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Does this ever happen to you? how often?
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Does this ever happen to you? how often?
I don't ride the bus. Too many black people.
Never, I don't ride the bus
Does wojak think the girl is saying hello to him or is it something else? It's not quite clear.
I'm the guy that get the bus seat next to me empty in like 5 minutes. Of course it does happen and it is every time I took the bus.
Yeah, OP. Clearify.

I think he knows the qt from somewhere, which is why he feels when she doesn't sit next to him
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no, not a single girl.

I'm invisible to the world, I do not want to fight or be special or highlight only to be picked, I just want to be chosen and if it does not happen fine by me i will die alone without remorse.
>Last week I was on Public transport
>I sat next to the window cause I like looking at the outside
>After some blocks a girl sats next to me
>5/10 R9K gf material
>Decide to do nothing about it, because, what are my chance?
>Notice she turns around and looks at me a lot
>Start thinking my beard (not full beard) looks like shit and she is making fun of me
>She starts pretending she's feeling sleepy
>Say pretending cause she'll turn around and look at me every once in a while
>As any true robot, I keep staring at the window
>After a couple minutes, she puts her head on my shoulder while she keeps pretending she's asleep
>Decide to do nothing about it
>Fast foward some minutes
>She 'awakes', and fakes some surprise
>Get of the bus
>Smile at me, in a qt way

Did I miss another chance?Did I fuck it up again?

feeling some human contact after weeks, make me feel kind of happy desu senpai
is that a scene from The Eternal Sunshine from the Spotless Mind

OP here,

It's open to interpretation.
you fucked up anon.

you could have gotten a qt gf.
Could be worse OP. She could have chosen to sit next to an overweight neckbeard rather than you. It's normal for someone to chose an empty two seats rather than next to someone
you missed your chance. you only get one shot and ya blew it
Then it's shit
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wojak bus.jpg
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right in the feeIs
That was the literal only chance in the entire existence of everything and you fucking blew it
He sees the cutie get on the bus, he stares at her.
He can already imagine a future together but then she notices, there eyes meet.
She thinks he is a creep for looking at her and sits behind him.

He, who represents us, will never even try to talk to her.
She will simply be another dream girl that haunts us.
We will remember. She will forget about us the second she leaves the bus.
>about to get on the bus
>theres a long line and all the back seats are taken
>see a cutie in front of me in the line
>I get on and see there are three seats left
>see qt sit and theres a free seat next to her but it would be creepy if I go for it
>go to the last seat left at front
>next stop and an old lady gets on the bus
>ding ding
>I offer her my seat and she thanks me
>qt girl sees my act of kindness
>signals me to sit next to her and smiles

Couldve been great, she was fucking hot, too bad she got off on the next stop
50/50 I'd say, maybe, but there's also a decent chance that she's just a bit of a lunatic and treats everyone like that. weird people ride buses sometimes.
I was with you 3/4 of the way though, she could well have just been staring out the window when you thought she was looking at you, there aren't a lot of places to look in a bus and reading the ads gets old pretty fast
That happens to me all the time on rides home from college. Old ladies or black women have a tendency to fall asleep on me. One time a guy did it too and he was a bit odd. I've got the lips of that "hot criminal" women were fantasizing over a few years ago. Are they really that attractive to people?
>letting a guy sleep on you on the bus
have we reached a new low?
fucking retards, this is because there's less pressure for her when she's not interested. Imagine being in the same situation, would you sit next to the 8/10 that might be disgusted by you, or the 4/10 who you don't care about?
> walking on the buss
> sees black dude with cards
> ask him if he likes poker
> he looks at me and says
> "all in"
> i "call"
> he shows 2 aces
> i show 2-7 uinsuited
> flop is 2, 2, 7
> i tell him " shudn't of messed with the best now u die like the rest
> river is A
> he smiles
> turn is A
> He get's 4 of a kind and beat my flush
> he takes all of my money and kicks me off the buss
> im litteraly standing out in the cold snowing and shakind writing this
> dont u guys ever go to the buss unless u wanna take a risk
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not him but I wouldn't say it's that bad, buses are crowded and you're probably not on there for long anyway, no need to be a prick to the guy
unless he really smells like hell or something
I wrote that greentext. That was the first time that something like that happened to me.

