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>be me
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>be me
>be in 5th grade
>had to walk home after school
>in between house and school there was a jungle gym
>bunch of kids used to play there after school
>the middle school was really close
>middle school kids would be there too
>get out of school one day
>begin walking home
>have to shit really really bad
>too far from home
>too far from school
>there were public bathrooms by jungle gym
>could not hold it any longer
>clenching in the shit as hard as i can
>get in the bathroom
>bathroom was the dirtiest bathroom i'd ever seen
>two mirrors on the wall, both busted
>black filth everywhere
>open stall door
>no toilet seat
>no toilet paper for miles
>hover over seat
>ass explodes
>shit sprays everywhere
>gets on pants/ underwear
>feels fucking amazing though
>realized shit is everywhere
>start to formulate a plan to avoid as many people as possible
>remeber i have a note book in backpack
>rip paper out and use that as toilet paper
>it makes it worse
>paper just spreads the shit around
>start thinking to myself i'm fucked
>kids will know i have shit on my pants
>look at pants
>huge brown stain on the back
>get another idea
>i could wash it off in the sink
>take both pants and undies to sink
>try to wash the shit off
>both pants and undies are in the sink
>hear door open
>stacy chick in my class walks around the corner
>have shit on my hands/ legs pants/undies
>naked from the waist down
>shes like a deer in the head lights
>realizes what shes looking at
>screams and runs out the door
>pants and undies are soaking wet
>still have shit every where
>put them on grab back pack
>full on sprint back home
>everyone is staring and laughing

Idk there where other times like this at this jungle gym if you guys wanna hear
YEAH I wanna hear

forgot to mention from last post i accidently went into the girls bathroom

>the next day get called shit boy
>spreads like wild fire
>even the middle school kids knew of me
>every time i walked by the play ground
>lots of kids laughing screaming shit boy
>goes on for months
>summer happens
>going into middle school that next year
>hoping that no one would remember or care
>still being called shit boy constantly but only by chads
>qt 3.14 starts to stand up for me
>we become friends
>only friend
>she lives in my neighborhood
>we walk home together some days
>year goes by
>still very close
>tell her i like her
>she tells me shes not looking for a relationship but still wants to be friends
>become orbiter
>she starts dating chad guy
>there are benches on the other side of the bathroom that the middle schoolers hang out at
>see her over there with chad boyfriend one day
>walk over
>don't know what i was thinking
>try to see if she wants to walk home
>chad boyfriend says "whty would she wanna walk with you shit boy"
>she lets out a little chuckle
>heart broken
>stop talking to her
>alone again

Would you like hear more?
pls more shitboy stories, shitboy
of course
dump em here no pun intended

>middle of 7th grade
>nearly everyone had forgotten that one day
>sitting in class
>get a text from qt from b4
>"meet me by the jungle gym tonight"
>all except chads
>walk home alone as usual
>no one acknowledges me as i walk by
>wait till when she said to meet
>walk down to the jungle gym
>no one around
>wait around for like 10 min
>am sitting on the benches
>it's just before dark
>see kids on bikes coming
>they have something in there hands
>can't see what it is
they get closer
>relize that they are coming my way
>oh shit
>i panic
>i get up
>start walking home
>they are still coming my way
>start jogging
>they are getting close
>i start running
>i notice they have brown paper bags in their hands
>they are right on top of me
>they throw the paper bags at me
>a couple bounce off
>one hits me square in the chest and explodes
>liquid dog shit flies all over my shirt and gets on my face
>they turn around and laugh and ride away
>notice qts bf chad is in the group
>luckily no one sees me crying and walking home

I have a couple moar if you guys want them
Oh shit nigga ( No pun intended)
More plz
fugg that's nasty, I went through the less autistic root; vomiting

At this time the bullying starts to pick up

>after that incident i delete her from my phone
>don't talk to anyone
>all alone
>i start taking the long way home from school
>i'm an only child and my parents would work kinda late on the weekdays
>prank calls start coming in to my house after school
>pick up the phone hear shit boy and click
>after school one day i hear the door bell ring
>cautiously look outside
>no one
>open the door thinking it was a delivery
>see a flaming bag
>oh fuck
>been around the block
>knew it was shit
>use door mat to put it out
>still gets everywhere
>clean it up as much as possible
>door mat is ruin
>get yelled at by parents
>they think i lit it on fire because i used to play with fire when i was younger
>next day chads are asking me if i got their present
>y-yes chad leave me alone
>chads laugh in my face

still got a couple moar if you want
Post em for me anon
I would also like to hear more stories. Will shitboy prevail?
You should have just either
A) Not wiped your asshole and walk home
B) Wiped your ass with your shirt, throw the shirt away and then walk home shirtless

