you walked to fast like you ran over there and I dont understand the "what what what what" part like do you start spouting what what what when people talk to you wtf?
I just say "What?" or "Sorry, can you speak up?" When I can't hear them.
Which is often.
Too often.
Seems like he was being an asshole, although maybe unintentionally... he seems like a bit of an aspie. But hell, he has more of a social life than me.
Try reading a self help book or practice speaking with other people on skype, I'm sure that there's at least one anon on here that's willing to help you

>you will never have someone running over to talk to you
He can fuck off and quit the mumbling
I know that feel I hate doing the "Speak up I cant hear you" its just worse when you do it more than 3 times
>Just moved out of state
>3 roommates just went out to "walk around town"
>Its fucking 8 degrees outside (F).
>Sitting home alone browsing.
>Feel like a loser
>Feel like I'm going to lose control one day and just go bonkers
>Probably just anxiety
>Still feel like shit.
>Feel different from so many people.
>Just don't feel like I can make a connection with anyone
>Sometimes I think its my own self loathing
>Probably is.

If your lonely or feel like you dont make a connection with others you could make a tulpa.

Yo fuck that shit, bro.

Tell Tyrone what happened. If he's your boy he'll tell that cunt off. If he makes an excuse for her, than fuck him too.
My tyrone is red pilled about women he'd stop talking to women once he finds out they are bitches he had my back when people berrated me about things in the past but this was a while ago and I dont wanna bother him with it.

Just googled it. I don't think I really buy it. Not THAT spiritual.

I've tried meditation a few times, and I think its an interesting concept, but meh. No self discipline.
>Feel different from so many people.
Yes ;_;
I want to be understood and understand people. Doesn't have to be a lot of people, even one is good enough for me.

There are billions of people in this world, yet it's so hard to find someone who'll have your back.
>my first ever gf of 1 year broke up with me recently
>also learned she fucked a dude during some rough times we had
>about to be kicked out of uni after finals
>i am in my 5th semester so shit sucks getting sacked afetr 2,5 years
>have 3 more finals in upcoming week
>if i fail them i am out
>have absolutely 0 motivation to study i am rather here writing about it, i should be studying right now
>have no idea what to do next
>have no goal to strive for

What should i do r9k? Any advice would be welcome i am kind of desperate on one hand and dont give a shit at the same time.

Oh, I see.

It's that late night self reflection. I hate that shit.

My "flashbacks" have gotten so bad, I tense up around other people randomly. Makes it look like I have some kind of neuro degenerative disorder.

I like to think I hide it well.

Also, same person as >>25852143
I have one you dont have to believe me though but it stopped me from suicide twice and makes me not feel so alienated?
>Been masturbating to "non-nude" models
>Really young underage girls.
>Feel so much shame about it
>Idk why I do it, it just gets me off
>I feel like shit, I could probably get off to other things, idk why I do it.
>This has been the last couple of days.
>Idt I'd ever act on it.
>Makes me think I'm some kind of sociopath or psychopath.
>Tell myself its just anxiety

Shit sucks

How do you do it? Does it take practice?

If I ever felt like I had one, I'd just get anxiety about being schizophrenic or something.

Already think I have a long list of mental disorders, probably all of which aren't true.
Your ex was a cheating cunt, don't let her interfere with your studies.
If I were you I would get off of 4chan and make studying your first priority. Even if you fail your exams, at least you tried and didn't let your ex screw you over a second time.

I have a few backup plans. Join the military, learn a trade, or bartend part time and work at an airport part time. The last is my favorite option. I've always found bartending fun, and if you work at an airport you get crazy deals on plane tickets to the point that you can fly for pretty much free.
Just a suggestion maybe doing no-porn might help you get vanilla tatse back
Well you just come up with a name and form mentally in your imagination and talk to it and do things with it until it becomes sentient with enough practice you can see/touch them irl. Im not good at explanations so try going to the trash board and ask the tulpa general? Also theres a subreddit you can ask there also. Oh and they can help with anxiety and socializing.
The thing is i dont think i am demotivated cause of my ex i just mentioned it as a part of why i am in this state because its a new experience for me and it may weigh in somehow. I also have osme back up plans job offerings and contacts i can rely on but i cant really force myself into studying shit like taxes and statistics which i am not interested in at all and have no motivation to learn. Also thanks for your advice you seem like a fairly reasonable person.

