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What are your standards?
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What are your standards?
I'm talking about realistic ones, the ones that you aim for.
>inb4 I only aim for 9/10 stacies
I consider myself a 6/10, and I would never date any
>any girl below 5/10
I'm fair game with anything else.
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ryuuko candy heart.jpg
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I'm a 5/10 average looker. I aim for people who are average as well if not a little on the meh side. I don't have high standards, high standards typically means high maintenance.
In order of most important:
>not ugly (6+/10)
>fun to talk with
>plays vidya
now that I think about it my standards are pretty low.
>plays vidya

this pisses me off so much
I'm ugly as shit so I don't chase women anymore
I lost 70 pounds and they still hate the fact that I exist
not overweight
average looking

that's it really. ive been depressed for so long i dont have much to offer in terms of utility. girls usually want men with a car, a room, a decent job etc.
>plays vidya
this is a red flag for me, because most of the girls that play vidya have no clue about what's going on. They're just in it for attention.
>hurr, look I play Sims and CoD, I'm such a nurrrd
I haven't met a single girl who plays vidya and has decent taste.
Thanks for sharing. Faggot
not fat
a bit taller than me
not a womanlet (see above)
brunette or blonde

now i'm typing this i realize that this is a bit unrealistic
id date a 6./10 who is chubby or aushwitz. She doesnt have to have a great personality in fact id love someone who is as deficient and isolated as me
As long as she's in good condition, with a really good health and she isn't too ugly, I accept her physically (90% of the girl on the street pass)
Most of my criteria are mental, like having strong valor, being honorable, honest, virtuous etc.
I want my woman to be trustworthy. That's why I'm a virgin.

I consider myself as a 6-7/10
thats what i mean. Like PLAYS videogames.
I dont mean hold a controller and post it to normiebook
>she has to like my babby hobby or else
This is why everyone hates gamers
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I'm like a 5/10 on a good day, and I'd be fine with a 6/10 as long as she had a pretty face and wasn't fat.

I don't really have any popular interests and am quite boring, so I wouldn't wish myself on anyone.
One night stands:
>not fat

>slim, attractive body
>fun to hang out with
>no extreme insecurities
>mentally stable
>no issues with close family (biggest red flag imo)

I got burned hard by unstable girls so I have higher standards for mental health now.
Read my list again, and think about why i put fun to talk with higher than likes vidya
>i want a gaimen grill :pppp

you have dum goofed kiddo, girls dont play video games
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I'm a 4/10 on a good day

Here are all my standards:

>has a pulse
>looks like a girl
>identifies as a girl
>has all 4 limbs
>face is relatively acne-free
>not morbidly obese
>likes and respects me
>can look at my face without cringing, and vice versa
>takes care of basic hygiene needs (showering, shaving, body odor, etc)
>within 4 years of my age
>cant weigh more than me
>likes being picked up
>is able to deal with my crushing awkwardness
The last one is easily the most difficult to find in a girl.
I consider myself a 7.5/10 some days better or worse.
> she has to be at least 7/10
> sense of humor
> accepts my vidya and racism
Bonus round
> she's racist
> also enjoys vidya
>not sjw
>no digustingly ugly
>boy or grill
>likes vidya/anime (can even be a casual)
that's it, that's all i ask for
This. People don't consider it but mental health makes the hottest of grills deteriorate into unworthy shit if they can't hold it together
>Not fat
>Be at least slightly attractive to me(am fully aware I'm a 6/10 on my best days)
>Tall enough that I can do basic physical interaction without bending over. (Tall fag with bad back reportin)
>any size body is okay (as long as he is willing to work out with me)
>college educated (I am)
>not mopey
>wants to have a big family
>at least 6'0 (I'm 6'0 and would like a genetically superior family)