>with a woman

fuck my life, It happened with a guy before, but I give him a subtle elbow hit cause no homo
It probably would if I left my house more or used public transportation. I've been told I've the emotionless face of an autist.
Is it really that gay? It's usually 4PM when I'm on the bus home. People are tired at that time, you gotta let them rest. At least they're not the nigger on the 4PM bus who rests his head on the pulley that signals the driver to stop.
It happens all the time to everyone here in Germany. Before people start sitting next to each other every 2-seat bench will have 1 person sitting on it. It's probably because everyone wants to be left alone at that time, getting up early kills the mood.
>implying a girl would not choose to sit in the empty seat behind a complete stranger
There are some moments and some small connections just meant to exist as they are.
Last year, I bought students tickets to an opera
>sat down
>young man sits next to me
>Dovunque al mondo
>he presses his leg against mine
>I press mine back
>Ancora un passo
>as I rest my hand on the armrest, his raises and falls gently upon it
>Vieni, amor mio
>our shoulders meet as well
>as the music meets me with rapturous splendor the human warmth begins to cause palpitations
>Bimba, Bimba, non piangere
>his fingers grope at the webbed crotch of my own

Barely enough contact to be beyond incidental, and we parted without words, just a small smile and a return to normal life.
Some joys are smaller than you would imagine.
Hot girls tend to sit with guys who they know won't hit on them.
If they think you think you have the sligthest chance they won't risk it if other option is available

also nice overthinking fags
If there is an empty pair of seats on the bus, of course someone is going to choose those over an pair with someone else in one.

First, all the pairs are filled up until every pair has one person in it. After that, men will sit wherever while women will favor sitting next to other women.
I've spent nearly my whole life on public transport. It's the same pattern every time.

It's just the way things are done. It is nothing personal at all.
Do you expect some qt to sit next to you and start talking to you?
Nobody talks to strangers on the bus. It's about respecting the other persons privacy.
If we lived in a world where people just started conversations on the bus, you would constantly be bothered, not by people you are attracted to most of the time. It would be unbearable.
The world is the way it is.

People are just trying to get from A to B. It isn't a social meet.
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What could you even do
She "slept" on you
What were you supposed to say
Hey nice sleeping face, wanna come over and sleep with me
That's retarded
>greyhound ride from vancouver to alberta
>tummy hurts whole time
>go to toilet to fart huge gassy farts, loud
>bus is crowded but manage to fall asleep on and off
>everytime I wake, tummy doesnt hurt at all
>I must have unleashed the loud farts in my sleep
Whenever someone gets on I think "not next to me". If someone sits next to me I don't give a fuck if it's a girl, it's still kind of a pain in the ass and I'm not talking to her.
Either this is made up, or that chick is terminally retarded.
when i ride on the bus i always take the aisle seat specifically because i don't like people sitting next to me

any normies lurking know the answer? what would chad have done
how would one go about giving off the vibe that they won't hit on them. do i avoid eye contact?
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>tfw you were in this exact scenario except you were the girl and it was a boy
>tfw you kept up glancing at him and waking up early to catch the same bus as him for nearly 2 years
>tfw you fucked up and he saw you staring at him as he left the bus
>tfw you never saw him again after
It was a short lived dream. Fuck my life.
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this is gay as fuck anon, what is wrong with you.
>be me sit on the bus
>sit next to window because first stop
>it is rush hour so I anticipate the fact that the bus might be full
>smell like sweat because AUS summer and shitty genes
>people standing up but no sitting next to me
>sitting next to another person when there's an empty seat available

that said, sometimes girls sit next to me when the bus is looking sketchy

when that happens i usually just press up against the window like a terrified possum in a cage trap

personal space and all that
There is a perfect greenest for this thread but I can't find it. Anon describes this situation with an eminem song. I just know it ends with "or drown in your own faggotry" I'll look but no promises
It was gay bait!
I've never been touched or been to the opera!
You are deceived!
Jesus you guys are autistic.