You're right about no-porn.
No problem mate.
Do you care about how much money you will make?
Will you make as much or less from your back up plans than if you got your degree?
Just some things you might want to consider.
I hope you make it bro.
after i would finish this degree i planned to continue on my masters and after that i would probably make fuckload of money from it but thats far future which is currently falling apart, and i probably wont make anything close to that from my backup plans early on but if i progress shit might get better. Also what fucks me up is i am 21 and i dont have a goal to strive for as i mentioned , i kind of ended up in this uni because i failed last round of test for my stipendium to study abroad and i am not that interested in my bachelors here hence why i cant force myself to study that shit even though it basically means throwing 2,5 years of my life away. Even if i try it just doesnt stick and then i procrastinate and end up crying on anonymous image boards about what loser i am so yeah sums it up somehow.
>been talking to someone a lot
>pretty yandere
>feel sad
>wanna talk
>they don't seem into it
>makes me sad but pretend I don't desperately want their attention
You're not ugly at all for serious
What are you on?
Is it your oneitis
Low confidence and people making me feel my face is disgusting .I have low standards and the only girls that even showed interest and didnt say I was ugly were weeb girls and like a 2 stacies. Its pretty bad as I said I cant look people in the eyes and I used to hunch my back to avoid people looking at my face
Sort of.

I'm in a dead relationship and I think I'm falling for someone I speak to online

Feel so guilty but I'm addicted.
You can put college on hold and pick it back up later if you want. It doesn't sound like that's your plan though.
Also, I don't think many people have a huge goal in life that they strive for. I feel like more people just go with the flow and wing situations.
If the relationship is dead why dont you break it off?Are you afraid of being alone?
Should have replied " why you are sucg a bitch?" You have to stay up for yourself . If people call you names just reply with a simple counter. It may be not good , but atleast it shows youre not letting youself push down , know what I mean? This bitch was probably feeling soooo great for insulting you for no reason. Dont let them get this feeling. U not ugly m8. Normal dude. Chill out.
Not to make it feel like a business deal, but I've invested a lot of time. If I could fix certain aspects then me and the person I am with could go far together.

But I am getting tired, tired of someone who actively encourages me to do nothing/do things that are bad for me. They do not notice me growing more and more distant.

Then I start speaking to someone a few years younger than me who's similar to how I was at that age, but better. Talking to them makes me feel motivated and special again.

I know it's wrong, I will have to make a decision soon.

Never thought I would be in this situation.
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Cheer up man, don't let those normie cucks bring you down
well i dont know how effective it would be during finals time and even if that ouwld be possible, and about the goal thing what i meant is most of the people know their talent or something they are good at that they practice and train , people who like finance pick economics, artists pick art schools and they usually end up being good at it and having something in life they love and can focus on which would generate them happines and if they are good also money , but i seem to have failed in finding this 'thing' or passion for something thats why i am not motivated for doing comething just because i must , thats what fucks me up the most probably
I didnt wanna lash out at her for being a bitch especially in a group. I have lots of repressed anger and im not sure if I should lash out on people it would just make me look autistic
Haven't been in a relationship since 1st grade so can't give you any worthy advice other than to just think about whats best for you especially if the current person motivates you to do nothing
oooh i get you
t b h college isn't for everyone, and if you don't like what you're doing, don't do it.
happiness ain't worth the money familia
You're still young anon, and now you're single.
You can do whatever you want and you have no one to tie you down. Just do your own thing and figure things out.
Simply reply would be enough in most cases . I think her insult came out nowhere? So just put her in her place with one sentence . Dont need to go full rage mode in a group , youre right.