Physically he could be as low as 3/10
I would say I'm a 6.5/10
I'm fat and a 3/10 so I'm not picky
>knows where they are and what they're doing there; not unconcious or retarded
>younger than 40
>likes me
>Under 300 pounds
5/10 +
Not obese, healthy is fine
Not a liberal idiot
Not an sjw
Confident, fun and sense of humor
You and me both brother
>tfw when the only girl that shows interest in you is short, overweight, and pretty bad acne
Yeah, guys are warned over and over that they shouldn't fuck crazies, but everybody keeps making the mistake.
>not fat
>taller than me (5'0)
>mentally ill
My wife plays vidya, and it's a god send. Her taste are shit (mostly platformers, phone shit, and puzzle games), but I wanted a "gamer" girl, not to play with, but to understand the little things. Someone that doesn't play at all, looks down on your gaming. Someone who plays doesn't mind doing her thing while you do yours. Someone who doesn't play, doesn't realize that turning the TV/comp off while your playing is a dumpable offense. A player understands "in a minute", while a non player wants it right now. I never get triggered by others taste so it's not a problem for her to like what she likes. As long as the sandwich comes in a respectable time frame, I'm good.
Somehow this post turned out to be even worse than I thought it would. Amazing.
> As long as the sandwich comes in a respectable time frame, I'm good.
Fucking kek
>Is somehow attractive to me (I love short girls with dark hair and blue eyes, but it's not a priority)
>has a sense of humour (most important)
>isn't dumb
>is loyal

Seems I am a bit picky.
Someone who is actually fun to have about, chilled with creepy shit and isnt 1000 miles away and is a grill or a decent mtf desu
I am a 7/10 but have ridiculously high standards. Not only a girl should be a 9/10 atleast, if she dresses badly or has for example bad taste in music/movies immediately she's trash in my mind. Even if I got into a relationship, if I would found out a major flaw in her character after some time I would immediately her dump no matter her looks money career whatever.
I am probably full of shit because I have never fallen in love, so maybe I wouldn't be so elitist if I knew how much can a person care for another

not surprising that I'm a kissless 22 year old virgin ofcourse
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don't really care about body type as long as she isn't obese and has a cute kind face

wouldn't date a girl less attractive than myself, i'm pretty unattractive so this is moot

don't care about her politics unless she's preachy or won't admit when she's wrong

wouldn't date
controlling or super-insecure
overly materialistic or status-obsessed

also nose-rings are disgusting
I guess im about 5/10
aiming for :
> not obese
> 5+/10
> nice hair
> likes me
>What are your standards?
white or asian
not fat
not a slut, has no kids or stds
loyal and caring
Too bad I'm shit out of luck because women refuse to date ugly guys.
>not a complete idiot
>good personality
>down to fuck
Other than that, everything's fair game.
File: 2.png (81 KB, 217x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81 KB, 217x480
No 3D women.
I'm like 4/10

Must be:
>Not overweight
>At least 3/10
>Not an asshole
>Mentally stable

Though the mentally stable part isn't as important. I'd honestly date any girl in my dorm hall who wasn't enormous or a straight cunt.
>not very social

>But what do you have?
all of the above
>pretty face and wasn't fat.
already a 7/10 at least
I'm roughly an 8 or 9/10 depending on the person

>Biological female
>loyal and cares about me
>not an attention whore
>qt face (katya's is a perfect 10/10 for ref.)
>white or asian
>between 4'6" and 5'8"
>skinny, skinny fat but still thin, or fit.
>no disgusting deformations
>virgin, never gave a blowjob or had any sort of intercourse, sexually conservative is a bonus
>proper hygiene and dresses conservatively.
>doesn't drink too much and no drugs
>Preferences (not necessarily)
>Short, skinny, and with small boobs
>acts nice
>doesn't use social media much or at all.
>willing to spend a lot of time together.
>nerdy and will play games with me
>jogs with me.
>has a good job (idc that much but it's still good)

You guys probably think my standards are too high but I don't see the point in being with a girl if she doesn't. I'd rather just live alone at that point.
hello fellow highstandardbro

feels good to be patiently waiting for a quality gf, even though when your standards are that high you realize that you're just fine on your own (unlike desperate robots who would date a living aberration just to get validation/company/sex or whatever)

good luck on finding such a girl though, you'll certainly need it
was meant for>>25846743

why did you delete the other one?
Since I am at best a 2/10 I don't consider the possibility of getting a girlfriend something able to happen

Life is sad
-Not annoying or dumb
- 3/10 without makeup
just don't be fat
You do realize a 6/10 is above your looks?
3-6 / 10 and no standards unless she was literally 600 lbs
I mixed up a preference.
I'm atleast 6/10.
I dont care if she doesn't have ass or tits, long as she has a 6-8/10 face, and is skinny.
in a good day I can be 6/10
I guess
>Since I am at best a 2/10 I don't consider the possibility of getting a girlfriend something able to happen
Iktf, friend. Life is a cruel joke.
I'm an ex robot but my standards haven't changed

Sex standards
>not fat
>5/10 or better
>good hygiene

Gf standards
>all of the above
>7/10 or better
>not a retard feminist
>useful degree or job
>doesn't want kids
>socially drinks but not too often
>interested in at least 2 of the following: fitness, vidya, good music, good films, technology, self improvement

Never had a gf, had plenty of sex
I could never ever date or have sex with a fat girl. It's not some principle, I just feel no attraction to them. Might as well ask me to fuck an actual pig, because I feel the same towards them. Fatties don't look human.