After she "woke up" from her fake sleep all you have to say is "tired?" Or "am I that comfortable?" Or anything really. Be cute and playful. If a girl is interested all you have to do is not fuck up. It isn't that hard.

Tease and joke light heartedly. Keep a conversation going by talking about Anything really or just ask her about her day. The talking doesn't actually matter you just have to get her to open up.

Before she goes, or when she is leaving, just say "hey, I like talking to you. I want to get your number." Don't ask for it, make it a statement.

Of she says yes, cool. If not, make a joke and move on. Easy.
Not on the bus, but in class

>arrive at class somewhat earlier than everyone else since I don't really have friends/anyone to talk to
>people sit away from me unless there's no other choice

>time to partner up in lab
>everyone pairs up except me, and 3 girls work together across from me while I work alone

>go to an after class study thing
>everyone else except me is working with someone, learning n shit better with a partner
>I wander around like a sadsack with growing anxiety
>eventually leave before making significant learning progress

I have since dropped out of college and am a worthless NEET....
To be fair, I have the male version of resting bitch face.
this is why you're still a KV alone virgin, this is why you probabbly will die alone with no love from a woman or from anybody else.
Sadly, not made up.

Another one.

>One or two years ago, don't really remember
>Notice every day of the week (let's say wednesday), at the same hour I found a qt at the bus stop.
>She's petite, slim, brown hair, qt face, looks like the singer of chvrches, but I found her qtr. I would say 8/10
>Nothing weird, just two people that happen to share routines
>Next semester, new schedule, don't see her for some months
>Now fast foward to last year
>Different day, different hour, same chick, same bus stop
>Again, It's just a coincidence, it's not like she expects me to talk to her
>One day the bus doesn't come
>There's another line, but I'll have to take a second line later (let's call this buses the 'Z' line)
>Decide to wait
>Exchange eye contact with her several times
>Several Z line busses passed
>Don't get on them
>More than half an hour passes, I'm don't care about classes, I just wanna see what she's gonna do
>After a couple minutes I decided the get on some of these Z line buses, as the first ones never show up
>She gets on the bus too
>Seats really close to me, but not exactly by my side
>Get down the bus
>We take the second bus together

I feel like I fucked up this one more, she could have taken any of the buses before, but she waited for me to get on it. And she was truly a qt 3.1416 desu senpai

I can think of more times I fucked up, but not in public transportation

I knew that was what I needed to do, I'm just too autistic
>implying we're 8/10
>implying women feel social pressure
>implying women don't all see themselves as attractive
>you never made a move after 2 years
>you always expected him to initiate
>women: the post
Then don't ask questions you already know the awnser too.
Are you her?



Never expect something like this while browsing r9k and writing that greentext
Does anybody know what happened to the anon that got a girls number on the bus and she turned out to be 14 and wanted to call him but he said he had to go eat dinner? I missed it because I was wagecucking.
Do train stories count? It's pretty boring, but I think about if I fucked up from time to time.

>coming home from chicago late june early july last year on a train
>it was a late afternoon train on sunday so it's almost empty, maybe 6 or 7 other people in the same car as I
>what I'm saying is there's plenty of empty seats
>very qt asian girl sits next to me when there's literally a dozen other options
>apologizes for sitting next to me
>starting to feel like an anime senpai
>she talks to someone on the phone for a bit
>just kinda stare out the window for like 3 hours, we don't really talk at all
>get off the train a stop before her

She was working on a degree in computer science whereas I am a college dropout so she was out of my league anyway.
You fucked up your chance senpai
I'm not too sure there was any chance, but it was definitely odd that she sat by me when there were like a dozen other choices.
It's the damn bus, I don't think much of it. Sometimes I'll strike up a conversation with someone on the bus, but most of the time I'll either be sleeping or drawing.

>drawing on the bus headed to the station
>cute asian chick sitting across the row says I draw well
>talk about drawing, college, and anime during the bus ride
>get to the station, we sit down next to each other on the rail, show her a couple of sketches
>get off at my stop, tell her I'll probably see her next week
>don't see her for two months because my schedule is fucked up
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