At this time i make it my mission to not answer the door or pick up the phone out of fear of bullying

>start 8th grade
>i find out during the summer qt's bf moves away
>secretly really happy
>she's heart broken
>tries to talk to me again
>i'm still devastated
>refuse to talk to her
>chads friend group is still mocking me
>i got a bike over the summer that i started riding to and from school
>still no friends
>start spending a lot of time in the library
>stay after school most days till parents got home
>one day i walk outside to the bike rack
>tires are bent to shit
>unlock it
>wobble it home
>feel something on the underside of the handle bars
>smell my hands
>dog shit is whipped on it
>thrown the bike into the forest by the jungle gym
>parent wonder where bike is
>say its stolen

still got a couple moar
Post them all story time anon
Why does this turn me on baka
Man you are fire, keep these up

Parents are pretty poor so i don't get a new bike

>have to walk home again
>still take the long way
>avoid the jungle gym as much as possible
>i get really sick one week
>in class
>stomach is making really loud sounds
>teacher asks if everything is alright
>tell him that i have to use the bathroom really bad
>go to the bathroom
>it's right across the hallway from the class
>the class room door is open
>i take the loudest shit imaginable
>feel a million times better
>walk into the room
>some of the kids are snickering
>someone does the *cough* shitboy thing
>class erupts into laughter
>teacher laughs a little too
>go to my seat
>i put my head on the desk for the remander of the class
>after class i run out of the class and go home
>parents get a call from school saying i skipped class
>tell them i wasn't feeling well
>got to stay home for a couple days and play vidya

next time highschool edition
Post more, shithole!
I know you're only baiting for replies because it's a copypasta and thus can't post it on r9k without an original comment, but keep going.
>at highschool
>at cafeteria by myself
>eat way too much food
>on the way to class
>halfway there when stomach starts to rumble
>suddenly feel the pressure of a thousand exploding suns straining against my poor anus
>hold it past all the chads and stacies
>finally arrive at bathroom
>not sure if i can get inside without shitting myself
>decide to clench my cheeks and go for it
>belt gets caught on the door as im pulling pants off
>oh god i can't hold it
>molten hot taco diarrhea blasts furously out of my asshole like water from a fire hydrant
>completely drenches toilet
>while crying from the massive pain in my asshole i crawl to the sink
>leave a trail of shit and blood from the stall
>stomach hurts so bad
>suddenly a chad walks in
>takes one look at me and bursts out laughing
>calls in his friends and they all take photos
>silently crying all the while
>next day photograph at me annotated "shit boy strikes again" posted all around hs
Ok I think this is just bait now

Sad, before this one they were kinda funny


>the rest of 8th grade went by without any more incidents
>other than being called shit boy
>looking forward to highschool
>it's further away than middle school and i'd have to take the bus
>a lot more people would be there
>it would be a new beginning
>or so i thought
>go to the first day of classes
>qt is in my class
>so are a couple of the guys that tormented me
>i keep to myself
>join a reading club in the library
>spend lunch there and anytime before and after class i could
>on the bus rides back and forth i sit in the front
>earphones on
>silencing the world out
>a couple of the chads are on the same bus as me
>they throw crumpled pieces of paper at me with shit boy written on it some days
>some days they leave me alone
>half the school year goes by
>one day am eating lunch with some of the people in the library club
>stomach starts to make really bad girgling sounds
>get up and run to the bathroom
>just make it to the toilet
>pull down pants
>diarrhea floods out of my ass
>didn't make it on to the toilette seat
>sprays up the wall
>didn't get any on me though
>later i'm walking past that bathroom
>notice two janitors cleaning up the bathroom
>a couple of the chad group is walking down the hall way and notices too
>can hear them saying shit boy strikes again
>get on bus later that day
>go home
>a couple of the chads had dumped manure on the drive way
>have to clean that shit up
>parents wonder why the drive way is wet and smells like shit when they get there

nice try anon

next time i get a car
>nice try
>acting like copypasta is your own OC
Just drop the pretense and share your disgusting fetish stories anon

Still being mocked by most of my class for some time, i got a job and saved up to buy a car

>junior year
>riding around the town listening to music
>see one of the chads on a skate board
>he sees me
>i rev my engine
>i gun it
>we enter a tunnel
>i'm on his heals
>i'm thinking back to all the torment this guy has given me
>he's on my hood
>skate board goes under the car
>he climbs over
>i'm amazed by what i just saw
>look in front of me
>truck coming up fast
>i slam on the brakes and turn to the left
>i still manage to hit the truck with some force
>manure comes out of the back and into my car
>I scream "I HATE MANURE"
Epic. Now kill yourself
Thread replies: 25
Thread images: 2
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