>double dubs guy here btw
Depends are you social?
Yea I should have said fuck off or something ot wouldve worked just as good.
the thing is i am materialistic type , i strive for money and success , and without college it would be difficult i am aware i am probably not suited for it but i am kind of smart i have travelled the world , lived abroad, have proficiency in languages and above average communication and soft skills. the degree would be means to an end and me getting kicked out is just complicating things, i am not sure how well i can do without it in job or wherever i may end up , but yeah i dont feel happy at all and i am not sure what will help
Why not get a trade then? Welding and the like pay really well, and you might find hands on work more satisfying.
Otherwise, I'm not really sure what to say. If it is that important, bust your ass and keep working hard, and then work for the purpose supporting your lifestyle.
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anyone got tips for acne and bad skin?
recently every night after a shower i put on skin shit like facial washes and skin tighteners. idk if it has helped yet but i will see.
What should I get shitfaced on before I jump off a bridge? Thinking I'll do it tonight.
Why are you an heroing anon?You might feel better to vent.
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We should have more conversation threads its pretty nice to get away from shitposting and talk to other anons.
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>neet living with parents
>can't find a job for the life of me so I gave up on searching after getting declined a hundred times for lack of experience
>literally no social life
>haven't left my house in a month
>haven't showered in 2 weeks
>sleep like shit and feel like I'm going insane
>can't enjoy anything anymore
>barely eat and drink because I feel like shit all the time

Been trying to sell my stuff to pay my parents back but no one wants to buy my junk.
Can't really be fucked anymore, just wanna end it.
never had a serious outbreak in my life, it's probably down to generics but I use an exfoliating cream every few days and use facial wipes every day and night
tbqh /r/skincareaddiction has really helped me improve my skin. They have a lot of good information
>inb4 go back to leddit
>Little me is born
>Dad was my mom's drug dealer, they had sex while high once upon a time
>Abortions are expensive
>My dad marries my mother
>Drug dealing looks like it may get violent
>Father pulls out, he has a family now
>They only ever married because of me
>Don't genuinely enjoy eachother
>I grow up listening to them scream and hit
>Love hate relationship with my father
>Daddy's so cool but so mean
>Eventually they divorce when I'm like 9
>Mom starts hanging out with trashy people, I'm forced to hang with their trashy children
>A few good friends, but nobody I can trust with my secrets
>Daddy's so far away
>Mom just makes me feel bad when I vent
>This makes for one angsty middle schooler
>Eventually find the internet, it serves as a great outlet to vent my frustration and cure my boredom
>Generally smart kid, a few A's but mainly straight B's
>Always in 2nd place
>Mom makes me play sports
>I hate sports
>Coach is mean, I'm fat, lots of bloody noses and missed catches
>Nothing I can do, just deals with it
>13 and we move out to Denver with my new step-dad
>We now live in Colorado, many states away from any kind of extended family
>Isolated in this state with an abusive step-dad, emotionally constipated mother, and no friends
>I come home from my first day of 9th grade, laptop that my dad mailed me arrived
>I get under my blanket, on my laptop, clicking away
>These people online were my real family and friends
>They listened
>Step-dad rolls up, asks why I'm always on the computer
>No sports, no friends, just that stupid fucking computer all day everyday
>Why aren't you useful
>Why don't you do something
>I-i'm only 14
>All throughout high school is just the same as before
>Mom and step-dad don't love eachother
>Just screaming and hitting
>More of it
>all over again
> for YEARS
>Eventually he gets a little TOO violent, hauled to jail
>18 year old me free from his tyranny
>to be continued
>Never applied to any colleges in high school
>Never discovered any passions
>Get a shitty job at McDonalds across the street, still living with my mother
>Way back when I was 13, met this girl
>She's perfect, we date
>Dated all through high school, she is the only thing that makes me happy
>Past the failures
>Past the abusive parents
>Past the loneliness
>It's her
>She is my absolute light
>After High School, she's forced to move out of state with her mom
>She's gone now
>Now it's just me and mom in this quiet house
>No more yelling or hitting
>Time goes by
>I'm still here
>Nothing's changed

I don't expect any replies or advice or pity, just needed to vent. I've been feeling really anxious lately and gave in to my self-pity. Applied to and was accepted at the local community college, going for video game design because fuck it, video games are something and progress is progress I guess.