The natural human body, looking the way it was meant to look for millennia, is a beautiful thing. Fatties don't have a human shape. They're shaped like spheres or big fridges, their faces are warped so you cannot see the bone structure. It's just gross.
How became an ex robot?
i'm probably 6/10
>biological female and not a homo in anyway (bisex or that shit)
>atleast 5/10 (qt face is must)
>cares for me/in love with me and is loyal
>not fat
>not slutty
>good hygiene and responsible
>doesn't have children
wishful thinking:
>nice ass
>muslim, tengri, zoroastrian or orthodox christian
>conservative, nationalist
>Going somewhere in life
>Likes going out
Why be with someone if they aren't up there? Not gonna settle for someone to settle with someone.
Moved from r9k to fit, fast forward 2 years
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ive been rated 6-7/10 on this board and /soc/

ive been flatout rejected by literal 250 pound women on okcupid

what do i do now?
He already exists, he's literally the most perfect human ever, if I can't have him then I won't have anyone. I'm picky so my standards are him. You wouldn't like me telling you about him though, you guys would just call him chad lel he sort of is
I consider myself maybe a 5, but then I'm really funny too and definitely a goofster so women usually are pretty favorable of me.

I pretty much just don't want a fat girl, a SJW/Liberal. or a basic white bitch and I'll be good I think.

Liking the music and games and such I enjoy are favorable obviously but I acknowledge it's unlikely so it's not a priority.
>has a good sense of humour, doesn't get bitchy
>looks decent
>not fat
>is okay with my taste in music
>white or asian
>6/10 at least
>not sjw, relaxed
>fun to be around
>not a slut
is he obama?
File: 1452878291942.jpg (48 KB, 330x495) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Guys how do I get rid of whitehead spots? Without them I could be a 6.5/10. Not posting a pic

because global rules may apply
>tfw talking to a grill on tinder who is completely out of your league, but your charisma keeps conversation a float

Why do I do this to myself? Why can't I just be happy bros? I'm so self punitive, that I'm even beating myself up over shit that doesn't even matter.

who here /depressed/?
i have literally no standards in terms of physical appearance, even if theyre a fatty im ok we can just workout together or something
however im a crazy bitch that has high as fuck standards in terms of personality
>im pretty sure i will die alone
I agree with this but I'd date a slightly chubby girl
>has charisma
Yeah go fuck yourself.
I want her to have the eyes to see how much shit society is
The vision for a better future
Her hand so we can both get there together.
Her voice as encouraging as her touch.
A love of turn based strategy games.
A face with lips i want to kiss and that want to kiss me back
Not too fat or if fat not too short
Not too depressed.
Not manipulative
Appreciates a minimal lifestyle
Doesnt mind sleeping on the floor
Willing to take chances
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I don't have standards anymore

I'm too ugly and boring to be picky

I have preferences and kinks but I'll never be able to find a girl that satisfies them because I'm just so undesirable myself
I didn't say I was endowed with ungodly speaking skills, but it's enough to have a conversation about music.

Godspeed on your love quest, anon.
>minimum 3/10
>not obese fat
>at least two limbs
>not sjw
thats it
Can anyone answer this?
She's hygenic.

