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> tfw video games, movies, shitposting...
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> tfw video games, movies, shitposting and escapism is the only things that keep you going

I just want to leave this reality. Most things just keep getting shittier and shittier. Most robots just kill themselves or accept a mediocre life. Isn't there a third option?
>Isn't there a third option?

Unless Donald Trump delievers and makes the American Dream alive and great and bigger and better than ever again, then ... no.

ya. start with a good diet. depend on yourself, eating out is a liability.

cook for yourself.
>le eat "healthy" meme
Good goy, live a long life for your masters.
The fact that you talk about Trump makes me think about something I realized earlier.

The red pill is our blue pill.
As much as we're right about all that, I think that our obsession with the redpill is just another way to not think about our shitty lives and focus our hate and determination on something.
I don't think Trump, or anyone else for that matter could ever repair something that is broke beyong the possible. And I'm not talking about America or Europe in particular but about our lives and everything else.
We live in a fairytale.
I still live with my parents.
My mother is basically a vegetarian and only cooks extremely low-fat, healthy and organic food. I only eat meat once a week.
I just eat what I need and never take deserts anyway.

I don't think food is the issue here m8.
I'm talking about generalities.
How can you take pleasure in leaving your life when everything you love is about things that aren't real?
>The red pill is our blue pill.

That's more true for pol tho.
Personally I don't live believe that Trump or a girl could repair my life again.

But yeah, other than that you're right. Many "redpilled" dudes actually have super depressing lives, you see that sometimes on youtube when you look at their sad apartments or basements. And then they talk about the Joooo or how they need to protect those poor womens from the sandniggers.
Every one of us try to dodge reality by different ways.
/pol/ has its redpill
A lot of other boards have their memes and shitposting.
/int/ users live through their flag identity- we're not individuals with shitty lives anymore but countries.
/tg/ has escapism with cyoas and imagination
/x/ has the excitement of the paranormal or when the impossible becomes possible.
/b/ has violence and porn. The easiest ways to forget.
A lot of other boards also have contrarian and overly edgy opinions. Anticonformism is just a way to live through this feel of uniqueness.

We all live through something that just isn't there. We just can't live life the way it is.
>Every one of us try to dodge reality by different ways.

r9k is obsessed with women.
Some want to be women themselves, some want to be slaves to women, some want women to be slaves.
Misogyny and obsession with women is our redpill and our form of escapism. as if some depressed NEET's life would actually get better if his mother wouldn't be allowed to vote anymore.
Yes exactly. These obsessions are the last things we hold onto.
Some may be true, others my be wrong, in the end it doesn't matter as we don't really care about it.
They are just excuses to not see the real issues that would matter to US as individuals.
Whenever I hear someone talk about work, relationships, social life and their future, I just get really anxious and try to talk about cinema instead. I just can't deal with real life, simple as that.
I used to think I was special when all I can do is posting a frog picture on some website.
>I just get really anxious and try to talk about cinema instead

Same here.
People think I'm very talkative and chatty, but actually I just try to lead the conversation to avoid topics I don't want to talk about. And the best way to do that is to talk a lot yourself and ask a lot of questions.
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>tfw video games aren't fun anymore
> don't have the attention span to sit through movies anymore
>not clever enough to shitpost

for a while in december I had a new headset and I was really enjoying music but now that euphoria has passed too
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>tfw video games have all become dull and boring
I don't know, I've been having a lot of fun on the new Battlefront game lately, what do you guys think?
That said I'm a normie so we may not expect the same things out of games, dunno.
new battlefront looked good but ended up being empty and will need a full year of dlcs and $50 more to actually be good
but I think I just played so many video games over the years that its made them uninteresting.
Also the general tendency of making shit games now, but yeah.
People think of me like that too.
I always joke around and build a persona around being the social and funny guy.
Thanks to that, I have friends, even among the chads and staceys circles but they don't like me, they like the facade I created.
It just doesn't work in the long run.

They don't need a false personality to talk with others. They don't need 4chan or the Internet. They just live life, drive their cars, fuck, work and enjoy themselves.
I really want to know how I can do that.

The funny thing is that except escapism, the only thing that links me to the real world are my friends. They're the only real thing that can make me happy. When for them I'm just a friend or a close aquaintaince, they are the reason if I get depressed or not when I get home the evening.

The problem with videogames is that we just can't appreciate them like a child.

As a kid, the world you get thrown into seems real. It's vivid and you really can get into it.
Now we're more aware of that.

The perfect exemple is video games that takes place in space.
When you used to play one of these games and your character looked out the window of his ship, you would see space for what is represented: adenture, wonders and infinite possibilities
Now you just see it for what it really is in the game: a low res stock image of space.
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You nailed it anon, you nailed it
I cant look at games like fable as a wonderful and interactive world anymore, just scripted events and reactions, grinding, terrible AI
I use fable as example since it was the last game where I experienced this
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become SJW
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