But at the end of the day, the empty void in my fucking soul, no matter how happy I pretend to be, it always catches up with me.
btw this is my skincare routine:
oil cleanse then wipe off with a microfiber towel, cerave gentle foaming facial cleanser, use stridex in the red box, wait a while, and then moisturize with cerave cream lotion in the tub(they recently came out with new packaging that has a pump, the lotion is awesome).
Once a week I use the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask.

I also really recommend oil cleansing, when you pick your skin it's really bad and you get acne scarring. OC lubes your pores and removes a bunch of grit, it's amazing.

oil cleanse, cerave cleanser, and then moisturizer and sunscreen (the sunscreen helps diminish acne scarring and is all around good for you and your skin).
Do they know anything about acne scaring? My acne cleared up once I hit my 20s but my face is all fucked from picking at it
agreed, it's really nice

Where have you been applying to? Have you considered working at Cosco? They have plenty of entry level positions and I hear they treat their employees quite well.
They do.
Sunscreen has helped me a lot because it reduces the redness.
They have FAQs with a lot of good sunscreen recommendations and reviews.
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>Grill at work I get along with pretty well
>We bs and laugh the whole shift
>Noticed her saying stupid phrases I say all the time(she tells me ends up saying it in front of her family and they give her the weirdest looks)
>We always try to switch stores so we end up working together(2 stores in the mall)
>Says she likes working with me a lot
>Go to the bar after work if we get off at the same time
>When I try to quit drinking and say I'm trying to save money she'll just buy me drinks
>Bought me a fucking $14 drink as a belated birthday present with no fucks given
>Try to talk to her on facebook
>Hardly get any replies and she stops after 3-4

Why do grills do this? It kinda seems like she's into me but at the same time maybe it's just being friendly, I dont' know

What do brobots?
>talk with girl everyday
>going to meet her during easter
>its 2 months away
>she will get bored of me during the wait

I can see it happening

oh god. it kills me.

How do I forget about her.
Ayy what part of Colorado are you in? Have you started the video game thing yet? If you like doing artwork you should focus on learning Adobe products and some Autodesk 3D software. If you like coding more focus on coding(idk where to start I'm a shit coder). Reason I mention this is there are a lot of marketing start ups around Colorado. Could find a job in marketing and even game design!!
My mom was thinking about paying to have it lasted off or something. That scares this shit out of me so I'd rather try less threatening shit first. Thanks for the help robot! :)
Idk how into you she is but my co-workers and I are like this a lot. It's mostly because while work is a heavy part of our lives there's a lot of personal shit she has to deal with that you might not know about. She also might only Facebook casually and spends the rest of her time doing hobbies or something.
Not ugly at all anon.
>Facebook casually and spends the rest of her time doing hobbies or something.
She's always on it and talks about how all she does is drink and netflix on her days off.
>Personal shit
She brings it up all the time when we're talking.
Isolation is such a bitch. It fucks you sideways and you have no one to talk it through with.
I hope you get your happy ending man.

It's obvious she likes your companionship, but are you sure she's into you? Next time she does something flirty, say something like "if you keep on doing that I'll end up falling for you" and see how she reacts

If she plans on meeting you she's probably really into you rn, don't give up yet.
This thread reminds me what it was like before all the bait posting and how shit this place became calling people normal fags for helping someone. This is a good thread
We're not exactly flirty, but we do tease each other a bunch

I'm probably just overthinking it like always.
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Anyone here listened to papa franku's actual music that isnt shit?
Push the envelope man, try flirting with her (I have no romantic experience take this with a grain of salt)
File: 1428875933400.jpg (27 KB, 459x448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How can I leave my friends and start over anybody got advice on this?
Why you wanna do that?