That's literally it.
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>Not fat
>5/10 or higher obv.
>Somewhat representable. She shouldn't seem like a massive autist or something
>She should share at least one or two interests. Could even be watching movies

Not that it matters. Every woman who's has at least some quality already has a fucking boyfriend
>be interesting and able to hold a conversation, instead of being a boring vapid cunt
>not morbidly obese
This is literally it. Everything else that I like falls under personal tastes and is a bonus

to the surprise of no one on this board, the vast majority of women cannot even manage the first one, while those that can are unavailable
she needs to be feminine and either have no real opinion on things or be part of the alt right in some way.

i can manage a 6/10, 5/10 if she's really worth it. below that she needs to be incredible.
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>has 4 limbs
>has a pulse
>over 18
Sane, has 2 parents, like her personality
Thats it. Dont care if she is 400lbs and ugly
>not hideous
>shorter than me (4'10 - 5'3)
>not a slob
>doesn't smoke
>doesn't drink (to excess)
>won't settle for me/cheat on me
>not independent
I am a fat girl and I see many people are saying they'd never date one. I know fat people are not liked but can you tell me your reasons in the most detailed way? I just feel like hearing them.
And you have a herculean body, god-like face, and a casanova's personality? Get out of here with this shit. It's always men who expect this these ridiculous things from women.
Because you're fucking disgusting, are destroying your body, and spread false propaganda trying to make yourselves fell better for being fat.
Simple: not being fat shows that you care about your health and can function normally (in a physical way). Being fat shows laziness and lack of impulse-control, plus it makes you much less attractive. Even a 10/10 girl can go down to a 5/10 if she hits overweight, and 2/10 if she hits obese. Losing weight is ridiculously easy and if a girl can't even do that, then I don't know what can be expected of her.

And I'm saying this as an obese guy who's losing weight and would never date a fat girl.
>tfw have 9/10 gf
>tfw conditioning her into perfect waifu
>tfw she has a bunch of beta orbiters
>tfw get them to do all the boring menial stuff like shopping with her
>tfw I get to bang her, play vidya with her, and snuggle with her everynight
Am I chad now
You want a fat fuck for a man if you were fit and gave a shit about your body?
>5 or 6/10
>skinny or skelly (I just can't with fat people)
>white or asian
>vaguely similar hobbies to talk about stuff
>wants kids

Red flag:
File: Moterbike_rebel.jpg (107 KB, 700x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I would never date:
>a gangster girl
>a escort
>a stripper
>a drug dealer
>a drug addict (marijuana is okay)
>a hooker

One time there was a girl who fit all of these categories and I still went for it. Never go back on your plan even if it means loneliness.
>not stacy but an unnusual beaty

>i'm a 8.7/10
>fit and tall
>inner is what matters the most 8/10 and above
It's about the hourglass figure. I don't mine when it's a bit more meat all over, but I don't like the fat when it's so much fat that it erases sexual characteristics like wide hips and boobs. Some chub, I love, good thigh, big boobs etc. But when I can only identify boobs by which roll they are exactly, just no. I'm not fan on the orange skin either but even skinny girls have those so whatever, it's something I can overlook.

Also, some fat people have poor hygiene because they don't wash between the folds, and it smells.
so, I have the hourglass figure, and saw girls who weighted the same who don't because they store fat differently. Would you date the one with the hourglass figure knowing she's just as unhealthy as the one who doesn't have it?
What do you mean by unhealthy?

If you can run a bit and do some sports and are still that size, whatever. I'd much rather date a chubby little hourglass that eats some cake every now and then than a Stacy who'll freak out over oil with her salad.

>implying i'd ever have one of both
but you know what I mean
La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo

apply it before bed, every day on the affected zone

Used to have those. It's because of your diet and lack of physical activity
unhealthy because I still weight more than I should.
File: 1452034518504.jpg (41 KB, 320x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 320x320
I'm a 4/10, 5/10 on a good day, 6/10 if I try hard (makeup, hair, perfume, tight clothes).

>not obese
>not anorexic
>not too ugly in the face
>at least 5'6
>MUST be a genuinely nice, selfless person with a kind heart

Physically speaking, I'd date most guys. I'm very selective when it comes to personality though. Most 7-9/10 are insufferable assholes, I find 4-6/10's to be more down to earth and mature.
>I'm a 4/10
>>not too ugly in the face
And herein lies the problem.
Also wash your face twice a day: mornings and evenings

Clogged pores, filth, hormones are cause of them
"Not too ugly in the face" means 1-3/10. 4/10 isn't too ugly, it just means having some bad features. I wouldn't date someone with a deformed face.
Would you date someone with 5/10 facial features but with burn scars all over their face?
>MUST be a genuinely nice, selfless person with a kind heart

this is the gold standard for any person
A 5/10 is a 5/10. If the 5/10 has burn scars all over his face then he's not a 5 anymore. If he's below 4 I doubt I'd consider it.
File: 1449459180180.gif (44 KB, 711x885) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 711x885
>If the 5/10 has burn scars all over his face then he's not a 5 anymore.
I figured as much.
Is cute... that's it.
As for me, I'm a narcissist so I consider myself a 10/10 face wise. Overall a 7/10, manlet, skinny, autismo, stuff like that
File: 49037.jpg (30 KB, 481x718) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 481x718
Anon, it depends on how severe your scars are. If you look like pic related then yes, you're fucked. You might be a 4.5/10 though, or even a 4.9/10. It depends.
File: 1452110978854.jpg (34 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 500x500
You sound like a gigantic faggot
>blue eyes
>average looks
>genuinely nice personality
This is easy as fuck.

-not fat
-not a slut (any girl who has had fwb is a slut, any girl who goes out clubbing every week is a slut)
-enjoys vidya
-would rather stay at home or do something outside than go to some event like a concert

That's it. It's pretty much just a female version of me, the standard doesn't even seem that high. As long as she isn't a fat fuck, is around my age and is clean, then all she has to do is not be a slut.

I'd probably be able to find one too, but since I just love keeping to myself so much I never meet any girls anyway.
>tfw have scars but they're not burn scars
>tfw it makes me a 1/10
>not fat
>not retarded
>no severe deformities
Maybe if I like them enough then the standards don't matter

Also I'm a manlet so standards don't really mean anything if you can't get anything in the first place
>wants children
>never cheated
>similar interests, able to hold a conversation
not of great importance
>high libido
File: 1452829438490.jpg (83 KB, 499x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83 KB, 499x750
This is the lowest I'll settle for
darn, how'd you know? It was the word "perfect", wasn't it? I just hope he leaves Michelle when he leaves office.... I need me a slice of homeslice. President-sama, I submit
I am a tall white guy with a prestigious job. I'm not a normie but I play one in real life.

Literally all I care about is a cute face and not fat.

Just don't be fat. If you have a cute face, and you're not fat, all you have to do is be nice to me and I will try to date you. That's it.

It takes some seriously egregious shit to make me not want to date a woman, and then I'll still try to fuck her, just not date. I'm talking like "this bitch seems actually dangerous to be around" level. I can try to find something to love in the most irritating retarded bitch as long as she's cute and not fat.
>wants genetically superior family
>will settle for 3/10

I don't think you understand genetic superiority.
Pretty face - instant wife material

Ugly face - She better be tall and have a great body
I asked for qt facenot fucking a top tier beauty you entitled cunt. Also I'm fit but I'm not even asking for her to be.
I think this is what all the 3,4,5/10 want, brother. 3/10 here, 4/10 on good days... I even exercise, ottermode body-type but still not aiming to better because of my face
>asking for an acceptable face
>dictating to women that having a not-acceptable face means they're not fit for dating
Yes I'm the cunt.
What the fuck kind of warped logic is that? I KEYWORD HERE ^ME AS IN I PERSONALLY want a girl who I think looks good. I never said those who don't aren't fit for dating. This better be bait because no self respecting guy would ever date someone so stupid.
You seem like a bit of an asshole.
File: 1432.jpg (78 KB, 550x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78 KB, 550x550
>Tries to defend having being able to have preferences.


Allright fuck all of you, enjoy your shitty memes and depression.
I think of myself as a 6/10, but when you realise that normies on average are 5/10, my self perception is lowered to maybe 1/10 to 2/10.

As long as she's petite and we can cuddle, I'm more than happy.
File: 1452980435371.jpg (41 KB, 550x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 550x512
This, except she doesn't have to have all 4 limbs and I'm okay if she has an acne problem.
That's correct, you are the cunt.
You're not the only one who thinks this. It's like "If I don't give to charity, others will. What's one less person?" It simply doesn't work. By making these demands of a woman you're essentially condemning other women as lesser. You're not above "ugly" or "fat" girls. Once you realize you're just a person like them, you shouldn't have a hard time accepting them too.
I can't believe this is even an argument, I actually can't express how dumbfounded I am that you're trying to say that wanting a specific trait in a partner is wrong. You know what? Why don't you just go ahead and follow your own beliefs and date some fat r9k neckbeard because he's a person too, and once you realize that despite him being a horrible and disgusting human being, that you're no better than him so obviously it would be wrong of you to pick anyone else over him because of shallow things like being a fatass.
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