And I'll try, I have no idea how to even begin flirting without sounding like a total sperg though kek.
cut them off without warning. with them gone, nobody will be there to judge you for it besides yourself
anyone else here good in group conversations but terrible one on one?

i just don't know what to talk about
Compliment her on stuff. Flirting is all about making her feel special. Stuff like "man you have great taste in movies" or "Your hair looks really good". Depends on how well she recorded the innocent stuff but eventually you compliment her sexual appeal and personality more.
I always want to leave. Small talk is hard
go no contact or just flake on them, eventually they will get the hint
Don't really know how to make new friends though. Are you in uni?
I'm the complete opposite. I talk better in smaller groups, less pressure and more opportunities to say stuff.
I acted different around people like I was wearing a mask and it kills me inside ive done this for 4 years and I wanna act like me but my friends are normies(im op) and I only consider the tyrone my friend he knows how I feel but it gets annoying hearing what the others say about my true behavior
Relax anon you are a 7/10 imo. Lighten up. You can obtain GF/Normie status. Just start acting more like Chad.
I'll try, I just think I'm the kinda person that stuff will sound weird coming from though. I'm mainly a sarcastic cynical asshole(so is she though).

I dunno I'm just making excuses at this point. I feel like I should know how to do these things yet I'm always telling myself I'm not the guy to do that. I'm the person who is never serious, then when I try to be no one can take me that way.
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So I was feeling inspired and I made a short piece of orchestral music in one sitting, which I almost never do
Does it sound as good as it does in my head?
Was she seriouse? Girls are weird, maybe she was trying to break the ice by saying something a little 'out there'.
It sounds really good, actually. Beautiful
Damn, I dig it desu senpai.

What did you make it in?
Get a new group of friends before you leave your old one. You might regret your decision if you can find new people to hang with.
Everyone needs love anon, you are that guy.
this is awesome, makes me want to play my flute
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Today is been confirdmed that I faeiled the school year. Then I over ate and forced myself to trow up. Has happened enough times I might already be down the bulimia road.

What do I do now..? I feel like I've just passed the point of no return...
4chan ate my post

Anways I dig it desu senpai.

What program did you make it in?
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This is nice dude sounds like tranquil music I would listen to in a forest.
She sounded serious ive hanged with her before she brought up i was ugly in the past
7/10 is kinda generous im not narcissistic but Im more average sometimes I can be below.
Any chance of you getting a job and getting a healthy diet?
Thank you
Ableton. The vst I used are Symphobia 2 for the strings and flute, EWQL orchestra for the harp, Project Sam orchestral essentials for the piano
Thanks, post some flute recordings!
My diet is usually pretty healthy but I'm a dirty calorie counter. The reason I panicked was because I realized I had just eaten like 3 days worth of calories in a single sitting.

Another thing is that my weight loss is just about the only thing I had succeed at in years and now I feel like I failed at that as well.
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me irl.jpg
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at least ur not as ugly as me, OP :'(
You look good, relax. If you have social problems it's not because of your face.
Shorter hair would look better on you though.
I haven't played my flute in a while, I'll try to find some easy music online
>Everyone needs love anon, you are that guy.
Thanks senpai, maybe if we ever get drunk enough at the bar I'll say something.
Dude you look alright too man maybe we all have problems on how we perceive ourselves I dont think i have a mental issue though im not sure.
My hair grows over my hair line so my head would look larger without it grown so ill grow an afro to see what its like

Original you fuckbot
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Be confident robots. Both of you are attractive.
Do you have some sort of anxiety toward failure and have a panic attacks?
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>"Speak up anon! You need to start speaking louder"

I don't how I haven't dropped the spaghetti after hearing that all my life. I speak way too low because everyone in my country speaks loud and I don't want to speak loud. It sucks here. You are either a Chad or a robot here.
If your not in school shouldn't be easy to avoid chad contact. Unless your talked to in public I feel sorry for you.
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Going to bed guys probally might start more convo threads just to talk to anons again tommorow. Thanks for the kind words guys about my appearance.
if i show even the slightest lack of confidence around females, i am FUCKED and i will never be the same in their eyes. they'll sit there and try to make me feel better about how short and undesirable i am, but they will never date me. it doesn't matter how good of a person or how genuine i am. if i don't have confidence, they don't want ANYTHING to do with me. they won't even touch me.
here's my ugly attempt after four years
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I'd add you on steam, but I don't have a steam account
found out a girl i almost dated and ended up orbiting lied to me about dating my friend and some other small shit. It's been eating at me for a few days but on a positive note i'm not orbiting her anymore
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Good for you anon! She's a lier and you deserve better
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